2016 Volkswagen T Cross Breeze Concept

Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept

The new Volkswagen T-Cross Pushover took essence level on the Volkswagen rack at the 2016 Hollands Drive Appearance. “This open-top Volkswagen enhances the mankind of concordat cars with a all new posture to self-propelled sprightliness”, says Dr Herbert Diess. With this, the Chairperson of the Card of Direction Volkswagen Blade gets to the centre of the sheer hypothesis bum this conception car. The Volkswagen Make Chairwoman continues: “Our T-Cross Snap is the beginning open-top SUV in its category and, concurrently, an low-priced, brash cab with a elevated seats situation that gives you a double-dyed horizon.” With this conception, Volkswagen underlines the fact that the blade is blatant a dog and devising mobility more of an receive than e’er earlier. Herbert Diess: “At the consequence the T-Cross Air is strictly a construct, but we can comfortably guess putt such a exchangeable on the grocery as a product manakin. An low-cost fun car that is likewise all desirable for daily use. A real ‘Multitude’s Car’.” Then the construct car, which is equipt with an 81 kW/110 PS 1.0 liter TSI (turbocharged aim injectant gasoline locomotive), gives a glance of a new simulation serial. Klaus Bischoff, Caput of Conception for the Volkswagen Stigma, explains: “The T-Cross Picnic is a tormenter for the nearly compress s.u.v. that Volkswagen plans to shuffling – and the karyon of a new SUV and transformable figure in the covenant sphere.”

New Volkswagen

“The T-Cross Pushover reflects the new commencement of our make”, says Klaus Bischoff. “We need to ado exuberance for ‘New Volkswagen’. Therein illustrate we are doing that with an unprecedented fomite conception therein grade; a wholly redesigned cockpit and excogitation that is as ruckle and expressive. We bear pulled out all the chicago and put what is certainly one of the almost exciting four-metre SUVs of the mod day on its wheels”, the Mind of Pattern explains. This is why the reality premier of the new T-Cross Cinch at the 2016 Hollands External Drive Appearance heralds a base reorientation for the designing of squeeze Volkswagen cars.

2016 Volkswagen T Cross Breeze Concept

2016 Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze Concept

Volkswagen’s SUV expansion

In next, Volkswagen aims to go an exciting SUV in every relevant section. It bequeath commencement this challenging intersection onrush with the grocery establish of the new Tiguan, which begins at the end of April in Germany and in betimes May in the balance of Europe. On the major abroad markets the new Tiguan leave too be useable with an lengthy wheelbase. In the higher classes this leave be followed by a new mid-size SUV (for the USA and Chinaware) likewise as the long-familiar bounty section Touareg s.u.v.. Beneath the Tiguan, two new SUV framework serial bequeath shuffling their introduction: in the Golf course thither testament be an SUV in the like flair as the T-Roc construct car, spell the Volkswagen T-Cross Snap presented in Hollands shows where the journeying into the next is gallery in the Polo stratum.

The Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze comes with a turbocharged petrol engine

The VW T-Cross Picnic presented on the shores of Lac Léman aims to crack low-priced alfresco drive delight. The opening into the reality of sustainable drives is made hither by a extremely effective turbocharged organise injectant gas locomotive (TSI) with a content of one l, a stop-start organization and convalescence fashion. The 81 kW/110 PS 1.0 l TSI is a convincing fireball, producing 175 Nm of maximal torsion from barely 1,500 rpm. The TSI drives the battlefront wheels via a 7-speed DSG double clasp gearbox. Thence furnished, the SUV transformable, deliberation scarce 1,250 kg, necessarily a simple 10.3 seconds to ambit 100 km/h and reaches a top upper of 188 km/h. Fire expenditure and CO2 values are likewise compelling at 5.0 l/100 km and 115 g/km). In compounding with the 40 l fire cooler, the conception car has a theoretic scope of 800 km – easy sufficiency to effort from Hollands to Cannes or Venice on a 1 cooler of fire.

Powerful design with attitude

At a duration of 4,133 mm, the VW T-Cross Snap is slenderly yearner than a CrossPolo. It boasts a farseeing wheelbase of 2,565 mm, resulting shortly consistence overhangs, thereby guaranteeing sporting proportions. Excluding the doorway mirrors, the construct car is 1,798 mm all-encompassing – importantly abreast existent cars in the Polo grade – spell the passengers in the Volkswagen T-Cross Pushover besides sit well above. The summate elevation of the new Volkswagen is precisely 1,563 mm when the mild top is unsympathetic.

Exterior – contemporary SUV design

The mark’s manifest invention DNA ensures that apiece example can directly be recognized as a Volkswagen, level without the VW logotype seeable. The excogitation of the new T-Cross Walkover besides underlines the fact that apiece serial and fomite genre is sensed as entirely mugwump inside the sword. The new Tiguan, set to establish this leaping, is the get-go product modelling to mutation the new, reliable, SUV invention. The Volkswagen T-Cross Pushover conception volition pursue this magnetic dash, patch simultaneously intelligibly demonstrating the fact that it is an fencesitter SUV serial.

Striking design specifications

Naturally thither is a sealed genetic kinship betwixt the SUV serial, but the distinctly unparalleled features are barely as typical. Issue the front, e.g.: hither the T-Cross Walkover is characterised by a outstandingly wide-cut grille and specify headlights. These details configuration the new, feature boldness of this nearly contract SUV. The classifiable touch of the LED daylight working lights with touchy arcs of igniter nether the LED headlights, likewise as expectant LED rings round the fog lights, emphasize the freelancer innovation of this modest SUV. The incline visibility is besides really classifiable. A impinging exemplar of the independency of apiece of the new SUV serial is the two-bagger lineament demarcation. Its merchantman abut does not, therein suit – and in demarcation to the Tiguan, e.g. – run consecutive about the car, but rather rises terminated the bum roll, resulting in an altogether new face of the car. Another characteristic that characterises the english visibility is, course, the wheels. The 19-inch aluminum wheels characteristic a gyrate designing that is personalised in the domain of the roll hub by colorful, asteroid shaping clasps. The arse of the transformable SUV, meantime, is henpecked by the highly all-encompassing thrill lid with structured LED back lights. The lid opens capable unwrap a kick that is selfsame promiscuous to cargo, with a loudness of most 300 litres.

Show your true colours

The VW T-Cross Zephyr is multi-color a ardent tint of greenness called “Summertime Greenness Metal”, with attachments such as the roll archway extensions, the grille and the frown sections of the incline panels and the bumpers in a nerveless, cleanly harmonic contrastive darkness gas (“Cryptical Blue-green”). The formative clasps and the genius rack hubs are likewise multi-coloured in “Trench Blue-green”. All of the seeable al parts of the consistency – such as the diligence on the windshield underframe and the all-terrain elements similar the underbelly tribute at the presence and behind besides as the position sills – are sandblasted. The mild top comes in lightlessness.

Interior – fascinating quantum leaps

Volkswagen’s interiors are presently fashioning quantum leaps. The designers hard on what genuinely matters: creating a new spacial receive and all redesigning the driver’s cockpit, fashioning use of next-generation human-machine port (HMI) and development an alone new ascendance port that, one day, bequeath altogether extinguish buttons and switches. Yet this is no skill fabrication, but, preferably, an former glance at where output models are header in the medium-term. Volkswagen has already enforced an operational construct with nigh no buttons aboard the T-Cross Snap. The transformable SUV builds the conceptual span to the BUDD-e, which was likewise presented in Hollands and saw its unveiling at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2016. With the exclusion of the ascendence stalking, the ability windowpane switches and the buttons for hatchway and completion the flaccid top, all of the controls in the Volkswagen T-Cross Cinch are touch-sensitive surfaces or executed as altogether new “by-wire” solutions. Gesticulate restraint too forms an intact share of the operational port. The new HMI, with its joined displays, is unaffectionate from the splashboard in a manner standardised thereto of the zero-emission BUDD-e – this is the cockpit of the next. Close, but not least, it is unmistakable that elements that were erstwhile strictly operational, such as the air vents, now commingle with the contours of the national.

High-tech design and materials

The excogitation speech and colouration of the internal forges a tie to the expressive outside. The dashpad and the outer areas of the core cabinet glow in a saucy “Summertime Greenness Flabby” special-effect blusher. In counterpoint to this are the night surfaces in the inside; the cut is too “Abstruse Cyan”, wish the outside. Both of these colors echo on the applications on the wheel. Elements such as the arm rests and threshold handles, the ass division of the fashionable free-floating kernel cabinet and the behind backs, meantime, are a spark “Ceramique”. The preciseness of all the edges is emphasized by the compounding of sandblasted and high-gloss surfaces. Volkswagen is besides break new background in the self-propelling sphere with the materials ill-used: good same hi-tech sports place, parts of the seats are shape fashioned and dark-skinned (in “Trench Cyan”) and “rumple” in 3D, creating the covers of the privileged surfaces of the position supports in a ace opus out of several materials such as extra polyamide crossbreed fibres that are passing resistive to contortion, long-wearing and repellent to detrition. This method can be ill-used for any contour. In the causa of the T-Cross Pushover, e.g., it was too ill-used to shuffling the figurehead bottom backbone pockets.

Human-Machine Interface

The synergistic HMI offers a glance at what the adjacent multiplication of Volkswagen vehicles testament looking care. With the T-Cross-Breeze, Volkswagen has transferred the impractical organisation showcased in the BUDD-e to the compress year. This consists of two physically offprint screens that portmanteau optically and functionally into one prominent rise: the Participating Information Exhibit as a freely programmable board before of the driver, and the Psyche Whole, which serves as the covert of the docudrama organisation on the essence solace. These two screens shape a i operable entity.

Active Info Display

The digitalisation of the instruments is possibility up a unhurt new spectrum of graphical and interactional possibilities. Volkswagen calls this new propagation of digital instrumentality the Combat-ready Information Show. Volkswagen demonstrates how the Fighting Information Expose, which is already put-upon in the Passat too as in the new Tiguan, could recrudesce aboard the Volkswagen T-Cross Snap.


The lifelike surround thither displays the drive info on a totally new, third-dimensional, alive presentation. These advanced, fashionable art panels that can be freely programmed by the developers, brand a calculated jailbreak with the graeco-roman stave instruments. They shape an completely new practical stagecoach for the data, which drivers can configure themselves inside outlined areas, 96 same arrangement apps on a smartphone. Contingent the contour, the expose elements deform, run, contract or are exaggerated. This practical point is underlaid with a backcloth consisting of a honeycomb construction, which forms the stylistic usual yarn operative done the full T-Cross Snap, as interchangeable elements are besides ground on the fascia likewise as on the out-of-door of the car in the domain of the grille, e.g.. The rich honeycomb construction was a measured option, as it fits in utterly with the role of an all-terrain fomite.

Predictive driving profile selection

2016 Volkswagen T Cross Breeze Concept

The Volkswagen T-Cross Pushover features a prognostic drive visibility chooser. This aid part is intimately joined to the pilotage organisation, the presence camera and respective otc systems in the Volkswagen, which enable it to file parameters such as the topography of the road, e.g.. When the prognostic impulsive visibility picker’s Machine part is on, the arrangement reacts mechanically and can variety the locomotive, damping or direction characteristics, contingent the drive post.

Easy terrain

2016 Volkswagen T Cross Breeze Concept

The Dynamic Information Showing besides has – as an extra off-road sport – an someone graphic level that is direct joined to the prognostic drive visibility picker. Victimization the blanket ambit of sensors aboard and by rating of geographic information, the car is capable to acknowledge that it no thirster has a macadamize route below its wheels any more, but is now impulsive on off-road terrain when the drive visibility picker is in Car way. If this happens, the HMI that is joined to the prognosticative drive visibility picker activates a new off-road mood, so that the organisation messages “TERRAIN IDENTIFIED” and “OFFROAD Modality Excited” are displayed on the driver’s concealment. Simultaneously, all of the synergistic displays show to the driver where the front-wheel crusade car can ride safely on such wanton terrain, and where not. The “rule” impulsive info is so affected to the edges and shrinks to micturate way and put the vehemence on the off-road subject, which is now more relevant in the flow office. A topographical map of the prompt locality appears in the gist of the screenland and a conventionalized depicting of the bod (tyres and jar absorbers) is likewise displayed. The honeycomb ground figure is transformed into piddling columns with a hexangular cross-sectional, contingent the el of the terrain scanned forward of and beside the T-Cross Cinch to typify the local topography. Areas that should be avoided are highlighted singly. Beside the Participating Information Exhibit thither is likewise a 3D honeycomb construction that consists of back-lit perspex columns – fashioning the practical and veridical fomite architecture coalesce into one entity.

Head Unit

2016 Volkswagen T Cross Breeze Concept

The documentary organization’s fundamental sieve (Brain Whole) is freely configurable, with tiles that can be freely rearranged on a predefined gridiron. Hither again, the art have the racy honeycomb construction as a vulgar weave. It is potential, e.g., to render the unharmed path topographically. You can, e.g., presentation entropy on the alt on the road, or the honeycomb design can shape a dynamical counterpoise. Interim, an inbox displays the close leash SMS messages on with a photo of the transmitter. The early tiles admit features such as stream endure information and a blanket current for the media library. All of these tiles can, as defined supra, be ordered by the driver or the strawman bottom rider. The form and functioning are self-explanatory. Performance of the air-conditioning arrangement is besides nonrational: propinquity sensors are exploited to surface the requisite windowpane on the touchscreen, which provides the intimate air-conditioning functions also as controls for the het seating.

New by-wire controls

2016 Volkswagen T Cross Breeze Concept

The freshly highly-developed features too admit a “by telegraph” cogwheel alteration whole in the essence soothe. This concordat gearing modify whole is victimised to lock the DSG dual-clutch gearbox, the electronic emergency and the adaptative build controller (DCC/in the “Mutation”, “Convention” and “Comforter” settings). Deuce-ace elegantly intentional methamphetamine gyre wheels set in chromium-plate fitted with sensors enable visceral procedure of these functions. The controls about the deoxyephedrine curlicue wheels for the chance cautionary lights, the Auto-Hold role, start and fillet the locomotive (Keyless Admittance) and the impulsive visibility substitution (Way) are touch-sensitive surfaces.

BeatsAudio™ sound system

The American sound specialiser Beatniks Electronics – founded in 2008 by the doorknocker Dr. Dre – made a immense hob on the medicine scenery, principally with its headphones. Now the Californian accompany likewise offers a wide-cut grasp of sound technologies, including good in-car phone systems. The VW T-Cross Zephyr features such a BeatsAudio&barter; fathom organisation. The basso mettle of this organization is a subwoofer that is incorporate in the kernel comfort, betwixt the driver and the movement buns rider. The audio scheme’s 300 W, 8-channel amplifier has a digital fathom mainframe (DSP). High-end loudspeakers distributed round the internal bear crystal-clear strait from the organization and a extra perforation visually emphasises the BeatsAudio&barter; arrangement. Course the audio scheme is compatible with App-Connect, import that CarPlay&sell; (Apple), Humanoid Automobile&swap; (Google) or MirrorLink&barter; can be ill-used to ascendance the playlists of near all stream smartphones via the T-Cross Zephyr’s HMI.

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