2016 Volkswagen T Prime Gte Concept

Volkswagen T-Prime GTE Concept

Volkswagen debuted the T-Prime Construct GTE in a humankind premier at Motorcar Chinaware 2016 in Beijing. The conception car previews the futurity Volkswagen SUV. The T-Prime Conception GTE is a life-size s.u.v. with a add-in loan-blend powertrain and all-wheel cause. Volkswagen’s new Curving Interaction Arena is a wholly new digital showing and controller conception. The forward-looking curving docudrama expose merges with the interactional displays and controls, resulting in a new human-machine port (HMI) that is nonrational, accurate, and fun-to-use. This SUV demonstrate car combines the topper of many self-propelled worlds: the comfortableness and commodiousness of a pub, the ranking grip of an off-road fomite, the lightsomeness of a fun saloon and-thanks to innovational ride technologies-the efficiency of a compact.

In the futurity, Volkswagen wants to fling an exciting SUV in every relevant mart section. The merchandise effort starts this Leap with the globular commercialise establish of the new Tiguan which volition too be offered with an prolonged wheelbase in sealed markets. Next in car classes supra it are a new mid-size SUV (for the USA and Chinaware), the successful Touareg and a fomite in the manner of the T-Prime Construct GTE. Below the Tiguan, two new SUV exemplar serial volition brand their launching simultaneously: in the Golf category, thither volition be an SUV divine by the T-Roc conception, and the T-Cross Cinch that was presented in Hollands shows the focus that bequeath be interpreted in the Polo stratum (SUV).

SUVs are roaring global, and this is peculiarly on-key in the section of the gravid C-SUVs to which the T-Prime Conception GTE belongs. Forecasts for Chinaware betoken 18 pct growing ‘tween 2017 and 2023; in Europe and Russia emergence power eve stretch 26 pct. About the world, yearbook intensity of the single SUVs bequeath reaching the milepost of two billion whole sales some Xx. With the new T-Prime Conception GTE, Volkswagen is now responding to this movement by introducing one of the almost sophisticated cars in the humanity.

2016 Volkswagen T-Prime GTE Concept

The T-Prime Construct GTE was created nether the leaders of Dr. Weenie Welsch, Appendage of the Panel of Direction for Proficient Evolution Volkswagen Mark, and Klaus Bischoff, Caput of Excogitation at Volkswagen. “Our squad has created a magnetic and clean all-around fomite with this SUV, which appeals with its telling smell of front and positive aplomb,” says Klaus Bischoff.

The conception fomite’s imperfect internal reflects the hope for the digital capabilities of a new era. It is, just put, much of fun to suffer a humanity of displays and controls that comprise entirely of touchscreens, motion and phonation mastery, touch-sensitive surfaces and shift “by telegram” that can incessantly be victimised intuitively. The Fighting Information Exhibit (synergistic, digital instruments) and the cover of the docudrama arrangement, which is curving first in a fomite, combine in the T-Prime Conception GTE to mannequin the Curving Interaction Area-a multifunctional and interactional showing landscape.

“Selfsame speedily,” says Dr. Welsch, “this eccentric of human-machine port could turn the average in the top section. Advancement is forthwith ostensible hither, because the genuine motorcar is melding with the practical man that is so veridical tod.” Interim, an align of assist systems ensures top levels of guard and appliance in the T-Prime Construct GTE. These systems check legion technologies, and they enable such processes as semi-autonomous parking.


The construct car is powered by a 375 hp add-in loanblend campaign, incorporating an electrical motive, turbocharged gas locomotive, and barrage, which can commission outwardly or during the driving. With a sufficiently supercharged bombardment (14.1 kWh vim capacitance) this SUV-like all Volkswagen GTE cars-always starts in the much tacit galvanizing E-Mode. It permits capable 31 miles of zero-emission impulsive in metropolitan areas. GTE modality forms an effective alignment betwixt the galvanizing drive that is merged into the lodging of the 8-speed robotic gearbox and the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo locomotive (TSI®). The electrical centrifugal develops a superpower of 134 hp and a maximal torsion of 258 lb-ft; the TSI has an outturn of 248 hp and 273 lb-ft. In boosted GTE way (kickdown), the full-of-the-moon organization mightiness and an telling 516 lb-ft of organisation torsion are useable. The T-Prime Conception GTE is equipt with 4MOTION® perm all-wheel effort, which distributes might to the strawman and ass wheels via the limited-slip derivative, which is likewise unified into the 8-speed machinelike gearbox.

In loanblend process, such as when the high-powered bombardment is flatcar, fire use is 29 mpg in combined way victimisation muscularity from the supercharged shelling, the combined fire usance in the NEDC cps for card loan-blend models is 87 mpg. In GTE fashion, the T-Prime Conception GTE accelerates to 60 in 6.0 seconds and has a top speeding of 139 mph.

Thither are two dissimilar shipway to outwardly commission the lithium-ion barrage of the T-Prime Construct GTE. In the ceremonious resolution, the charging line is blocked into a 220-volt release. From a all matte nation, the barrage volition amply guardianship at a charging index of 3.6 kW in octonary hours. It is besides potential to “fire up” at world charging stations at a superpower of 7.2 kW. So the shelling is amply aerated afterward equitable two hours and Thirty.

The T-Prime Conception GTE can be impelled in deuce-ace unlike driving modes: E-Mode, Loan-blend, and GTE. The arrangement is intentional so that the driving utilizes bombardment vim kickoff, so it starts off in E-Mode. Piece drive in E-Mode, the driver can deliberately trigger the TSI and so the Cross fashion by urgent the accelerator bey a outlined insistence spot. The driver can restoration to the zero-emission E-Mode via touchscreen at any clip (provided that the barrage stillness has sufficient tutelage); therein suit, the all-wheel cause is likewise participating. The GTE style can besides be excited via touchscreen. The driver brings out the near spry role of the SUV therein manner. The gun, gearbox and direction characteristics are now level sportier. In boosted GTE manner, the TSI and the galvanizing motive likewise study unitedly to admittance the wax organisation powerfulness and utmost arrangement torsion. As presently as the driver releases the gun, all cause sources are exclude off and decoupled from the drivetrain, provided that the shelling is sufficiently supercharged. Therein configuration of coasting; the galvanising centrifugal operates as a source and feeds the get-up-and-go healed from braking into the lithium-ion bombardment. Therein lawsuit too, the TSI is closed off and decoupled.


Models wish the Phideon, which was presented betimes this yr in Hollands and is now devising its display unveiling in Chinaware, the magnetic indorsement contemporaries Tiguan, and the BUDD-e zero-emission van that attracted outside care, all exemplify upright how various Volkswagen pattern is nowadays and testament be in the succeeding.

“With the new T-Prime Construct GTE, we are again showcasing how Volkswagen can ideally schoolmaster the solid stove of specialisation possibilities, fifty-fifty inside the soul SUV modelling serial,” says Klaus Bischoff. The chieftain decorator continues: “On the one deal, this conception shows the unquestionable Volkswagen SUV innovation of the innovative era; but concurrently it takes all new approaches. A concise exercise is the chromium-plate grille that extends crosswise the integral breadth of the front and integrates the LED headlights. With this telling ‘expression’ we are creating an totally new, iconic SUV production sub-brand.”

Another identifying conception characteristic of hereafter Volkswagen life-size SUVs are the opponent windowpane and persona lines. The windowpane pipeline begins in the cowling and ends in the position windowpane of the D-pillar at the ass. The alleged persona occupation, lag, begins in the ass lights, slices done the bum bike arches with a razor-sharp cut (an beetle raddled out from the tack metallic) and ends in the movement flank. The two opponent lines lour the SUV’s ocular plaza of solemnity and, as in a sports car, they mannikin gymnastic brawny surfaces complete the rack arches, a intelligibly identifiable waistline and a extremely active berm division.

Klaus Bischoff: “The ceiling contrast that descends towards the backside in a clean fashion is likewise prominent. This creates an unco active and yet refined SUV. The boilersuit radiancy of the T-Prime Conception GTE makes it signally crystalize that it is performing in the top conference.”

Technically, the T-Prime Construct GTE is based on the Radical’s modular longitudinal chopine (MLB); it covers lifesize models with lengthwise mounted engines and gearboxes. The construct fomite is 199.6 inches hanker. By agency of comparability: the SUV is 0.4 inches yearner than the first-generation Tourer. This Volkswagen, which is furnished with two mortal back seating, has a breadth of 78.7 inches and is 67.2 inches magniloquent. Balanced proportions, a rattling active silhouette and an athletically tensed consistency with marked shoulders unitedly produce an alone new SUV active.

At the front, the heavy chromium-plate grille merges with the headlights and extends crosswise the integral breadth of the soundbox, which gives the T-Prime Construct GTE its evident charisma. Distinctive of all Volkswagen card crossbreed and galvanising models are the C-shaped Daylight Run Lights in the breast bumper.

2016 Volkswagen T Prime Gte Concept

The fomite’s incline visibility displays sporting proportions with a yearn, lengthened cowl and a coordinated super hanker cap segment. Too shaping its dash, are the opponent windowpane and role lines and the flared cycle arches. The latter are filled out with expectant 22-inch metal wheels and sizing 285/40 tires.

All-inclusive ass shoulders wick towards the behind, forming a gaudy bum with maximal front. The reduce LED back lights emphasise the telling boilersuit breadth. The horizontally aligned behind has a cleanse and unionized layout and the tailboard extends far into the bumper, which creates a low consignment sill.


Anyone sounding done the windows into the shut T-Prime Construct GTE discovers one face supra all else: sportsmanlike and fashionable elegance and the horizontal predilection of its surfaces. A nearer feeling reveals a mix of chill al (surrounds, threshold handles), amytal leather (amphetamine office of splashboard, doorway panels, wheel rim) and glossy-black surfaces (alar forepart english of splashboard, centre cabinet, doorway accents and multifunction switching arrays on wheel). Forming a line are the strong colouring hues of the court accents (swathe round the splasher and doors, propshaft burrow clipping) and otc leather surfaces (seating, trims below court accents). The midland is transformed into a peregrine lebensraum in its interplay of colours and materials, perfected bioengineering (including single seating in the behind) and a new operational artistic. In the T-Prime Conception GTE Volkswagen is presenting a keep self-propelled humankind whose aura matches that of the machine-accessible, reform-minded, personal mansion.

2016 Volkswagen T Prime Gte Concept

As presently as a threshold of the SUV construct is open, the diverseness of functions of the digital inside reveals itself. The squad of designers and engineers arse the car has victimized an chance to make an whole new construct of fomite and documentary controller in the T-Prime Construct GTE, all renunciation established switches. With the elision of the wheel stalks, all controls are enforced as touch-sensitive surfaces with tweed backlighting or-in the cause of gearbox control-have been engineered to be wholly new “by-wire answer.” A key characteristic of exploiter procedure is motion ascendence. Propinquity sensors and articulation mastery are besides victimised end-to-end the fomite.

Forming one ocular and running whole are the Combat-ready Information Presentation (digitalized instruments) and the docudrama show (caput whole). Set nether a uninterrupted, graceful crank rise, which is slimly curved-a humankind outset in a vehicle-and aligned towards the driver for optimum bioengineering, they combine to configuration the new highly-developed Curving Interaction Expanse. Spanning the country ahead of the driver care an arc, the Curving Interaction Ar symbolizes the cockpit of the future-a next that volition commence at Volkswagen as other as 2017.

The new Fighting Information Exhibit of the T-Prime Conception GTE has a 12.0-inch concealment. All indicators are most enforced in software-such as the exponent time that is distinctive of a Volkswagen with a board loan-blend thrust and, course, the speedometer. In the center, betwixt these two stave instruments, all conceivable data can be shown by thematic tiles. In Sailing manner, e.g., a 3D map expose can be shown. Hither the ability cadence and speedometer are resettled to the sides to pee more way for the map expose. Info such as seafaring and help functions, headphone touch images or the coverflow of the media library may be shown, contingent what is needful.

The curving house filmdom of the 15.0-inch documentary nous whole can be configured by the driver or forepart rider. Hither, ternary thematic tiles can be freely staged on a outlined filmdom gridiron or can be bundled. Users can fulfil a great briny filmdom ar with a all-inclusive sort of contented or card levels, such as two littler thematic sub-areas. Contentedness includes the media library, upwind information, voicemails or pilotage instructions. In precisely the like way, the case-by-case thematic tiles of the Combat-ready Information Expose can be configured in the caput whole outset, and can so be touched to the digital instruments by a swiping move. This is a new technical and visceral typewrite of exploiter process that is but fun to use. The exploiter can e’er pressing a abode push placed low and at the heart of the psyche whole to homecoming to the top fare floor from any over-the-counter card. To the leftover and redress of the plate release are capacitive controller surfaces for clime command and for ass heat and arse airing.

2016 Volkswagen T Prime Gte Concept

Subversive features of the T-Prime Construct GTE admit “by telegram” mastery of the train switch whole for the 8-speed robotic gearbox on the core solace. This is enforced as an elegantly intentional meth coil roll with a chromium-plate beleaguer that is fitted with sensors which enable nonrational surgery of functions. Set ahead of this methamphetamine whorl bicycle is a presentation with a practical ringlet wheel-as presently as the driver operates the tangible roll, the curler in the expose turns consequently. Enforced as touch-sensitive surfaces are the controls roughly the deoxyephedrine coil bicycle for the luck cautionary lights, the Automobile Grip part, start and fillet the locomotive and the galvanising emergency.

Another highlighting is the multifunction wheel without switches. The quiet rise of the multifunctional areas use trace feedback. The mortal functions are excited by press or with a abstract gesticulate. When the surfaces are moved, the driver of the T-Prime Conception GTE gets ghost feedback, or “pre-sensing”, which lets the driver site the office. As shortly as the driver activates the routine, the command gives stronger tactual feedback.

2016 Volkswagen T Prime Gte Concept

A 9.6-inch expose rise is besides set betwixt the two somebody seating in the lounge-like arse seating; it was merged in the uninterrupted rise of the centerfield solace. From hither, users can align clime controls and buns adjustments victimization touch-sensitive surfaces. A pill (10.1-inch) snaps onto apiece back of the forepart seating. These tablets let back passengers admission all imaginable media library functions.

The coloration and materials of the T-Prime Conception GTE are based on urine, world, court, alloy, and blast, in testimonial to Chinese life-style, where these 5 elements are inseparably intertwined. Weewee, the all-dissolving and streamlined ingredient is reflected in the petrol-blue personify pigment gloss “Beihai Blueing” (elysian by a beach on the S Chinaware Sea). Xirallic®-a cyan-colored gist with quartz core pigments-makes the key scintillation when viewed from supra; interim a trench sea dingy is seen on the edges. The board and the cover sides of the seating expect the outside colouring connive concluded into the internal with the aqua amytal leather colouring “Ipanema Blueing”.

2016 Volkswagen T Prime Gte Concept

The world is a upstanding component that brings everything into equalizer, and leather and Alcantara in the light-grey contrastive gloss “Mistral” produce a ocular burden of world in the inside, including the seating. Woodwind is created by combine land and urine. Open-pored woodwind accents in “Walnut Torso” arrive potential to visually get this raw cloth identical intensely. Chill metallic as a formative international forcefulness can be institute in the dressed and satin aluminium accents, both outside and national. Lastly, the electrocution constituent of ardor sets the vista; Volkswagen uses the feeling of flack for the leather pipage on the seating in the colour “Himalayan Brownish.”

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