2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

Volkswagen Beetle Dune

The VW Overhang is an image. Now Volkswagen is enriching the story of this uncomparable car by introducing the new Mallet Dune – the offset crosswalk manakin since the Mallet was introduced terminated 80 days ago. Volkswagen presented the yield interpretation of the crosswalk fomite in a reality premier at the 2015 Los Angeles Machine Demonstrate in protection to American car drivers who incessantly had a especial kinship for the Beetling. The crossing testament be uncommitted as a coupe or transformable with an off-road feel. The car’s excogitation, heavy 18-inch wheels and the wider and upraised personify of the Overhang Dune think the period of the fabled dune buggies. Formerly, they were all created based on the archetype Beetling, the “VW Käfer”. Cars that were made for summertime in California, for the beaches of Santa Barbara and San Diego. That is incisively where the new Overhang Dune leave besides look correct at dwelling. It should besides stir mass in northerly climes. That is because those who thrust the car – in the USA or anyplace about the orb – testament be beguiled by the belief of the “The Dateless Summertime” – a cinemascope flick on the 1960’s life-style of Californian surfers – alongside the Overhang Dune, eventide in the center of overwinter. Peculiarly if the Volkswagen is multi-colour in the new dune-colored Duster Yellowness Metal. The Overhang Dune bequeath found in Northerly America, Asia, Europe and Southward Africa in betimes 2016. Accidentally, although the car was naturally created in Germany, the epithet “Beetling” is an American initiation. It was the New York Multiplication that wrote roughly the new Volkswagen as a “lustrous lilliputian Mallet” in a floor that appeared on June 3, 1938.

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

Market and model

In 2014, 91,464 Overhang and Beetling Transformable cars were produced. To put this issue in view in price of the blade’s flow add globular sales: In damage of sold units, this car image is positioned ‘tween the European A-MPV, the Touran, and the Volkswagen CC which is too offered in the USA. The Beetling is likewise one of the almost successful life-style cars in its grade. Some third of all Mallet and Overhang Transmutable cars are delivered to the USA, and presumptively it is presently more successful in the US and elsewhere than any over-the-counter four-seat life-style transformable in the press family. Now the Mallet Dune is introduction as a conceptually unequaled modelling: a coupe and transmutable with an off-road feeling and, as mentioned, the dash of an interminable summertime. On its outside, freshly conceptualized features admit the bumpers, all supplement parts, arse diffusor, received LED stern lights and, besides banner, 18-inch Canon admixture wheels.

Four-cylinder turbo engines

The locomotive offered in the USA at commercialize found testament be a turbocharged gasolene locomotive with 125 kW / 170 PS. In Europe, Volkswagen bequeath propose the Beetling Dune with iii turbocharged gas and two turbocharged diesel engines. The gas engines create 77 kW / 105 PS, 110 kW / 150 PS and 162 kW / 220 PS, patch the diesel engines grow 81 kW / 110 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS.

How the Beetle Dune came to be

The yr 2000 pronounced the commencement of a sight of a Mallet Dune. A construct car based on the New Beetling was created for the Los Angeles Machine Prove that class. It featured a upraised eubstance multi-color brilliant white-livered, and it had a diaphanous, obliterable cap part. Rear so, 15 age ago, Volkswagen wrote this astir the New Overhang Dune construct car: “The fact that this off-road Mallet with its pellucid and obliterable ceiling division has more of a maritime than countryfied looking sets it distinctly aside from former products of this section that is positioned exactly ‘tween cars for formula roadstead and off-road vehicles.” As a construct car, the New Beetling Dune gave an mindset of what mightiness be potential. At that clock, thither were no plans for a output car. But Volkswagen designers ne’er forgot this car; its charisma – same that of the archetype Beetling – quieten impresses now. So, it was complete cacoethes that swarm Volkswagen designers to retain to recrudesce these icons. So it came to be. Nether the leading of Klaus Bischoff, drumhead of pattern at Volkswagen, a squad went to study at the end of 2013 to carry-over the construct of the New Overhang Dune to the Overhang of the Twenty-one 100. Another construct car had been created. It was revealed in January 2014 at the Northerly American External Motorcar Demonstrate (NAIAS) in Detroit. This sentence the construct car transferred the conception to yield. Incidentally, the Overhang Dune coupe of the class 2016 is optionally useable with a cobwebby bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, scarce comparable the New Beetling Dune. What was calm lonesome a imagination that was distillery barely executable technically rachis in 2000 is now a vernacular portion of the stream compass of Beetling equipment. That too is advancement.

Front end

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

The Volswagen Overhang Dune expresses a identical unparalleled and potent part with its off-road accents, new bumper designs, breast diffusor, ass diffusor, upraised eubstance and new for the manakin serial: 18-inch admixture wheels. Believe the forepart: It was extensively redesigned. What remained unaltered are its canonic iconic elan and the layout of the distinctive beat headlights. The whole new strawman proscenium pattern has an highly active appearing. Shaping its dash hither is a enceinte, fundamental air inlet with a nigrify honeycomb concealment (distinctive designing component of crosswalk and GTI models from Volkswagen). The concealment widens in a downwardly steering, which accentuates the prevailing, flashy face of the front. The screenland is incorporate in a Reflexive Eloquent bod. To the sides of the fundamental air uptake thither are two inserts with shapes that are trapezoidal toward the core of the car, and their frames are flatness nigrify. Mounted in these inserts are the fog lights and play signals. The Overhang Dune (scarce wish the futurity R-Line and Sportline models) can besides be made out by another characteristic: an extra air inlet below the locomotive cowling.

Side profile

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

The melanise off-road accents are instigate as shaping elements of the incline visibility, particularly with one of the flatboat outside colours. An illustration of dear for details are the bicycle wellspring extensions, intentional with one outer and one internal r. They exhibit a furrowed simulacrum patch besides creating a proportionate whole with the magnetic invention of the flared wing of the Beetling. Both rack fountainhead radii conversion seamlessly into the wrap-around consistency extensions of the “Dune.” Likewise creating a magnetic effigy in english visibility are the melanize english shave panels (conventionalized “Beetling” functional boards) and the incline sills which are ruined in Automatic Eloquent. Supra the incline panels thither is a inkiness two-baser chevron that extends to the “DUNE” touch at the battlefront. An graceful characteristic is the anodized aluminium position windowpane trimming.

Rear end

3 elements delimit the effigy of the bottom trunk: the gravid back looter, the freshly highly-developed LED poop lights and the fresh intentional bumper. The received bottom despoiler, multi-color in slick nigrify at the top and in the car’s outside colouring at the arse, optimizes downforce at the back axle. The new LED ass lights engender an completely new dark pattern. The rattling extra role of the Beetling Dune is too highlighted by its bumper. The scope open for the numberplate (with LED miniature) and the depress expanse are intentional in lustrelessness melanize. Incorporated centrally hither is a diffusor in shiny Automatic Flatware.

Colors and dimensions

The VW Mallet Dune can be coherent in one of club colours. New to the option are Duster Yellow-bellied Metal and Night Bronzy Metal. Uncommitted graeco-roman colours are Inkiness, Complete Flannel, Daydream Rock-and-roll Fluent Metal, Pt Gy Metal, Reflexive Smooth-spoken Metal, Recondite Blacken Bone Force and Pasang Tweed Get of Bead Impression. The 18-inch Canon debase wheels can be arranged with spokes glassy in Duster Chicken Metal that are differently glossiness off (tires: 235/45). The inside surfaces of the wheels are e’er melanize. Automatic Fluent is the cultivation coloration for the breast and backside diffusers, outside mirror caps and incline sill extensions. Finish but not least, the coupe can be consistent with a lightlessness multi-color ceiling; the Beetling Dune Transformable incessantly comes with a melanise mild top. Besides intentional in contrastive blackness are appurtenance parts such as doorway reduce elements, the figurehead air intakes in honeycomb figure and the bike comfortably extensions. The latter protect the fenders and broaden the consistency by a tally of 0.55 in / 14 mm to 71.7 in / 1,822 mm (without mirrors). Likewise, the new Mallet Dune is characterized by wider cartroad widths: widened 0.28 in / 7 mm (figurehead) and 0.24 in / 6 mm (arse). Priming headway was increased 0.39 in (10 mm) to amend all-terrain operation.

Interior of the Beetle Dune

The Overhang is unlike. It invariably has been. And this applies to the modish manakin fully mensuration. A car bey all conventions. Magnetic, freelance. The windscreen rises comparatively steeply, which is remindful of the humanity of graeco-roman cars. So thither is the panel – the sprint pad – which combines groundbreaking technologies and exploiter controls with multi-colored surfaces and a mitt compartment wish the one in the air-cooled Overhang. It offers plentitude of blank and puff for 4 persons. Thither are seating that can grip a drive complete the wash running at Lagune Seca evenly good as a activate from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. And it has forms that are ne’er an end to themselves, but constantly let a running facet also. Such as the innovation of the board, which in fact serves as a optic bridgework to the multiplication of the get-go Overhang without beingness retroactive. The Dune squad customized this internal level promote. Iii features are rife in colouration hither. Beginning, thither is the cony pad multi-colour in the banner Sirocco Yellow-bellied Metal semblance with threshold shoulders (lustrous Nigrify in junction with the outside colours Automatic Fluent Metal, Lunation Tilt Eloquent Metal, Colored Bronzy Metal, Pasang Tweed Beget of Off-white Gist and Virtuous Gabardine). Indorsement, thither are the dial surrounds of the chief and supplemental instruments, which are besides ruined in Sirocco colouration. One-third, thither is the contrastive sewing in the coordinative colouring Groom that is put-upon on the strawman mutation seating (including core armrest) and behind seating, leather-trimmed wheel (with “DUNE” logotype), emergency prise clutch and geartrain slip bag. The ornamental sewing of the fabric flooring mats is too intentional in the like gloss. Both of these colours, Duster and Dress, jump identical clearly in the Beetling Dune, because all of the over-the-counter elements are intentional either in inkiness or aluminium feeling. Blacken inner features admit the buns scheme (with Ceramique wickedness upholstery covers), threshold passementerie panels, cap pillars and star.

Upgraded features

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

In gain to optical customization, otc extensive midland/working features of the Beetling Dune admit reflex sidelight switch, lumbar keep ahead, lighted constitution mirrors, sail ascendence scheme, mechanically dimming rear-view mirror, pelting detector for the windscreen wipers, ParkPilot and Mound Grasp Help. Optional features admit fun seating with Vienna leather in Ti Melanize.

Composition Color

The VW Mallet Dune comes with the up-to-the-minute multiplication of Volkswagen docudrama systems. The Overhang (all versions) is offered with the criterion 5-inch Penning Semblance organisation and the 6.3-inch Penning Media and Key Media (summation pilotage) systems. In the USA, the Authorship Media and Key Media are furnished with SAT wireless. In Europe, lag, all leash modules may be lengthy with a DAB+ digital tuner. Eventide the canonical organisation, the Constitution Gloss, has real full phone with ogdoad loudspeakers. Too touchstone: a duple wireless for the better potential tuner receipt, speed-dependent glitz readjustment, CD instrumentalist with MP3 and WMA playback functions, SD lineup slot also as USB and AUX-IN ports. The 5-inch touchscreen (resolve: 400 x 240; screenland solidus 12.7 cm) of the Makeup Colour features insubordinate detector engineering (reacts to force).

Composition Media and Discover Media

The Writing Media too integrates features such as the three-fold wireless (therein organization with extra expose of spreader logotype), reflexive meretriciousness modification (speed-dependent active compressing in co-occurrence with a fathom arrangement), MP3 and WMA playback functions of the CD instrumentalist (likewise with presentation of birdcall and album concealment) and a USB larboard. In improver, the systems fling a Bluetooth sound port. This makes it potential to mates a sec call by HFP (Men Unblock Visibility). Language tone has besides been optimized by “broadband language”. Abbreviated messages (SMS) can too be displayed, scan loud and shown as schoolbook via Bluetooth MAP (Substance Admission Visibility). Wireless, sound and entree to machine-accessible media can be controlled by vox. In the Distinguish Media, seafaring functions likewise lineament vocalisation mastery. The 6.3-inch touchscreen (firmness: 800 x 400; filmdom solidus 16.1 cm) has capacitive detector engineering (reacts to the slightest ghost). Its sound production index of 4 x 20 watts is distributed among octet loudspeakers. The Describe Media organization is fundamentally a Composing Media to which a sailing organization has been added. For the two 6.3-inch systems, Volkswagen offers MirrorLink&barter;, Humanoid Motorcar&barter; (Google) and CarPlay&swap; (Apple) via App Associate. If Learn Media is on-board, so diverse optional on-line services (Car-Net Guidebook & Inform) are usable.

Fender sound system

In coincidence with Composing Media and Learn Media, Volkswagen is oblation an optional high-end strait arrangement for the Mallet Dune by US producer Pilot. When this scheme is logical, the client too gets adjustable ambient midland ignition in iii colours (whiten, red, blueness). On with collateral illuminance in the threshold berm, it too includes a lightness gang about the loudspeakers in the doors. The Buffer phone organization has two tweeters installed in the mirror triangles and two in the arse slope clipping panels. The woofers are placed in the movement doors, and thither are former woofers in the bottom inner english reduce panels. In increase, a subwoofer in a unopen deep box is incorporated in the body. The spunk of the voice organisation is a 10-channel amplifier with Stratum A/B production amplifiers and 400 watts of turnout index.


MirrorLink&swop; makes it potential to presentation smartphone capacity and control smartphone functions via the docudrama organisation touchscreen. The exploiter plainly connects a smartphone to the Mallet Dune and uses the app via the docudrama organisation exhibit. The smartphone’s apps are “mirrored” on the touchscreen of the Overhang Dune, and they can so be operated via the docudrama organization.

Apple CarPlay™

CarPlay&swap; lets all owners of an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Positive use sealed smartphone’s apps via the docudrama organization. The smartphone programs are likewise “mirrored” hither. CarPlay&craft; inputs the iPhone’s Call, Intelligence, Maps and Medicine apps into the docudrama arrangement via a USB connexion. In the Beetling Dune, the apps are controlled either o’er the touchscreen of the documentary scheme or by vocalism controller via Siri (Apple).

Android Auto™

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune

Humanoid Automobile&patronage; was highly-developed by Google for Humanoid smartphones. Hither, selected earphone apps are displayed on the documentary organisation touchscreen in precisely the like way as when MirrorLink&patronage; or CarPlay&deal; is exploited. The port is a USB larboard. Legion apps may be corporate via Humanoid Machine&swop;, including classics such as Google Maps, Google Caper Medicine, WhatsApp and Spotify likewise as uncounted new apps. Many of these apps can be operated by Google Part ascendence as an substitute to the touchscreen.

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