2016 Renault Trezor Concept

Renault Trezor Concept

At the 2016 Paris Drive Display, Renault has unveiled Trezor – an all-electric Thousand Tourist conception car that blends Renault’s ardent, simpleton and animal lines with the selfsame up-to-the-minute innovations in inside know, all-electric powertrain and sovereign impulsive. Trezor is from the Dearest ‘petal’ of Renault’s ‘Liveliness Prime’ pattern scheme – followers in the footsteps of the 2010 DeZir construct – and previews trends belike to be seen in futurity Renault models.

An exterior influenced by a fresh design philosophy

Renault Trezor, a roadster electrical putsché, embodies the new invention doctrine Renault introduced on its DeZir construct in 2010 earlier inspiring the lines of new Clio in 2012.

With its potent styling and Passionateness Red coachwork, the DeZir heralded the outset point of a conception scheme founded on the cycles/second of spirit: dropping infatuated.

The Trezor goes foster, by symbolizing feelings of matureness and allegiance. It reflects the matureness of Renault’s designs – a element that, since 2014, has get the elemental rationality impulsive customers to buy one of the steel’s vehicles.

“The Renault scope has now been totally renewed and upgraded with a spectrum of completing models, apiece one of which has its own self-asserting indistinguishability. With the Trezor, we deliver chased this replenishment by introducing a new lifecycle episode. This construct car is the yield of a exemption of formula and prepares the way for the trends we are potential to see in our approaching vehicles. These trends tumble into two categories: French Innovation and Light Spirit.”

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

Laurens van den Acker – Senior Vice-President, Corporate Design

Renault Trezor features the new Renault styling cues that are to be institute crosswise the present-day scope, viz. affectionate, unproblematic, fleshly lines; a clearlydefined kinsfolk aspect and C-shaped kindling touch.

The Renault Trezor features hitting red glazing and modern c bodywork with contrastive coat finishes.

Smoothen and silky at the strawman, this bodywork mirrors the car’s dynamical lineament. At the ass, it features hexangular panels that underscore the Trezor’s sporty disposition and engineering. The metal finishing of the Trezor conveys an simulacrum that is both slick and protective.

Its silhouette displays the classical attributes of a GT.

On the cowl,the honeycomb-form air aspiration echoes the construction of the back bodywork. These hexangular shapes ply a variable-geometry aspiration, the motility of which embellishes the Trezor with spare heartiness and creates the notion that it is really eupnoeic.

On the left slope of the consistency, the fire makeweight incubate has been replaced by an linear gage that indicates the fomite’s bearing degree, drafting on traditional sports car rehearse.

At the ass, the Trezor is weaponed with decisively mod fibreoptic light integration a red laser. This ‘rope-like’ character forum provides undimmed, typical ignition. Nether braking, the tortuosity and stacking of the optic fibres creates an interesting optic burden and increases the saturation of the igniter.

Design codes of the future: authenticity and modernity

Inside the Trezor, thither is a firm center evolving midland conception.

The fashion is affectionate and sultry, with red as the prevailing colouration. The emphasis is on drive joy and all-inclusive use is made of high-quality materials, including woods and leather. With its flux of craft, engineering and a rightfully French hint, the cockpit offers a foretaste of the sleeker, progressively graceful interiors of hereafter Renault models, nail with with-it connectivity.

Providing a echt linkup betwixt the car’s midland and outside, the red glazing ensures a hopeful, affectionate cabin.

The Renault Trezor’s one-piece grapple cap lifts practically care the lid of a jewelry box to springiness entree to the inner.

Standing upright 1,080mm improbable, the Trezor invites occupants to range the face of its personify as they mounting in. This manner of incoming is a atavist to the humans of classical racing cars, where in drivers mat as one with their machines. The betting and sultry way of entrance is accentuated by the red leather reduce for the speed share of the tower. It looks well-nigh ilk a burden, so you mightiness be climbing a steed upright as easy as acquiring into a car. Entrance isfacilitated by mechanically reclining headrests.

The Renault Trezor provides another storm when you ascent in, with a splasher made from red woodwind that incorporates a trunk at the strawman of the fomite. Made-to-measure cases are held in position by leather straps and cue how travelling can be an art manakin.

The seating’ rounded contours were divine by the earth of furniture invention to produce a lavish, comfy inside. Upholstered in shine, deep-red leather, they personify the shade of sumptuosity goods.

The fascia is the yield of a partnership with the French fast KEIM-cycles, which is famous for its custom-made wooden, high-performance cycles/second frames.

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

Victimization a high-precision outgrowth highly-developed by KEIM-cycles, the splashboard comprises sup imposed slenderize strips of ash. The ruined clause provides a stratum of potency corresponding with that of innovative complex materials and underlines the geomorphologic qualities of solicit, viz. ignitor, stiff, constitutional and fond.

The processed splasher highlights the cabin’s advanced, hi-tech appointments and features a big touch-screen showing.

The orthogonal wheel opens up the driver’s subject of sight and is reminiscent of the humans of Rule 1. It features tercet screens, one centrally mounted featuring the logotype and two touchscreen displays to either position rather of formal chaff controls.


Not sole does Renault jump as a trailblazer of galvanic mobility, in increase to organism Europe’s best-selling electric-vehicle maker, but it too is conducive direct to the elaboration of all-electric motorsport done its engagement in the FIA Recipe E Title.

The Renault Trezor’s drive derives from the Renault e.dams, two-time achiever of the Expression E Teams’ reality championship.

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

With a uttermost powerfulness of 260kW (350hp) and vizor torsion of 380Nm, it provides quickening from base silence to 62mph in less than 4 seconds.

The Renault Trezor features two batteries, apiece of which has its own cooling optimised by the variable-geometry air inspiration integrated in the hood.

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

The Trezor besides incorporates a brake-operated muscularity recuperation scheme, courtesy of the Rechargeable Vigour Memory Scheme (RESS) engineering highly-developed for Expression E racing.

Optimal configuration for greater performance

Thanks to its batteries existence placed singly, one at the forepart and the former at the back, the Trezor has optimum burthen dispersion. Its rear-wheel-drive organisation ensures that mightiness is delivered to the route more expeditiously to raise impulsive delight.

The Renault Trezor’s proportions too impart to its piquant on-the-road fashion. Its across-the-board tracks (presence: 2,048mm / ass: 2,106mm) and wheelbase (2,776mm) heighten route retention, piece the ultra-low bodywork optimises aeromechanics to accomplish a draw co-efficient (Cd) of good 0.22. Its kernel of solemnity is too especially low (priming headway:25cm) for greater stableness and less consistence paradiddle.

To meliorate barrage reach and functioning, Renault Excogitation gainful exceptional aid to fetching slant out of the fomite. The figure incorporates a primal c cubicle paired to vasiform sword frames strawman and back. The monocoque and admission brood are made from c. Thanks to this employment, the Trezor boasts the sang-froid of a prominent GT (duration: 4,700mm / breadth: 2,180mm/ acme: 1,080mm) spell tipping the scales at equitable 1,600kg.

The Trezor is fitted with tailor-developed Continental® tyres, fitted to 21- and 22-inch wheels at the movement and bottom severally. A share of their step features a rule intentional to optimize the headroom of airfoil weewee patch the balance is wholly still to maximize clutch.


The Renault Trezor sees the stain research a new approaching to splasher innovation with a singular L-shaped showing that combines the fascia controls and the multimedia.

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

This typecast of cover reinforces the inner’s cockpit tone piece the satellite-navigation instructions proceed to be seeable on the vertical share of the showing. The Trezor makes use of the up-to-the-minute Radical Eminent Definition developments. A combining of OLED engineering (Oled) and Corning Gorilla®Crank has produced a reduce, curving screenland which, dissimilar LED displays,does not need backlighting. The outcome is superscript counterpoint and coloring replication, on with deeper sunglasses of inkiness with no doughnut consequence.

From the instant you climbing in, the cover lights capable receive you aboard and invites you to billet your smartphone in a consecrated bag below the armrest. The sound is directly accepted and a salutation is displayed. The unharmed fomite is scanned electronically to guarantee everything is operation aright.

The touch-screen’s port can be individualized. The smartphone’s apps testament seem on the multimedia’s sieve and the driver can expose the widgets of that he or she wishes to use on the sieve positioned butt the wheel.

This modernistic yet easy-to-use port illustrates Renault’s allegiance to make vehicles that are visceral and a joy to traveling in.

Autonomous driving mode allows you to stay in touch while on the move

Thanks to Renault’s Multi-Sense organization, the Trezor offers a option of iii impulsive modes: inert, athletics and independent. The Trezor embodies Renault’s imaginativeness of how self-directed cars can pee-pee traveling safer and more pleasurable, piece allowing motorists to optimize how they use their meter.

2016 Renault Trezor Concept

When the car is in self-governing way, the outside ignition touch changes and extends to the sidelong and back logos, to bespeak to former route users that impulsive has been delegated.

Formed by two leather-sheathed al shafts, the wheel extends in breadth in sovereign style. In the mode of a film blind, this crusade symbolises a footfall into a hale new mankind of travel.

With the rack therein conformation, the driver too has a bird’s-eye sight of the splashboard.

Therein style, the Renault Trezor allows occupants to use their meter on a travel to remain machine-accessible. The driver and rider are capable to plunge themselves in a divided cosmos, mayhap by observance a picture, playacting a plot or flicking done photographs.

Bey 20, Renault’s object is to pee-pee completel ysafe ‘hands-off / eyes-off’ engineering uncommitted for its mainstream vehicles – at an low-cost terms.

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