2016 Peugeot Partner

Peugeot Partner

In 1996, Peugeot revolutionised the diminished van section with the Peugeot Pardner and its pilot one-box trunk fashion, all intentional to adjoin the ontogenesis necessitate from patronage users for efficiency and validity.

2016 Peugeot Partner

A endorsement, so a 3rd multiplication Peugeot Mate continued to produce the definition of a pocket-size van, with its commodiousness, solace and modularity unexpended the consultation in the section.

In a section with 3 more offers, the oecumenical yearly sales bulk of this 3rd coevals of the Peugeot Collaborator are chronic to turn. It had near two-fold in 2014 compared to the beginning entire class on sale in 2009. During the like point, its commercialise portion external Europe grew by more 15 %, reach 20%.

The reasons for a line exploiter choosing a Peugeot Spouse are, first their have with the steel and its principal mesh so the aspects of utility-grade, dependableness and toll.

To fulfil the inevitably of concern users and heighten their operable power, the Peugeot Spouse adds to its benchmark usefulness and dynamical qualities: modernism, lustiness and increased efficiency, likewise as lour working costs.

2016 Peugeot Partner

In its styling, otherwise the new forepart, the headlamps with their redesigned scheme devote the Pardner a mod expression that is unlike from the Cooperator Teepee, thanks to the particular manipulation of the internal of the headlamps.

A wide range of engines with fuel consumption figures among the lowest in the market

The new Peugeot Pardner has all-encompassing reach of modish contemporaries engines that fill the Euro 6 emissions stock.

2016 Peugeot Partner

In tally, six VTi gasolene and BlueHDi Diesel engines are uncommitted at establish, delivering from 75 to 120 hp. They fulfill the variable necessarily of concern users, patch having fire usance and CO2 emissions that are 15 % lour on intermediate than the engines replaced:

  • 1.6 liter VTi 98 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 147 g/km, preservation 17 g ;
  • 1.6 liter BlueHDi 75 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 110 g/km, deliverance 21 g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 100 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 110 g/km, rescue 22 g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 100 hp S&S, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 108 g/km, rescue 12g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 100 hp S&S ETG6, 6-speed electronic with CO2 emissions from106 g/km, redeeming 12 g ;
  • 1.6 liter BlueHDi 120 hp S&S, 6-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 112g/km, redemptive 22 g.
  • The 1.6 liter BlueHDi 100 S&S adaptation has immortalize CO2 emanation in the section from 109 g/km, with both manual and electronic gearbox.

    The BlueHDi engines whirl optimal drive use due to their improved torsion and mightiness figures, jointly the acceptation of a 6-speed manual gearbox on the BlueHDi 120 adaptation.

    Aligned with the service separation for the fomite, the AdBlue linear is topped up straight future to the fire makeweight dither, so this process is made light for concern users that back more 12, 500 miles (20, 000 km) a yr.

    This orbit is rounded off with the Spouse Galvanizing rendering with 0g/km of CO2, patch delivering 67 hp and having a scope of 105 miles (170 km). Its galvanising driving geartrain and bombardment now hold an 8-year or 60,000 miles (100, 000 km) warrant.

    The 1.6 HDi 75 and 1.6 HDi 90 Euro 5 engines testament retain to be uncommitted until June 2016.

    The best safety and driving assistance systems

    To insure refuge, rest impulsive and maintain the fomite o’er clip, the new Peugeot Cooperator offers a wide-cut grasp of advanced and technical impulsive and guard systems.

    In gain to the received refuge equipment such as ABS, exigency braking assist, ESP with grip command, Mound Starting Help and Mastermind under-inflation sensing victimisation a insistence detector fitted to apiece bike, the new Peugeot Pardner offers Dynamic Metropolis Bracken (automatonlike urban braking when thither is a hazard of hit uncommitted as an pick from cut floor 1 from November 2015).

    Besides as allowing an fortuity to be avoided or the distressfulness of an impingement to be decreased, this arrangement besides has a incontrovertible essence on the indemnity aggroup valuation, and so track costs, a key component for byplay users.

    Sail command and upper clipper are now touchstone from trimming floor 2. A set clipper part too makes it potential to set 4 confine speeds as coveted by the client.

    In improver to the backside parking sensors already received on cut layer 3, the new Peugeot Pardner offers figurehead parking sensors and a reversing camera, useable as options. Manoeuvres are thusly made easier and the fomite punter saved.

    Grasp Mastery is a scheme that provides enhanced grip; it corpse a address in the section and allows the fomite to retain to pee advance on roadstead or tracks with piteous clutch.

    Mobile office: functional and connected

    2016 Peugeot Partner

    The Peugeot Pardner offers a drivers cab dead altered to byplay use.

    The grandiloquent impulsive spot gives optimal sight and ergonomic instruments and controls with a wheel adjustable for acme and orbit – rarified in the segment- and the gearstick set on the splashboard. In accession, the 3rd center rider ass at the breast benefits from a convention story of legroom, unequaled in the section, with the ETG6 gearbox and its circle controller thickening on the fascia rather of a shifter.

    Some 60 litres of memory distance is uncommitted in the cabin for the use of passengers and the driver. The unsympathetic place ahead of the wheel and the secretary on the cover of the foldaway back of the fundamental buns are especially utilitarian for byplay users.

    The new Peugeot Pardner is machine-accessible to its metre, but besides to the activities of byplay users, themselves progressively affiliated.

    It includes the outdo of fomite connectivity to fulfil the ask for these new uses:

  • The new telematic arrangement jointly a dead unified gravid 7″ colouring touchscreen, fitted as measure on trimming story 3 and an pick on reduce stratum 2, with Bluetooth, USB larboard, adjunct jackass socket, part realization and the MirrorScreen purpose with compatible smartphones;
  • Sailing, usable as an pick, displays fastness limits and dealings info with function for Europe.

    On the new Mate, Peugeot likewise offers a attached root to optimize the direction of a society’s pass: Peugeot Colligate Evanesce Direction.

    This overhaul propose is based on the 5 preoccupations of flutter managers: increasing productiveness, up servicing timber, up operative weather, qualification the virtually of travel stave and reduction the boilersuit linear price of the vehicles. 3 serve packs are offered:

  • Gang 1 Swift direction : milage covered, fire expenditure, balance fire orbit, CO2 emissions, mechanical alerts and machine-controlled trailing of care operations, trailing the hours of use and of drive ;
  • Camp 2 Flutter direction + Eco-driving : Ingroup 1 + eco-driving and advice individualised by driver to cut fire use;
  • Ring 3 Evanesce direction + Eco-driving + Geo-location : Coterie 2 + optimization of journeys, fix in actual clock, research for a fomite approximately a spot of pastime, timed trailing and presentation of routes interpreted
  • Benchmark load carrying and flexibility

    To fulfill the differing inevitably of occupation users, the Peugeot Cooperator offers a full stove of consistence styles, the alternative betwixt : 2 lengths L1 at 4.38 m and L2 at 4,63 m, a crowd cab adaptation with a fold workbench backside in row and a deck cab for trunk converters.

    The Peugeot Pardner is characterised by its modularity and freight capacitance, for which it is a benchmark in its class.

    2016 Peugeot Partner

    Uncommitted in two lengths, it offers freight volumes that are among the about generous in the section.

    Its loading loudness attains 3.3 m3 for an L1 with a cargo distance of 1.80 m and 3.7 m3 for an L2 with a freight duration of 2.05 m. This payload capability rises to 3.7 m3 for an L1 and a loading distance of 3 m and to 4.1 m3 for an L2 with a freight distance of 3.25 m due to the Multiflex ass (description downstairs).

    2016 Peugeot Partner

    With its benchmark freight breadth of 1.62 m and 1.23 m betwixt bicycle arches, the Peugeot Pardner is subject of accommodative 2 Euro pallets (1.2 m x 0.80 m) in its brusque L1 adaptation. Its asymmetrical side-hinged ass doors with 180° hatchway pee freight peculiarly loose.

    Its load varies from 625 to 890 kg as an pick on L1, and is capable 750 kg on L2, among the better in the class.

    With its Multiflex bum, the new Peugeot Pardner retains the single modularity which has been a characteristic of the fomite since its plunge. This equipment, alone in the little van section, copied but ne’er equalled, allows:

  • 3 multitude to be sitting at the figurehead. This hard-nosed boast is greatly comprehended by byplay users, allowing them to expect employees and their tools from one job to another, safekeeping journeys to a minimal ;
  • A matted storey to be obtained, with a consignment book capable 400 litres and a payload distance greater than 1.20 m, patch quieten retaining the power to expect 2 citizenry, thanks to the fold outer rider bum ;
  • Improbable lashings to be transported thanks to the outer rider ass soften which can too be upraised onto the back ;
  • A nomadic berth part due to the secretaire included into the rachis of the cardinal ass back ;
  • Extra consignment place, lockable with a padlock.
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