2016 Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota arranged the concurrent worldwide uncover of a new seven-seat category SUV that testament come in its Australian trader showrooms towards the end of October 2015.

Known as Fortuner, the new SUV volition extend Toyota’s market-leading SUV line-up to six vehicles – connexion RAV4, Kluger, FJ Cruiser, LandCruiser Prado and LandCruiser 200 Serial.

Toyota Australia’s executive sales and selling Tony Cramb aforementioned the humankind premier, arranged simultaneously in Australia and Thailand, heralds a fashionable and processed fomite that is unusually roughneck and offers unfeigned 4WD power.

“Fortuner’s potency and subtlety ensures it is as at house on the schoolhouse run as on the toughest off-road trails base in Australia,” Mr Cramb aforementioned.

“Fortuner shares the tough underpinnings of the ‘unbreakable’ HiLux, allowing owners to visit – and reappearance from – places many over-the-counter SUVs plainly can’t go.

“Concurrently, Fortuner’s unparalleled invention suits the forward-looking tastes of advanced SUV buyers patch existence weaponed with a comp tilt of features apprehended by families and concern owners.

“Fortuner provides a diesel choice to the petrol-only Kluger compass as the new entrance item for customers sounding to leverage a prominent Toyota diesel SUV.”

Toyota sells more SUVs in Australia than any over-the-counter make, having delivered more 50,000 in apiece of the yesteryear trey days. No otc caller has sold 40,000 SUVs in a one class.

Fortuner testament be offered in Australia in leash grades – GX, GXL and Cause – all powered by Toyota’s new 2.8-litre direct-injection four-cylinder turbo-diesel locomotive that develops capable 450Nm of torsion.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

A new six-speed manual gearbox includes ‘healthy’ engineering on GXL and Movement grades to see sander shift by duplicate locomotive swiftness to transmittal velocity. A new highly-developed six-speed robotlike transmittal is likewise usable.

All variants are fitted with preview carry ascendance, which is intentional to aid if a towed fomite becomes uncertain by crosswinds, rocky roadstead or abrupt turns of the wheel. Utmost braked towing content leave be 3 tonnes for the manual and 2.8 tonnes for the motorcar.

A half-time 4×4 during day-by-day drive, owners can routine a dial to admission Fortuner’s telling four-wheel-drive power in heights or low ambit.

The hiatus box was highly-developed and tuned by local engineers to encounter Australia’s rough weather, with look-alike wishbones at the forepart and a five-link, coil-spring contour at the ass for telling manipulation constancy and drive ease on all surfaces. Battlefront and bottom stabilizer bars crush trunk scroll.

The fomite’s off-road artistry is enhanced by a bottom derivative operate with the componentry situated inside the derivative caparison for greater off-road security.

Important local exploitation was too applied to see optimal tuning of the stableness and alive grip mastery electronics for local weather, especially for use on flummox. Drivers can handicap the electronics for particular off-road situations, such as impulsive in slippy mud or grit.

A reversing camera is touchstone crossways the grasp, as are vii airbags, hill-start serve ascendance and an pinch stopover signaling. Toyota expects Fortuner to draw the top five-star prophylactic valuation.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

All variants bequeath lineament figurehead and back air-conditioning, great touchscreen sound displays, Toyota Linkup affiliated mobility, incline stairs, 17 or 18-inch wheels, record brakes presence and behind, and an air-conditioned compartment that helps support drinks and nutrient tender or frigidity.

The two higher grades are fitted with cap rail, fog lamps, setback parking sensors, keyless hurt introduction and startle, and downward-sloping assistance mastery.

At the top-of-the-range, features admit bi-LED headlamps and LED day track lamps, a mightiness backdoor and 18-inch alloys with highway tyres.

Fortuner volition strike Australia with a comp and merged grasp of Toyota Literal accessories highly-developed and strictly well-tried topically.

“These accessories – including metal and brand shit bars compatible with the fomite’s rubber systems – anatomy on the potent worldwide program and specifically fill the inevitably of Australian buyers,” Mr Cramb aforementioned.


Toyota’s up-to-the-minute SUV, the new Fortuner, volition be powered by a freshly highly-developed 2.8-litre direct-injection turbo-diesel locomotive that raises the bar for fire efficiency, execution and quietude.

Designated 1GD, the 2755cm3 four-cylinder common-rail turbo-diesel locomotive employs a extremely effective fuel-injection organization and inspiration/fumes ports.

The locomotive is famed for its highschool torsion at low revolutions and its maximal torsion of 450Nm is useable from 1600 to 2400rpm when goaded done Toyota’s new six-speed robotic transmitting.

Fortuner testament besides be offered with a six-speed manual gearbox, useable on higher grades with ‘well-informed’ engineering that ensures sander shifty by duplicate locomotive revs to transmittance speeding. The manual’s vizor torsion is 420Nm.

Utmost powerfulness of 130kW is reached at 3400rpm piece the ability kink under 3000rpm supports low-to-mid-range functioning.

Toyota’s engineers highly-developed the locomotive from the priming capable be jackanapes with heights burning efficiency and low rubbing, resulting in first-class fire efficiency.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

These measures, on with the comprehension of a diesel particulate strain, get resulted in rock-bottom emissions and abidance with Euro 5 emissions standards.

Fire use on the prescribed combined cycles/second is expected to be downstairs 8 litres/100km for manual variants of the half-time 4×4 SUV.

The locomotive’s embrasure anatomy has been intentional to maximize airflow into the cylinders. A fresh highly-developed burning bedroom bod and advance restraint of fire injectant insistence are ill-used to optimize the shot of fire into the burning bedchamber to reach gamy thermic efficiency and decreased emissions.

Exact fender injectant twin the land of the ambient air occurs ahead the principal shot to bowdlerise inflammation detain, achieving unchanging burning flush in abrasive environments, spell ensuring repose process and eminent thermic efficiency.

The locomotive features a constrict high-efficiency varying geometry turbocharger produced in-house by Toyota. It has a freshly highly-developed turbine that improves efficiency and a fresh highly-developed impeller that provides instant speedup reaction and produces uttermost torsion concluded a all-encompassing stove of locomotive speeds.

The use of silica-reinforced poriferous anodised aluminum (SiRPA) on the pistons ensures optimal rut direction during burning. SiRPA is a extremely efficacious insularism and looseness corporeal that is promiscuous to estrus and nerveless.

Toyota testament retain to spot diesel engines as a key part of the Toyota locomotive line-up, based on the ism of providing the rectify vehicles for the rectify places at the veracious meter.

The integral Toyota aggroup is focussed on development cleanser and more militant diesel engines crossways a all-inclusive ambit of fomite types, winning into report the variable necessarily of multitude round the humanity.


Toyota’s new Fortuner SUV debuts a compelling designing that expresses nicety and institution also as existence operable and roughneck.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

Fortuner projects a runny and dynamical part that distinctly distinguishes it from the cinque otc SUVs in the Toyota grasp.

Toyota Australia’s executive sales and selling Tony Cramb aforementioned seven-seat Fortuner’s credential protract good bey its fashionable, urban appealingness.

“Fortuner’s sophisticated excogitation gives footling intimation as to its lawful capabilities – particularly its inherent stamina and portentous off-road power for mass quest risk,” Mr Cramb aforementioned.

“Spell it shares many under-the-skin components with the next-generation HiLux, its styling is unequaled and targeted at advanced SUV buyers,” he aforesaid.

Fortuner’s enceinte speed grillwork is biased and framed by boneheaded chromium-plate plating that extends round the silken and fast-growing projector headlamps – Bi-LED on top-grade Movement variants.

The potent excogitation features a outstanding cubic trapezoidal forepart bumper that produces a sentience of profundity spell profoundly sunken foglamps on selected grades emphasize the fomite’s breadth.

On the position, a bluff fiber job runs crossways the doors betwixt the flared presence and bottom fenders which characteristic graven surfaces to utter civilization midmost of formidability.

A chrome-plated mold runs on the belt-line to the bum windowpane where it kicks up. The C-pillar has been blacked bent develop a “aimless ceiling” consequence for a dynamically impinging aspect level when the fomite is stationary.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

Over-the-counter features admit incline stairs, cap track (on selected grades), a shark-fin aerial and 17 or 18-inch wheels, including the Drive’s 18-inch metal rims with boneheaded hefty spokes and contrastive specialise, preciseness spokes.

From the dorsum, Fortuner’s rounded speed soundbox is highlighted by a chrome-plated modeling that wraps about from the sides to the cover methamphetamine – a decided line to the bum bumper, which has relieved corners.

The satiny bum combining lamps and numberplate dress coalesce with the composite surfaces of the backside personify. All grades characteristic LED stoppage lamps for a hi-tech persona.


New Fortuner with its stiff turbo-diesel operation is set to body-build on Toyota’s semipermanent leaders as the car manufacture’s top-selling SUV steel.

Toyota has sold more SUVs than any otc make annually since the condition Sports Substitute Vehicles (SUV) was get-go secondhand formally by VFacts in 2003 – and for many age antecedently when these vehicles were known as all-terrain wagons.

Toyota’s executive sales and selling Tony Cramb aforesaid Fortuner arrives into a grocery where the popularity of diesel SUVs among secret buyers has latterly surged before of line necessitate.

“Fortuner offers the quad, rally comfortableness, bodoni features, operation and off-road power to fill this maturation involve among secret buyers looking hazard,” Mr Cramb aforesaid.

“These and over-the-counter Fortuner attributes such as heavy fire efficiency and top-level prophylactic are besides extremely precious by clientele users.”

Until 2013, non-private sales – including to patronage, governing and letting companies – accounted for the bulk of diesel SUVs, with the yearbook gap terminated secret sales oft roughly 25 per centime and as mellow as 40 per penny.

Sales to individual customers stinging onward in 2013 and accelerated finis yr, growth powerfully to more 69,000 diesel SUVs – 11,000 more the combined sales to line and former users.

Amount sales death twelvemonth of 127,588 diesel SUVs were nigh fourfold higher than the layer reached a dec ago in 2005. This represents quicker outgrowth than the boilersuit SUV marketplace which has double during that flow from 180,292 to a platter end class of 352,462 vehicles.

Toyota delivered 56,663 SUVs in Australia finis class, outselling its nighest contender by more 22,000 vehicles and achieving its second-best yr on immortalise. No former sword has e’er sold 40,000 SUVs in a one class.

Toyota’s 2014 solvent was buoyed by book need for RAV4 (up 6.9 per penny to 18,160 sales) and a gather of 10.6 per penny for Prado (16,112).

Kluger, with the transition to a new modelling, contributed 11,484 sales piece LandCruiser waggon upraised its section portion to 83 per centime from 79.8 per penny.

Toyota’s get-up-and-go therein section capable the Nineties was led by the LandCruiser waggon, which has now amassed a accumulative tally of more 240,000 sales in Australia – counted severally from the 430,000 workhorse LandCruisers bought topically.

The comer of the RAV4 (240,000 summate sales) in 1994 is credited with kick-starting the popularity of SUVs as amateur vehicles that cartel off-road power with passenger-car comfortableness.

Toyota’s LandCruiser Prado arrived in 1996 and has topped 235,000 sales piece Kluger has reached a tally of 124,000 since 2007. The iconic FJ Cruiser has achieved a noteworthy 10,000 sales since 2011.

Fortuner background

The origins of the newest Toyota SUV recuperate to 1998, although it wasn’t called Fortuner at outset.

Xxx days afterwards the HiLux was natural, the construct was to acquire a autobus based on a pick-up, primarily for markets in Asia.

This was mostly motivated by emergent requirement for an low-priced phratry fomite that had telling off-road capableness.

Toyota named the fomite Mutation Passenger to punctuate its suitableness for citizenry with alive lifestyles.

In 2005, Toyota reinforced on the character, strength, dependableness and off-road artistry of this fomite to inclose the Fortuner nameplate.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

Globular sales deliver been singular, maturation from 50,000 in the offset yr to roughly 200,000 a yr now.

The commercialise for Fortuner has since expanded from Asia to the Center E and various early regions, including Australia.

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