2016 Nissan Navara Enguard Concept

Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

The Nissan Navara EnGuard Conception, unveiled at the 2016 Hannover Drive Display, is a long-lasting and roughneck all-terrain pick-up, intentional to manoeuver as a life-saving delivery chopine in around of the humanity’s about rough and utmost environments.

2016 Nissan Navara Enguard Concept

Based on a Reduplicate Cab Tekna adaptation of the Nissan Navara – the stream bearer of the External Pick-up Honour – the Navara EnGuard Construct features many tailor-made pattern elements and functioning upgrades. It is too jam-packed with critical equipment suited for pinch and cataclysm retrieval study, including an innovative poke to render critical news roughly what dangers deliverance crews mightiness boldness.

It too marks the earth introduction of a image portable shelling gang, intentional and highly-developed by Nissan. It utilises the make’s well-tried and well-tried EV shelling engineering, already useable on the route in the 100 per penny galvanic Nissan Folio and e-NV200. With more 250,000 Nissan EVs sold ecumenical, the accompany is at vanguard of this fast-developing sphere and ideally set to enforce its expertness to research new fomite sectors and consumer opportunities in the next.

When docked in billet the shelling packs are forever in ‘bearing’ style, exploitation index generated by the fomite’s 2.3-litre 190PS twin-turbo diesel to ascertain they’re prepare for exigency use when requisite. Apiece is a 2kW whole and utilises 7 Nissan EV barrage modules privileged a weather-proof machined al trapping.

Two comment (tutelage) sockets and pentad yield (firing) sockets are unified into apiece bombardment ingroup, which features deep-set ends to countenance it to be carried easy. In a delivery environs they could be victimised to manoeuver specialiser slip or heavy-lifting equipment, and sustain been specifically intentional to ply an effective choice to a gas source.

2016 Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

With aught emissions and no inflammable fire, portable shelling packs can likewise be victimised in enclosed spaces such as a edifice or a undermine. Extra mightiness sockets are incorporated into apiece face of the pick-up’s lading bed.

2016 Nissan Navara Enguard Concept

As share of its Level-headed Mobility sight, Nissan is workings to research how its pioneering EV shelling engineering can be merged farther into lodge. These image bombardment packs supply a real-world model of how it could be applied to new sectors, to supply cleanser, more sustainable might solutions.

Occupying the remainder of the infinite in the payload bed are two pull-out fiberglass trays. The shoal speed tray contains whippersnapper items such as bipartizan radios, ropes and an axe. The frown tray is deeper and narrower, storing bigger items such as an o tankful and resuscitation kit, biography jackets and perkiness aids.

Key to the car’s delivery use is a lagger, a DJI Specter 4 with an operational cap of 6,000 metres. Deliberation upright 1,380 grammes, it can fly at speeds of capable 20 metres per secondment for roughly 30 and can relay images dorsum to the construct car. These are viewed on a pop-fly HD sieve secret in the freight bed fence.

Compared to the stock Nissan Navara, the boilersuit drive elevation of the Navara EnGuard Construct has been elevated by 50mm, creating redundant background headway and boost enhancing the fomite’s ‘go anyplace’ position. The bike arches characteristic tailor-made overfenders, with new moulded position stairs betwixt them.

2016 Nissan Navara Enguard Concept

The rider compartment features a wholly redesigned cap pipeline, which is 136mm higher than on the touchstone Navara. It incorporates a hefty 360 point LED inflammation rig, with exigency blueing stroboscope lights fitted to the quartet corners and seeable from any lean. Twin strobes are structured into the top of all quadruplet overfenders, summation in the redesigned movement fog lamps and redesigned taillight clusters.

Option of colors and their localisation was granted selfsame heedful circumstance during the fomite’s maturation, with exceptional center its part as a deliverance fomite. E.g., Nissan search revealed fluorescent commons is the about seeable colorise day, and likewise nearly easy identifiable by masses stirred by colour-blindness. Having it on the wheels and incline stairs agency it’s apace spotty by the headlights of forthcoming vehicles.

Beingness based on the top-spec Tekna passementerie mark agency the Navara EnGuard Conception comes with many banner features which would be utilitarian in a saving post. These admit the NissanConnect sat-nav scheme for determination the quickest path, asset dual-zone clime mastery and het seating for resident comfortableness. Near utile would be Nissan’s pioneering Some Scene Proctor, a 360-degree camera organization which displays an unobstructed raspberry’s eye picture of the fomite and its surroundings on the splasher filmdom. It’s an nonesuch instrument for saving workers, allowing them to pilot hard off-road terrain without causation delays by having to pull of the fomite.

Automatically, the fomite has too been enhanced. Ilk all Navaras, it’s reinforced roughly a broken ladderframe bod, but features a new full adjustable functioning suspension with uprated nylon bushes to promote ameliorate off-road capacity.

2016 Nissan Navara Enguard Concept

Philippe Guerin-Boutaud, Incorporated V.p., Lightness Commercial-grade Vehicles, Nissan, commented: “The Nissan Navara is a yobbo and hurt pick-up which our customers swear on to go anyplace and do anything in their casual lives. The Nissan Navara EnGuard Construct is an annex of that rationale, showcasing how our award-winning pick-up is absolutely suitable to rig the toughest terrain and economize lives.”

He continued: “The Navara EnGuard Construct opens a new chapter in the Nissan Level-headed Mobility imaginativeness, featuring our committedness to cypher fatalities and cipher emissions. Our epitome EV portable bombardment ingroup reveals how Nissan bequeath desegregate its world-renowned EV barrage engineering and expertness into new sectors in the hereafter.”

2016 Nissan Navara Enguard Concept

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