2016 Mini Open 150 Convertible Edition

Mini Open 150 Convertible Edition

To fete the found of the new Miniskirt Exchangeable, Miniskirt has unveiled a express version manakin, Miniskirt Clear 150 Exchangeable Version.

2016 Mini Open 150 Convertible Edition

Launched in the UK alone, good 150 of the scoop exemplar volition be useable to gild from Abut 2016.

Scoop to the inner of Miniskirt Surface 150 Variation is the new Leather Chester Malted Dark-brown upholstery. On the fascia is a particularly intentional Clear 150 Variation brass and threshold entering strips besides clench the unparalleled Clear 150 Variant badge.

Miniskirt Unfold 150 Transmutable Variant comes jam-packed with criterion equipment, including het seating, Miniskirt Yours Soft-top and 18″ Miniskirt Yours Alloys. Chile Coterie and Media Coterie are besides banner on Miniskirt Afford 150 Version, featuring a issue of democratic options including orbiter sailing and LED headlights.

The Miniskirt Rainwater Warner routine and Miniskirt Forever Spread Timekeeper sustain been highly-developed only for Miniskirt Translatable and are useable as criterion on the Miniskirt Clear 150 Exchangeable Version is. If the car is parked with the ceiling surface and the prognosis is bad, Miniskirt Rainwater Warner sends a content to monish the driver via their smartphone. When the car is existence goaded and thither is pelting figure forwards, the driver leave be alerted on the kernel comfort. The digital Invariably Afford Timekeeper registers the clock fagged drive with the ceiling refine.

The equipment offered on Miniskirt Afford 150 Exchangeable Version is in accession to the exceptionally mellow floor of measure equipment already offered on the ease of the Miniskirt Transmutable stove. Highlights admit Miniskirt Machine-accessible, Miniskirt Optic Further Radiocommunication, Bum Parking Space Ascendence and Bum Reversing Camera.

Alone 150 Miniskirt Unfold 150 Variation convertibles leave be sold to UK customers UK and volition be useable to rescript from Marchland 2016. Prices jump from £ing;29,990.

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