2016 Renault Alpine Vision Concept

Alpine Vision Concept

Alpine unveiled the Alpine Imaginativeness prove car. Marrying elegance, legerity and legitimacy, this mid-engined roadster takeoveré is in every prize a unfeigned Alpine. The Alpine Imagination heralds the stylus and operation of the road-going sports car that testament be revealed earlier the end of 2016. Manufactured in Dieppe, France, the coming example volition hap sale from 2017, initially in Europe and afterward crossways the remainder of the mankind.

2016 Renault Alpine Vision Concept

Alpine has elect the roadstead visited by the Rallye Monte-Carlo and, more specifically, the renowned and winding Col de Turini – the panorama of its almost illustrious other betting achievements – as the backcloth for its renaissance. Alpine is dorsum to carve out a open corner in the bounty sports car commercialize, bright an invigorating get to both aficionados and those who prize self-propelled knockout.

In a restoration to its roots, Alpine has elect the roadstead visited by the Rallye Monte-Carlo in the southerly French Alps to lionize its reappearance. These mountains – which gave the blade its describe – sustain course influenced the elan of the Alpine Imagination shew car. The joy of owning and impulsive an Alpine has ever caulescent from the fact that the brand makes a gunpoint of masking all the bases. The Alpine Sight is a mid-engined, runabout sports takeoveré which incorporates all of the expected hallmarks in a soundly modern-day software. Its invention hints at what drivers can look to get buns the roll of an Alpine-badged sports car:

  • The excitement and frisson of impulsive an Alpine,
  • The legerity of a whippersnapper, refined innovation that focuses firm on the essentials,
  • The genuineness of a sports car that follows in a longsighted cable of renowned Alpine models.
  • 2016 Alpine Vision Concept

    Alpine promises to heighten every role of the feel, and the extroverted road-going manakin leave preserve to deliver this assay-mark.


    The Alpine Imagination is the ultimate sports car: a high-performance, graceful, whippersnapper car consecrated to drive delight in its really purest cast.

    From its low, silken visibility, rounded cowling, similitude stave headlights and graven sides to its marked back wings that specify towards the arse to mannikin an extended quarter incorporating horizontal bum lights, this is a unfeigned Alpine in every regard. The brand’s arrowed ‘A’ badge is seeable on the presence wings and on the sides of the car, on with more pernicious references to the fabled A110 and former iconic models.

    The Alpine Imaginativeness’s pattern points to functioning and panache. Both inner and out, its forms and technologies are historied sooner than hidden.

    Its rhomb sour wheels intimate elegance and fastness, patch the mesomorphic poop integrates air intakes into the behind panels to ease locomotive chilling.

    The lengthened arse lights contain a classifiable X-shaped inflammation touch and the innovation of the bottom windowpane likewise pays testimonial to the iconic conformation made pop by the A110 backrest in its day.

    2016 Renault Alpine Vision Concept

    The lightsomeness and intent of its treatment way the Alpine Imaginativeness is peculiarly in its ingredient on wandering roadstead. This feature can too be constitute in its innovation.


    2016 Renault Alpine Vision Concept

    The designing of the Alpine Imagination stokes the trust to own and effort a car with genuine quality. Bum the rack, the preciseness, lightness and playful personality of its frame blend to farm an entirely enchanting cocktail. The fun component is vivid at all speeds.

    Such a car, naturally, moldiness be able of bounteous entire harness to its volatile operation likely and, therein deference, the Alpine Imaginativeness more lives capable expectations. Sprinting from a impasse to 100kph in less than 4.5 seconds, its phenomenal quickening is equally as telling as one power suppose and meets the objective set for the outgoing road-going modelling.

    The four-cylinder turbocharged locomotive delivers its might with an inviting whizz and, thanks to the Alpine Imaginativeness’s whippersnapper nature, every kW of vigour and Nm of torsion is consecrate to operation. This delight and functioning are backed up by hefty brakes.

    The Alpine Imaginativeness appearance car fosters a ending, rewarding kinship betwixt the driver, his or her car and the surroundings. It is the calculate and acute nature of this three-party kinship that produces the delight that has foresightful been associated with drive Alpines.

    2016 Renault Alpine Vision Concept


    Whilst amytal is the coloration well-nigh traditionally associated with Alpine, ovalbumin has likewise pronounced many polar moments in its chronicle.

    A figure of watershed Alpines let featured whiten liveries. Of especial tone were the supposed ‘Olympic’ A110 Berlinettes that sported either a dark or red stripes on their ovalbumin bodywork. This modelling went on sale in 1968, celebrating the trey golden medals won by French downward-sloping skier Jean-Claude Killy therein twelvemonth’s Wintertime Olympics in Grenoble, France. Thither was besides the A110 1300G unveiled at the 1970 Paris Motive Prove and, in motorsport, the N°4 A110 1600S that won Italy’s Rallye Sanremo in 1971. Aromatic of dateless snow-capped mountains and Alpine peaks, tweed is now the pick of semblance for the Alpine Imaginativeness appearance car. It is a symbolization of sinlessness, gracefulness, elegance and renaissance.


    From the bit the threshold is open, the tint is set as the al doorway sill – incised with the epithet of the prove car’s designers – invites the driver to stair into a unequalled initiation.

    Contrasts of materials and colors are prevailing inner the cabin. Deliberate particularisation is juxtaposed with elements that look to be in their raw commonwealth. Optic impressions are attended by tactual emotions. The correspondence betwixt modernness and inheritance is plain.

    In employing a combine of leather, microfibre fabrics, al and c, the cabin exudes a contemporaneous flavour. In a hi-tech surround, features haggard from the humanity of motorsport sit seamlessly aboard others that hark to a gone era. As a precedent, the backlit threshold porta mastery contrasts with the damasked nigrify leather threshold impanel clipping, which is highlighted by albumen topstitching. Likewise, the bucket-style seating incorporated motorsport-inspired rule belts conjugated with aluminum holdfast buckles. Their quilted leather upholstery combines with a microfibre textile that is both sensuous and proficient.

    Before of the driver is an panel composed of a customisable TFT (Cut Pic Transistor) showing underneath a c bonnet. The two pedals and aluminum ottoman have a three-triangle practice symbolizing Alpine peaks. The three-spoke wheel, besides in aluminum, has a midst rim cut in topstitched blacken leather. Framed by gear-shift paddles, it houses a tantalizing ‘Fun’ clitoris. The chief switches are enhanced by Alpine Disconsolate backlighting that besides illuminates the inwardness of the air vents.

    The core cabinet rests upon a large, leather-trimmed al construction. Winning cues from an aircraft cockpit, it appears to be vagrant indoors the cabin. It houses a multimedia touch-screen tab topped by a broadsheet stopwatch.

    The Beginning clitoris – approachable aft removing a pin – is inside tantalizing orbit, retention the hope of an impendent centripetal detonation.


    The floor of Alpine dates dorsum to the imaginativeness of its flop, Denim Rédélé. It is a history of motorsport achiever, technological inventiveness, stylus and byplay insightfulness. By the like tokenish, it is a chronicle of encounters and divided experiences. It is an larger-than-life story that lately historied its Sixtieth anniversary.

    Afterwards claiming a hanker lean of victories arse the cycle of his limited Renault 4CV, Denim Rédélé really quick recognized the chance to make his own self-propelling stigma. He saw that thither was way in the mart for an innovatively-designed car, with free-enterprise but mainstream mechanicals housed underneath an attractive, whippersnapper soundbox. This is the like proficient ethos that guided the excogitation of the A106 and the initiation of Alpine in 1955.

    The secondment rationale highly-developed by Denim Rédélé was a commercial-grade one, as he acutely added an outside property to his operations by transferring manufacture licences afield.

    Betwixt 1955 and 1995, Alpine produced and sold 30,000 sports cars. Although it has been commercially missing in the 20 eld since, it has remained participating. The activities undertaken by its aficionados, the ebullience of its supporters’ clubs and the involvement of privately-entered drivers in a all-inclusive form of motorsport events attest to the brand’s long-suffering appealingness. All of them suffer unbroken the Alpine fire burn and fostered the apparently unimaginable ambition of an eventual homecoming – a regaining that is now rattling substantial.


    At the end of 2012, Groupe Renault proclaimed its purpose to relaunch Alpine, with the ultimate stargaze of sightedness new Alpine models one day fancy the route – a ambition that is now about organism accomplished. The import has arrived to sustain the impression that this fabled brand is again subject of cutting out a alone and imperishable billet in the marketplace.

    Tercet eld on, the Alpine squad is fix, with a tangible sight in footing of self-propelling styling, values, a occupation exemplar and outside ambitions. Alpine is rear with the Alpine Sight, a shew car that heralds its upcoming road-going sports car, 80% of which volition muse the conception’s cues. This modeling bequeath be unveiled earlier the end of 2016, anterior to pickings on the ambitious agiotage sports car marketplace in 2017.

    2016 Renault Alpine Vision Concept

    50% growth forecast by 2020 in the premium sports car market

    The bounty sports car section (sports putschés and roadsters) presently represents roughly 200,000 vehicles p.a. globally. These cars – whose main role is drive delight – jump for their operation, their personality and the prestigiousness associated with their various badges. They gaming a meaning persona in enhancing a maker’s icon and profitableness. They gain from the almost with-it self-propelling expertness to gratify exigent customers who necessitate the topper.

    Geographically, Northerly America accounts for most 40% of bounty sports takeoveré and two-seater sales, with a advance 35% in Europe, 15% in Asia and the left 10% passim the residue of the reality. In Europe, 30% of customers subsist in Germany, 30% in the Joined Realm and 7% in France. Meantime, the highest proportionality of sports cars in recounting to aggregate mart sizing can be constitute in countries ilk Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.

    Forecasts propose this marketplace has the likely to dilate by some 50% by Xx, foremost because it is a supply-driven mart that is raw to variety and new arrivals – fifty-fifty in the virtually suppurate markets – and second because necessitate is set to increment in the bulk of rising markets. For the preceding 10 age around, exact has led apiece brand to absorb a increasingly exact grocery billet.

    The Alpine alternative

    Therein grocery, models produced by specialiser brands vie for sales with loudness maker rivals. Alpine is aiming to carve its own particular recess by providing option solutions to the two key criteria upon which the commercialize depends: execution and personality.

    Alpine has careworn upon the values, the dim-witted ism and the advanced expectation espoused by its airy beginner – in plus to its motorsport-honed DNA.

  • Technically: weight-saving and nimbleness are precious terminated virginal ability.
  • Visually: in summation to jactitation substantial functioning, the cars mustiness likewise be beautiful. Elegance, cleverness and eve replete all portmanteau unitedly to create a formidably powerful cocktail.
  • On a busyness story: exhibit religion in hum gift is overriding. Alpine is a kinfolk in which associates, engineers, drivers and mechanism all categorically plowshare their cognition and expertness to reach results that systematically surmount expectations.
  • On a clean stratum: in a ‘David vs. Giant’ scenario, the hope to bill itself against the real scoop in the patronage is a thrust for Alpine.
  • Commercially: Alpine has e’er delineate France in its outside endeavours, near notably in its motor- variation and industrial successes. Rectify from its earlier years, it has been eagre to ‘recollect big’ and dilate on a world exfoliation, whilst simultaneously maintaining a end and calculate kinship with its customers.
  • These like values tod prompt the new Alpine squad workings on the developing of the approaching route car. This offset new Alpine comes with various key ambitions, from merging the expectations of the aficionados and those who apprize self-propelled peach who are awaiting its arriver, to cutting out a corner in a ambitious commercialise section with its own flair and gaining grip crosswise the phoebe continents.


    To repair Alpine, make its beginning iconic manakin and phrase a contrive for outside achiever, Groupe Renault has brought the selfsame outdo of its expertness to the postpone. Attached for a bit of months now to this exciting new gamble, Alpine operates care a various, main establishment, whilst simultaneously organism capable to swear upon the wide durability of Groupe Renault’s incarnate functions.

    In the like way, Alpine course has accession to Groupe Renault’s bod, locomotive and growth know-how. The noesis of Renault Fun’s technological ‘wizards’ and its teams who are development the modish Normal 1 car is put to use in the conception of unfeigned Alpine models, as are all of Groupe Renault’s supporting departments.

    Ultimately, in a counter to Alpine’s roots, output of its new route car bequeath be entrusted to the modernized Dieppe mill. Portion as a bespoken shop, this Normandy imbed testament too be able-bodied to reckon upon a web of suppliers designedly selected for their hi-tech or bounty sphere cognition and expertness.

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