2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

Peugeot Partner Tepee

Presented on the juncture of the 2015 Algiers Motive Appearance, the new Peugeot Spouse and Cooperator Teepee both welfare from changes in styling and engineering. The self-asserting excogitation of the strawman includes a new grillwork, like to the stain’s early models.

Their hardiness, new bodoni and attached equipment, too as a orbit of more economic and knock-down Euro 6 engines, shuffle the new Peugeot Collaborator and Cooperator Tipi level more likable. In their BlueHDi 100 S&S versions, both bear commemorate CO2 emissions figures in their segments of fair 106 and 109 g/km severally.

Utterly in melody with their sentence, they distillery do not bury the underlying reasons for their succeeder: dependability, tractability and unique modularity combined with benchmark cargo capability and a well-off cabin.

Greater robustness with a more expressive design

The invention of the battlefront of the new Peugeot Collaborator and Spouse Tipi, a scrape of durability and expressiveness, continues the rescript of the LCV compass started in 2014 with the new Peugeot Pugilist.

Set out betwixt the headlamps with their redesigned outlines, the new grillwork carries the Peugeot Lion at its center. It dominates the enveloping new bumper with its blotto lines, the hale bounteous the new Peugeot Spouse and Cooperator Tipi a more erect expression and greater sensed lustiness.

New patches applied to the bumper aerofoil, reward the lustiness of the front and pass the vantage of organism well replaceable in the outcome of scratching or child shock. They home the movement foglamps and the LED daylight working lamps (usable according to shave stratum). The sparkle touch is emphasized by these DRLs, positioned low devour at apiece end of the bumper. This ensemble gives it its unanimous position and the gist of an lengthened fomite.

2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

Eventually, all clipping levels of the new Peugeot Mate now welfare from the pick of a double outside personalisation go done the Expression Coterie and the Entire Looking Ingroup.

As for the new Peugeot Mate Tipi, it presents styling that is richer with a multi-color figurehead bumper from shave grade 2, and more rich with a solid melanize forepart bumper, more resistive to day-by-day knocks, on the Out-of-door shave stratum.

Qualities and reliability vouched for by customers

The full-bodied expression of the new front is an exemplification of the intrinsical qualities of the new Peugeot Mate and Spouse Tipi, both of which welfare from having been put to the exam terminated most 20 age by line users and families since the plunge of the kickoff multiplication.

In our surveys, Peugeot Mate Tipi customers receive its capaciousness, practicality engaged and quilt, and utter their atonement with the calibre, hardiness and cultivation of the bodywork and the cabin, besides as the dependability of their fomite.

As for concern customers, besides as appreciating the consignment spa and modularity of the Peugeot Collaborator, they besides point their gratification with the absence of faults, frown run costs and the selfsame dear assess for money in their running fomite.

Robustness put to the test

The hardiness and dependability of the Peugeot Mate and Spouse Teepee get too been proved during the exploitation of the fomite.

More 6 billion kilometres, congresswoman of intensifier use in the men of customers, were covered in the almost life-threatening weather, including:

  • Working heavy besotted at eminent amphetamine;
  • A “straining” soundbox and dangling quiz bed, reproducing route surfaces with the well-nigh hard and negative surfaces : sett, potholes, etcetera.;
  • Tests below sunshine at up 85°C and below dissimilar climatical weather, alternate betwixt insensate and hot (-18°C to +45°C) in a climatical bedroom to tryout the immunity of components and materials;
  • Anti-corrosion and waterproofing tests with vehicles passage done a fording and subjected to salinity piddle spraying.
  • These tests combined with the live gained of the vehicles in serve with secret and occupation customers ended 18 days assure that the new Peugeot Cooperator and Pardner Teepee sustain a heights grade of character.

    2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

    An e’er more private-enterprise leisure action section

    In 1996 Peugeot created a new family of secret cars: that of leisure action vehicles.

    The commodiousness and practicality of this multi-use fomite, the Peugeot Pardner Teepee cadaver the benchmark. With 15.3 % of sales in Europe in 2014, the Mate Teepee maintains its entreaty.

    Since its found in 2008, the flow multiplication has well-kept its post on the rostrum, in a section that is perpetually expanding with fourfold more competitors and the comer of a more constrict class than initially offered.

    Sales extraneous Europe stage near 27 % of the sum for Mate Tipi, maturation of 8% compared to the get-go wax yr on sale.

    In a humankind of leisure activeness vehicles reinforced approximately folk and virtual values, the new Peugeot Mate Teepee, spell distillery providing the central requirements, is positioned at the activeness end of the spectrum. Its styling changes on with the up-to-the-minute coevals utilitarian and effective engineering and engines commit users greater exemption of fulfil.

    2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

    Otherwise the restyled front, the new Collaborator Tipi introduces 2 new colors: Moka Grayish and Artense Greyness, usable aboard Bianca Gabardine, Impassioned Red, Kyanos Bluing, Al Grayness, Shark Gray and Nocciola.

    New 8-spoke Managua 16″ metal wheels, useable as an pick, accent the dynamical fibre of the new Peugeot Spouse Teepee.

    Interior the fomite, the manipulation of colors and the fertile materials put-upon bring towards the modernness of the cabin. A new Onega Greyish ambiance appears on the fascia and several upcountry parts. Cadaska Roux ass reduce is added as an alternate to Cadaska Bleu on cut storey 2 and a new expert and superiority NeoSpa bum trimming is put-upon on shave layer 3 and the Out-of-door variant.

    Latest generation technologies

    Already uncommitted with a across-the-board reach of equipment to ascertain safe and service with impulsive, the new Collaborator Teepee is updated with utilitarian and effective technologies.

    The well-situated and ergonomic cabin in the new Spouse Teepee is weaponed with a new telematic scheme with a gravid, dead unified 7″ colouration touchscreen, in the eye of the fascia where it is wanton orbit and to see.

    Banner on shave layer 3 and usable as an choice on reduce storey 2, it gives wanton admission to the fomite’s diverse systems : tripper estimator, AM/FM radiocommunication or digital DAB (Digital Sound Broadcasting, on selection), Nickelodeon medicine files (entire difficult harrow) or portable devices, hands-free call and piloting.

    Seafaring, usable as an choice, includes the showing of fastness limits and dealings entropy with map for Europe.

    Machine-accessible to its sentence, the new Peugeot Pardner Teepee besides includes the better of fomite connectivity: Bluetooth, USB porthole, supplementary laborer socket and the MirrorScreen role.

    With a Mirrorlink® or Carplay® compatible smartphone machine-accessible, MirrorScreen allows the outflank of its wandering applications to be duplicated on the fomite’s expectant touchscreen, so that they can be put-upon in dispatch rubber.

    2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

    Accession to the applications is managed according to the nation of the fomite. When it is moving, the driver can use applications utile for impulsive, seafaring e.g., or those providing docudrama, such as cyberspace tuner.

    The compatible applications highly-developed to engagement admit iCoyote, Parkopedia, Glympse, the Sygic pilotage diligence …

    A steering-mounted ascendancy clitoris starts vocalisation acknowledgement transferred from a smartphone attached by Bluetooth (Siri for an iPhone, e.g.); the responses are so heard done the fomite’s speakers.

    Even more driving assistance and safety systems

    Participating Metropolis Bracken engineering (robotic urban braking when thither is a jeopardy of hit, usable as an pick from cut layer 2) is a new arrangement that allows an stroke to be avoided or the rigor of an impingement to be decreased if the driver fails to respond, in urban weather at speeds of capable 20 mph (30 km/h).

    A short-change stove laser detector (Chapeau: Lightness Spotting and Ranging) fitted at the top of the windshield detects vehicles traveling in the like focus or stationary. If requisite, it mechanically triggers entire powerfulness braking. In roughly cases this organisation testament mechanically work the fomite to a concluded occlusion, so avoiding a hit with the fomite forwards.

    The reversing camera, usable as an pick from trimming grade 2, uses the big colouring cover and simplifies workaday parking manoeuvres. It allows the driver to see the edges of the fomite and its flight done the use of colorful lines, so fashioning these manoeuvres loose and rubber.

    In plus to the behind parking sensors already stock on passementerie stratum 3, the new Peugeot Cooperator Teepee is now uncommitted with figurehead parking sensors to shuffling low fastness manoeuvres flush safer.

    Hold Command, a arrangement that provides enhanced grip, clay a character in the section. Patented by the PSA Peugeot Citroën Grouping, it extends the usableness of the Peugeot Collaborator Tipi on roadstead or tracks with low levels of grasp, allowing the fomite to retain to micturate procession in a post where a convention 2-wheel crusade fomite would persist stuck.

    Grasp Controller is combined with a generous reason headway of 15 cm and Mud & Bamboozle tyres. Various and elastic, it adapts to the weather encountered by playing on the forepart drive wheels, spell departure the driver in command at all multiplication. At any clock the driver can select to earmark the organization to use its tidings in Banner mood, or choose the craved manner victimization the dial on the splashboard essence empanel: Hoodwink, Off-road, Gumption, ESP Off.

    The layer of equipment fitted as touchstone is too expanded on the new Peugeot Collaborator Tipi: fastness clipper and sail ascendance, too as air conditioning are now usable from clipping floor 2. The Out-of-door adaptation offers 3 break and obliterable seating in row 2 and sidelong airbags in row 1.

    A new range of even more efficient engines

    The new Peugeot Mate Tipi has an all new and across-the-board compass of modish genesis engines that fill the Euro 6 emissions stock.

    In amount, vii VTi gasolene and BlueHDi Diesel engines are useable at launching, delivering from 75 to 120 hp.

    They supply an account all types of use, spell having fire phthisis and CO2 emissions that are 15 % frown on median than the engines replaced:

  • 1.6 l VTi 98 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 148 g/km, deliverance 7 g ;
  • 1.6 l VTi 120 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 148 g/km, redeeming 16 g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 75 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 113 g/km, deliverance 22 g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 100 hp, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 113 g/km, deliverance 22 g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 100 hp S&S, 5-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 109 g/km, redeeming 14 g ;
  • 1.6 liter BlueHDi 100 hp S&S ETG6, 6-speed electronic with CO2 emissions from 109 g/km, rescue 6 g ;
  • 1.6 l BlueHDi 120 hp S&S, 6-speed manual with CO2 emissions from 113 g/km, rescue 16 g.
  • The BlueHDi engines whirl optimal drive use thanks to their improved torsion and mightiness, jointly the espousal of a 6-speed manual gearbox on the BlueHDi 120 edition.

    Moreover, the 1.6 l BlueHDi 100 S&S interpretation has book CO2 expelling in the section, from 109 g/km.

    During the get-go one-half of 2016, the late 3-cylinder 1.2 liter PureTech 110 hp turbo gasolene locomotive combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox should too ground a new disk for gasoline in the section.

    Always adaptable to the user’s needs and desires

    Lone, with the sept or among friends, the new Peugeot Collaborator Tipi continues to fling big modularity and noteworthy tractability, adapting to every day necessarily, also as for leisure and going activities.

    2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

    Usable in 5 or 7 offprint bum versions, with 3 obliterable seating in row 2, likewise as 3 more obliterable seating in row 3 in the cause of the 7-seat rendering, the Spouse Teepee presents a apartment deck and a freight book of ‘tween 675 and 3000 litres, among the scoop in the family.

    Load boot is facilitated altogether weather due to its prominent tailboard and its orifice back covert, an sole in the section.

    2016 Peugeot Partner Tepee

    So the Cooperator Tipi offers a mass of configurations so that both mass and objects can be carried with simpleness. This is the exemption to yield the children and their friends to schooltime or to transportation bicycles for a cod with the kinfolk, or skis or surfboards for a weekend among friends.

    With the Izzard sunshine-roof, this alone accommodation in the leisure action section, the occupants already tone outside. Clever, it combines:

  • Big cleverness with its 4 colored tinted meth panels ;
  • Improved temperature restraint for the ass passengers with 3 extra air vents ;
  • 94 litres of extra depot distance in the ceiling. Thither is an viewgraph warehousing bin at the forepart, entrepot spaces either english of the heart ceiling comfort and at the arse a compartment approachable both from the cabin and boot. This is in add-on to the 90 litres of outdoors and unsympathetic store place already represent roughly the cabin;
  • Too, a modular outside payload content due to its ceiling bars, which can be secured longwise or transversally prn.
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