2016 Renault Clio Rs 220 Trophy Edc

Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy EDC

Renaultsport birth unveiled a peculiar variant adaptation of the Clio Renaultsport at the 2015 Hollands Motive Demonstrate – the Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize EDC.

Followers in the backwash of otc Prize models such as the 2005 Clio Renaultsport 182 Prize, the Mégane Renaultsport 265 Prize and the stream Mégane Renaultsport 275 Prize the Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize has been exquisitely honed by Renaultsport’s passionate engineers to add eve cardsharp treatment, improved drive characteristics and increased operation conjugated with exclusivity and typical styling.

The Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize is due to hap sale in the summertime of 2015 and bequeath offering a routine of enhancements including increased might and torsion with Blockage & Beginning engineering and decreased CO2emissions. A tasteful EDC infection, faster steerage, a glower and stiffer figure and upgraded tyres bequeath piddle Renault’s hot crosshatch tied hotter.

2016 Renault Clio Rs 220 Trophy Edc


Thanks to revised locomotive function, the 220 Prize now has 10 per centime more might and capable an additional 40Nm of torsion. It besides benefits from a bigger turbo, an air inspiration intentional to downplay insistency losings and a revised exhaust to adapt the up-to-the-minute Euro6 catalytic convertor (and downplay dorsum insistence losings).

  • Utmost superpower has been increased to 220hp at 6,250rpm (up 20hp)
  • Uttermost torsion rises to 260Nm (a profit of 20Nm)
  • ‘Torsion Further’ have in 4th and one-fifth gears raises bill torsion to 280Nm (a gather of 40Nm)
  • Uttermost revs gain from 6,500rpm to 6,800rpm
  • Complying with Euro6 emissions standards, the car’s CO2 production improves by 6g/km to 138g/km and too drops polish a VED banding
  • 2016 Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy EDC

    Refined EDC transmission

  • Cogwheel shifts are now capable 40 per centime quicker in ‘Rule’ and ‘Mutation’ modes and 50 per centime quicker in ‘Subspecies’ manner thanks to package recalibration
  • 30 per penny diminution in wheel spank travelling for more quick changes
  • Earliest downshifts, e.g. nether big braking on rails, are permitted by optimised package standardisation and the elevated rev limitation
  • ‘Fun’ mood is now more elastic with gearstick variety patterns more responsive to flow impulsive panache
  • A Layover & Commencement scheme deeds in ‘Formula’ manner but is deactivated in ‘Mutation’ and ‘Run’ modes.
  • Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize retains the R.S. Cause organisation that allows one powertrain to bear 3 dissimilar behaviours: Pattern, Play and Backwash. R.S. Campaign too adds Found Ascendancy and the power to do multiple pile shifts instantly by holding the totter held. Wash way is amply manual just, has the quickest shifting multiplication, no ‘weirdo’ part and testament not commute up or kill without interposition.

    2016 Renault Clio Rs 220 Trophy Edc

    A lower, stiffer Trophy chassis

    The Clio is glower by 20mm at the figurehead, 10mm at the back. Firmer impact absorbers, and revised springs (40 per penny stiffer at the arse), sustain been fitted and are joined to the existent motorsport-derived hydraulic gibbousness michigan.

    2016 Renault Clio Rs 220 Trophy Edc

    Ultra-quick steering

    A new, quicker single-foot (with proportion rock-bottom from 14.5:1 to 13.2:1) makes direction eventide more exact and improbably aim – the scoop arrangement on the mart.

    2016 Renault Clio Rs 220 Trophy Edc


    The Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize EDC is fitted with high-performance Michelin Cowcatcher First-rate Sportsman 205/40R18 gumshoe.

    2016 Renault Clio Rs 220 Trophy Edc

    A sporting stance

  • Hoarfrost Flannel, a new and classifiable Renault i.d. flat consistence coloring with a glossiness lightlessness ceiling and backside freebooter, has been added to the ambit aboard Glacier Ovalbumin, Rhombus Inkiness, Flare Red and Smooth Xanthous
  • 18-inch ‘Theme’ wheels with lightlessness inserts and diamond-effect facings
  • ‘Prize’ badging on the battlefront vane, doorway mouldings and individually-numbered doorway sills
  • Equipment tailored to enthusiasts

  • Brocaded leather wheel
  • ‘Prize’ upcountry mob: Het leather sports seating with inherent nous rests, positive carbon-look air-vent surrounds, doorway handles and gearshift fundament shell. The air-vent inserts are now in satin chromium-plate kinda than anodised red.
  • Optional Renaultsport Proctor on-board telemetry scheme. Virile and fun, its many features admit a mount that gives the driver fin unlike levels of gas bicycle sensitiveness.
  • The Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize EDC is a numbered especial variation that provides measure for money in functioning footing. It is aimed at the almost demanding customers, such as track-day enthusiasts and those who treasure the with-it style of Renaultsport’s nonpareil expertness.

    The Clio Renaultsport 220 Prize EDC volition low pass sale in Europe, from June 2015, ahead organism released in 10 over-the-counter markets.

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