2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr

Vauxhall Corsa VXR

Vauxhall took the wraps off the new Corsa VXR, its ultra-powerful little hot-hatch, at the 2015 Hollands Motive Shew.

2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr

Benefiting from the substantial revisions in engineering, national/outside conception and bod showcased in the New Corsa, the VXR is set to heave the bar for belittled, truehearted hatchbacks when it appears in UK showrooms in May 2015.

Get-go launched in 2007, the Corsa VXR is now in its secondment coevals. The master car spawned iv peculiar editions: VXRacing, VXR Artic, VXR Nürburgring and VXR Clubsport. UK sales outgo 9,000 vehicles.

Priced from &punt;17,995 on-the-road, the Corsa VXR’s leaning damage has been involute rachis by terminated &lb;1,000 versus the extroverted example. It’s too less expensive than key competitors including the Volkswagen Polo GTi, the Renault Mutant Clio and the Crossing Fete ST2.


Headline execution figures for the Corsa VXR are 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds and a top hurrying of 143mph – faster than the forthcoming car, but more significantly the VXR produces its 245Nm of torsion from depress revs (‘tween 1,900rpm – 5,800rpm, compared with 2,250rpm – 5,500rpm for the extroverted Nürburgring and ClubSport models). This makes the VXR a strong performer ‘tween 50-75mph, which it can shipment in scarce 6.4 seconds in one-fifth pitch.

An overboost adeptness provides an extra 35Nm of torsion, paragon for fleet and safety passing. Uttermost index from its 1.6-litre turbocharged locomotive is 205PS, piece the Corsa VXR achieves 37.7mpg on the combined bike with C02 emissions of 174g/km.

2016 Vauxhall Corsa VXR


2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr

Vauxhall’s powertrain engineers had to re-develop legion components in the VXR’s locomotive to accomplish its telling operation values.

“We initially cerebration that the Nürburgring Version of the Corsa VXR delineated the end of the demarcation from a developmental viewpoint,” aforementioned Volker Strycek, Vauxhall/Opel’s Manager Execution Cars and Motorsport.

“But the new Corsa VXR really makes its predecessors expression most average. Improved mightiness livery crosswise the total rev isthmus, more superpower particularly at low revs and tame expenditure for a car with this execution including conformity with Euro-6 emissions received micturate the Corsa VXR a benchmark in its form.”

Engineers constructed a altogether new aspiration demarcation stellar to the turbocharger. A new intercooler is too victimized. New fire injectors, controlled by the new locomotive direction organization, insure an flush finer and more exact bringing of fire. This results in a obtrusive advance in reactivity, specially at low locomotive speeds, and optimised might outturn at higher locomotive speeds.

The exhaust is most entirely new. Running with beat specialists Remus, Vauxhall engineers highly-developed a new beat multiply with an structured turbocharger.

They too phone engineered to Lex Ferrari, a formula on pass-by-noise. An amendment in the European regularization allows functioning cars terminated 190PS turnout and 102PS/ton to get one redundant db. The Corsa VXR twin-pipe expel is incisively in cable with sound pass-by-noise regulations.


As ahead, ability is delivered to the figurehead wheels via a second-generation six-speed transmitting with a brusk, liquid appurtenance vary. The gearbox features a new pattern slip pry, slip cablegram and aim cap with familiarized end michigan. This helps cut slip surpass 13 per centime versus this extroverted modeling.


Vauxhall has worked tight with damper-supplier, Koni, to break a new engineering, known as Oftenness Selective Damping (FSD) for the new Corsa VXR.

FSD allows damping forces to accommodate to the car’s movements, ensuring that consistency restraint is well-kept when the car is determined flying, but cod character is optimised at depress speeds. The systems is an altogether mechanical answer and does not want any electronic components such as sensors, cables or locomotive ascendancy units. In plus, the car’s bait peak has been lowered by 10mm all troll.

Thither’s besides a new backside axle with new geometry for a limited cast order. In combining with a new tortuosity visibility rod, this results in improved reactivity compared to the forthcoming manakin. The Corsa VXR’s leaping rates, anti-roll bars, rear-axle mien bushes are besides new or revised.

First, Vauxhall is offer a two-stage switchable electronic constancy broadcast (ESP) and grip restraint (TC) with the Corsa VXR. In Contest Style the grip restraint is dormant, spell the ESP is relaxed to earmark less interposition. For cartroad use, the ESP can be full handicapped.

“A gamey point of impulsive engagement was our precedence rightfulness from the commencement of evolution,” aforesaid Volker Strycek, Vauxhall/Opel’s Manager Execution Cars & Motorsport.

Revisions deliver been made to the new Corsa VXR’s steerage, fashioning it more aim and exact, with improved feedback done the roll. Michelin 215/45 R17 tyres are stock, as are 308mm strawman bracken discs.

Performance Package

2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr

For Corsa VXR customers cutting to raise their car’s kinetics hush boost, Vauxhall is offer an optional Functioning Bundle, which includes sure features antecedently seen in the extroverted Nürburgring and ClubSport models. Priced keenly at &hammering;2,400, highlights admit a Drexler limited-slip derivative, bigger 330mm-diameter Brembo presence bracken discs, 18-inch metal wheels with ace viscous Michelin Aviate Supersport tyres and more focussed FSD muffler settings.


2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr

Measure bi-xenon firing and a option of six outside colors aid the new Corsa VXR excel in its grade. An belligerent new front-end innovation features big air intakes and an aluminium-framed porta infra the headlights. A modest best is set beneath the cowl and side-sill extensions raise the Corsa VXR’s execution certificate silence advance. At the behind, a backside coddler provides meaningful downforce o’er the binding axle, and match Remus release pipes encourage severalize it from habitue Corsas.

Six outside colors – including Newsbreak Amytal, which is unequalled to the Corsa VXR – are uncommitted for the Corsa VXR. The car’s cabin has stock Recaro seating, a leather, flat-bottom wheel, sports pedals, besides as a VXR gear-lever and instruments. A het figurehead windshield and Intellilink connectivity for Apple iOS and Humanoid smartphones are too touchstone.

2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr


In accession to the Execution Coterie, over-the-counter new options for Corsa VXR are the VXR C Clique which leave admit c character impression mirrors covers and movement grill logotype bar priced at &hammer;150.

A Bird’s-eye methamphetamine sunshine-roof is likewise now useable which was just antecedently usable on the Corsa VXR Glacial Variant.

Likewise useable is the VXR Technological Coterie which includes onward hit alarum, dealings foretoken acknowledgement, lane release monition, undermentioned outdistance index, electro-chromatic anti-dazzle rear-view mirror, rear-view camera and battlefront and bum parking sensors.

Banner equipment includes:

  • VXR back cap pamperer
  • VXR sports figurehead grill and air dam/bumper
  • VXR incline sills
  • VXR ass bumper incorporating diffusor
  • Twofold Remus exhaust
  • LED daylight run lights
  • Bi-xenon headlights
  • Recaro shell-backed material sports strawman seating with Morrocana-trimmed position bolsters and built-in nous restraints
  • Three-spoke flat-bottom leather covered sports wheel
  • Unparalleled VXR panel with hoofer motive speedometer and tach
  • Unequaled short-throw VXR gearstick
  • Sports pedals
  • VXR alloy-effect threshold sill covers
  • Het windshield
  • IntelliLink docudrama arrangement
  • Remote surety alarm
  • Air conditioning
  • Sail ascendancy and slip figurer
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