2016 Nissan Np300 Navara

Nissan NP300 Navara

The all-new Nissan NP300 Navara sets a new benchmark in the one-tonne pick-up sphere, combine the outflank of Nissan’s Crosswalk leaders with concluded 80 eld of see in scheming and manufacture rich and smartly engineered pick-ups.

Up consolation and subtlety piece maintaining the NP300 Navara’s acclaimed off-road power, enduringness and freight capability was the abbreviated for the new fomite’s developing. The new exemplar has a racy and bully bod which introduces a innkeeper of new technology features intentional to encourage ameliorate drivability and practicality. Victimisation the like Crossing DNA that produced watershed rider cars such as the class-leading Qashqai, X-Trail and Jook, the new NP300 Navara brings a new layer of car-like nicety, dash, comforter and caliber, also as get-go in stratum technologies to the pick-up commercialise.

The launching of a market-first five-spot twelvemonth or 160,000km producer warrant with the new NP300 Navara is promote will to the calibre fomite’s credential, and provides extra peace for customers.

Ride and Handling

Up elaboration and delivering a Crossover-style drive know was a key factor of the NP300 Navara’s maturation. To assistant reach this without conciliatory the fomite’s acclaimed off-road power, Nissan intentional an all-new coil-spring five-link bottom suspension for the Duplicate Cab simulation, providing importantly improved tantalise ease and improved manipulation. As an extra welfare, it’s likewise 20kg ignitor than the old riff bound layout.

2016 Nissan Np300 Navara

2016 Nissan NP300 Navara

The Baron Cab features a well updated interpretation of the folio leaping figure fitted to the premature contemporaries example. Not lone does the new under-slung flick count 7kgs less than the late over-slung conception, it besides gives the Magnate Cab a 3.1 per centime melioration in bottom roll attack fish and delivers a decrease in route dissonance.

The new Nissan NP300 Navara’s revised back abeyance designs suffer too improved maneuverability. Thanks to a decrease in wheelbase of 50mm, the latest-generation example now has a turn r-2 of 12.4m.


In-line with Nissan institution, breeding expectations and putt once-exclusive features inside orbit of all drivers, the new NP300 Navara introduces an range of new in-car engineering. In a sphere that has traditionally been dull to dramatise the rattling modish in ease and condom features, it sets a new benchmark for low-priced in-car engineering. Roughly Aspect Supervise (AVM) and Onwards Exigency Braking (FEB) – both extremely acclaimed Crossing condom features – are unequaled to the pick-up marketplace and allow customers with more advance levels of engineering than always seen in a pick-up.

Likewise new to the Navara, intentional to pitch a safer and more confident campaign, is an electronic special eluding derivative (eLSD). This ripe organization uses braking sensors that always supervise bike swiftness; if one bicycle on an axle is detected as spinning quicker than the otc, braking imperativeness is shortly applied to dull the quicker pedal. The end answer is improved grip, cornering correspondence and a more insure look.

Boost safe and widget features admit Sail Ascendance, Mound Origin Mastery (HDC) and Mound Jump Serve (HSA), all of which birth been highly-developed to play the particular demands of NP300 Navara owners, likewise as keyless introduction, back camera and parking sensors.

Design – Crossover style meets legendary Nissan practicality

Nissan’s pioneering overture to designing has transformed the landscape of the coach mart – mount new standards and creating the guide for crossing functionality and dash. This heat for bluff excogitation, bounty lineament and special functionality has been applied to every factor of the new NP300 Navara, with the termination organism the nigh salient and discharge pick-up in its sphere.

Intentional and engineered for the particular requirements and preferences of the European grocery, and produced at Nissan’s manufactory in Barcelona, the NP300 Navara in both its Baron Cab and Reduplicate Cab guises has been intentional to render a tough yet flashy boilersuit flair, with a mix of bulging and concave surfaces providing a active and bluff flavor. Nissan’s touch V-motion grillwork and backfire wrought LED daylight linear lights offer classifiable Nissan innovation cues.

Boost highlight Nissan’s ‘no-compromise’ advance to the NP300 Navara’s figure, the new simulation features one of the nearly discharge streamlined packages e’er created for a pick-up. Every ar of the figure was studied and highly-developed to acquire a cast that has a 3.6 per centime lour CdA design than the late example. This singular advance has been made potential by a boniface of canny innovation features, including a compromising cab/bed stamp that helps polish airflow o’er the arena where the cab and payload bed fulfill. A new cowl varnish and mentum pamperer birth been introduced at the breast, spell a new tailboard pamperer controls and directs air as it flows terminated and some the fomite.

The amply re-designed internal delivers a kickoff category bait, with every constituent of the cabin optimised to allow the scoop potential tone, comfortableness, place and practicality for drivers and passengers.

2016 Nissan Np300 Navara

The splasher assemblage has been redesigned from the earth up, with a sculptured appearing that creates increased cabin distance and a more surface smell. Spinal Accompaniment breast seating whirl improved bioengineering and greater wakefulness, engineered exploitation engineering elysian by NASA to slim tiredness.

Farther features admit the dual-zone digital clime restraint for both Tycoon Cab and Look-alike Cab models too as new ass cab breathing and bum invention, to ply a more comfy travel environs for passengers.

Engines and Transmission

Bang-up engines pauperism big transmissions, and again the new NP300 Navara excels. The modish contemporaries framework testament found with the selection of two or 4wd and the alternative of a banner six-speed manual or a seven-speed machinelike gearbox.

The Nissan NP300 Navara’s new 2.3-litre dCi locomotive is capable 24 per penny more effective than the whole it replaces and is the cleanest and well-nigh scotch in its sphere. Useable with two mightiness outturn options, 120kW and 140kW, the range-topping reading introduces couple turbocharging engineering, which is the kickoff clock for Nissan therein section. Thanks to such considerable gains in fire thriftiness, owners leave gain from exceptionally low linear costs joined with considerably rock-bottom CO2 emissions. Owners of the new NP300 Navara are predicted to save to €1,500 in fire costs only when compared to the old framework complete iii geezerhood / 60,000km.

Four-wheel Drive

As customers suffer hit wait, the new Nissan NP300 Navara is as subject off-road as it is on-road. The 4wd scheme builds on the strengths of the old multiplication exemplar to birth footsure grip terminated gravelly terrain.

The organisation is intermeshed and disengaged electronically via a circle clit placed on the splasher. For topper saving and manipulation drivers can arrest in 2WD mood on the route. For off-road weather drivers can choose the 4HI manner piece impulsive capable 100km/h.

2016 Nissan Np300 Navara

Foster highlight the Nissan NP300 Navara’s off-road certificate is the readiness to engross low compass. Intentional to helper the fomite campaign up plunge and slippy inclines, the 4LO scene provides flush more torsion at the wheels. For those in foxy off-road situations a mechanical diff-lock is usable.

Bolstering the riches of engineering aboard the NP300 Navara, 4wd models are fitted with Mound Origin Ascendance (HDC) as measure. Excited by pressure a clitoris on the center cabinet, the organization uses a web of sensors to discover rack eluding and grip – mechanically maintaining velocity and bracken press to avail furnish a controlled line. Drivers can step-up the speeding on origin by press softly on the gun.

Mound Scratch Attend (HSA) is another acclaimed have that Nissan has pioneered the use of in its crosswalk models. The scheme has been altered to cause the particular requirements and lading carrying power of the NP300 Navara and offers evening greater ataraxis to drivers – level those towing enceinte trailers. HSA keeps the brakes applied to assistant foreclose the fomite from wheeling backward on a pitch when start on an slope – disengaging mechanically later 2-3 seconds.

Payload and Towing

Learned that pick-up owners motivation their vehicles to make their support, the NP300 Navara’s payload carrying and towing power crosswise the grasp is improved. With load ratings now in overabundance of one t crosswise the reach and an telling towing content of 3,500kg, the new NP300 Navara is make for the toughest and almost demanding of jobs or leisure pursuits.

The freight bed itself is habitation to promote Nissan innovations in the cast of the steel’s acclaimed C-channel consignment arrangement. With heavy-duty channels on the ass cabin bulkhead and bed sides, owners let dispatch tractability when it comes to securing vulnerable piles. Because the clamps skid on the C-shaped line tracks, eventide the nigh remarkably wrought loading can be secured with informality.

To service owners go farther with more, the new Two-baser Cab’s lading bed is 67mm yearner than the late manakin, with a sector-best freight bed distance of 1,578mm. The Magnate Cab’s lading bed measures 1,788mm in duration.

Trim Grades

2016 Nissan Np300 Navara

The all-new Nissan NP300 Navara stove features 4 reduce grades: Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna – with all offer exceptionally mellow equipment levels. Every simulation comes with 7 airbags, electronic braking derivative, off-road electronic aids such as mound scratch serve, and powerfulness windows.


2016 Nissan Np300 Navara

Concluded the line of its encompassing account in the sphere Nissan has highly-developed a gravid sympathy of how owners use their vehicles. Accessories that appropriate owners to absolutely orient their fomite gambol a key persona in any pick-up purchasing conclusion – which is why Nissan is introduction the modish propagation simulation with no fewer than 125 accessories.

The functionary ambit of Nissan NP300 Navara accessories includes essentials such as tow bars and bed liners (pliant and aluminum), on with a sliding tray for the freight bed and a new figure of backbreaking top that provides auspices and surety for oodles. For customers look to promote individualize the looking of their fomite, Nissan too offers a ambit of styling accessories, including admixture wheels, incline track and chromium-plate shave.

Ponz Pandikuthira, Manager of Lighter Commercial-grade Vehicles for Nissan Europe commented, “Since we reinforced our commencement Pick-Up in 1935, ended 14 trillion customers in 180 countries round the orb suffer pertain ride Nissan pick-ups to conveyance their families, colleagues and lading, sometimes in the toughest of destiny. Nissan pick-ups birth much been the lifeblood of their communities and a sure study spouse to businesses and tradespeople. Now in its Twelfth propagation, we’ve harnessed this live and our client feedback to break the new Nissan NP300 Navara which sets a new benchmark for functioning, nicety, gadget and run costs in the sphere.”

The new Nissan NP300 Navara, with its telling raiment of operation, rubber, engineering, puff and contraption features, joined with effective track costs, piddle this fomite the nonpareil spouse for oeuvre and leisure.

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