2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

Smart fortwo Cabrio

The countdown has started for the new fortwo cabrio, a especially iconic edition of the new modelling serial. The open-top roadster bequeath birth its man premier at the 2015 External Drive Demonstrate in Frankfurt. The new smarting cabrio volition be useable for order from mid-November 2015 and the kickoff models testament compass dealers in February 2016.

Trey cars in one: at the contact of a clitoris the new ache cabrio is transformed from a shut roadster into a car with a heavy sliding study sunshine-roof, or a full-fledged cab with the mild top wholly out-of-doors. This enables the smart air impulsive live to be altered to the endure or the driver’s mode. This flexibleness offered by the “tritop” fold balmy top and the obliterable cap bars is a particular boast – and not fair therein section. Concurrently, the new smarting cabrio is the lonesome unfeigned cab in its fomite year.

“Our new fresh cabrio rattling exudes joie de vivre in the metropolis – which is what our sword stands for”, says Dr Annette Winkler, Brain of fresh. “I am trusted that we bequeath joy our salute 220,000 cabrio customers and win dozens of new fans with this successful life-style picture.”

2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

The new smarting cabrio (duration/breadth/tallness: 2.69/1.66/1.55 m) is understandably placeable as a penis of the new impertinent propagation. The one-third modeling likewise embodies the smarting conception doctrine of FUN.ctional designing, outlined by two poles – the bosom and head. The designing parlance is crystallise, purist and selfsame liberalist. This includes the distinctive silhouette with ultra-short overhangs, the unclutter lines, shapes and surfaces and, naturally, the tridion prophylactic cadre. With the grillwork in a attenuation honeycomb invention and the rhombic headlamps, the look is signally hurt. The B-pillar is narrower than on the shut version and the styling of the tridion rubber cellphone is more liberalist, gift the impudent fortwo cabrio an eventide sportier and more forward-focused aspect.

2016 Smart fortwo Cabrio

Prospective customers can prefer betwixt deuce-ace unlike colors for the “tritop” textile mild top: dark dungaree (jeans flavor), red or inkiness. The headlining is incessantly grayish. The obliterable cap bars that can be stowed in a compartment in the tailboard inject the tridion color.

Soft top: opens within twelve seconds

When the sun peeps out from ass the clouds, hurt fortwo cabrio drivers can oppose cursorily: the cloth mild top can be open amply mechanically in 12 seconds – tied when drive at top hurrying. With the 3-button key the mild top can too be open from extraneous the car by remote.

2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

Removing the position ceiling bars enables a matured cabrio know. The cap bars can be stowed on the indoors of the tailboard. This storeroom compartment in the tailboard besides offers extra stowing distance for pocket-size items, e.g. fluorescent crown, first-aid kit or admonition trigon.

With an country of 1.8 m2 the “tritop” textile balmy top is roughly four-spot percentage bigger than its forerunner. The outer masking is made of a peculiarly lightfast polyacrylic framework and the inner features a polyester/cotton mix. Thither is a galosh level in the center. The balmy top has a amount heaviness of 20 mm. The backside windshield is het and is made of meth.

Safety: occupant protection space validated in roof-drop test

The new smarting fortwo cabrio is the about unbending fresh cabrio always. The torsional potency has been improved by approximately 15 percentage compared with the forerunner. The textile mix comprises a gamy proportionality of ultra-high force hot-formed steels and maximum-strength polyphase steels.

In improver, the cabrio has been specifically strengthened in critical places in equivalence to the takeoveré. The modifications admit a gravid brand crossbreeding nether the fomite, two torsional bulkheads below the fomite at the forepart and bottom and an interior metro in the A-pillars made of eminent forcefulness hot-formed nerve.

Also as confluence the requirements of required smash tests, the new impertinent fortwo cabrio – with a guard construct that includes the tridion prophylactic cubicle distinctive of the steel for effective get-up-and-go preoccupation – besides passes extra Mercedes-Benz smash tests that oft bear often stricter requirements. This includes the “roof-drop” quiz. Hither the trunk waterfall at a slim lean from a stature of 50 centimetres onto the cap construction and the fomite hits one of the two A-pillars.

2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

Forward-looking assist systems which were antecedently the backlog of higher classes of fomite assistant to keep accidents. These admit the latest-generation ESP® with Crosswind Attend and mound scratch attend (stock), forward-moving hit exemplary (pick) and Lane Guardianship Assistance (pick).

Model versions: two engines, two transmissions, three lines

The new cabrio testament initially be usable with two state-of-the-art three-cylinder engines rated at 52 kW/71 hp and 66 kW/90 hp. Both engines can be combined with the five-speed manual transmitting or the amply automatonlike twinamic three-fold grasp infection. Uncalled-for to say, the impertinent fortwo cabrio has the lightsomeness distinctive of the sword – at 6.95 m (from curbing to curbing) and 7.30 m (from bulwark to bulwark) turn manoeuvres are passing uncomplicated.

In summation to the 3 lines heat, bloom and procurator, customers can take from a expectant reach of rubber and quilt features – including the new features added in the up-to-the-minute lift such as smartphone integrating with MirrorLink® (stock in compounding with the ache Media-System) or the Urban Flair bundle (including inkiness bicycle archway linings and sullen kit). The high-quality and magic internal of the smarting fortwo cabrio corresponds thereto of the unsympathetic form with measure features including two sun visors with constitution mirrors, a essence comfort with draftsman and coating maulers at the backside on the crossbar. A twist deflector is optionally uncommitted. The midland styling is certain to enjoy and is characterised by a “dynamical coil” as a touch characteristic passim the national – aroused wholesale lines which lineament on the fascia and doors, e.g..

Endurance testing: extensive testing in laboratories and on the road

The examination program for open-top vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Cars is all-encompassing – and indistinguishable for all models: The new ache fortwo cabrio was consequently subjected to the like tight tests as, e.g., the S-Class Cab from Mercedes-Benz. E.g., in an survival essay the possibility and completion of the flabby top was imitation concluded the hale fomite animation oscillation. Too as this constituent quiz, which comprises 20,000 cycles, the flabby top and the flabby top mechanics mustiness too testify themselves in the climatical bedchamber. Because hone performance moldiness too be ensured at temperatures ‘tween -15 and +80 degrees centigrade. In plus, an “maltreatment trial” is performed at – 40 degrees centigrade with a totally iced ceiling: therein showcase overburden aegis protects the motive of the balmy top driving.

2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

The car backwash quiz ensures that smartness cabrio passengers incessantly hitch dry. At 500 cycles, the requirements gibe to those for the takeoveré. In gain to this examination in the exploitation form, every one ache cabrio is likewise tried for leak-proofness: at the end of the yield at the Hambach engraft every fomite is sprinkled with a similar quantity of piss for seven-spot transactions.

The developers tried the sustainment of a draught-free inside in the Mercedes-Benz lead burrow with the assistance of the boob “Tanja”. She is fitted with a sum of 16 swiftness sensors on her cervix and munition which let the stream speeds of the lead in the inside to be mensurable.

2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

In add-on, thither is all-encompassing boilersuit fomite examination on examination yard and roadstead of dissimilar timber approximately the humanity.

smart cabrio: a car with cult character for 15 years

At the Outside Centrifugal Demonstrate in Frankfurt in 1999 fresh surprised the humankind world with a issue of new manakin studies. A cabrio reading was presented that was based on the smartness city-coupé. This framework open a unscathed new property to the “shut” micro car community by gap up the cap. The smartness cabrio offers arrant joie de vivre. From the give of 2000 the earth’s smallest yield cab involute off the line and onto European roadstead. Since the offset manakin commute in 2006 the balmy top has been amply automatonlike. For the thirdly propagation uncommitted from 2010 new subdued top colors in red and disconsolate expanded the orbit of colors.

But this is not the just exemplar in the chronicle of fresh to pass a overbold air drive live. A peculiar fomite edition that was launched on the marketplace in 2002 offered a unfeigned outdoors sky flavor: the fresh crossblade. It had no doors, no cap and no windshield. Its drivers were able-bodied ride done the countryside below spread skies with the lead in their nerve for an uncomparable impulsive feel. A constringe, tinted lead deflector was all that was stretched crossways the cockpit domain to dilute the headwind. A twelvemonth late smartness distinct to inaugurate a pocket-size serial of the fomite onto the commercialise.

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