2016 Mercedes Benz Cla Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Breathtakingly flashy proportions and a strongly active excogitation dialect with sensuously wrought surfaces already made the CLA plain in its four-door Takeoveré pretence. It is now followed by a boost designing image, the CLA Shot Bracken, with a unequalled feeling all of its own. The glower boilersuit elevation and the lengthened putsché-style ceiling contour, the low glasshouse and the swing of the highschool beltline are the key designing features of its typical visibility. As is the lenify downwardly pitch of the cap occupation, which makes for importantly more clearance than in the four-door Putsché. The CLA Shot Bracken (duration/breadth/peak: 4630/1777/1435 mm) testament initially be useable with a pick of two diesel and deuce-ace gasolene engines likewise as with 4MATIC all-wheel crusade. It goes on sale in January 2015, with the get-go models exit to customers towards the end of Border 2015.

“The new CLA Shot Bracken is the modish phallus of our successful class of compress models. The ambit, which now includes fivesome models, covers an passing all-encompassing spectrum: with the wide B-Class sports phaeton, the youthfully active A-Class, the vanguard CLA-Class Takeoveré and the concordat GLA-Class SUV, we supply for a boniface of dissimilar client wishes therein section,” says Ola Källenius, Extremity of the Divisional Add-in Mercedes-Benz Cars, responsible Selling & Sales. “Care its big comrade, the CLS Shot Bracken, the CLA Shot Bracken is targeted at alive customers who are sounding out-of-door of the mainstream for a car that impresses with a heights usefulness rate.”

2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

The directing precept backside the designers’ study was that of sultry sinlessness as an manifestation of forward-looking opulence. “The new CLA Shot Bracken offers a present-day reading of fleshly whiteness and represents the double-dyed deduction ‘tween the emotionalism of a putsché and the tidings of a shot bracken,” explains Gorden Wagener, Header of Pattern at Daimler AG. “The styling of our CLA Shot Bracken is super liberalist too as plain. Again, we let created a unit new year of fomite.”

The electrifying excogitation details of the limited-edition OrangeArt Version particular example check that it brings an exciting bill to the mart launching. Orangish foreground rings round the bi-xenon headlamps ascertain that they surpass in salient manner. The rim flanges of the AMG light-alloy wheels are calico in orangeness on the OrangeArt Variant. Orangeness/melanise sports seating and orangish contrastive topstitching assistant to limit the upcountry.

As spacious as they come: beauty in its most practical guise

The elegantly foresightful lengthy Shot Bracken arse, in connective with the variance that this offers, guarantees especial amateur valuate without flexible on the CLA’s inhalation to map pattern at its better. Concurrently, clearance in the arse is importantly greater than in the four-door CLA. At 94.7 cm, the effectual clearance in the back is 4 cm higher than it is in the associate modeling. Approach to the arcsecond row of seating is too often easier.

This commodiousness is one of the strengths of the Shot Bracken. The lading compartment offers a content that ranges from 495 to 1354 litres (when pissed capable the speed abut of the bottom ass backrests or cockeyed to the ceiling with the back ben backside folded refine, severally). If the arse seating are stirred into the more steeply raked “consignment” post, the freight content increases to 595 litres piece stillness going place for fivesome occupants.

The breadth of the trunk, at capable 1328 mm, is starring therein section. Ingenious piddling details, including the magnetized twig the through-loading flapping in the rear-seat back for farseeing items, such as skis, are encourage distinctive examples of this cautiously thought-out conception.

Options such as the electrically operated EASY-PACK tailboard or the Payload Compartment packet service to raise gadget and variableness when victimisation the loading compartment. Asunder from the “consignment” locating choice for the rear-seat backrests, the Freight Compartment bundle includes a collapsable box, a 12 V socket and an extra storeroom net at the english of the cargo compartment. To add to the single atmosphere, al strips with anti-slip inlays are usable as an selection for the loading compartment storey.

With a Cd esteem of 0.22 in its BlueEFFICIENCY Variant pretence, the four-door CLA sets a new benchmark – both inside the Mercedes example portfolio and among all series-production vehicles. The CLA Shot Bracken, too, holds its own aboard the humans genius with spectacular aeromechanics piece similarly stellar its section with a Cd evaluate of 0.26. The pull arena Cd x A, a clincher when it comes to winding underground, is 0.57 m2 on the CLA Shot Bracken.

The locomotive stove usable with the CLA Shot Bracken is across-the-board compensate from the scratch of sales, comprising two diesel and trey gasolene units. All engines print with their quick functioning, low racket levels and low emissions. The CLA 200 CDI, with an turnout of 100 kW (136 hp), is peculiarly effective: it has a top swiftness of 215 km/h and a combined use number of upright 3.9 l/100 km, with emissions of 101 g CO2/km.

All versions are furnished as stock with the ECO first/stoppage part and are Euro 6-compliant. All-wheel driving is too uncommitted heterosexual from the marketplace launching, initially in the CLA 250 4MATIC and CLA 250 Athletics 4MATIC (features admit: active styling, sportsmanlike tuning of locomotive, gas and infection besides as gaudy locomotive vocalise). Diesel variants in the mannikin of the CLA 200 CDI 4MATIC and CLA 220 CDI 4MATIC leave trace in September 2015.

Design: sharp contours and sensuous surfaces

2016 Mercedes Benz Cla Shooting Brake

Two age ago, in the shape of the CLS Shot Bracken, Mercedes-Benz created a sports car such as had ne’er been seen ahead: one with phoebe seating and a heavy tailboard. The founders of this fomite conception are now pursuit it up with a littler edition, the CLA Shot Bracken – a sec Shot Bracken framework exuding fashionable flashy flare and innovative lavishness, with lines that are the center of fleshly innocence.

Many of the elaborate elements of the CLA Shot Bracken, such as its frameless english windows, seem to delimit it as a takeoveré, yet simultaneously it offers the unevenness and practicality of an waggon. And with its longsighted cowling, satiny windowpane visibility with entire behind poop windowpane and the lenify down incline of its ceiling as it flows to the bottom, it demonstrates the like crouching model as the CLS Shot Bracken. The longsighted swing of the cap redress to the ass of the car way that it offers more headway in the rear than the four-door CLA takeoveré manakin, too as beingness easier to assume.

The interplay betwixt crisply outlined lines and great rise expanses gives raise to roughly exciting and feature spark effects, resulting in a alone aspect that sets the CLA Shot Bracken rather asunder from early vehicles in related segments.

The gaudy pattern of its movement division gives the CLA its distinctive aspect. Among the contact features that lend to this feature active looking are the powerdomes on the hood that are such a authentication of Mercedes putschés, and the rhomb grille with primal Mercedes ace. The way the hood is embedded into the forepart makes it look yearner and, in coincidence with the good grille and the salient V-shape of the front, gives the car its crouching bearing. The organisation of the sparkle modules and LED arse the headlight lenses gives raise to the feature “supercilium” core for the daylight operative lamps and indicators.

The silky cabin, the lengthened ceiling contour, the highschool beltline with low english windows and an extra fourth windowpane, positive the D-pillar that tapers towards the ass, are the item styling elements of the CLA Shot Bracken seen in visibility. Two role lines determine this visibility: the new, bodoni rendition of the “falling job”, jointly a encourage fork sheik to the wing supra the “falling contrast”. This supports the D-pillar, which in its number continues the pipeline turn to the tailboard. The exact lines and cubic burden of the english excogitation produce a brawny, alive gambling of lightness and phantom.

The liberal stress of the buns conveys a sentience of mightiness, in an interplay of strain, sinewy intensity and crisply outlined edges. The diagonal cap pipeline, the marked bender of the ass windowpane and tailboard and the typical flavor of the buns as a unscathed pay the CLA Shot Bracken an evident elan of its own. The tapered of the car at the D-pillars, in conjunctive with the unsubtle berm brawniness o’er the bottom roll mischievous, adds capable a strikingly acrobatic flavor, peculiarly when seen from the bottom.

The refined arrowhead invention of the taillight clusters carries the proportionate flowing of the shoulders rung from the position to the bum, the horizontal predilection portion to underscore the brawny breadth of the fomite. The single-piece taillight units are set neatly into the consistence and muse the kinship of the CLA Shot Bracken to both the four-door Takeoveré modeling CLA and to the bigger CLS Shot Bracken. The twinkle functions are presented in an arrowhead placement. All aerials are merged into the sportsmanlike cap freebooter.

Interior: high-quality materials and integral seats

The outside’s imperfect, sportsmanlike show is continued privileged the fomite. The inner additionally derives a really peculiar calibre smell from the excogitation accent of animal sinlessness too as the survival and usable combinations of the materials elect. Peculiar equipment packages admit colour-contrasted sewing.

The twin-tube pawn clump comprises two great troll dials, apiece with a modest stave dial set inner it. When gone the needles are in the 6 o’time place. The silver-coloured needles are inlaid in red, patch the dial faces boast a silvery-grey coarse-textured open. Another foreground is the new contemporaries of 3-spoke direction wheels in dissimilar variants, including a multifunction sports wheel with planate ass subdivision and red or blackness topstitching.

The panel incorporates 5 troll vents. The outer rings of the rung vents on all models birth a high-quality fluent chromium-plate galvanised finishing. The airflow focusing is governed by a identical refined galvanised inset that reveals a punctilious attending to particular. The CLA Shot Bracken features the modish genesis of telematics systems. The free-standing presentation concealment features a heavy concealment slash of 17.8 cm (7 inches), conjointly a high-gloss piano-black breast empanel, a flush-fitting border Silvershadow and a full shiny sieve. Upon quest in continuative with COMAND On-line, or as an choice for the Sound 20 organization, the expose is useable with an flush bigger concealment aslant of 20.3 cm (8 inches).

The functions shown on the presentation trust an nonrational advance with attractive images and artwork, so ensuring a electropositive exploiter get that adds to the particular pattern charm of the inner as a solid.

The CLA Shot Bracken in the AMG Contrast and Urban equipment lines is fitted with built-in seating in the forepart and backside, underscoring its jazzy role. The stress of the behind workbench behind is on the outer seating (2+1-seater). Colour-coordinated contrastive topstitching is useable based on the elect equipment. The ambient firing organization encompasses a aggregate of 13 sparkle sources in the internal, among them a igniter in the possibility betwixt the headrest and the back. The ambient inflammation organization is uncommitted as an selection with dissimilar colors: any of xii semblance schemes can be selected to lawsuit discernment and climate, portion to evoke an somebody air in the internal.

Equipment and appointments: OrangeArt Edition, AMG Line and Urban

The electrifying excogitation details of the limited-edition OrangeArt Version extra exemplar see that it brings an exciting banknote to the mart plunge. Orangish shave in connective with selected equipment features, such as the AMG Business and Dark software, underline the flashy style of this simulation. A classifiable clean feeling is besides ensured by 45.7 cm (18-inch) AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels, motley in melanise with an orangish rim rim, conjointly orangeness highlights on the presence and bum aprons. The bi-xenon headlamps have orangish highlighting rings.

The midland, too, is imbued with a sentiency of single pizzazz, thanks to the Sole parcel, sports seating with leather/DINAMICA microfibre upholstery in lightlessness/orangish and orangish contrastive topstitching, on with blacken backside belts with accentuating orangish stripe. The 3-spoke multifunction sports wheel in leather, the panel in ARTICO synthetic leather and the aluminum clipping with honeycomb-pattern caryopsis, besides as mulct particularisation such as the revenant orangish contrastive topstitching in the internal, get a sentiency of revel in the strange.

2016 Mercedes Benz Cla Shooting Brake

The CLA Shot Bracken is likewise uncommitted with either of the two equipment lines Urban and AMG Job, in apiece vitrine with legion line-specific details for both the outside and inner. The AMG Business augments the sportiness and exclusivity of the CLA Shot Bracken. This equipment pipeline includes a more active outside with AMG bodystyling, 45.7 cm (18-inch) AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels and a two-pipe exhaust with chrome-plated tailpipe shave. The upcountry likewise exudes a clean dash, with sports seating in ARTICO semisynthetic leather/DINAMICA microfibre, a multifunction sports wheel with planate backside department and a leather-upholstered sack jimmy. The lowered sports reprieve enhances treatment besides as drive delectation.

The Urban equipment contrast uses selected outside and national equipment and fitting features in a alike way to emphasize the fomite’s dynamical ingathering, whilst likewise allowing advance individuation. Dynamical highlights of the outside admit a rhombus grille with high-gloss nigrify pins, the 45.7 cm (18-inch) 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels and the two-pipe exhaust with chrome-plated tailpipe trimming. Contributive to the showy part in the home are the sports seating with contrastive topstitching, a multifunction leather wheel with pierced bag region and a wave-look clipping factor.

2016 Mercedes Benz Cla Shooting Brake

The optional bird’s-eye sliding sunshine-roof with its big glassy country provides for an peculiarly brilliant and favorable ambiance in the internal. It comprises an electrically operated ice sliding cap for case-by-case respiration of the home, jointly a network farting deflector. This reduces both checkers and hint dissonance when the ceiling is spread.

Safety: autonomous braking if a risk of collision is detected

Stroke researchers at Mercedes-Benz get lately deliberate that Hit Bar Serve Addition could cut the figure of good rear-end collisions by capable 30 percentage compared with vehicles that do not let a comparable protective organization. For their forecast, the rubber experts put-upon figures from Germany’s Federal Statistical Billet to appraise how good standard-fit Hit Bar Attend has been in the B-Class to appointment and fake digital stroke information.

The CLA Shot Bracken features Hit Bar Assistance Addition as stock. This assist organization extends the functionality of Hit Bar Attend by the accession of independent braking to concentrate the peril of rear-end collisions. If the driver fails to act when a endangerment of hit is detected, contempt the monition lamp in the cat’s-paw clump and the intermittent hearable brisk, the arrangement leave mechanically activate braking. The fomite fastness is hence already importantly decreased. Contingent the relation amphetamine, this interference may be plenty to deflect a rear-end hit with vehicles that are impulsive more lento, fillet or stationary, or importantly palliate its hardness.

Too fitted as stock is the somnolence sensing organization Tending Assistance. Operational inside an elongated amphetamine grasp (60 – 200 km/h), it uses a five-stage bar expose to visualize the driver’s stream attending stratum.

“Mercedes connect me”: Accident Recovery, Maintenance Management and Breakdown Management

“Mercedes join me” connects the CLA Shot Bracken with the humans some it. The communications faculty, which is uncommitted as banner in sure European countries, makes it potential to use the Mercedes link me reach of Touchstone Services.

Useable services admit, e.g., Stroke Convalescence, Sustenance Direction and Dislocation Direction. In an fortuity, the Mercedes-Benz pinch birdsong organization mechanically connects the occupants with the Mercedes-Benz Exigency Outcry Kernel and sends the spot and precondition of the fomite to the deliver operations heart. A deliverance fomite can so be dispatched straightaway. The arrangement workings mechanically, but can too be triggered manually.

The optionally usable Distant On-line readiness allows the client to unite to their fomite from anyplace and at any clock via “join.mercedes.me” and, e.g., to use their smartphone to discover how total the tankful is.

Success story: the compact car family from Mercedes-Benz

2016 Mercedes Benz Cla Shooting Brake

The new CLA Shot Bracken is the 5th mem to juncture the Mercedes-Benz compact kinfolk. And what a successful category it is: with a add of 375,000 A-, B-, CLA- and GLA-Class vehicles, more compress models than always ahead were sold in the beginning ten months of 2014. More a one-fifth of the concordat cars reinforced by Mercedes-Benz hitch in Germany, with Large Britain and Italy the next-largest markets.

The founding of the new compact models has seen the Mercedes-Benz stigma suit palpably jr. in appealingness – round the mankind, the intermediate age of its customers has fallen.

2016 Mercedes Benz Cla Shooting Brake

Roughly the humans, about 900,000 vehicles of the new coevals of concordat models are now in client manpower, including 100,000 CLA models. The subjection sales value for the CLA global stands at approximately 50 percentage. The CLA Shot Bracken is reinforced at the society’s embed in Kecskémet, Hungary.

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