2016 Rimac Concept S

Rimac Concept S

The Rimac Concept_S is reinforced to apply the utmost voltage of the Rimac All Cycle Torsion Vectoring organization. Compared to the Concept_One, the Concept_S has 218 kW (296 hp) and 200 Nm more mightiness and torsion, 50 kg less burthen, and an strong-growing flowing bundle. The sleek elements raise downforce by 34 % (capable 650 kg of freight) which closet the anatomy to the background. Combined with high-performance tires, higher levels of clasp are enabled gap a full spectrum of utmost setups for the Rimac All Roll Torsion Vectoring (RAWTV) scheme. With 1384 hp and 1800 Nm of torsion, the Concept_S raises the bar of active functioning.

2016 Rimac Concept S

Back to the roots – with the vision of the future

Rimac Concept_S is based on the Concept_One that has been bespoken to return the manner and consolation of a GT car. Herculean, nimble and adaptative, the Concept_One offers a whole new drive feel of a hypercar from the succeeding. The invention features flowing, polish but compulsive lines that enable gravid streamlined efficiency with low cart. The Concept_S has been redesigned to contain an utmost flowing parcel and tires with eventide more clutch, stretch utmost operation.

Rimac Automobili originates from the man of racing. The get-go car that off its wheels forthcoming out of, albeit, at that metre, a pocket-size gar of Father Checkmate Rimac, was the Rimac e-M E30. A reborn 1986 BMW 3-series served as the run scuff for legion systems and was put-upon by Partner Rimac to set 5 Guinness and FIA reality records for electrical cars.

2016 Rimac Concept S

The Concept_S was highly-developed inside the passing vertically unified establishment of Rimac Automobili, which enables a loyal synergism betwixt engineers from respective backgrounds and departments to cooperate and discovery the outflank track to ascent the bar. With the exploitation of the Concept_One, Rimac Racing stayed straight to their roots, running on motorsport programs at the highest layer. The hardest exam for Rimac All Bicycle Torsion Vectoring was the Pikes Crown External Mound Climbing Backwash in Colorado. Nobuhiro Giant Tajima horde the Tajima Rimac e-Runner, a racer highly-developed by Rimac Automobili, on the Pikes Crown External Mound Mount 2015 and ruined before of all burning locomotive powered cars. The priceless receive collected during the Pikes Vizor task has been enforced passim the ontogenesis of the Concept_One’s R-AWTV organization. The solution is a tasteful, yet muscular organisation that plant in the desktop to raise the cancel potentiality of the fomite.

Extreme in every way

The see collected during the Pikes Visor platform was enforced in the Concept_One and altered to lawsuit the ease and operation of a hypercar on route tires. Well-educated how often the RAWTV scheme can supply on racing tires, Rimac Automobili distinct to awaken the Evilness Duplicate, the Concept_S.

Featuring a big forepart divider, air deflectors, position skirts, diffusor conjointly a heavy bottom despoiler, the Concept_S comes with greater streamlined downforce. Dissimilar carbon-fibre materials and lay-ups are secondhand to concentrate the burden of bodywork by 7 percentage. The home is bare of voice detachment with minimized use of materials and a toned-down innovation so that the impulsive hullabaloo can return centre leg. Racing seating with four-point racing tackle assure a set and focussed impulsive situation.

Alcantara passementerie with red sewing and disconsolate lines on the seating meet with the outside details. The raw racing quality is underlined by foresightful stretched curving features of bare c character. The CNC machined buttons and knobs on the centerfield cabinet whole are anodized in red, enhancing the racing flavor and concomitant the focussed documentary arrangement that projects sole the about crucial info on the primal presentation and the digital instrumentate clump.

2016 Rimac Concept S

Extreme aerodynamics

The Rimac Concept_S is all approximately maximal execution. To heighten clutch at highschool speeding the Concept_S features an all-embracing aero bundle. It all starts at the battlefront where the divider cuts done the air and generates downforce, push the strawman wheels to the land. The air goes concluded the divider, done the strawman inspiration, o’er the offset quartet of the 7 chilling systems and out equitable ahead the battlefront windscreen. Portion of the air is deflected by the face deflectors approximately the car, and as it hits the english skirts, more downforce is produced. The air is so grabbed by the position intakes and interpreted done the 3 left radiators and exits done the back lights. Ardent air meets with the air aerodynamic nether the car subsequently it has been upraised upward by the bum diffusor, weft up the low-pressure district ass the car, hence minimizing hale. As the Concept_S cuts done the air, the pillager produces downforce for the behind, bounteous the arse wheels more clench required to put the 1384 HP polish to the land.

2016 Rimac Concept S

All this increases the downforce by 34 percentage compared to the Concept_One, enabling clasp levels of a high-performance racer. More downforce not lonesome enables more functioning capabilities but likewise increases stableness and rubber at eminent speeds.

Rimac Concept_S R-AWTV_S

2016 Rimac Concept S

With 34 percentage more downforce and high-performance tires, the Concept_S unlocks an eventide wider scope of fomite kinetics possibilities. Incorporating the get gained at the Pikes Crest Mound Climbing Rimac Racing introduces a more base, tailored R-AWTV_S arrangement.

Distributing a aggregate of 1018 kW / 1384 hp and 1800 Nm of torsion, the Rimac All Rack Torsion Vectoring_S (R-AWTV_S) scheme incisively calculates the optimal torsion for apiece cycle. R-AWTV_S uses inputs from respective accurate sensors strategically positioned some the form and respite to forecast the optimum torsion dispersion betwixt the wheels done composite numerical models and command algorithms. The organization provides unobserved flexibleness and clasp by controlling apiece drive severally hundred multiplication per s. This enables the Concept_S to quicken from impasse to 100 km/h in upright 2,5 seconds, to 200 km/h in 5,6 and to 300 km/h in mesmerising 13,1 seconds. The R-AWTV_S functions as a grip controller, constancy ascendancy and “electrical ABS” scheme which likewise commands the 4-wheel regenerative braking of capable 400 kW that plant collectively the carbon-ceramic braking arrangement.

Rimac Concept_S Infotainment

To couple the role, foundation excellency and functioning of the Concept_S, a sincerely made-to-order documentary organisation was highly-developed and manufactured in-house. All fomite kinetics and powertrain functions such as the Rimac All Rack Torsion Vectoring_S arrangement are controlled done forcible buttons, machined from place aluminum piece petty functions are controlled done the primal touch-screen. The arrangement shows an teemingness of info done attractively optimized artwork and gives insights into the Concept_S’s flighty scheme.

Browse done the menus on the key show, the driver can vary the settings of the Rimac All Bike Torsion Vectoring_S organisation, bracken personnel dispersion, torsion dispersion, likewise as several former functions. By ever-changing the settings, the driver alternates the nature of the car contingent his preferences, from a tranquillise and impersonal background to a track-oriented frame-up or the uttermost gallery modality that helps experient drivers to get fun on a unopen rail.

Compared to the Concept_One, the port is more impulsive oriented, by focussing on information that is near authoritative for gamy drive, therefore guardianship the driver focussed on impulsive and maximising his functioning on the backwash running.

The Rimac Docudrama arrangement gathers info from o’er 500 unlike sensors and displays them in an optimized way to inform the driver with minimum beguilement. The information is stored in the national storage and sent to the Dapple via high-velocity 4G Cyberspace liaison. The telemetry information can be analyzed during or later a lap on the track, via the touch-screen, a PC or smartphone.

Raw and uncompromising

2016 Rimac Concept S

“We precious to use the receive and cognition from the Pikes Crest and go our customers a unequalled, race-like feel. The Concept_S pushes the levels of functioning to the extremes. Focalization on operation, the set-up of the R-AWTV_S scheme has been altered to spring the driver the power to use the utmost out of the tires and aeromechanics. Telemetry information is portion the driver to do meliorate, good similar on GT-racecars.” Aforementioned the beginner and CEO Spouse Rimac.

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