2016 Nissan Titan Xd

Nissan Titan XD

The 2016 Nissan Giant XD, which made its humans unveiling at the 2015 Northerly American Outside Car Shew in Detroit, is set to vex the extremely militant lifesize getaway section when it goes on sale in the Joined States and Canada commencement in belatedly 2015 – with a bluff all-new conception that stake out a unparalleled place in the section ‘tween traditional heavy-duty and light-duty entries.

Called the “XD,” it offers the casual towing and truckage of the bigger, more expensive heavy-duty trucks – including an useable uttermost towing content of more 12,000 pounds and uttermost shipment capacitance of 2,000 pounds (when right equipt) – yet has the fuel-efficiency and affordability of a half-ton cartridge.

The new Giant XD Bunch Cab, which was shown in Detroit with its hefty Cummins® 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel, is the outset of tercet cab configurations, two build sizes, trey powertrain offerings and 5 gradation levels to be useable in the entire Heavyweight card.

2016 Nissan Titan Xd

“The life-size motortruck grocery is the toughest commercialise to cracking in the intact manufacture, with so many undischarged products usable,” aforementioned Fred Diaz, fourth-year v.p., Nissan Sales & Selling and Operations U.S., Nissan Northward America, Inc. “This new Nissan Behemoth XD is intentional to whirl buyers something the others don’t – compounding prominent towing and truckage capabilities and special towing and trucking fire saving. It too offers first-class rag ease and manipulation, and the features and comforts that existent workings motortruck owners wishing.”

2016 Nissan Titan XD

The all-new Behemoth XD, same the first-generation Behemoth, was highly-developed with inwardness Nissan provision, pattern, technology and fabrication teams conducive from Tennessee, California, Michigan, Arizona and Mississippi. The Colossus XD’s locomotive volition be sourced from Cummins Inc. in Indiana. And, the lead-in architect and well-nigh four-dozen engineers too worked on the pilot 2004 Behemoth maturation.

Built from the Work Job Up with Commercial Strength

Piece the pilot Nissan Behemoth is known for its consumer-focused innovations such as the Lawless bottom doors, bedside entrepot compartment, mill spray-on bedliner and Utili-track&sell; Bed Channelize Scheme, the next-generation starts with a center commercial-grade forcefulness components – from the radiator to the backside axle and everything in ‘tween.

“Giant XD is a motortruck that unambiguously utilizes both engineering and forcefulness to add sureness to the windup of routine workplace tasks,” aforesaid Diaz. “One-half of all lifesize motortruck owners tow more 10 multiplication a class, with a stern of owners exploitation them to drag tools, so we engineered Heavyweight XD’s stamina from the primer up.”

Nissan Behemoth XD models apply a alone skeleton and bod to cover its Cummins diesel and its expanded towing and freight possible. Start with a long-lived, proved flesh pattern from Nissan Commercial-grade Vehicles, the new amply boxed-in, uncut ravel bod is extensively built and reinforced for use with the Giant XD with added rigourousness, erect and sidelong bend, and torsional inflexibility. It too features an elongated 151.6-inch wheelbase – approximately 20 inches yearner than non-XD Heavyweight models.

To maximise constancy, manipulation and bait ease, Colossus XD uses a new heavy-duty, extremely unchanging hiatus pattern. The double-wishbone with stabiliser bar presence reprieve is built and tuned for backbreaking use and the set behind axle reprieve utilizes sizable riffle springs and folio bushings, on with twin-tube daze absorbers. The axle is a gravid purpose-made American Axle Fabrication conception. The backside derivative measures 13.0 inches with 3.5-inch axle tubes, piece the presence derivative (4×4 models) measures 9.25 inches. Too useable is an Electronic Lockup Back Derivative.

Hydraulic cab-mounts assistant sequester the occupants from the advance Colossus XD build. The new Colossus XD rides on 17-inch, 18-inch or 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with LT245/75R17, LT275/65R18 or LT265/60R20 tires for substantial all-weather/all airfoil grip.

Braking is provided by a 4-wheel disk scheme with 14.2 x 1.5-inch forepart/14.4 x 1.2-inch back ventilated discs presence and backside with hydraulic ability assistance. The highschool bracken unstable insistency generated by an galvanizing heart assists bracken cycle forcefulness for a surefooted feeling. The arrangement is intentional to furnish improved stochasticity and shake command (versus the late multiplication Colossus).

Reactive direction is provided by a recirculating ball-type high-capacity direction organisation with latitude rod guidance linkage to optimise guidance exploit characteristics, evening nether large axle weightiness and towing weather.

Eve the radiator’s rut radioactivity chilling capability has been increased more 25 pct (versus the premature Behemoth) to service raise operation and adjoin SAE J2807 deference. Colossus XD locomotive content meets 12,000-pound tow requirements done use of the expectant radiator, air transmitting tank and gravid 23.6-inch locomotive chilling fan diam.

Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel – Power, Durability and MPG

“A new stratum of motortruck too demands a new grade of locomotive. Ilk the Colossus XD itself, the new Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel fills the spa betwixt more expensive big aegir diesels and less subject littler translation diesels,” aforementioned Diaz. “And more barely mightiness and torsion, this locomotive is svelte, starts quick and is antiphonal and lull. It’s besides whippersnapper and offers unobjectionable emissions.”

The Heavyweight XD Cummins diesel is the offset commercial-grade lotion of the new Cummins M2 two-stage turbo organization, which helps thin traditional turbo-lag done preciseness reconciliation ‘tween hard-hitting and low-pressure turbos. The patented Circular Turbine Command provides firm operation crosswise the powerband and manages discharge gas temperatures.

The new locomotive too features a Bosch® HPCR fire organization to return exact fire ascendance and multiple injections per burning stroking, which helps growth efficiency and slim traditional “diesel brattle.” And, the ripe, maintenance-free Bosch® ceramic gleam plugs cater spry locomotive starts, eve in extremum low temperatures.

Another key reward of the new Cummins diesel innovation is that it provides utmost strength and index in a jackanapes packet. Weighting was rock-bottom by construction the block out of compacted plumbago press (CGI), which is stronger and igniter than traditional cast-iron.

Early whippersnapper locomotive components were added, including high-strength aluminum-alloy heads and complex valve covers. The CGI closure, on with the two-fold viewgraph camshafts, too contributes to the locomotive’s fantabulous stochasticity, vibe and rigour (NVH) characteristics. The new Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel exhaust has a particulate dribble and selective catalytic simplification that enable the locomotive to run cleanser. That engineering too serves a arcsecond determination – reduction distinctive diesel racket.

As a solvent of all these forward-looking systems, the new Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel is more open than minor supplanting diesel offerings and less expensive than big bore-hole heavy-duty diesels.

It is likewise intentional to be fun to thrust, with almost 45 percentage more torsion at cruising amphetamine than similar-sized gasolene V8 engines. And, its low revving powerband requires less downshifting and provides more assurance piece towing, likewise as rescue fire whether towing or carrying gravid piles.

“Since the bulk of life-sized getaway owners cause more 10,000 miles a yr, fire saving is too vital. Heavyweight XD’s Cummins diesel is expected to supply a sticking 20 pct punter fire saving than a gasoline-powered V8 patch towing full-of-the-moon heaps,” aforementioned Diaz. Real milage figures are not yet usable.

Serving handgrip the exponent and torsion of the locomotive is a heavy-duty 6-speed Aisin reflex transmittal highly-developed and tuned only for the Giant XD.

Colossus bequeath besides be offered with V8 and V6 gasolene engines. Details on those engines volition be proclaimed at a posterior see.

Perdurable off-road execution has besides been emphatic, with features such as Mound Origin Controller, Mound Startle Help and Bracken Limited-Slip Derivative (BLSD). A new off-road caliber uses accelerometer information to forecast the fomite’s pitching and paradiddle angles.

Towing and Hauling – Informed and In Control

Heavyweight XD has a utmost lading of more 2,000 pounds (when decently furnished) and a uttermost towing paygrade of more 12,000 pounds (when right furnished). It is too blow plow-capable.

Among the name of new uncommitted towing aids are an Incorporated Dawdler Bracken Accountant, Dawdler Carry Ascendance (TSC), Tow/Catch Modality with Downward-sloping Fastness Mastery and a Poke Igniter Baulk organization that allows one-man hook-up process – checking bit signals, bracken lights and run/headway lights from inner the Colossus cab.

Too assisting poke hook-ups is the Heavyweight XD’s useable RearView Reminder with Lagger Guides, spell the usable Roughly Scene® Admonisher (AVM) provides a unparalleled “birdie’s eye” scene of the circumferent country from presence, backside and position cameras to assistance with parking and pull in and out of cockeyed spaces. The organisation besides includes Moving Target Spying (MOD), which helps the driver to find moving objects such as vehicles, shopping carts or over-the-counter prominent objects when support out via an on-screen telling and monition gong.

Portion Giant XD owners trespass of its plentiful towing might are a ambit of useable hitches – including an unified gooseneck incumbrance engineered into the bod and easy approachable in the bed. Gooseneck hitches put the lading before of the ass axle, enhancing the power to mastery the fomite.

“In former trials held in sweltry Arizona – the laboratory for the new SAE J2807 towing standard- we put more phoebe dozens in a gooseneck drone and the Colossus XD performed with aggregate self-assurance,” explained Diaz. The all-new 2016 Nissan Giant XD meets the new J2807 credential’s standards.

The new Giant XD besides includes a stove of uncommitted forward-looking impulsive aids in increase to RearView Reminder and Some Panorama® Reminder with Moving Aim Sleuthing, including Screen Smear Monitory (BSW), Movement and Bum Asdic Organization and Outwear Press Monitoring Scheme (TPMS).

Smart Design, Smart Utility

The all-new Nissan Heavyweight XD outside and internal designs were created at Nissan Pattern America. Where the archetype Behemoth stone-broke new background in footing of impudent cabin and bed utility-grade, the finish this clock roughly was to living things elementary but smarter – qualification owners’ lives easier.

2016 Nissan Titan Xd

Elysian by a stem of “herculean preciseness instrument,” the Heavyweight XD outside provides a sheer, overlooking front with a overbold, bodoni technological spirit. “The designers sought-after to pay Giant a touch of gymnastic enduringness – a flavor that honors the superpower of the Cummins diesel,” explained Diaz.

The visibility of the Behemoth XD, with its protracted breast beetle, was really influenced by the locomotive, to comprise the gamy functioning wicket, supercharged air tank and two-battery initiation. Aeromechanics besides played a character in the outside excogitation, which is improved from the former Colossus and incorporates a battlefront pamperer, cap and tailboard spoilers, battlefront tow draw hollow masking, underbelly covers, bottom weary twist deflectors and a stamp betwixt the cab and bed.

2016 Nissan Titan Xd

Useable outside features admit LED headlights and taillights, touch Day Working Lights, make lamps, and tone track for cabin and bed entrance/going. Doorway closedown endeavor has likewise been rock-bottom (compared to the old contemporaries Behemoth).

“We see the Behemoth XD as a motortruck with sheer bearing – yobbo decent to cast on to a job website with assurance, but tasteful decent for everything else,” aforementioned Diaz. “And the bed, wish on the archetype Heavyweight, baulk all the boxes with user-friendly features and attention-to-detail.”

Behemoth’s industry-first Utili-track&craft; Bed Channelise Organisation continues, again featuring quadruplet heavy-duty aluminium admixture cleats that motion and ringlet anyplace on the walls, bed coldcock and heading tracks that consecrate the exploiter sempiternal tie-down possibilities.

Patch the late Giant offered a bedside warehousing compartment in the lour out-of-door wing panels, the new Behemoth XD features an uncommitted two-fold lockable in-bed entrepot boxes that sit sight-unseen at street grade and can clasp a across-the-board ambit of crucial study and amateur equipment. Different early cartridge bed warehousing boxes, the Colossus XD units are approachable from indoors the bed without having to transfer a camper top or tonneau blanket. The boxes are bulletproof (and drainable) and can be put-upon as a tank for picnics or tailgating. They are besides obliterable for multiplication when supererogatory bed capacitance is requisite.

Over-the-counter Behemoth XD bed features admit the pop spray-on bedliner, flush-mounted LED bedrail light, loading and tailboard lamps, 120-volt in-bed approach and a damped tailboard that is ignitor to airlift and swimmingly damped when heavy.

The all-new Nissan Colossus XD Gang Cab is the offset in a card of Heavyweight trucks that bequeath be offered in Bunch Cab, Mogul Cab and One Cab configurations, on with tercet usable bed lengths.

A Big Cabin with a Bold and Commanding Presence

Trucks now are multi-functional, victimised as employment and workaday vehicles – so the internal has to be multi-functional besides. The designers focussed on enhanced utility-grade and on fashioning the upcountry gentle to use done improved layout of switched, driver restraint and entrepot spaces.

Breast depot has been increased 33 percentage and arse warehousing 28 pct, e.g., terminated the former propagation Colossus. New 2nd row underseat entrepot includes a lockup lid for added protection and the merged fold-out mat deck. The gist comfort can clutches a estimator lozenge with vitrine or a 15-inch laptop.

All switches are now sorted by procedure typewrite and fix is based on oftenness of use. Former commodious upcountry figure features admit sevener assistance grips, console-side map pockets, 12-volt and 120-volt ability outlets (in increase to the bed), outside scratch with mood ascendancy routine, and Rockford Fosgate bounty 12-speaker sound scheme. The limited aid to contingent evening includes moving the mitt compartment plow to the left face for easier approach by the driver.

The Heavyweight XD too features a careen and telescoping guidance tower with a banner column-mounted transmittance gearstick jimmy – a go that helps growth the visibleness and useableness of the essence flock ar. This likewise open up the centerfield cabinet for extra warehousing and can fit a laptop in the core solace without forsaking ass cupholders and 2nd row clime ascendance vents.

The bounty gradation panel includes a compounding of analogue and digital gauges, on with a 5.0-inch coloration presentation, alone diesel monitoring and alimony displays, and 7.0-inch NissanConnectSM with Seafaring, Roving Apps and Services colouration reminder.

As in former Nissan vehicles, the new Heavyweight XD offers seats that is out of this reality – or leastways divine by NASA. The touchstone movement and ass Aught Graveness seating assistant maximise strength location for enhanced ease during long-distance drive. Heat and chilling figurehead seating are likewise useable, on with a alternative of water-repellant textile or undestroyable leather-appointments. Het battlefront and ass seating are usable in both material and leather shave levels.

“Patch worksite-tough, the midland styling besides projects a bounty calibre and elan elysian by outside train such as quilted hunt jackets,” aforementioned Diaz. “In the new Heavyweight XD, superpower and puff well co-exist.”

2016 Nissan Titan Xd

Particular attending was likewise paying to reduction the usurpation of racket and oscillation into the cabin. Giant XD utilizes laminated presence and arse incline spyglass, the low lifesize pick-me-up to do so. Locomotive racket isolation and trunk waterproofing was too improved versus the old contemporaries Giant excogitation.

Durability, Quality and Reliability

The Giant pattern and technology teams too set one former bar passing highschool, what they designated as “120 percentage DQR.” That meant infusing the fomite with exceeding fit and coating, top caliber components indoors and out, and stern tending to point – in areas that can be seen and areas that are not.

The 2016 Heavyweight has undergone roughly of the about stringent and blanket examination of any fomite in caller account, edifice on the institution accomplished for Nissan Commercial-grade Vehicles elongated strength evaluations.

“Heavyweight is some one matter – acquiring the job through,” over Diaz. “Piece dimensionally the Behemoth XD volition fit nearly garages good care a twinkle obligation motortruck, it has the center of a great tariff auto. Owners bequeath ne’er get to headache most having towing or trucking superpower in modesty – without having to pay the terms in footing of drivability, fire efficiency or affordability.”

The 2016 Nissan Behemoth XD bequeath be assembled in Quarter, Mississippi, with engines assembled in Indiana and Tennessee (5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel and petrol V8 and V6 severally).

2016 Nissan Titan Xd

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