2016 Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris

Compounding Hatchback and Touring Sports consistence styles with a option of diesel, gas and loanblend powertrains, and an updated class scheme including new safe equipment, the new Auris manakin orbit has been intentional to adjoin the inevitably of every C-segment client.

With the found of the Auris Intercrossed in 2010, Toyota became the low and lonesome producer to whirl a prime of ternary powertrains in the C-segment. Now, in the boldness of special, and expensive, competitor, the wide-cut Auris modelling stove stiff a alone proposal.

The Auris Crossbreed represents striking measure for money. CO2 emissions of equitable 79 g/km and combined hertz fire saving of but 3.5 l/100 km propose customers substantial tax incentives and exceptionally low track costs.

Toyota’s entire loan-blend engineering is now all accomplished as a mainstream powertrain option, and the Auris Crossbreed’s signally tranquillity, tranquil, relaxed and stress-free drive get has proven progressively democratic with C-segment customers.

The Crossbreed framework presently accounts for more 50% of all Auris sales in W Europe, a mix expected to develop promote complete the following few days. Since the crossbreed powertrain was made usable in the Auris stove, more 200.000 units bear been sold, and nowadays, the Auris is the nigh sold intercrossed in Europe.

Reflecting both changes therein highly-competitive mart and Toyota client feedback, the 2015 Auris ambit features meaning improvements in fivesome key areas; Pattern, Receptive Character, the Intercrossed simulation, Refuge and, up the modeling’s section reportage by around 40%, Powertrains.

2016 Toyota Auris

An all-new, 1.2 l calculate injectant turbocharged locomotive joins the existent gasolene line-up. The 2.0 l turbo diesel has been replaced by a new 1.6 l D-4D whole, and the 1.4 liter D-4D locomotive has been well upgraded, oblation best-in-class CO2 emissions in the 90hp family. Every locomotive in the ambit now meets Euro 6 emissions regulations.

New outside styling features a redesigned breast and ass, freehanded the Auris a more honored, advanced route comportment. Aboard, the centripetal timbre of the cabin has been importantly enhanced done a redesigned splashboard, agio calibre coat and reduce elements and a new 4.2″ color TFT multi-information concealment (as from mid-grade and measure on Loan-blend).

The 2015 Auris stove foster benefits from hiatus and direction revisions intentional to ameliorate tantalise quilt, manipulation and driver affair. And legion measures deliver besides been introduced to cut the transmittal of Stochasticity, Shaking and Rigor (NVH) into the cabin.

Eventually, the Auris gradation construction has been revised to get Cross grades -Entry, Mid, Panache and High- into business with the remainder of the exemplar stove.

New Exterior Design with Wider Road Stance

2016 Toyota Auris

The battlefront and bottom of the Auris let been comprehensively redesigned to consecrate the fomite a visually broader posture and lour heart of sombreness, and a more esteemed, advanced route mien.

To the movement, opposite chromium-plate wings are generated from the new, more big Toyota logotype. Underscoring the strawman lip of the cowling, the knock-down speed wings run the wide breadth of the car. The less large lour wings expanse polish into the speed rise of the battlefront bumper, property the sharply-angled inner border of new LED headlight clusters which contain LED Day Functional Lights (DRL).

2016 Toyota Auris

LED lamps sustain legion advantages terminated schematic bulbs; they create illuminance nearest to day on the K plate, they eat less get-up-and-go than ceremonious bulbs, and they get a overhaul liveliness of capable 100,000 hours -almost the like as that of the fomite itself.

Under a more large figurehead bumper, the depress grill now runs the full-of-the-moon breadth of the car, big the Auris a broader, more purposeful position. The wicket has a contract heart segment underscored by a chromium-plate accentuate to the lip looter, then widens into deeper pods trapping intact foglights placed at the identical extremities of the new innovation.

In visibility, the new figurehead and arse styling generates thirster overhangs, up the boilersuit counterbalance of the figure and leadership the eye in a foresighted, wholesale job straightforward from the presence Toyota logotype to the taillight bunch. This more advanced visibility is boost enhanced by a new shark fin cap aerial and new, 16″ and 17″ metal bicycle designs.

To the arse, the lour one-half of the Auris has been wholly redesigned to again add optical vehemence to the fomite’s all-embracing route position. The breadth of a deeper, more hefty bumper designing is emphasized by the position of reflector lamp housings at the extremities, and underscored by a sparse chromium-plate trimming pipeline.

The taillight clusters now integrated LED sparkle guidebook engineering, handsome the new Auris a more esteemed, instantaneously identifiable lightness touch.

Improved Interior Sensory Quality

Aboard the new Auris, the centripetal caliber of the cabin has been importantly enhanced done a step-down in the optical multitude of the splasher invention, cleanser consolidation of more uniformly lit orchestration, and a more uniform anatomy and ending to grained surfaces and shave elements.

The driver’s cat’s-paw binnacle now features a stronger, more dissipated pattern with tubed tach and speedometer dials either incline of a new 4.2″ semblance TFT multi-information sieve.

Inside a more buxom fascia pattern, the gist smokestack instrumentality has been incorporated into a individual, smoothen airfoil incorporating touch-sensitive switchgear with more logical back-lit elucidation. The amphetamine rise and dashboard of the splasher itself are now ruined in the like, soft-touch cloth with uniform woodgraining ‘tween surfaces.

Legion contingent elements such as the air vents, threshold handles and gearlever besiege birth been redesigned for a crisper, higher timber appearing. Both the conformation and fabric of blusher and chromium-plate passementerie finishes end-to-end let been harmonic. New ass upholstery designs discharge a more esteemed and advanced, agiotage character cabin surround.

2016 Toyota Auris

Two new outside colors, Navy Isinglass and Bluing Metal are usable for the new Auris.

Revised powertrain line-up

Reflecting ever-changing trends in the C-segment grocery which bespeak advance reductions in fire expenditure, emissions and toll of possession without hurt to operation or drive delight, the Auris gas, diesel and total loan-blend powertrain line-up has been both prolonged and extensively revised.

Every locomotive in the grasp now meets Euro 6 emissions regulations.

2016 Toyota Auris

The 1.2T, an all-new mastermind shot turbocharged locomotive joins the existent 1.33 liter Threefold VVT-i and 1.6 l Valvematic units to fling customers an expanded quality of leash gasolene engines. The 2.0 liter turbo diesel has been replaced by a new 1.6 l D-4D whole, and the 1.4 l D-4D locomotive has been well upgraded.

A 1.8 liter cross powertrain completes one of the broadest ranges of locomotive quality for any simulation therein section. Combination a unequalled, feelgood drive know with class-leading CO2 emissions now as low as 79 g/km, Toyota’s wax loanblend engineering, which already made up for more 50% of European Auris sales in 2014, is now wholly accomplished as a mainstream proffer.

Every powertrain in the Auris locomotive line-up offers customers the benefits of Toyota Optimum Campaign; a combining of varied sophisticated technologies and interior melioration programmes intentional to optimize the counterbalance of functioning and drive use with fire saving and low emissions.

Lower Full Hybrid System Emissions

Oblation customers a unambiguously repose and restful, feel-good impulsive receive, the Auris good intercrossed now returns class-leading, extremely tax-efficient CO2 emissions figures as low as a noteworthy 79 g/km in the European homologation combined cycles/second.

Subject of operational both severally and in compounding, the HSD organisation’s 1.8 liter VVT-i gas locomotive and electrical drive engender a maximal powerfulness yield of 136 DIN hp, arming the Auris Cross with a 0-100 km/h quickening meter of 10.9 seconds and a uttermost upper of 180 km/h.

The Auris Loanblend generates nigh no NOx and Particulate emissions. Furthermore, when operational in the singular, switchable EV manner not usable to soft intercrossed vehicles, the Auris Loan-blend generates nada CO2, NOx and particulate emissions, drive for capable two kilometres endlessly at speeds of capable most 50 km/h, contingent bombardment tutelage and drive weather.

The Auris Loan-blend’s powertrain is intentional to excrete the indigence for the gas locomotive as much as potential during metropolis drive. Toyota’s own information appearance that the accumulative burden of wax intercrossed performance leads to gamey proportions of zero-emissions drive.

1.2T: an all-new direct injection Turbo Petrol Engine

The all-new 1197cc, 16 valve, 4-cylinder, mastermind injectant turbo gas locomotive offers a degree of functioning alike to the one of a 1.6 locomotive piece its fire ingestion and CO2 emissions are unusually glower.

The whippersnapper, extremely concordat whole features legion advanced technologies, including mastermind injectant, enhanced Duple Varying Valve Timing-intelligent Across-the-board (VVT-iW), a high-pitched tum porthole cylinder psyche with an merged eject multiply, a whippersnapper valve develop scheme, a varying controller oil jet arrangement and a rosin inspiration multiply and uptake pipes.

The turbo, the calculate injectant allowing multiple injections, and the new highly-developed VVT-iW are functional paw in give to allow gamy torsion at low revs, dear performances and low fire usance.

The new locomotive has a maximal index yield of 116 DIN hp, and develops an telling uttermost torsion of 185 Nm from 1500 to 4000 rpm. Paired to a 6-speed manual transmittal, this equips the new Auris 1.2 with a extremely free-enterprise 0-100 km/h quickening meter of 10.1 seconds, and a top speeding of 200 km/h.

Concurrently, the new locomotive returns intermediate fire expenditure figures of 4.7 l/100 km, and generates CO2 discharge of solitary 109 g/km, oblation customers considerable be of possession benefits. Multidrive S transmittance farther reduces both fire phthisis and emissions, to 4.6 l/100 km and 106 g/km severally.

New 1.6l D-4D

Fashioning its launching in the Auris compass, a new 1598 cc turbodiesel replaces the forthcoming 2.0l whole.

The new locomotive develops 112 DIN hp and maximal torsion of 270 Nm ‘tween 1750 and 2250 rpm. This equips the Auris 1.6 D-4D with extremely class-competitive operation figures of 0-100 km/h in 10.5 seconds, 80-120 km/h (in 5th paraphernalia) in 10.9 seconds, and a top hurrying of 190 km/h.

Conversely, CO2 emissions are markedly glower than those of the forthcoming 2.0 l whole, dropping to upright 104 g/km, and median fire uptake is now but 4.1 l/100 km. Auris 1.6 D-4D toll of possession is foster rock-bottom by a new overhaul connive featuring a 20,000 km help separation.

Uprated 1.4l D-4D

The 1364 cc turbodiesel has been upgraded to be Euro 6 compliant, but the changes go importantly encourage than that.

The whole features legion enhancements to both better functioning and lour emissions. A new turbocharger reduces clash in the turbine calamus by 20%, and improves efficiency to give a higher further pressing at low locomotive speeds.

A new Solenoid fire shot organization features a bigger supplying heart and higher plebeian rails injectant pressures of 180 Mpa, qualification it compatible with the Euro 6 locomotive’s ECU and package. A NOx Store Diminution (NSR) accelerator has been adoptive inside the exhaust to fulfil the Euro 6 prerequisite for a 55% decrease in NOx.

2016 Toyota Auris

A new plunger conception with an unfold bedroom burning arena improves fire thriftiness by 3.4%. The new pistons boast a Diamond-like C (DLC) coat which reduces rubbing to frown fire intake.

A new cylinder mind binding is now fictional in formative for a 40% simplification in weightiness, and offers improvements to both camshaft lubrication and oil catch functioning.

The uprated locomotive develops 66 kW / 90 DIN hp. The largeness of torsion contemporaries has been expanded 400 rpm depress fine-tune the rev compass, with a uttermost 205 Nm now useable from just 1,400 rpm, capable 2,800 rpm. The Auris 1.4D-4D volition quicken from 0-100 km/h in 12.5 seconds, and has a maximal speeding of 180 km/h.

Weaponed with a manual transmitting and Blockage & Starting engineering, the improved 1.4 D-4D 90 whole now returns a combined hertz fire expenditure of 3.4 l/100 km and benefits from a solid decrease in CO2 emissions to lone 89 g/km.

Multidrive S Continuously-Variable Transmission

Useable on 1.2 turbo and 1.6 Valvematic gas versions of the Auris, Multidrive S is a continuously-variable infection (CVT) with a amply automatonlike unlined slip manner or a successive, stepped 7-speed Variation way.

In Fun style, the organisation is optimised for reply and calculate locomotive ascendence, and the contagion footfall billet can be selected by the gearstick, or by sack totter. Mutation manner too features accurate cornering command. On detection slowing, the organization downshifts and applies locomotive braking to attend the braking power. On tree outlet, prognostic downshift logic controls the organisation to assure the optimum pitch proportion is selected for the needful story of quickening.

Improved driving dynamics and NVH

The new, Auris grasp benefits from farther abatement and steerage revisions intentional to better razz puff and manipulation. Legion measures bear too been introduced to dilute the transmitting of Randomness, Palpitation and Rigour (NVH) into the cabin.

Components of the battlefront MacPherson sashay abeyance let been revised, including the pattern of the volute leap, cushion, speed nonconductor, bounce plug and stabilizer scrub.

The new, Auris features either a image wishbone or tortuosity irradiation arse suspension. The two-baser wishbone organization equips all 1.2 l turbo, 1.6 l gas, 1.6 liter diesel and good cross models. 1.33 l gasolene and 1.4 l diesel models lineament torque air ass dangling.

In combining, these forepart and ass reprieve revisions better initial scroll damping, downplay detrition and enhanced straight-line cod ease.

In accession, the map of the Auris’ Wattage Guidance (EPS) has been tuned to farther physique guidance consider as fomite speeds upgrade, freehanded improved feedback supra speeds of 60-80 km/h.

Enhanced NVH measures

Advance improvements to the Auris’ NVH measures control that the new Toyota’s more prosperous bait is complimented by a observably quieter cabin.

Soundproofing has been enhanced done the acceptance of extra audio concentration materials inside the hood outer muffler, the panel and the transmittal burrow. An outer burrow muffler has besides been added to understate transmittance stochasticity.

Extra waterproofing in the strawman wing, splashboard internal muffler and threshold domain farther reduces the infection of locomotive, route and hint disturbance into the cabin.


With the Auris already awarded a 5-star evaluation by the Euro NCAP clangor tryout curriculum, the new 2015 simulation scope takes dynamic rubber and driver aid to new levels with an optional Toyota Safe Signified clique.

Processing info provided by a covenant, windshield head-mounted whole lodging both a laser and a camera, Toyota Safe Sentience offers customers a Pre-Collision Organization , Lane Expiration Alerting , Machine Highschool Broadcast and Route Augury Serve.

All Toyota Refuge Sentiency condition and awake entropy is displayed to the driver on the instrumentate binnacle 4.2″ coloring TFT multi-information cover.

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