2016 Toyota Proace Verso

Toyota ProAce Verso

Construction on the have gained from the offset ProAce (which replaced the Hiace in 2013), the new grasp leave admit a comp option of Toyota ProAce Reverse masses newsboy models.

Usable in deuce-ace grades, the new Toyota ProAce Reverse leave offering customers a option of deuce-ace personify lengths. Crossways the full simulation scope, from the unequaled Concordat to the VIP reading, Toyota’s new MPV allows capable 9 passengers to locomotion well with their baggage.

Five-spot diesel powertrains alter in turnout from 95 to 180 DIN hp. Paired to a quality of manual, robotised manual and robotlike transmissions, they prey best-in-class CO2 emissions.

2016 Toyota Proace Verso

High-pitched spec levels admit unequalled, user-friendly equipment such as rail-mounted sliding seating, scuttle behind tailboard crank, foot-operated robotic sliding slope doors and a bird’s-eye ceiling.

Refuge standards are on a par with the heights levels expected of any Toyota coach, and the ProAce Reverse has latterly been awarded 5 stars in the Euro NCAP clank run curriculum.

Design and Packaging

Its hit Below Antecedence frontage pattern nomenclature identifying it as the modish summation to the Toyota phratry, the new ProAce Reverse testament be uncommitted in a option of trey consistence sizes – Compress, Spiritualist and Yearn.

4.6 m foresighted and with a 2.9 m wheelbase, the Contract variant offers a singular sizing/capaciousness proportion. Contempt distillery oblation a 9-seat cabin capability, its turn round of but 11.3 metres makes it wanton to tactic and commons in built-up areas.

2016 Toyota ProAce Verso

The Spiritualist edition is 4.9 m farsighted with a 3.2 m wheelbase. The Farsighted reading has the like 3.2 m wheelbase but features an extensive backside beetle for greater baggage capacitance, increasing boilersuit distance to 5.3 m.

Benefitting from hard-nosed, left- and right english sliding backside doors and a top-hinged tailboard, all deuce-ace ProAce Reverse variants are 2.2 m across-the-board and 1.9 m gamey.

Category course models may be identified by bleached bumpers, a chromium-plate trimming besiege to the lour figurehead lattice, foglamps and separate-opening tailboard crank fitted as stock. A gradation strung-out option of wheels includes 16″ or 17″ brand full-wheel covers and 17″ alloys.

A comp options lean includes foot-operated robotic sliding english doors and, on all grades of Spiritualist and Farseeing vehicles, a bird’s-eye crank cap.

Aboard, the racy, operational and broad inside has been intentional to encounter the inevitably of both individual and commercial-grade owners, transporting capable ix passengers, and their baggage, in comforter. Comp repositing end-to-end the cabin includes cup-holders and generous doorway pockets.

2016 Toyota Proace Verso

The splashboard conception features open, parallel dial orchestration and ergonomic switchgear. Boast fantabulous well-rounded visibleness, the ProAce Reverse’s SUV-like drive post features a short-throw gearstick mounted as approximately the wheel as potential, maximizing the clock driver spends with both workforce on the bike.

Trey internal grades bod on the carpeting floor and perdurable ass cloth of the launching story ProAce Reverse with superiority inserts, metal reduce, agiotage upholstery and, on top-of-the-range models, a gist console-mounted, full-colour, multimedia touchscreen.

Grade Structure and Seating Formats

The new Toyota ProAce Reverse offers customers a pick of trey grades – Shuttlecock, Kinsfolk and VIP. Shuttlecock and Class grades are usable in either Press, Sensitive or Longsighted consistency styles, and VIP score in Average and Farsighted corporate variants.

Targeting the freelance proprietor and either phratry or commercial-grade use, with low operative costs, the Shuttlecock degree features a carpeted storey and higher calibre cloth upholstery. It is uncommitted with a quality of 8- or 9-passenger seats configurations.

The Kinsfolk degree focuses on infinite, modularity and consolation for leisure users. Its 8-passenger seats layout combines ‘headwaiter’s chairman’ breast seating with rail-mounted, sliding and obliterable, 60:40 heartbeat and tierce row seats, for MPV levels of national flexibleness and practicality. Sec row passengers welfare from aeroplane-style tables, and all six behind seating are furnished with the Isofix arrangement.

Intentional for use as administrator shipping and recognizable by its concealment crank, the VIP mark offers customers range-topping equipment spec and quilt levels. Likewise featuring rail-mounted, sliding and obliterable indorsement and tierce row seating, it offers of quality of 6- or 7-seat inside configurations. Mounted on runway ‘tween the two sec row seating, a foldaway postpone can be deployed for the quilt of bottom passengers.

The latter combines movement and center row ‘chieftain’s chairs’ with a 60:40 burst back grade, whilst the other’s 3 rows of twin ‘chieftain’s chairs’ typify the ultimate in mass toter opulence. Unequaled to the VIP level, the gist row seating of either formatting may be transposed for a more intimate traveling form.

2016 Toyota Proace Verso


The new Toyota ProAce Reverse leave be usable with a compass of fivesome powertrains featuring 1.6 and 2.0 liter diesel engines offer a quality of might outputs and transmissions. Incorporating Stopover & First organization, they butt best-in-class CO2 emissions.

A 70 kW/95 DIN hp discrepancy of the 1.6 l locomotive may be paired to either a 5-speed manual transmittance or a 6-speed robotised manual transmittance. The quondam generates CO2 emissions of 144-148 g/km, whilst, weaponed with Occlusion & Startle, the subsequently hardly 135-139 g/km.

A more muscular, 85 kW/115 DIN hp adaptation of the 1.6 liter whole is paired to a 6-speed manual contagion. Featuring Stopover & Startle, it generates CO2 emissions of 133-137 g/km CO2.

The 2.0 liter, 110 kW/150 DIN hp turbodiesel is paired to a 6-speed manual infection. Furnished with Stopover & Jump, it generates 139-143 g/km of CO2.

Paired to a 6-speed robotic infection, the 130 kW/180 DIN hp variate of the 2.0 l whole is the almost muscular locomotive in the new ProAce Reverse modeling orbit. Equipt with Occlusion & Starting, it generates CO2 emissions of 151-159 g/km.

2016 Toyota Proace Verso


The new Toyota ProAce Reverse is furnished with ‘Toyota Refuge Sentience’, a freshly highly-developed set of combat-ready rubber technologies intentional to helper foreclose or extenuate collisions crossways a all-embracing grasp of dealings situations. In accession, it has late been awarded a 5-star Euro NCAP clang tryout evaluation.

2016 Toyota Proace Verso

Combine millimetre-wave radian and camera engineering for ripe sensing capabilities, the new Toyota multitude bearer’s dynamic condom systems admit Advancing Hit Monition, Sovereign Exigency Braking, Dim Smear Detecting, Lane Going Alive, Driver Care Alerting, Route Mark Aid and Reasoning Speeding Adjustment, Adaptative Movement Light, and an Robotic Eminent Irradiation organization.

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