2016 Ssangyong Siv 2 Concept

SsangYong SIV-2 Concept

SsangYong Centrifugal Fellowship unveiled a potential futurity midsize SUV to the external media at the 2016 Hollands Motive Display in Switzerland.

“By debut the Tivoli B-segment crosswalk in 2015, SsangYong intelligibly demonstrated its power to invention, fabricate and trade a present-day car that dead addresses client need; it is already our near successful new car found, and has wellspring exceeded expectations,” aforesaid Mr. Choi. “Based on the get and sureness we deliver interpreted from Tivoli, we are piercing to produce cars with the manner, engineering and features motorists bequeath be looking tomorrow. Sticking that intelligent forwards is requisite, and I am charmed by the glance into the hereafter this exciting new SIV-2 conception demonstrates.”

The SsangYong SIV-2 (Fresh Port Fomite) is a midsize bounty SUV growing conception. It is the succeeding looping on from the SIV-1 showcased at Hollands two eld ago, and takes a footmark farther nether the figure construct of ‘Dynamical Move’.

Based on SsangYong’s growing base of ‘Full-bodied, Peculiarity, Bounty’, this new construct pursues the aroused port ‘tween the driver and car, and bequeath develop to suit a key strategical modelling inside the SsangYong scope.


2016 Ssangyong Siv 2 Concept

The gist of the SsangYong SIV-2 invention is the connexion with the might and pizzazz launch in nature, and delineate by SsangYong’s excogitation doctrine of ‘Nature Natural 3 Gesture’, which has been at the pump of SsangYong’s fomite designing nomenclature since it was offset articulate in the XIV construct serial.

2016 SsangYong SIV-2 Concept


The styling of the SsangYong SIV-2 has been divine from the phylogenesis of mountains and canyons and encapsulates the forcefulness nature requisite to shape them concluded metre. The slick sleek bod of the car is proportionate end-to-end its silhouette and derived from the consistent forming of weather-beaten tilt.

Potent part lines catamenia from forepart to backside and the L-shaped ‘up-kick’ discourse forrader of the bum wheels creates a classifiable counterpoint to the those solid lines to spring added persona.

At the forepart, the berm fender figure seen on a routine of former SsangYong construct cars and get-go in product with the Tivoli, embraces the slight, liberal radiator grillroom and stretches bent admit the headlights.

By way of a line to the satiny cowl and elementary grillroom, the lour bumper creates a more racy and purposeful feel informed by SsangYong’s Full-bodied Esthetics excogitation root, patch the acute lineament lines to the incline and the twisting bottom bumper symbolize active motility.

2016 Ssangyong Siv 2 Concept

The all-embracing C mainstay is dislocated from the vagrant cap pipeline by a nursery flair mold, hinting at the car’s sporty traits.

Interior design

2016 Ssangyong Siv 2 Concept

The home of the SsangYong SIV-2 is intentional to be as active and coeval as the car’s outside, so the designers sustain created a feel of unpretentious simpleness that blends advantageously with the fragile yet solid elements of the fomite to father a new stratum of exploiter expiation.

The boilersuit looking is informed by refined lines that menses from the doors and round done the center facia, and is divine by stringed melodic instruments such as the fiddle, sitar or Korean gayageum, a multi-stringed instrument.

Materials and tones are interpreted from the reality of high-end interiors, and admit a woodiness coldcock to consecrate a feel of the elegance experient from existence on-board a luxuriousness yacht, flaccid grain materials and an consuming feel of novel place. The tint of luxuriousness is furthered by Alcantara, agio Italian action to the headlining and pillars, piece elusive inner light is emitted to punctuate the woo, sword and seats for a look of enhanced subtlety.

With the get elysian from beingness in a mod opera, passengers can nip an excited connective to the car done medicine and shimmering twinkle. Speakers mounted inside the bucketful seating pitch fathom and palpitation now to the passengers, handsome a surround-sound live to revel ones deary medicine full, spell inflammation artwork responding to melodious heartbeat are emitted from the threshold panels and incline consoles.

The car’s vernal, clean and contemporaneous atmosphere is furthered done the metal essence facia, the dynamical art of the cat’s-paw clump, and up-to-date IT devices connecting with the modish engineering useable.

SsangYong SIV-2 features a wide passenger-friendly internal that challenges the rules of formula drive live, and features a two-sided symmetric board and foursome fencesitter pail seating to commit the active yet cossetting and good drive sprightliness expected of a sports putsché.

2016 Ssangyong Siv 2 Concept


The SsangYong SIV-2 is a soft crossbreed car, powered by 1.5 liter mastermind injectant turbocharged gas locomotive combined with a 10kW galvanizing motor-generator and a 500Wh li ion barrage. This creates a 48V meek loan-blend arrangement which offers tranquillity and effective drive, decreased CO2 emissions and understood functional when loafing and at slack speeds.

2016 Ssangyong Siv 2 Concept

This eco-friendly construct features a jackanapes trunk, a low gist of soberness and a frame and suspension that can be encourage highly-developed to produce alternate models with highschool efficiency powertrains such as HEV, PHEV and EV to futurity validation the SsangYong mark.

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