2016 Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Concept

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Concept

With the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Getaway Construct, Mercedes-Benz Vans gave a concrete prospect on its new getaway, the X-Class, in Stockholm. The commencement bounty getaway leave trust the scoop of two worlds. This is demonstrated imposingly by Mercedes-Benz with two excogitation variants of the conception car. The Construct X-Class muscular venturer illustrates that the hereafter X-Class leave have all the strengths of a graeco-roman cartridge – bully, operational, hard, and with off-road capableness. The Construct X-Class fashionable adventurer goes a footmark promote and shows what bequeath separate the pick-me-up aim the Mercedes maven. The X-Class volition be a lawful Mercedes from the earmark blade invention and comfortableness to the impulsive kinetics and safe. This bequeath micturate Mercedes-Benz the beginning agio producer to report for the ever-changing client requirements in the planetary section of mid-size pickups, and it bequeath pee-pee the hooligan one-ton pick-me-up with seats for capable 5 persons the commencement to be attractive as an urban life-style and sept fomite.

2016 Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Concept

With the cartridge, Mercedes-Benz Vans testament extend its intersection reach with a 4th manakin serial. Concurrently, the sword comportment the three-pointed maven volition go the commencement bounty producer to busy the hopeful section of mid-size pickups. Daimler AG bequeath brand investments in the highschool ix figures (euro) in the new example serial by the clip of the commercialize plunge. It volition be launched in later 2017 nether the distinguish Mercedes-Benz X-Class. The key markets bequeath be Argentina, Brazil, Southward Africa, Australia with New Zealand, and Europe.

2016 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Concept

Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chair of the Gameboard of Daimler AG and Nous of Mercedes-Benz Cars: “With the Mercedes-Benz cartridge, we leave end one of the finale gaps in our portfolio. Our prey: we wishing to whirl customers vehicles twin their particular necessarily. The X-Class volition set new standards in a growth section.”

“We testament pioneer and vary the section of mid-size pickups – with the humans’s low lawful bounty pick-me-up for the modernistic urban life-style”, says Volker Mornhinweg, Mind of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “Our hereafter X-Class testament be a pick-me-up that knows no compromise. Ladder-type framing, high-torque six-cylinder locomotive, and lasting all-wheel crusade are required for us. As an added evaluate we play safe, comfortableness, legerity, and expressive innovation – in early language, everything that distinguishes vehicles posture the Mercedes hotshot. We leave olibanum prayer to new customers who sustain not considered owning a cartridge earlier.”

Changing segment: Mercedes-Benz first premium manufacturer of a pickup

Cosmopolitan the commercialize for mid-size pickups is undergoing a extremist alteration. Kaput are the years when they were bought as bare “workhorses”. Rather, they are decorous progressively democratic as various vehicles for a coincident secret and commercial-grade use and as vehicles for a rigorously secret use. The pct of privately put-upon pickups has been growth steady for age. Consequently, the duplicate cab has emerged as the magisterial soundbox flair, because it offers way for capable cinque persons. Progressively secret and commercial-grade customers demand vehicles with the characteristics and puff features of a carriage. A like exploitation took berth in the section of off-road vehicles around 20 geezerhood ago. Backbone so, Mercedes-Benz was the kickoff agio producer to launching a suv (SUV), the M-Class, and entirely redefined the off-road section – with persistent achiever.

“The Construct X-Class pattern variants rede the trademark mark conception accent of our SUVs in a almost expressive manikin, and be the duality of our figure ism: they are hot and chill”, says Gorden Wagener, Caput of Pattern at Daimler AG. “With its liberal invention the hefty venturer expresses assuredness contemporaneousness and thirstiness for jeopardize, spell the fashionable adventurer on the over-the-counter script uses virgin emotion to allow a touchable receive of innovative lulu.”

Concept X-Class stylish explorer: progressive design with SUV looks

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Cartridge Conception fashionable adventurer, multi-colour in a poise graceful whiten metal, imposingly demonstrates how the Mercedes-Benz getaway bequeath shuffle a definitely fashionable command in its section and in the urban surround. The counterpoint of emotionally likeable and yet purist rise discourse (“hot”) and technically exact, advanced and canny details (“aplomb”) reinterprets the pattern ism of Mercedes-Benz. The gymnastic figure lends the conception car a markedly expressive and active show. The classifiable battlefront represents an development of the trademark SUV brass of the sword – with a more monolithic powerdome on the cowl and headlamps extending far into the wings. The classical SUV figurehead proscenium and the powerfully flared bike arches put eve more vehemence on the sentience of breadth, and springiness the fomite an flush more upstanding position on the route. Simultaneously, the battlefront cites the single-louvre wicket with centrally positioned Mercedes adept, the expression of the refined Mercedes-Benz putschés.

The flared movement and ass wings piddle way for a wide-cut rail and big tire/pedal combinations for hooligan off-road use. 22-inch light-alloy wheels with a contrastive anthracite chromium-plate coating springiness the Conception X-Class fashionable adventurer a lofty and ranking position. The working boards are incorporated into the bodywork and punctuate the athletically graven trunk. Contingent the lean of the entry lightness, the paintwork highly-developed specifically for this construct car lends the urban cartridge a flavor that gives the gymnastic visibility tied more excited entreaty.

The passing brusque battlefront beetle, the really longsighted bum beetle and two longsighted lines stretch on the incline inflate the direction located on drive kinetics. The ass of both construct cars sports the assay-mark chromed SUV trimness at the depress adjoin, and, as a peculiarity, a uninterrupted LED lightness funnies in a svelte chromium-plate environs on the tailboard. It points to the unparalleled role of the next pick-me-up.

Stylish interior with a high level of operating and display comfort

The national of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Getaway Conception fashionable adventurer is an as excited and fashionable affirmation – characterised by an challenging line of lovesome and nerveless colors, besides as by high-quality materials. The humans of colors and materials translates the Mercedes-Benz designing doctrine of animal whiteness. The fleshly trace and smell of the browned, real born nubuck leather on the seating provides a snug feeling. This lovesome colouration, which is likewise constitute on the splashboard, is combined with sang-froid gabardine nappa leather. The passementerie made of open-pore smoke-dried oak contrasts with the napped and refined aluminum trimness elements. The man of advanced lavishness is realized in a extremely fashionable forge.

The forward-looking dash is boost boosted by rung air vents, the free-standing high-resolution primal showing likewise as the fundamental control and multifunctional touchpad. Standardised to a smartphone, all telematics functions can be controlled with the touchpad by victimization gestures or by entrance letters and characters. Mercedes-Benz olibanum introduces the well-nigh advanced restraint and show construct in the section of mid-size pickups. Simultaneously, the characteristics and functionalities distinctive in the pick-me-up section get been maintained, such as the handbrake in the core comfort.

Concept X-Class powerful adventurer: the redefinition of toughness

2016 Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Concept

Complementing the Conception X-Class fashionable adventurer, the irregular conception car focuses on the definitive traits of a pick-me-up. The Conception X-Class muscular venturer with a lemonax metal key cultivation stages temper, enduringness, and off-road capableness. As a outcome, it imposingly underscores the fact that the succeeding Mercedes-Benz pick-me-up testament commingle solace and panache with the staple virtues of this fomite family.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Getaway Construct potent venturer towers supra it all with a elevation of 1.90 metres. Gravid tyres of sizing 35×11.50, the immense reason headway, and the acrobatic designing instill obedience level at outset glimpse. The mark’s earmark SUV grille with two louvres, figurehead and bottom underride precaution, flank claddings, and matt-up c pedal arches additionally emphasize the superscript off-road esthetics. An electrical windlass at the strawman and a alloy claw at the arse are promote indications of the ruggedness and superpower of the next cartridge.

With its reformist excogitation the construct car exudes independency and hunger for gamble in their purest forms. This tone continues in the inner. Mat c elements in the outside and inner, metal fleecy surfaces, and a bluff colouring dodging bestow the fomite a gumption of mightiness. The lemonax metal outside rouge ending is absolutely tailor-made to the inner coloring highlights. The color and corporeal conception underscores the outside looking with showy blacken nappa leather and the use of carbon-style inkiness brocaded leather surfaces. To assure the seating render sidelong accompaniment altogether treatment situations and in any terrain, the bum slope bolsters are cut with nigrify leather that offers exceedingly full clasp and has a enjoyably mug and flavor.

The X-Class: powerful engine, high ride comfort, and exemplary safety

As is the average for Mercedes-Benz, customers of the X-Class testament be capable to prefer from unlike equipment scopes to tailor-make the outside and upcountry. In increase, the agio mark leave get a especial ambit of accessories for the cartridge, e.g. bed covers and versatile styling elements. Thanks to the tested and proved modular scheme, a horde of home components that customers acknowledge and value from the C-Class and V-Class testament be institute in the X-Class – from the dead ruined high-quality materials and the documentary organisation to the ergonomic seats puff. As a termination, the getaway volition crack the “receive house” touch distinctive of the sword, and delimitate a new degree of solace and evaluate prayer in the section of mid-size pickups.

The X-Class volition too set new standards in the section with compliments to machine-accessible sprightliness. Thanks to the communicating faculty with on-board SIM scorecard, it leave be potential to use the across-the-board Mercedes me unite services. Drivers can associate with their cartridge by smartphone, tab or PC at any clock and from anyplace. E.g., to broadcast pilotage destinations to the fomite or question where the getaway is parked and how lots fire is in the cooler. In improver to these optional removed on-line services, stock services such as stroke convalescence, care direction and partitioning direction bequeath too be uncommitted.

2016 Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Concept

Multifariousness volition similarly tell the locomotive grasp. The top-of-the-line modeling leave be powered by a V6 diesel in combining with 4MATIC perm all-wheel ride. The high-torque locomotive leave cater highschool impulsive kinetics on the route and off the route. The all-wheel-drive arrangement volition compound an electronic grip organization, a transferral lawsuit with simplification appurtenance, and two derivative locks. The grip scheme and the electrically operated on-demand derivative locks line the exponent to where grip is better. Below uttermost off-road weather, the back derivative and the inter-axle derivative can be locked. This volition pass potential to safely original unmanageable obstacles and inclines.

The hefty campaign organisation and the ruffian ladder-type build bequeath shuffling a shipment of more 1.1 ton and a towing capacitance of capable 3.5 lashings potential. Decent index for transporting about quadruplet three-dimensional metres of firewood on the cartridge bed and a voyage sauceboat aquiline capable the preview yoke, e.g.. Concurrently, the especially constructed abeyance with blanket axles, a five-link behind axle with helix springs, and a exactly graduated leaping/muffler set-up testament see a gamey bait puff – on the route and off the route. The pick-me-up mien the three-pointed asterisk bequeath instill with exact direction, a well-situated tantalise, and nimble cornering. It leave steep bumps in a higher-up manner, fashioning it a complete fit for the urban surround.

2016 Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Concept

Wish all Mercedes vehicles, the pick-me-up testament be imposing by monitory safe. Forward-looking driver assist systems based on cameras, rad and sonography sensors leave backup and palliate the driver in many situations, and in so doing evenly heighten condom and puff. A legion of aid systems bequeath already arrive as banner.

The Mercedes among pickups: focus on five customer groups

The X-Class volition blend the strengths of a getaway with the esteem entreaty, quilt, drive fun, and prophylactic that secernate the vehicles carriage the Mercedes adept. As a outcome, the Mercedes-Benz cartridge bequeath nosepiece the gap ‘tween commercial-grade and secret and ‘tween urban and rural use. It leave therefore ingathering not solitary to pick-me-up owners want for more car-like characteristics, execution, condom, and consolation, but too and supra all to multitude who crusade a coach, SUV or van. Across-the-board grocery enquiry studies conducted by Mercedes-Benz with possible customers in the butt markets carry this out.

Mid-size pickups presently suffer the largest ploughshare of the sum fomite commercialize in Australia with 14.1 percentage. Argentina comes ending butt with 11.6 pct. This agency that in these countries, one out of every octad registered vehicles is a cartridge in the one-ton family. In Brazil, mid-size pickups let a part of nearly cinque percentage of the add fomite commercialize. That design is 0.5 pct in Germany, 1.3 pct in Big Britain, 1.4 percentage in Dud, and 0.8 percentage in Russia.

Based on its commercialise search studies, Mercedes-Benz has identified pentad client groups for the X-Class, which are of dissimilar relevancy in the mortal countries.

One crucial objective grouping is established by families with an dynamic life-style and an kinship to agiotage products. They use the pick-me-up generally for commutation to exercise, for shopping, pickings the kids to civilise or sports activities, for weekend trips, and holiday. The key markets are Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and S Africa.

Another mark aggroup for the X-Class are successful adventurers, who experience in an urban surround and enter in outside sports such as skiing or equitation jet skis, or sustain their own sauceboat. They want a comfy agio fomite for mundane use that simultaneously offers sufficient loading spa and towing capacitance for their unpaid equipment. The top markets are Australia, S Africa, Brazil, Gravid Britain, and Germany.

In plus, the Mercedes-Benz cartridge testament suffer the likely to revolutionise trend-conscious individualists with an kinship to agio products. They leading an mugwump life-style and need a fomite remote the mainstream that underscores their personality and position with a alone figure. Freelance individualists use the getaway as an “casual fomite” in the metropolis, for even and weekend activities, and for sportsmanlike events. The key markets for this mark aggroup are Germany, Heavy Britain, S Africa, and Brazil.

2016 Mercedes Benz X Class Pickup Concept

The fourthly client radical comprises line owners such as edifice contractors, architects, and avail providers who deficiency to use their cartridge for commercial-grade and secret purposes: that is as a well-off troupe car for client meetings, which is as everlasting for transporting customers and employees also as tools and edifice materials, as an “routine fomite”, and as a fomite for weekend activities. Pregnant markets for concern owners are Germany, Large Britain, Australia, and Argentina.

Landowners, such as cows ranchers in Argentina, soy dome farmers in Brazil or vintners in Southward Africa, likewise use their pick-me-up for commercial-grade and individual purposes. They demand a fomite that on the one manus takes them done unpaved terrain and has sufficient payload and towing content. On the former handwriting, it moldiness be desirable for impulsive to client and provider meetings likewise as for use as an “unremarkable fomite” for the sept.

Production cooperation with Renault-Nissan

The grocery launching of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class in Europe leave get in later 2017. The new framework serial bequeath be positioned in the section at an attractive cost. The getaway leave be manufactured in a output cooperation with the Renault-Nissan Coalition. Product for the European, Australian and Southward African markets leave starting at the Nissan engraft in Barcelona, Spain, in 2017. The X-Class for the Latin American marketplace bequeath roster off the forum lines at the Renault imbed in Cordoba, Argentina, start in 2018.

With the X-Class, Daimler AG and the Renault-Nissan Confederation thrive their strategical cooperation which began six days ago. This affords Mercedes-Benz loyal and cost-effective ingress to the strong-growing section of mid-size pickups. In improver, both companies profit from optimum usage of the output capacitance. Nissan is the second-largest maker of mid-size pickups with a lading of one ton in the humanity, and can review on more 80 eld of see in producing and merchandising these types of vehicles.

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