2016 Renault Talisman Estate

Renault Talisman Estate

Next the introduction of the barroom reading of the Amulet, Renault has interpreted the wraps off the new Amulet Acres.

The D section (saloons and estates combined) amounts to more one gazillion fomite sales in Europe annually, with estates accountancy for 54% of that number.

The new Renault Amulet Demesne carries terminated all the benefits of the barroom variation, piece adding the fashionable lines and practicality of an land.

Racy styling

The Amulet Land features incisively the like dimensions as the bar (duration: 4.86 metres / breadth: 1.87 metres / meridian: 1.46 metres / wheelbase: 2.81 metres), on with the like dynamical proportions, aerodynamic visibility and mellow waist.

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

The refined al ceiling bars punctuate the wholesale roofline that is lengthened by a longsighted lip mollycoddler. The C-pillar and chrome-bordered face windows add to the effect of diplomacy and silkiness. The side of the bottom windowpane adds a active feeling without detracting from rush distance.

Easy to load

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

Thanks to the powered tailboard – which is excited just by wafture your base underneath the behind bumper – boot boasts hands-free porta and shutdown to help consignment.

The Amulet Demesne offers 572dm3 (VDA) of loading place capable the packet ledge and a utmost loading distance of 1,116mm. With the arse seating in the folded post, that build increases to 2,010mm, equation to a loudness of near 1,700dm3 (VDA).

The secret to well-being: a spacious, cabin and welcoming, comfortable seats

2016 Renault Talisman Estate

Intentional with the wellbeing of the driver and passengers in psyche, the Renault Amulet Land – equitable care the taphouse interpretation – is a form leader in price of midland infinite. The Demesne variant additionally benefits from 30mm supernumerary clearance at the ass, extending it to 886mm.

  • Breast headway: 902mm,
  • Behind headway: 886mm,
  • Breast way: 1,512mm,
  • Arse genu way: 262mm,
  • More 25 litres of cabin stowing.
  • The accommodative movement seating combining the identical scoop characteristics in the family:

    2016 Renault Talisman Estate
  • Capable 10 potential settings (ogdoad of which are electrically adjustable) and a backside shock distance that can be familiarised stem/aft by capable 60mm (Initiale Paris equipment storey alone),
  • Four-way galvanising lumbar modification (acme/profoundness),
  • A knead part that can be familiarised in character and vividness (two programmes / 5 sequences),
  • Aviation-style six-way adjustable caput rests,
  • Het bum cushions and backs,
  • Settings remembering for capable six someone profiles.
  • Addition two authoritative new features:

  • Unified airing for greater quilt in hot conditions.
  • New ‘Covering Cutting Engineering’: hard, semi-rigid, whippersnapper shells incorporate into the presence backside backs, release up spare quad, including more 3 centimetres of spare genu board for back passengers.
  • The Amulet Land is too uncommitted in Initiale Paris clipping, offer tied greater nicety and comforter, positive an sole Améthyste Nigrify outside ending, limited full-grain Nappa® leather upholstery and improved soundproofing, thanks notably to laminated face windows.

    Multi-Sense technology combines four-wheel steering with active damping

    First in its section, the Renault Amulet Acres – upright same its taproom sib – couple the 4Control organization to participating damping. Some townsfolk, the 4Control bod endows the Amulet Land with over-the-top lightsomeness. Its cornering stableness and sleight when maneuver is needful post the new Renault in a category of its own when it comes to self-confidence and impulsive ease.

    Renault’s Multi-Sense engineering allows the impulsive know to be individualised, with 4 pre-programmed settings (‘Puff’, ‘Play’, ‘Inert’ and ‘Eco’), addition a amply configurable ‘Perso’ fashion.

    The Amulet Land is open of ever-changing its personality in the trice thanks to a ‘cutoff’ clitoris that enables the driver to permutation from the ‘Solace’ to ‘Mutation’ way, and vice-versa, e.g., in upright two clicks. Interim, the Amulet’s architecture – which features a lowered core of gravitation and a drive billet approximately the route – substance the Multi-Sense arrangement’s benefits can be enjoyed tied more full, particularly when the specially active ‘Mutant’ mood is selected. It is nearly as though drivers are capable to select from respective cars furled into one. Whether they are in the climate for a spunky, reactive rag or a smoothen, well-fixed and tasteful journeying, the prime is theirs – and quick.

    Concurrently, the in-car atmosphere is familiarized to couple by adapting the semblance of the inside ignition (bluing, red, mahogany, jet or purpurate), the introduction and coloration of the splashboard entropy show and the locomotive audio.

    R-Link 2: the connected control centre

    The Renault Amulet Land offers Renault’s R-Link 2 machine-accessible multimedia pill, uncommitted in either a 7-inch landscape formatting or an 8.7-inch portrayal formatting. R-Link 2 oversees the fomite’s impulsive aids also as all of the received duties such as the pilotage, sound and mood controller functions. In plus to the touch-screen showing’s features are crosscut buttons, a multi-function circular ascendence on the kernel soothe and extra direction wheel-mounted controls.

    The dwelling pages are now configurable, enabling the driver to forthwith admittance the nigh oft employed functions or to individualize the port.

    Tailor-engineered Bose® sound

    The Amulet Land benefits from tailor-engineered BOSE® Environs Vocalize, produced by 12 high-performance loudspeakers and a subwoofer. Centerpoint® Engineering converts the indicate from stereophonic sources into a multi-channel sign to make Circumvent Vocalize, piece the digital processing of the Bose® indicate incorporates the Amulet’s own acoustical properties to engender bespoken equalization.

    A comprehensive range of driving aids (ADAS)

  • To assure: Adaptative Sail Command (ACC); Participating Exigency Braking Scheme (AEBS).
  • To brisk: Lane Going Admonitory (LDW); Prophylactic Length Monitory (SDW); Dealings Preindication Acknowledgment with Concluded Swiftness Bar (TSR / OSP); Unreasoning Stain Admonition (BSW).
  • To attend: reversing camera; automatonlike swayback and master ray headlights (AHL); electronic handbrake; forepart, arse and incline parking sensors; and hands-free parking help.
  • The retractable, coloration head-up presentation communicates utilitarian info to insure a relaxed drive know: flow velocity, navigational counseling, drive aids (ADAS).

    2016 Renault Talisman Estate

    Driving pleasure courtesy of efficient powertrains

    The Renault Amulet Demesne offers the like grasp of engines as the alternative that is usable for the barroom adaptation.

    Two gasoline engines:

  • The Push TCe150 and the Get-up-and-go TCe 200, combined with seven-speed three-fold grasp EDC reflex transmittal.
  • Deuce-ace diesels:

  • The Vigour dCi 110, paired to either a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed threefold clasp EDC robotlike transmittal.
  • The Vim dCi 130, likewise useable with the six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed three-fold hold EDC transmitting.
  • The match turbo Vigor dCi 160 which drives only done six-speed two-fold batch EDC transmittal.
  • The Renault Amulet Demesne testament be usable with a prize of quadruplet dissimilar equipment levels and testament additionally be offered in the range-topping Initiale Paris trimming. It bequeath shuffle its commencement world show at the 2015 Frankfurt Drive Demonstrate and bequeath hap sale in Europe during the get-go one-half of 2016.

    2016 Renault Talisman Estate

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