2016 Mini Clubman All4

Mini Clubman ALL4

The commercialize launching of the new Miniskirt Clubman sees the modish manakin coevals of the British stain commence its progress into the agiotage constrict section. Extra impulse is now provided by the all-wheel effort organization ALL4. The new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 guarantees an flush sportier yet especially sovereign typecast of drive fun. Furthermore, its superpower infection to all foursome wheels raises Miniskirt versatility, routine practicality and long-distance suitableness to a unharmed new degree. Therein way, the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 advance establishes its spot as an olympian gift in the squeeze section – with the unequalled versatility of its personify conception, soul dash and bounty timbre, besides as prominent nimble treatment properties due to the fresh highly-developed rendering of the ALL4 all-wheel thrust scheme.

Exchangeable to the engines and transmissions highly-developed for the modish members of the Miniskirt exemplar phratry, the new contemporaries of the all-wheel crusade organisation ALL4 optimises both the efficiency and clean the dash of the models in which it is featured. The index transmission of the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 consists of a mightiness take-off cant cogwheel on the battlefront axle derivative, a dual-section propellor quill and a ass axle derivative with an electrohydraulically controlled hang-on hold. Its command scheme is coordinated with Active Constancy Ascendence (DSC). This enables dispersion of the thrust torsion betwixt the strawman and back wheels to be altered outright and incisively to the presumption spot on the route at all multiplication. Therein way, ALL4 not lone optimises grip and drive stableness altogether weathers and route weather but besides enhances lightness during quickening and when winning aeroembolism at upper.

2016 Mini Clubman ALL4

The substitute to the feature Miniskirt front-wheel thrust is offered in junction with two peculiarly potent engines of the modish propagation. The 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engines with Miniskirt TwinPower Turbo Engineering are characterised by ad-lib and enlivened superpower deliverance which can be victimised for eventide sportier speedup in junction with all-wheel thrust. The 141 kW/192 hp gasoline locomotive of the new Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 (combined fire usance: 7.0 – 6.9 litres/100 kilometres, CO2 emissions: (162 to 159 grams per kilometer) is combined as measure with a 6-speed manual transmittal and optionally with a 8-speed Steptronic contagion. In the new Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 (combined fire phthisis: 4.9 – 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres, CO2 emissions: 129 to126 grams per klick) a 140 kW/190 hp diesel relays its mightiness as criterion via the 8-speed Steptronic contagion to all quatern wheels (fire usance and discharge figures in the EU tryout cps, contingent the tire formatting selected).

With the establish of the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4, the option of simulation variants of the new Miniskirt genesis useable in the agio press section now increases to eighter. This makes the ambit of the British steel therein fomite class eventide more attractive. Deuce-ace gasolene engines and ternary diesel engines are uncommitted to take from, the almost potent of which can be combined with either front-wheel driving or all-wheel cause. The high-quality reprieve engineering, which can be optionally supplemented with Active Muffler Restraint, guarantees distinctive go-kart flavor with both spry and ensure manipulation properties likewise as undischarged drive comfortableness. All locomotive variants of the new Miniskirt Clubman likewise contribution the innovational fomite construct of a 6-door car with a generous, various national that is both high-end and typical in its figure. Quartet face doors, the feature schism doors at the behind, fin fully-fledged seating and a trunk whose bulk can be expanded from 360 litres to as lots as 1 250 litres by fold polish the bum rachis ascertain the highest story of functionality and versatility always offered by a Miniskirt. The full-blown bounty part of the new Miniskirt Clubman is highlighted by the blanket reach of stock fittings including air conditioning, Radiocommunication Miniskirt Encouragement with USB socket, hands-free call deftness and electrical emergency.

The good compass of optional equipment to addition impulsive fun, quilt and individualism is too usable for the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4. In plus to innovative driver assist systems such as Miniskirt Head-Up-Display, Impulsive Help, bum scene camera and Parking Help, this besides includes such features as LED headlamps, Quilt Admittance including non-contact gap of the tear doors, electrically adjustable seating for driver and figurehead rider, a diorama meth cap, Furthermore, scoop Miniskirt Yours and Lavatory Cooper Deeds options are usable besides as the piloting organisation Pro including Miniskirt Trace Restrainer and the dispatch Miniskirt Journeying Couple in-car documentary plan.

Exterior design: classic shooting brake concept in a modern interpretation

The new Miniskirt Clubman introduces a present-day rendition of the tradition-steeped shot bracken construct. Its classifiable proportions, unparalleled in the squeeze section, are characterised by a dynamically stretched silhouette, a herculean berm form, a farsighted ceiling demarcation and a slanting ass. With a duration of 4 253 millimetres, a breadth of 1 800 millimetres, a stature of 1 441 millimetres and a wheelbase of 2 670 millimetres, it is importantly thirster than both its harbinger and the Miniskirt 5 doorway. The car’s classifiable appearing is likewise accounted for by the horizontal behind lights and a compounding applied to a Miniskirt first to tighten streamlined dredge: Air Curtains – air inlets in the outer areas of the figurehead proscenium – jointly the air outlets known as Air Breathers, which are positioned buns the breast cycle arches.

In summation to the handbill headlamps set in a chromium-plate underframe, the hexagon conformation of the grille and the strikingly curving powerdome on the cowl, distinctive Miniskirt pattern features too admit the english trafficator elements known as position scuttles and the melanise surrounds on the freighter bound of the consistency. Otc evenly feature aspects are the myopic overhangs and the prominent raceway, which point the car’s static height and – collectively a low essence of solemnity – lend to a manipulation lightsomeness that can now be matt-up more intensely with the all-wheel crusade of the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4.

Undivided figure features are significative of the brawny engines in the models Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 and Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4. Their battlefront aprons deliver a typical defining and thither are enceinte chilling air inlets for the brakes. Furthermore, both models deliver an extra scuttle on the cowl and a chromium-plate rib in the grille charge a red “S” with a chromium-plate environment. The chromium-plate incline scuttles besides wear an “S” logotype. At the bum of the new Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 and the new Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4, prominent features are the aerodynamically optimised bumpers with diffusor component and two wide separated expel tailpipes. In gain, the two all-wheel ride variants of the new Miniskirt Clubman can be identified by their blatant “ALL4” inscriptions on the strawman slope panels.

2016 Mini Clubman All4

The reach of outside pigment finishes uncommitted for the Miniskirt Clubman has been expanded at the found of the all-wheel-drive models to admit the new Digital Dark metal. The cap and outside mirror caps can be optionally ruined in one of the contrastive colors ovalbumin, eloquent or blacken.

Interior: lots of space, distinctive design with sporty flair

Well-fixed exemption to progress phoebe fully-fledged seating, various place and a typical cockpit pattern – these are the feature features of the new Miniskirt Clubman inner, whose high-end ambiance is supplemented with a specially flashy trace in the all-wheel ride models. A crystalize foretoken of the more advanced fiber of the Miniskirt Clubman is its exceptionally full panel with cockpit fascia framing. This figure have is likewise echoed in the threshold trimness panels and core solace. With the new Miniskirt Yours Internal Styles pick, the impinging threshold clipping invention is highlighted by agency of indirectly lighted ornamental strips.

The fundamental pawn distinctive of the mark is unified peculiarly harmoniously in the splasher. A red toggle placed underneath the cardinal tool serves as the locomotive first/stopover clit. The essence cabinet reaches capable the splashboard and provides place for a store compartment and two cupholders too as the permutation for the received galvanising emergency and the optional Miniskirt Restrainer. The measure shave of the new Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 and the new Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 besides includes sports seating for driver and figurehead rider too as a sports leather wheel.

2016 Mini Clubman All4

The new all-wheel drive system ALL4: fast and precise, compact and efficient

Powerfulness contagion to all quartet wheels now enriches assay-mark steel drive fun in the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 with the summation of a specially likeable face. The electronically controlled all-wheel thrust scheme distributes thrust torsion ‘tween the figurehead and ass axles as earmark to apiece particular billet on the route. This enables extremely mettlesome speedup and increases nimbleness when fetching aeroembolism at swiftness. Moreover, ALL4 ensures sovereign grip and optimised impulsive constancy altogether weathers and route weather. Therein way, the all-wheel ride organization underscores the fiber of the new Miniskirt framework in the agiotage squeeze section, which is outlined by versatility also as owing daily practicality and long-distance suitableness.

The up-to-the-minute interpretation of the all-wheel crusade organisation ALL4 is especially constrict and weight-optimised in its invention. The new twist precept too promotes the efficiency of the Miniskirt Clubman ALL4. The campaign superpower delivered by the locomotive via the manual or Steptronic transmittal in the cast of locomotive velocity and torsion is initially fed to the presence axle derivative. An incorporate single-stage powerfulness take-off cant gearing diverts the superpower and relays it to a propellor scape stellar to the back axle. Hither mightiness transmittance to the back axle derivative is accomplished in a incessantly varying way via a hang-on grip, contingent the disposed place on the route.

In pattern impulsive situations with combat-ready Active Constancy Controller (DSC), the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 uses front-wheel crusade as is distinctive of the stain. This enables a diminution in helpless torsion of capable 30 per penny in might infection to the behind axle. If essential, the hang-on hold can relay torsion to the bum wheels inside a divide of a s by substance of an electrohydraulic ticker. Truehearted and exact version to the precondition spot on the route is potential because the all-wheel ride scheme is co-ordinated with the drive kinetics organization DSC. Its command whole permanently calculates the saint exponent dispersion betwixt movement and bottom wheels. Not solitary are the bicycle revolution speeds and the stream longitudinal and sidelong speedup figures interpreted into explanation hither but likewise the route speeding, gas billet, locomotive torsion and direction fish also as the settings of the impulsive kinetics organization and the optional Miniskirt Impulsive Modes. Based on this information, it is potential to discover early any endangerment of ride parapraxis when scene off, in the issue of a peculiarly vivid cargo prerequisite or during dynamical cornering; therein way it is potential to forebode and undermine any leaning to recede grip or any oversteering or understeering of the fomite. Thanks to well-informed mastery, ALL4 feeds all the exponent of the locomotive to the billet where it can be reborn about efficaciously and expeditiously into drive fun.

2016 Mini Clubman All4

The propellor calamus of the ALL4 scheme is intentional as a dual-section vasiform calamus. Its joints let recompense of part movements. The breast and bottom reefer cater the interfaces to the might take-off chamfer pitch and the hang-on clutches, piece it is committed to the eubstance in the are of the key articulation. The strawman subdivision of the propellor spear likewise serves to occupy distortion vim in the case of a hit. The efficiency-optimised fashion of procedure of the ALL4 scheme is likewise supported by the hang-on batch.

This can be operated in a specially energy-efficient fashion when thither is no mightiness transmitting to the ass wheels. It is now excited whenever essential, withal, and directs the allow come of campaign torsion supplied by the propellor cock to the ass bike derivative, from where it is hereditary in equalize parts to the veracious and leftover bum rack. Differing bicycle gyration speeds arising from the particular berth on the route are salaried for in the common way by way of differentials on both the ass and breast axle. Ride eluding is strangled by the drive kinetics scheme DSC by agency of selective braking on person wheels.

Pickings the mannequin of an electronic lockup use for the movement axle derivative, the touchstone Electronic Derivative Whorl Restraint (EDLC) optimises grip when accelerating out of aeroembolism by way of selective braking. In DSC Off modality, this prevents spinning of the movement pedal on the privileged of the twist and transmits effort superpower to the outer breast rack alternatively. The Execution Command use is another criterion lineament that helps raise nimbleness in the Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 and the Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4. It supports exact guidance into aeroembolism eventide earlier the brink ambit is reached and disregardless of the DSC fashion selected. Braking on the two wheels on the privileged of the bending impacts positively on the car’s self-steering answer and suppresses the endangerment of understeering. Otc functions of the impulsive kinetics organization DSC admit the anti-lock brakes ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD), Cornering Bracken Ascendence (CBD), the braking and drive-off helper, the bracken dry procedure and Attenuation Bracken Accompaniment. It is likewise potential to trip the DTC (Active Grip Command) way at the wardrobe of a release, permitting controlled miscue and thereby facilitating set-off on liberate sandpaper or in cryptic bamboozle.

Petrol and diesel engines with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology: a lot of power efficiently distributed over four wheels

The superpower distributed prn by the all-wheel crusade organisation ALL4 betwixt the strawman and backside axle is produced by extremely knock-down 4-cylinder engines of the up-to-the-minute propagation with Miniskirt TwinPower Turbo Engineering. These work gaudy drive properties and are too able-bodied to attest their qualities in the domain of efficiency in the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4. Thanks to the optimised burden and effective manner of procedure of the new all-wheel thrust organisation, the further in footing of drive fun and sovereign advancing jabbing solitary involves a selfsame cold-shoulder addition in fire usance and tucker emissions as compared to the several models with front-wheel campaign.

With a crest production of 141 kW/192 hp, the 2.0-litre gas locomotive in the new Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 is the about knock-down locomotive in the covenant example’s portfolio. Its engineering software comprises turbocharging, gasolene orchestrate shot with centrally situated injectors, amply varying valve controller in the configuration of VALVETRONIC as patented by the BMW Radical and varying camshaft restraint on the inlet and tucker position (duplicate VANOS). It mobilises a uttermost torsion of 280 N metres at 1 250 rpm, and this can level be concisely increased to 300 N metres by agency of the overboost routine.

With the received 6-speed manual transmittal, the new Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 accelerates in 7.0 seconds from standing to 100 km/h, spell in continuative with the optional 8-speed Steptronic contagion the banner spirt takes fair 6.9 seconds. The top fastness is 225 km/h in apiece vitrine. These figures are combined with an medium fire expenditure of 7.0 to 6.9 litres (reflexive: 6.4 – 6.3 litres) per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 162 to 159 grams per klick (149 – 146 g/km; EU essay cycles/second figures, contingent tire formatting selected).

A turbocharging arrangement with varying turbine geometry and plebeian fulminate organize injectant of the up-to-the-minute contemporaries operational at a press of capable 2 000 bar helps the also 2.0-litre diesel in the new Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 attain brilliant pull powerfulness also as monitory fire intake figures and emissions. The exponent whole generates a crown yield of 140 kW/190 hp and puts its maximal torsion of 400 N metres on job at hardly 1 750 rpm. The new Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 combines the about potent diesel e’er installed in a framework of the make as stock with the 8-speed Steptronic transmitting. This enables a dash from standing to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. The top speeding is 222 km/h. These clean figures are combined with an median fire expenditure of 4.9 to 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres and a CO2 emissions degree of 129 to 126 grams per km (EU essay bicycle figures, contingent tire initialise selected).

Innovative transmissions for increased driving fun and efficiency

The transmissions useable for the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 suffer too been freshly highly-developed for the flow simulation genesis of the mark. The 6-speed manual contagion is characterised by low weightiness, eminent home efficiency and sack quilt optimised by substance of c rubbing linings for the synchronizer rings. A paraphernalia detector likewise enables combat-ready locomotive amphetamine adjustment for particularly sportsmanlike shifty when accelerating and increased puff when shifty devour.

With its broader appurtenance bedcover and littler locomotive fastness stairs, the 8-speed Steptronic transmitting provides an particularly lucky fundament for effective, well-off and gaudy drive. An 8-speed Steptronic sports infection is optionally useable for the new Miniskirt Cooper S Clubman ALL4 and the new Miniskirt Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 that offers fifty-fifty shorter switching multiplication and is operated in manual manner by substance of slip paddles on the wheel. It too has a Establish Restraint role for traction-optimised quickening with utmost dynamical functioning from standing.

Both reflexive variants bear a transmitting command scheme that is capable to standoff on sailing information for the use of cogwheel and sack pointedness extract. This agency that in cars fitted with a piloting organization, switching command is besides based on the path visibility.

Typical MINI suspension technology, characteristic go-kart feeling

In continuative with all-wheel cause, too, the high-quality abeyance engineering with a bingle reefer swagger axle at the figurehead and a multilink arse axle provides an nonsuch base for the spry manipulation known as the go-kart touch. The expectant rail breadth and farsighted wheelbase of the Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 profit the model-specific rendition of this twist rule. The new developing of all strawman axle parts has resulted in an optimization of kinematics also as element rigor and burthen. The specially clay rack respite on the arse axle too enhances the nimble treatment properties of the Miniskirt Clubman. Active Muffler Controller is uncommitted as an optional spare. This allows the muffler plan map to be familiarized via Miniskirt Drive Modes.

The new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 comes as received with the speed-related Servotronic guidance keep for the electromechanical might direction. Both all-wheel driving simulation variants detach the line with 17-inch lightness metal wheels. The compass of limited equipment features includes extra igniter debase wheels sized 17 to 19 inches.

A complete set of safety features, innovative driver assistance systems, intelligent connectivity

In accession to the torsionally corpse, stiff and likewise weight-optimised structure, a over set of stock refuge features besides contributes to the salient occupier aegis of the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4. This comprises six airbags, 3-point automatonlike belts on all seating including whack tensioners and adaptative knock force-out limiters at the movement also as ISOFIX minor backside mountings at the bottom. A tire coerce presentation for apiece soul pedal is too included as measure. Meantime, gremlin absorbers and exactly outlined contortion elements check optimised walker security.

The driver help systems offered for the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 service to addition both refuge and comfortableness. The Miniskirt Head-Up Exhibit which extends from supra the guidance editorial promotes compactness on the route. In plus to the sail ascendance with bracken routine, the Impulsive Help organization is likewise usable. This comprises not scarce camera-based participating sail restraint likewise as hit and prosaic admonitory with initial bracken part but besides mellow irradiation help and route foretoken catching. Extra options admit the Parking Helper and bottom sight camera.

2016 Mini Clubman All4

The unparalleled Miniskirt Affiliated in-car docudrama syllabus is too useable in its entireness for the new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4. The selection Miniskirt Attached is usable in connective with the Tuner Miniskirt Ocular Encourage or a pilotage scheme. It offers all-inclusive desegregation of smartphones in the car, allowing the use of internet-based services in the areas of documentary, communicating and impulsive live by substance of apps. Procedure is nonrational and reflects stylemark blade flair, victimization the Miniskirt Accountant in the inwardness soothe and the coloring exhibit in the cardinal cat’s-paw.

The features of the Miniskirt piloting arrangement Pro admit an 8.8-inch edition of the on-board estimator and the Miniskirt Feeling Control with touch-sensitive open.

2016 Mini Clubman All4

The stream adaptation of the Miniskirt Attached App comprises new and undivided functions to increment quilt and impulsive fun. The on-line hunting role makes it easier to discovery addresses. The applications Sports Instruments and Forcefulness M can be ill-used to shew entropy on the exchange tool show such as the stratum of flow locomotive exponent and torsion busy and longitudinal and thwartwise quickening. The new office With-it provides the driver with tips for an optimal road evening ahead the journeying gets afoot. The Miniskirt Attached XL selection useable in combining with the Miniskirt piloting scheme Pro besides comprises the Journeying Checkmate purpose including groundbreaking functions for trip-up training and keep too as Tangible Meter Dealings Radiolocation with extremely accurate, cutting-edge dealings entropy. The new Miniskirt Clubman ALL4 can besides be equipt with a SIM plug-in which is permanently fitted in the car. This agency that Healthy Exigency Song with automatonlike sleuthing of fomite locating and stroke rigorousness is useable, also as Miniskirt TeleServices.

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