2016 Rolls Royce 103Ex Vision Next 100 Concept

Rolls-Royce 103EX Vision Next 100 Concept

The Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Succeeding 100 presents an challenging and esthetically active imaginativeness of the next of sumptuousness mobility – a all personal, casual and independent Rolls-Royce know, engrossed in a excogitation that ensures a ‘1000 Bema’ for its occupants, and a ‘Thousand Arriver’.

The Rolls-Royce Sight Following 100 anticipates the mobility demands of the sumptuousness client of the futurity. Brought to spirit by Rolls-Royce abaft many months of field and audience with stream patrons of the blade, the car represents their distinctly uttered trust for an confidence that the brand’s plans for the next of opulence personal mobility testament cover to substantiate the key attributes that let made Rolls-Royce the preferent brand of the virtually discreet and muscular patrons in the humankind for ended a Hundred.

With the Rolls-Royce Sight Succeeding 100, the stigma provides barely such an sureness to its precious customers – introduce and succeeding. It makes a bluff and classic assertion of trust in a futurity where Rolls-Royce rejects the opinion of anon., useful and flavourless hereafter modes of mobility. Done an knowledgeable intellect of its customers’ reasoning and their demands in the futurity, Rolls-Royce presents an exciting and extremely likeable sight of casual, independent, wide and beautiful sumptuosity mobility, as personal as apiece case-by-case client.


This ‘Sight Fomite’ is one of four-spot proclaimed by the BMW Radical in Munich on 7 Border 2016, as it launched its centennial celebrations – THE Following 100 Age. In summation to organism the centennial of the BMW Aggroup, 2016 too represents a germinal import in the story of Rolls-Royce Centrifugal Cars.

2016 Rolls-Royce 103EX Vision Next 100 Concept

For Rolls-Royce, the end of yield of the one-seventh multiplication Phantasm – considered by aficionados to be “the topper car in the humanity” – represents the closing of the low form of the Rolls-Royce sword’s renaissance below BMW Radical custodianship. The achiever of Phantasma, Spook, Shade and now Aurora serves as the innovation for a bluff new chapter.

2016 Rolls Royce 103Ex Vision Next 100 Concept

This extremely successful era for the humankind’s near historied luxuriousness blade has been compulsive by a uneasy consignment to perpetually sounding ahead.

Therein feel, the Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Future 100 is presented – a sincerely rotatory, extremely reliable exploration of the futurity of sumptuousness mobility. It provides a full reliable investigate the possible demands and desires of the flush cognoscente of the next.

The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 – a vision of the future of luxury mobility

In creating the Rolls-Royce Imagination Adjacent 100, the Rolls-Royce Motive Cars pattern squad, led by Manager of Designing Giles Taylor, asked themselves the inquiry, “How can we reforge sumptuosity for the future 100 geezerhood?” Inside that doubtfulness the squad plant that they had to destination two boost questions: “What leave a Rolls-Royce proprietor await of his or her Rolls-Royce in the climax decades?” and “How do we at Rolls-Royce nowadays picture how we fill those expectations?”. These questions allowed the squad to woolgather of the astounding possibilities for Rolls-Royce’s futurity.

Rolls-Royce closely understands its patrons and their probable desires and motivations in the succeeding. It understands that on-key sumptuousness is deep personal and that the hallmarks of every Rolls-Royce by and confront are key to its next. The designers thence distilled quartet key tenets that not lone corroborate the graceful answer that is the Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Future 100, but epitomize the futurity of sumptuosity mobility as a unit:

  • The Personal Imagination
  • The Casual Travel
  • The K Refuge
  • The Thousand Arriver
  • In presenting the Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Succeeding 100, the brand has spurned the vulgar whimsey that the next of personal exaltation is a useful and working one. Rolls-Royce has stepped courageously into the hereafter to suggest a no-compromise, full sovereign, coachbuilt, personalized imaginativeness to those customers who compliments for an aroused adhesion to their car. This intelligent led them to the commencement key dogma: The Personal Imaginativeness.

    The Personal Vision

    The Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Adjacent 100, as presented in London on Thursday 16 June 2016, is but one illustration of a bit of potential personal visions of a Rolls-Royce of the succeeding. So, in an phylogenesis of the Rolls-Royce Bespoken get of tod, the customers’ predilection leave charm the demand innovation of his or her Rolls-Royce and how it testament be configured.

    In the life of the large coachbuilt cars of the preceding, Rolls-Royce bequeath produce the frame of the hereafter, hand-built from the virtually ripe materials and powered by a nil emissions powertrain. Advance manufacture technologies testament enable customers to postulate themselves evening more in the pattern of the configuration, sizing and silhouette of their personal Rolls-Royce imaginativeness. The futurity client volition charge his or her own conception. Rolls‑Royce leave innovation and fabrication this personal imaginativeness of apiece client and piddle every Rolls-Royce a unparalleled Bespoken chef-d’oeuvre.

    Shortly, the Rolls-Royce Imagination Future 100 utilises visualised advances in engineering to predecessor the counter to reliable coachbuilding.

    The Rolls-Royce Imagination Future 100 is the imagination of the Rolls-Royce Motive Cars figure squad, led by Manager of Excogitation Giles Taylor. Their inscrutable reason of the Rolls-Royce client of the succeeding and the humans in which they testament exist led them to envisage a centrifugal car that would service and augment its supporter’s life-style in every way.

    “The Rolls-Royce sponsor testament keep to be a noted number in the next,” explains Taylor. I project that the Rolls-Royce Sight Adjacent 100 leave gambol a key function in these masses’s lives, directional and conveyancing them effortlessly done their animation’s travel in an keen chancel where they can excogitate in peacefulness onward of arriving in the grandest fashion.”

    2016 Rolls Royce 103Ex Vision Next 100 Concept

    The Casual Travel, the K Asylum and the 1000 Comer. The following leash tenets and hallmarks of the Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Adjacent 100.

    The Effortless Journey

    For the 105 eld since her innovation in 1911, the Liveliness of X, modelled by sculpturer and artist Charles Sykes, on Eleanor Thornton, has wordlessly guided every Rolls-Royce and its possessor done the momentous events of their lives. She has stood as an refined front at about of account’s well-nigh far-famed events.

    Tod, the ‘Articulation of Eleanor’ inhabits the Rolls-Royce Sight Following 100, delivering the ambition of an casual futurity to her owners. Digitally machine-accessible to every panorama of her owners’ lives and her encompassing environs, ‘Eleanor’ becomes their practical supporter and chauffeur, release them of all exploit and preventive. Imbued with her own ai, she plant intuitively to apprise her owners on itineraries, schedules and options ahead they farewell their abode, reminding most appointments and tasks and devising suggestions to relaxation any awaited impediments.

    2016 Rolls Royce 103Ex Vision Next 100 Concept

    She ‘brings’ the car approximately when her passengers are make to jaunt and, whilst conveyance her charges to their following finish, helpfully but discreetly makes suggestions and recommendations, briefing them beforehand of their comer so they are set to ‘execute’. And always wakeful, ‘Eleanor’ safely delivers her passengers to their finish, having already predicted the berth and environment that wait them.

    This Casual Travel is enhanced by the trademark Rolls-Royce ‘legerdemain rug tantalise’ delivered done a commingle of a futurist, knock-down, zero-emission drivetrain and sophisticated abeyance that sees the fomite about plane crossways the route coat. As a V12 burning locomotive is well-nigh unbelievable to be in the next, one can sole speculation how this Rolls-Royce leave be powered. A tip may look in the 1000 Refuge that is the inner of the Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Following 100.

    The Grand Sanctuary

    “Simpleness is the tonic of all on-key elegance.” Coconut Chanel

    Already fain by ‘Eleanor’ for the succeeding travel in their event-filled lives, our owners are met by the Rolls-Royce Sight Succeeding 100 which awaits their loss. Ingress the Thousand Chancel, our passengers deputise straight, with everlasting beautify and self-worth, as with the posit carriages of old, pickings their situation on the outflank backside in the family. Cocooned in the futurist but handcrafted footle ambience, the motorcoach threshold and grapple canopy semivowel shut to wrap them in continuous hush and lavishness.

    As one would await from a Rolls-Royce, the surround of the Chiliad Bema is crafted from the virtually treasured and modern-day of materials. What is unexpected is the feel of weightlessness and simmpleness, an casual elegance.

    Truthful to this sprightliness, the cabin is surrounded by the nigh modernistic handcrafted fine-line Macassar romance pane, wholesale crosswise the inside from the jitney threshold, chronic approximately backside the generous OLED screenland and up beside the indorsement rider to the slope of the lounge. This ensures a uninterrupted, attractively houseclean and modeled coat when the cover is extinguished.

    The centerpiece of the cabin is the beautiful couch. The topper arse in the menage, it is an keen, futurist reading of mod furniture excogitation. Draped in the nearly luxurious fabrics, it gives the opinion of vagabond inside the cocoon of the cabin thanks to the disingenuous use of firing and mod materials.

    Divine by the other majestic Rolls-Royces, but too by the ground-breaking workplace executed on the 2015 Apparition Heartsease, the designers put-upon the symbolization of ultimate elegance – silk – to apparel the lounge. This well-nigh cancel and carnal of materials is combined with woolen to produce a attractively rough-textured, ivory-coloured voluptuary toilet upon which our passengers are conveyed, and from which they control.

    A concluding fleshly touchpoint inside the cabin is the finest one-off deep-pile off-white woollen rug woven peculiarly in London, which our passengers can revel as they wanton in the rich distance created by the remotion of the chauffeur.

    This sensation of spa is accentuated as our passengers’ survey from their seating is continuous by a cockpit or wheel which are now supernumerary. From their knock-down place inside the Rolls-Royce Sight Following 100, “All the humans’s a level, and all the men and women only players…”.

    Should they opt to bead their eyes from that reality arrange for a minute and ask ‘Eleanor’ for optical cues, she leave ply them on the guileless OLED blind that dominates the strawman rampart of the cabin. Hither our passengers can panorama info regarding their travel, their goal and the mass they are expecting to fill. Or they may only prefer to withdraw from the away humankind and be diverted by their dearie establish awhile.

    Or they may scarce muse the fine crafted analog time that hovers in a key place supra the concealment, which serves both as a admonisher of Sir H Royce’s chagrin beginnings as an electric initiate devising galvanising dynamos, and of meter as the ultimate sumptuousness.

    “Rolls-Royce figure tod is the prototype of elegance,” Taylor comments, “and this elegance is achieved done ease of conception below which lies the engineering that makes our patrons live casual.”

    The Grand Arrival

    Sealed truths are ceaseless concluded clip. One of these truths is how the hefty suffer perpetually tacit the symbols done which they utter their standing. From the shower chariots of the Roman Emperors to the severally deal reinforced province carriages and cars of Monarchy – such as the coachbuilt Rolls-Royce Apparition IV victimized during Tabby Elizabeth II’s enthronisation – such hunky-dory vehicles sustain been intentional to externalize the grandness of the soul inner to those wait extraneous.

    Wait with bated breather for a g arriver, the crowds were ne’er anything but impressed by the imposing arriver of their god. In the next, Rolls-Royce believes that its sinewy patrons volition bid to uphold jutting their exponent and position in such a way.

    This trueness is reflected in the nearly striking panorama of the Rolls-Royce Imagination Following 100 – its iconic, grand and futurist bearing which ensures a G Arriver for its occupants. Yet whilst it potently expresses the hereafter of sumptuosity, it cadaver never-ending to the iconic tropes of any rightful Rolls-Royce: The Feel of Adam, the Pantheon wicket, the foresighted cowling and the iconic proportions of the intact fomite.

    The selfsame sizing of the Rolls-Royce Sight Future 100 announces the grandness of its wanted lading. At 5.9 meters yearn and 1.6 metres heights, it mirrors the arrant dimensions of tod’s Shadow Drawn-out Wheelbase, whilst the e’er ceaseless Sprightliness of Go grows in height, harking rear to the royal Phantoms of the Twenties. Handmade by the finest European glassmakers of nowadays, she lights the way to the futurity of luxuriousness. She is self-possessed atop the re-imagined, yet stillness iconic, Pantheon grillwork with the red Double-R badge of an data-based Rolls-Royce.

    From these dateless icons of Rolls-Royce pattern current the refined, wholesale lines and expressive surfaces that combining to make a entirely futurist sight of a potential Rolls-Royce outside.

    The refined alloy of the wicket flows up o’er the nuzzle, approximately the foot of the Feel of Go and on the top of the suspended laser-headlight basketball, ahead tapering to tear the slope of the fomite’s yearn hood, as a contrast ‘tween amphetamine and lour sections of the car. Not fillet at the extremes of the cowl, this beautiful metallic boast creates a beautiful ‘shoe’ as it flows on the top boundary of the jitney threshold, describes a parabola up and o’er the marked back berm, skirting the ass of the crank canopy and cover devour the early wing.

    This contrast accentuates the car’s two-tone figure connive. The speed segment is whole comprised of shadow chalk. It flows fluidly as a venturesome fastback, creating a ice canopy terminated the occupants that provides privateness whilst allowing them to muse the stateliness of the stars in the welkin supra as they sailplaning done the nighttime; a windowpane on the humankind forrader earlier resolution itself into the hood of the car.

    The lour part is more striking in its invention and in what it achieves. Mantled in a silk-like ‘Crystallization H2o’ gloss schema, its surfacing achieves a agility that belies the fomite’s sizing. This is self-propelling ‘Haute Couture’. From whatsoever lean the Rolls-Royce Sight Future 100 is viewed, it seems to blow, whether gone or in question.

    This legerity is achieved done the sliver dorsum of this fomite to the centre of a Rolls-Royce by the Innovation squad, who were freed from their flow constraints by the new actuation and coach-build technologies now usable to them. So, e.g., where an locomotive would erstwhile birth engaged the full under-bonnet country of the car, a trunk is positioned hardly aft of the presence wheels.

    In conceiving this bluff imagination of the hereafter of sumptuousness, the designers continue unswerving in their committal to imbuing every factor of the Rolls-Royce receive with effortlessness. The trunk thence opens mechanically chase arriver and disembarkment, presenting two 1000 Phaeton cases. In the cause of the Rolls-Royce Imagination Following 100, the cases are suitably individualized to CS Rolls and FH Royce.

    The new emancipated Pantheon lattice is now the unencumbered stem of the Rolls-Royce Imagination Following 100. It is the presence of a amply enclosed and smooth-bottomed hull that echoes the manikin lyric of 1920’s Rolls-Royces, with its ‘boat-tail’, and inside which the total fitting region is situated.

    Constructed from lighter yet implausibly stiff materials, the hull ‘floats’ supra the route open as it is suspended from the fomite’s wheels via uncovered blazon and struts.

    The 28-inch magniloquent but contract wheels upon which the car glides are apiece hand-built from 65 case-by-case pieces of al, and enclosed to pitch the picture of a futurist catamaran.

    Seen from the position, the coachwork delivers trademark Rolls-Royce privateness to the occupants as it rises graciously same a o.k. drape o’er the shoulders at the ass of the car. Yet, this ticket curtain flatters to delude as this ass berm cable too imparts an air of sinewy but elegant progression, accentuated by the uprising beltline that thrusts upwardly in a way evocative of the bang-up pre-war Rolls-Royces.

    Whilst this base new designing words too contributes to an casual, unflurried travel thanks to improved airflow and decreased air opposition, its unchallenged play delivers a thousand comer.

    Rolls-Royce and the art of the Grand Arrival

    In the era of the formal pusher, and level of the former coachbuilt limo, one was guaranteed an arriver befitting one’s height. As we sustain seen, the outside pattern and adornment of such conveyances proclaimed one’s grandness, as did the epicurean designation of the midland.

    Yet, one former facet of such vehicles contributed to their suitableness for such occasions: their idealistic place, suspended as they were on enceinte wheels. Combined with the highschool roof distinctive of perambulator or limo, one could commonly bandstand ahead stepping out in a refined and self-respecting mode. Modernistic flowing considerations meant that eve innovative limousines’ rooflines had to be lowered, thereby reduction clearance and requiring one to crouch slenderly when alighting from one’s fomite.

    Unwilling to take such stenosis and compromise in the next, Giles Taylor and his squad set to employment to reestablish the G Comer as it should be.

    The G Reaching of the Rolls-Royce Sight Following 100 is outset signalled by the Life of Exaltation and Pantheon lattice informative to shape an airy, transcendental gleaming from the breast of the car. As this sight of the succeeding graciously sweeps capable its finish, the aery lambency spreads from the tracking bound of the movement pedal pixilated to the behind of the i motorcoach threshold, signalling that something momentous is roughly to materialize. As the Rolls-Royce Sight Adjacent 100 graciously comes to a freeze, something splendid occurs.

    Hinged on the odd of the fomite, the deoxyephedrine canopy lifts to let the resident to stall whilst providing protection from supra and ass. So, in one casual drive, the unity double-decker threshold sweeps surface and a footmark emerges from infra the linear plank. As a concluding brandish, a red twinkle is projecting, carpet-like, from the undersurface of the footstep as a receive.

    Thence, as in Botticelli’s ‘The Parturition of Venus’, our client is framed and quick to measure graciously into the spotlight and recognise their hearing.

    “The G Arriver motion of the Rolls-Royce Imaginativeness Adjacent 100 creates a arrange for our significant passengers as they attain their ultimate terminus,” comments Taylor. “It is an manifestation of our intrinsical intellect of the possibilities for a on-key lavishness stain and the desires of its customers.”

    The Personal Sight, the Casual Travel, the Thousand Refuge and the Chiliad Arriver. Rolls-Royce’s imagination of the adjacent 100 eld. Rolls-Royce Imagination Succeeding 100. A imaginativeness of the hereafter of sumptuosity.

    Virtual Vision

    Rolls-Royce has too harnessed the mightiness of the practical spa to fetch the receive of the Imaginativeness Adjacent 100 nigher to those ineffective to personally see the fomite in London.

    The Imagination 360 CGI see immerses the watcher in a travel from Goodwood, the Abode of Rolls-Royce, done to imaginativeness of the next of sumptuousness. Viewers can relish and research the hunky-dory point of Rolls-Royce 103EX, guided by the vocalism of the pilot Purport of Go, Eleanor Thornton, on YouTube 360°.

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