2016 Mercedes Benz Vision Van Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept

The Imaginativeness Van from Mercedes-Benz Vans is a revolutionist van sketch for the urban surroundings. As an structured organisation, the fomite merges a act of groundbreaking technologies for last-mile speech operations and hence sets the criterion of execution requirements and solutions for succeeding generations of vans.

2016 Mercedes Benz Vision Van Concept

The Imaginativeness Van evolved as office of the strategical futurity go-ahead feeler. With progression, Mercedes-Benz Vans is evolving from a simple van maker into a provider of holistic organization solutions. The party is underscoring this scheme with the Imagination Van as a seeable materialization of its forward-looking lastingness. The Sight Van boasts an unprecedented story of connectivity of data and technologies. It is the low van ecumenical to attend as an structured conception for a entirely digitally affiliated outgrowth string, from the goods dispersion terminus to the consignee.

The Mercedes-Benz Sight Van features a full machine-driven freight spa, unified drones for self-directed air deliveries and a state-of-the-art stick ascendancy. Powered by a 75 kW galvanic crusade organisation with a orbit of capable 270 km, deliveries with the Imaginativeness Van are topically emission-free. The galvanizing driving scheme additionally guarantees that it bequeath continue potential to engage the Sight Van in inner-city zones where the unveiling of bans on vehicles with intimate burning engines is aforethought. The near mute electrical campaign arrangement facilitates tardy deliveries in residential areas for the purposes of same-day livery.

2016 Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept

“With the Imaginativeness Van we are presenting the well-informed, pick and full coordinated van of the next”, says Volker Mornhinweg, Brain of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “The Imaginativeness Van integrates many concrete concepts for hereafter saving operations in the urban environs, such as a amply robotic shipment blank, autonomously flight pitch drones and innovational communicating features.”

Cloud-based control software meets optimum cargo hardware

The Sight Van merges legion innovational technologies and serves as the fundamental, thinking constituent in a full machine-accessible speech string. Innovational algorithms controller edict pick, the shipment of packages, the full machine-controlled loading quad direction, path preparation for the fomite and the livery drones. They likewise figure nonsuch deliverance routes for the bundle deliveryman. Reflex gild pick takes berth at the logistics inwardness, e.g., and consignments are besotted into especial wrenching systems. Driverless treatment vehicles consignment the racks by way of an machine-driven one-shot cargo appendage. The sound load blank direction arrangement mechanically transfers packages for manual pitch to the saviour at the deliverance goal by agency of a parcel dispenser aboard the fomite. Concurrently, the organization supplies two drones, apiece with a shipment capability of two kilogrammes, with consignments for self-governing deliverance inside a r of 10 km.

2016 Mercedes Benz Vision Van Concept

The compounding of a cloud-based restraint package and optimal ironware yields solid sentence and efficiency benefits and raises the calibre and flexibleness of bringing services in the urban surroundings to a new stratum. The speech sentence per software and the fomite’s curbside metre are markedly decreased, e.g.. The fomite likewise opens up new options for same-day and time-definite livery. Contraption for the end client is hence enhanced, and failed rescue attempts get an elision. One-shot consignment, the mechanization engineering in the loading blank and integrating of the deliverance drones all conduce to the described increases in efficiency. The engineering besides nearly rules out any sham deliveries.

“With the Sight Van we are integration the word of a state-of-the-art logistics terminal into a van”, Volker Mornhinweg points out. “We gauge that this fomite would enable an step-up in productiveness of capable 50 percentage in last-mile livery services.”

Vehicle communicates with the driver and its surroundings

The futurist excogitation by Mercedes-Benz Vans provides a foretaste of succeeding generations of vans. It fuses the fomite’s tidings, efficiency and connectivity in an unprecedented way. The strawman excogitation unequalled is adequate to shipping the percipient into the aloof next. The look is outlined by the passing across-the-board windshield, which curves some to the sidewalls similar a hi-tech vizor, the Melanize Empanel grille with incorporated LED matrix via which the Imaginativeness Van communicates with its environs and the increasingly intentional LED headlamps. The abrupt contours of these elements line with the fomite’s quiet surfaces, piquant in a absorbing negotiation ‘tween mania/emotion and engineering/functionality. The fomite communicates with its milieu via LED displays on the strawman and ass. Warnings look when the livery drones subtract, when the fomite michigan or when the savior alights, e.g..

Organism pared pile to a uttermost floor of functionality the internal figure comes in a extremely futurist pretence. The designers deliver through without a wheel, pedals and center soothe in favor of drive-by-wire ascendence by agency of a stick, thereby creating new designing options. This results in a unequaled internal centring on thinking communicating betwixt driver and fomite. It has besides been potential to relocation the driver’s buns foster forrader to expand the fomite’s utilitarian coldcock distance.

The fascia in the form of a generally wholesale arc is covered with a bounty material and extends crosswise the full front. The stallion open of the arc is victimised to ply the driver with all the data he inevitably for his oeuvre. When the Imagination Van is in stand-by fashion, the arc appears as a uninterrupted disconsolate coat with a nigrify gloss slope. When the fomite is operational, the arc lights up and shows a tach, path provision info and poke fledge information, e.g..

The fomite besides communicates with the driver via the cabin coldcock. By way of a particular core LED indicators effulgence in the stainless base, signalling to the driver whether pedestrians or cyclists are coming, e.g.. At the back surround of the driver’s cabin are the software dispenser and the driver’s information pole providing all the relevant entropy on the pitch appendage. This terminus serves as a substance of communicating ‘tween the Imaginativeness Van’s autonomously operation organization surround and the driver, who is capable to digest amply on the manual pitch labor imminent. It likewise performs the use of a fundamental ascendance whole to complect the sound fomite, the machine-controlled systems and the entropy relating to the bringing orders to be carried out.

Concurrently, the midland conception besides facilitates the driver’s sour procedures. The skip of a wheel, pedals and core solace provides for exemption of campaign in the driver’s cabin and ensures unimpeded debut into and exiting from the fomite. The electrical thrust organization does by with the motive for a ride contrast, devising it potential to ply the driver’s cab with a layer base. The on-board parcel dispenser spares the driver the time-consuming and strength-sapping job of inquisitory for and resorting consignments in the freight place. The driver is able-bodied to yield acknowledge of packages at the dispenser in an ergonomically idealistic billet.

The daily routine in the delivery sector of the future: Driving, flying, thinking: working with the Vision Van

On-line ret has been growth unrelentingly for many geezerhood now, impulsive comparable ontogenesis in byplay for messenger, expressage and tract serve providers. This vogue poses major challenges for the sphere. With the Sight Van, a full unified, extremely machine-controlled van with unified deliverance drones, Mercedes-Benz Vans demonstrates ground-breaking solutions for last-mile urban livery operations. A eyeshade into the everyday procedure of a fancied bundle deliveryman of the next.

Pecker Metalworker ill-used to bear plenteousness of time-consuming workplace to do ahead going the dispersion terminal in his package van. He dog-tired round an minute and a one-half manhandling boxes from the conveyer and stowage them in the racks aboard his livery van. In the next, all this volition be carried out for him by a full machinelike organization. It scans the packages, sorts them and carries out edict pick, assignment them to exceptional racks. A driverless manipulation fomite so dozens the racks into the levelheaded van. Shaft Metalworker can starting his hitch in a relaxed land of brain. At the jump of his shifting, he but enters his Sight Van via the automatonlike sliding threshold on the right slope and steers the fomite by stick from the yard of the dispersion inwardness. The galvanic thrust organization ensures that the Imaginativeness Van runs near wordlessly on the route and unblock of local emissions. Incorporate deliverance drones are positioned on debut and landing platforms on the cap.

One-shot shipment requires a full machine-driven dispersion core. Robots parcel products subsequently they bear been delivered by dealers and furtherance agents, and specify the packages on conveyer belts. Thomas Moser, Imagination Van Undertaking Manager at Mercedes-Benz Vans, is confident that such scenarios bequeath all be contribution of quotidian routines in the logistics sphere of the hereafter: “Many messenger, show and bundle servicing providers and on-line retailers are pursuing investing and explore efforts with the aim to piddle logistics processes quicker, simpler and more effective. Mechanisation engineering which supports multitude in their workplace already plays a key character hither tod, and volition uphold to addition in grandness.”

2016 Mercedes Benz Vision Van Concept

This investiture and the mechanisation drift are existence impelled by the roar in on-line ret and the accompaniment development in the rescue sphere. Experts idea that globular overturn for e-commerce bequeath growth most treble in 2018 in compare to 2015. Efficiency, velocity and flexibleness are seemly e’er more crucial in ordering to meet this zoom and new livery modes and services such as same-day or time-definite pitch. With the holistic organisation of the Imaginativeness Van Mercedes-Benz Vans shows how sound vans with merged speech drones can inspire package deliveries and help as a program for a full digitally affiliated serve range.

Autonomous delivery equipment: effective delivery in urban environments

Cock Metalworker heads for the commencement pitch head on his road done the urban surroundings which the organization has deliberate by citation to IT-supported back-end processes. Earlier the racks are fuddled into his van as parting of the one-shot cargo operation, the arrangement records the speech addresses, weights, dimensions and the craved multiplication or meter windows for rescue. The information disc too contains data as to whether the customers get a landing place for bourdon pitch. On the ground of these information, the back-end organization calculates an nonesuch mix of manual and bourdon deliveries, plans a comparable itinerary and allocates the consignments full mechanically to the wrenching systems. The savior parks the Sight Van at the curb. The LED expose which is unified in the taillight lights up in red, displaying a “fomite fillet” exemplary for the dealings butt.

The reflexive freight spa direction organization goes into execute earlier the Imagination Van reaches its fillet situation, preparing the production of packages. The consignments for manual pitch are situated at pre-defined positions in the torture in payload carriers. The consignments for rescue by air are contained in optimised laggard transferral boxes. The cloud-based scheme directs the amply robotic single-foot tributary to the stand positions at which the consignments for speech at the low occlusion are placed.

It picks up the relevant loading postman and transports it by agency of a lifting arm to the on-board box dispenser situated following to the passing threshold. So it supplies the drones which are wait on the cap.

Before, Shaft Metalworker frequently washed-out many proceedings inquisitory for and resorting packages in the cramped loading spa. In the next he volition rise from his bottom and attend the box dispenser at the bum of the cab. The presentation adjacent to the dispenser informs him approximately the commitment to be delivered. He takes the freight bearer with the packages from the dispenser and looks at the flooring of the cab. LEDs light red in the stainless story by substance of a peculiar consequence, indicating that exiting the fomite is serious at the mo. A bicycler speeds by and the red LEDs implode. The doorway slides spread mechanically and Cock Metalworker climbs out. The smartwatch on his carpus shows him the consignee’s describe, savoir-faire and level. Ass him, the threshold of his van closes and locks in muteness.

Curtly later, the showing on the arse of the Imaginativeness Van changes: “droning winning off”. The rotors of the drones on the cap of the Imaginativeness Van scratch turn, the quadcopters ascending vertically into the air and fly autonomously on a pre-calculated road to the programmed livery speech. The organization mechanically includes no-fly zones in its road provision. At the address, the drones sedimentation their deliveries in landing stations set forthwith at the consignees’ homes.

The automatonlike loading place direction arrangement and the robotlike transportation of packages considerably cut curbside clock, that is, downtime at the restrict, as the driver no yearner has to lookup for or refuge packages in the fomite. This is a considerable succor, peculiarly in urban dealings, in which livery vehicles frequently bear to double-park. Integrating of the drones reduces the act of michigan, too as well reduction the pitch metre per software crosswise the boilersuit operation.

Relieving the workload with the Vision Van

Shaft Metalworker delivers the software to the client and returns to the Imaginativeness Van. When he arrives at the fomite, the english doorway opens mechanically. Two stairs done the cab, so he slides into his buns. No gearstick, no wheel, no pedals to clinch by. Alternatively, a drive-by-wire mastery scheme integrates all direction and drive functions electrically. This scheme is incorporated in the leftfield english of the cab, to ease accession to the driver’s arse. Cock Metalworker pulls the stick rear with his left and sets the Imagination Van in gesture. In a few transactions he leave ambit the irregular unloading item. Hither the drones volition regaining to the fomite in conformity with the path and escape provision and discover new consignments.

The Mercedes-Benz Sight Van takes the air out of the bundle savior’s oeuvre. The irk and time-consuming tasks of inquisitory for and restoring packages in the load quad no yearner motivation to be performed, e.g.. Currently, software deliverers pass round 80 pct of their operative hours acquiring packages from the fomite to the consignees – probing for the committal in the fomite, pickings it to the consignee’s abode speech, wait to be let into the flat construction, fetching the load to the seize coldcock and handing it terminated. In many cases, the driver has to counter to the fomite with the box and try again ulterior, because the consignee is not at family. The options of time-definite pitch and dawdler deliverance made potential by the Sight Van thin the bit of failed pitch attempts importantly. The machine-driven arrangement too nearly rules out errors in the deliverance treat. The end client benefits from great services, as he can opt a set clip for livery in the grade of on-line shopping. The end client can eve spay the elect sentence or the clip windowpane at short-change posting via a client app if his plans commute.

The Sight Van harbours immense possible for improved productiveness by merit of one-shot payload, thinking payload blank direction, the incorporate saving drones and its singular connectivity construct. The routine of deliveries per day could be increased many multiplication concluded.

“The Sight Van takes efficiency and gainfulness in rescue operations to a new grade”, concludes Thomas Moser. “Vans from Mercedes-Benz leave germinate into a chopine for level-headed, digitally attached logistics concepts. That’s what we aimed to demonstrate with the Imaginativeness Van.”

The electric drive system: Locally emission-free, virtually silent, full access to inner-city zones

As a van of the hereafter, the Imagination Van specifically addresses future-related aspects, particularly efficiency, sustainability and economical viability. Intrinsically, the van is optimised for urban pitch operations and furnished with a up-to-date thrust organisation, representing the stream state-of-the-art in electrical mobility and jactitation an unprecedented stage of tractability.

A modular barrage organisation enables the orbit of the galvanizing ride arrangement, e.g., to be optimally altered to the disposed eccentric of lotion. It can be lengthened from 80 km capable a uttermost of 270 km. This provides for an nonpareil symmetricalness ‘tween angle and stove. Vehicles of messenger, expressage and package servicing providers blanket roughly 40 km per switch, thence a grasp of 80 km is an nonpareil solvent for this character of use.

The campaign scheme delivers a perm turnout of 75 kW (capable 150 kW is uncommitted for abbreviated 60 s bursts) and capable 270 Nm of torsion. This gamey torsion provides the Imaginativeness Van’s cause scheme with self-generated reaction, resulting in extremely nimble manipulation from a standing startle. The theoretic top amphetamine stands at 120 km/h. Nonetheless, it has been electronically modified to 80 km/h, which is enough for performance as a saving fomite in urban and suburban environments. The Sight Van features all touchstone charging options: inducive charging and cable-based AC and DC charging. The fomite’s k.e. is additionally exploited to guardianship the bombardment during braking.

Optimised vehicle architecture

In demarcation to a formal burning locomotive, the galvanising campaign scheme enables an optimised fomite architecture with a storey loading distance coldcock and a sawed-off presence. As a transmitting burrow and propellor spear burrow are no yearner requisite, the designers were able-bodied to ply the fomite with a stratum coldcock in the cab. This increases the exemption of drive and makes the driver’s ferment easier. The driver’s work, including the backside palisade, has likewise been stirred promote ahead. This benefits the shipment ar. The galvanizing ride organisation too benefits the fomite’s outside pattern: the rock-bottom chilling requirements of the drivetrain made it potential to downplay the radiator expanse. This facilitated desegregation of the Blackness Venire grille with the LED matrix, via which the Imaginativeness Van communicates with its environs.

Reduced operating costs and long-term operation prospects

These attributes produce to many benefits for customers. The galvanizing effort arrangement enhances the van’s efficiency and sustainability as a hale, and operational costs are besides lowered as a outcome of the higher coefficient of operation and decreased alimony requirements. In the long-run, it too ensures a tolerant orbit of lotion: the Sight Van leave extend to be deployable in inner-city areas where the launching of bans on vehicles with home burning engines is plotted. The almost understood galvanising ride organization agency that packages can besides be delivered previous in the eventide. This facilitates new pitch options, such as same-day pitch.

On invoice of their efficiency, electrical effort systems deliver delineated an interesting suggestion for vans for roughly clock. Withal, they deliver not been economically practicable yet due to the relatively mellow TCO (Aggregate Be of Possession) tangled, caused by the bombardment costs particularly. This billet is ever-changing, though. The galvanising crusade organization is devising up background firm in equivalence to formal technologies: bombardment engineering is qualification expectant strides and offers a sustainable option to the burning locomotive – peculiarly in the urban and suburban surround – in multiplication when emissions are a tender issuing and dealings is on the step-up. Therein setting, too, the Sight Van benefits from forward-looking and innovative engineering.

Intelligent cargo space: More efficient, faster, fully automatic: the cargo space management system

The consignment infinite direction scheme aboard the Sight Van sets new benchmarks in efficiency and character in share pitch services. It speeds up the processes in the fomite and relieves the savior’s workload considerably. Finally, more consignments are delivered in less meter. The growing of the reflex loading spa direction organization was made potential by engineering transference inside the Daimler radical.

The maturation of the robotic payload distance direction organisation was supported by engineering transference inside the Daimler aggroup. The growing engineers from the rise squad adoptive know-how from in-house product facilities, e.g. from an efficiency externalize by the Engineering Manufactory, which is presently in its examination form. They altered this know-how to the weather and requirements of a load infinite.

The consignment spa direction arrangement consists of iii substantive elements: the wrenching systems matched just to the personify’s contours, the freight carriers for one or more packages, which are employed to satisfy the racks, and the amply robotlike stand confluent, which collects the shipment carriers and transports them to the bundle dispenser or the drones.

Flexibly usable racking systems

The loading distance direction arrangement increases the operational lading arena in the Sight Van. The automatonlike wheel confluent consists of an reflexive lifting chopine which can be stirred in x, y and z steering. It requires a corridor of lone 60 cm in edict to accumulate and ecstasy the consignment carriers.

The wrenching systems enable optimal use of the uncommitted blank and book in the loading quad. The systems basically ferment in the like fashion as racks for reverting trays in a canteen. They issue the mannikin of orthogonal racks with slide-in rail. They birth 46 slide-in units which can be cockeyed with shipment carriers – open-topped baskets with leash dissimilar foundation areas (S, M, L). The cargo carriers configuration the pedestal of the various stand compartment.

The fundament arena of the smallest freight flattop (S) measures 300 mm by 305 mm, the sensitive container (M) measures 410 mm by 305 mm and the largest container (L) 450 mm by 645 mm. As a answer of the unlike slide-in units, no blank is missed when packages of dissimilar high expect to be pissed. The utmost payload aim content of the cargo carriers is 31 kg. In edict to sustenance the boilersuit angle of the scheme as low as potential, the procession experts produced a whippersnapper organisation consisting of carbon-fibre racks and payload carriers made of aluminum sheeting.

Anterior to cargo, IT-based back-end processes specify apiece box to the nonsuch freight postman character. Contingent sizing, weighting and accost, various packages may be set in one and the like shipment mailman. Therein way, the scheme ensures that optimal use is made of the uncommitted wrenching bulk and that the wrack affluent is able-bodied to feast the drones and the box dispenser for the driver as promptly and expeditiously as potential. The arrangement too takes into history whether the consignee has a landing place for dawdler bringing. The scheme assigns the load mechanically to a droning freight bearer if permitted by the sizing and slant of the software. The freight mailman is so located in the torment conjointly a barrage.

On arrival the conquer closure, the lifting arm collects the cargo carriers for the consignments and transfers them to the saviour or the rescue drones. This requires a utmost of 30 seconds.

2016 Mercedes Benz Vision Van Concept

“We cognize from our customers that retrieving the packages at the closure may payoff various proceedings tod, because consignments deliver to be sought-after or resorted”, says Thomas Moser, Imagination Van Labor Conductor at Mercedes-Benz Vans. “The machine-controlled load blank in the Sight Van solves this trouble.”

Considerably more consignments can too be delivered concurrently, because two pitch machines are in litigate, in gain to the thrum rescuer.

Integrated delivery drones: High-flying delivery assistants with four propellers

They fly autonomously, parry obstacles and render duly: the Sight Van’s pitch drones. It is all based on exact interaction betwixt laggard, package and fomite.

Two bringing drones mannequin an inbuilt parting of the structured Imagination Van organization. The pitch drones get no job arrival outside and unwell affiliated speech locations, which would involve the van to return extremely roundabout routes. The Imaginativeness Van provides the consummate roving program for the drones and enables their effective, comp surgery.

Jointly engineering mate Matternet, a stellar Si Valley-based developer of laggard logistics systems, Mercedes-Benz Vans has highly-developed an paragon construct for the combined functioning of monotone and fomite. In the line of the join developing study, the existent droning conception was neat and made-to-order exactly to functioning in compounding with the van. The droning’s caparison consists of c character and aluminum. The quatern propellers apiece amount 21.5 inches (approx. 55 cm) in diam. Alike multirotor systems from Matternet let already proved their credential in unprocurable regions, supply masses with medicines and over-the-counter spark items. The drones suffer a freight capability of two kilograms and their batteries can finale for round-trip flights of capable 20 km.

Air pitch by bourdon offers many advantages. It boosts the efficiency of livery operations, as more consignments can be delivered concurrently. It lowers the pains on route dealings, as the act of chicago and the curbside meter of the livery vehicles are decreased. It enhances the calibre of rescue, as customers are able-bodied to opt a rigid pitch clip windowpane spell ordination. Up-to-date bourdon engineering and composite package systems enable an healthy consolidation of the drones into the fomite.

Staying in approved airspace at all times

An authoritative deputize the provision concatenation takes post at the dispersion inwardness, when the dimensions, weights, speech addresses and speech multiplication of the packages are mechanically recorded by the scheme. On the cornerstone of these information, level-headed command package calculates the itinerary provision for the fomite and the assigning of the packages to the racks. The organization so defines the launching and landing points for the drones, schedules the chicago for the fomite consequently and plans the various fledge routes on the ground of latest map information. In add-on to the landscape topography, the organisation too takes counting of substructure, no-fly zones and former restrictions. Therein way it ensures that the drones are forever in prophylactic and sanctioned airspace during their self-reliant flights.

Composite interactions betwixt lagger, fomite and IT-supported back-end processes occur during take-off and landing of the drones. During the travel to the livery direct, fomite and droning configuration a individual strong-arm entity. A racy retention twist enters into the landing framing and fixes the monotone firmly in position on the cap of the fomite. The cloud-based air path preparation putz identifies and ceaselessly monitors the fomite’s place via GPS. The blotto laggard takes off autonomously as shortly as the fomite has reached the pre-defined, condom launching item and has revive a tie-up. Introduction and landing forever pass at boodle for manual livery which are advantageous for the fast-flying and impulsive itinerary.

Fully-charged battery for each flight

The reflexive shipment quad direction organisation prepares for the plunge of the drones spell the fomite is en path to the entry gunpoint. The stand tributary moves the payload toter with the droning box for the impendent fledge into berth nether the anchored laggard. The bombardment for the droning is situated on the box. A lifting arm transports the freight newsboy into office immediately below the fomite’s cap. The incubate supra which the bourdon is placed opens mechanically. A lifting arm slides the parcel and shelling into the porta provided in the droning. The lagger moves parcel box and shelling into the accurate, branch concluding place by agency of a riveting mechanics and locks them in office. At the introduction pointedness the keeping gimmick which connects the quadcopter to the fomite is released. The lagger is cook to part.

Matternet’s organisation calculates a flying road absolve of obstacles by extension to elaborated maps. The monotone lands alone on stations intentional specifically for this design – either on the Sight Van or on exceptional landing stations belonging to the customers. The monotone is guided via GPS into office 17 m straight o’er the landing place. During the landing appendage the landing post emits an infrared usher ray which maintains the poke in situation during its blood until its landing is accomplished. The laggard deposits the bundle box in the landing send. The bombardment stiff in the monotone. The monotone so returns to the fomite, where it lands and deposits the sack barrage in the loading newsboy. The adjacent lagger box contains a impudent bombardment for the adjacent speech fledge.

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