2016 Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid Estate

Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid Estate

Undermentioned its premier in the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz is now offer its about advance Cross engineering yet in the C-Class and, first, besides in an Acres example. The heartiness and efficiency of the C350 Board Intercrossed pass a convincing proposal in both its Pothouse and its Demesne pretence. With a compass of 31 kilometres in strictly electrical way, local emission-free drive is now a realness. Its four-cylinder gasolene locomotive, in coincidence with a hefty galvanizing drive, gives it a tally arrangement outturn of 205 kW (279 hp) and torsion of 600 Nm. The new C350 Board Intercrossed frankincense delivers the execution of a sports car and yet offers qualified use figures of fair 2.1 litres of fire per 100 kilometres both as a Pothouse and as an Land. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of 48 grams (49 grams for the Land) per klick. Both models are besides furnished as criterion with AIRMATIC air abatement addition a Pre-Entry Mood Controller arrangement that can be controlled via the cyberspace, adding capable a genuinely prodigious grade of impulsive and clime solace. The C350 Board Crossbreed testament be at dealerships from Marching 2015.

Professor Dr Thomas Wb, Mem of the Card of Direction of Daimler AG and responsible Grouping Inquiry and Mercedes-Benz Cars Developing: “The Add-in Loan-blend is an investiture in the succeeding of Mercedes-Benz and we conceive it volition get constituted as the successful engineering for uttermost efficiency conjugate with sinewy dynamical functioning. We leave be launch ten new Board Cross models capable 2017”.

2016 Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid Estate

Pursuit the C300 BlueTEC Loan-blend, the C350 Board Intercrossed is the s Loan-blend modelling in the new C-Class and the sec Mercedes-Benz exemplar to sport Add-in Crossbreed engineering. Thanks to the compounding of burning locomotive and electrical ride, Crossbreed effort systems return imposingly low phthisis, but with highschool execution. The electrical drive is able-bodied to supercede or backup the burning locomotive in situations where the burning locomotive does not do rather so fountainhead, and makes hardheaded use of zip generated spell braking by converting it into galvanising vigor and storing it.

The C350 Card Loanblend uses the presently nigh sophisticated mannequin of Loan-blend engineering. Its electricity depot whole is a high-potential lithium-ion barrage with a totality capacitance of 6.2 kWh, which can be aerated from an outside might rootage then makes an effectual share to the low ingestion and emanation figures. The barrage is water-cooled, weighs about 100 kilograms and is mounted in a canvas brand lodging underneath the bottom axle in club to maximize wreck rubber, impulsive kinetics and kicking spa.

Thanks to an levelheaded on-board charging organisation, the barrage can be recharged in round 1 hr 45 transactions at a wallbox or at one of the maturation routine of populace charging points (230 V, 16 A, 3.7 kW single-phase), which in roughly cases pass inside parking. Instead, charging via a banner domesticated socket is naturally besides potential. Contingent the connective, a tutelage sentence of roughly two hours is accomplishable (with 230 V and 13 A, 3.0 kW).

Disdain the spa haunted by the bombardment, the C350 Card Loan-blend lull has a rush content of 335 litres in its Barroom arrange and of 350 in the Land simulation, or in the latter cause of 1370 litres with the rear-seat backrests folded polish and, as e’er, a storey payload compartment coldcock.

Plug-In Hybrid for the first time now with four-cylinder petrol engine

In the new Mercedes-Benz C350 Add-in Cross, this Cross effort conception is combined first with an effective four-cylinder gas locomotive. From a translation of equitable nether two litres, it produces 155 kW (211 hp) and maximal torsion of 350 n metres. Its calculate injectant scheme with spray-guided burning uses electronically accurate controlled multiple injectant and immobile multi-spark lighting to pitch great operation joined with mellow efficiency and admonitory emissions. The galvanic motive of the C350 Add-in Cross has an turnout of capable 60 kW and delivers torsion of 340 n metres. A aggregate organisation production of 205 kW (279 hp), besides as torsion of 600 n metres, are thusly uncommitted to be called upon.

7-speed automatic with additional clutch

The Loan-blend faculty of the criterion 7-speed automatonlike transmitting 7G-TRONIC Positive incorporates both the galvanizing motive and an extra clench betwixt the burning locomotive and the galvanic centrifugal. When impulsive in all-electric way, this decouples the burning locomotive from the ride gearing. It too, notwithstanding, offers the opening of moving off victimisation the burning locomotive but with the functioning of a wet start-up grip. The grasp hither is a fill-in for the torsion convertor.

The performance of a sports car

The highschool boilersuit organization turnout and well-informed locomotive direction spring the car the active functioning of a spry sports car. And it combines this with the rally solace of a agio pub, on with fire phthisis and environmental compatibility at a story that, until not all that yearn ago, would not tied deliver been expected of many minor cars. The Pothouse can dash from naught to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, patch the Demesne, at 6.2 seconds, is nigh as straightaway off the cross. The Barroom can stretch a top hurrying of 250 km/h and the Demesne capable 246 km/h, both in conjunctive with qualified fire use of 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of 48 grams per km (49 grams per kilometer for the Land). Both variants of the C350 Add-in Loan-blend likewise fling the hypothesis of impulsive capable 31 kilometres in all-electric fashion, and frankincense entirely justify of CO2 emissions topically – e.g. in the metropolis.

A Hybrid is efficient, dynamic and completely straightforward to drive

Drive with the new C350 Board Loanblend is hardly as soft as with any former machinelike fomite from Mercedes-Benz: merely acclivity in, jump the locomotive and off you go. As you do so, savor its model efficiency and, if you so care, gripe polish to have the brilliant speedup of the galvanic drive.

The C350 Card Loanblend offers all the characteristics of a state-of-the-art Crossbreed fomite. These admit beginning and first:

  • Understood startle: the fomite starts about wordlessly and runs in galvanizing fashion. At this period the burning locomotive is loosely held dormant. Galvanising yield of capable 60 kW is uncommitted for impulsive in all-electric fashion.
  • Hike: the galvanizing centrifugal kicks in to hike the turnout of the burning locomotive by a encourage 60 kW – e.g. for speedy quickening.
  • Get-up-and-go convalescence: during braking and coasting, zip is cured and stored in the barrage. This vim can so be exploited at a subsequently phase for electrical impulsive or the advance procedure.
  • Making by braking

    The sterling voltage for heavy the zip intake of Cross ride systems lies in maximizing vim recuperation during coasting and braking. When the bracken bike is downcast, the galvanising drive thence initially takes on the project of decelerating, playacting hither as an alternator. If firmer braking is compulsory, the harrow brakes testament so interpose automatically to render extra clutch. This lap betwixt schematic mechanical braking and the galvanizing braking functioning of the galvanic centrifugal in alternator modality increases effectualness but corpse unperceivable.

    Moreover, the levelheaded locomotive direction organization of the C350 Add-in Loan-blend plant in the downplay to prize the nonsuch combining ‘tween burning locomotive and galvanising drive.

    Impulses for the driver

    One new boast of the C350 Board Crossbreed is the supposed tactile accelerator, which helps to slim fire intake and frankincense too fumes emissions. It provides two types of info:

    + If, when impulsive in galvanising way, the driver’s understructure meets a pointedness of resistivity on the gun, this is an indicant that uttermost galvanizing execution is existence delivered. If the driver continues to demoralize the catalyst bey this resistivity item, the burning locomotive testament give.

    + A duplicate impulsion from the ECO Help purpose signals that the driver should hit their substructure from the accelerator in edict to cut the burning locomotive and uncouple it from the campaign geartrain. Assumptive that the driver does what the two-bagger caprice suggests, the level-headed locomotive direction arrangement of the C350 Card Loan-blend bequeath alter the slowing modality ‘tween unpowered (sailplaning) and recovery, exploitation information from the car’s radian systems as its base.

    Individual transmission mode

    The composite engineering of the C350 Card Cross makes it no unmanageable to crusade than a schematic fomite with robotlike contagion. But anyone deficient to can too interfere manually and baffle the Cross interplay themselves, with the avail of fin operational modes and ternary transmittal modes. This is through via an operational fashion switching and a contagion fashion replacement set in the heart cabinet. A show in the halfway of the instrumentate clump shows the stream scope.

    Selecting a particular transmittance mood enables the driver to delimitate sealed functions that regulate the impulsive get.

    The pursual transmittance modes are uncommitted:

  • I Somebody: single definition of the characteristics of the contagion way, including:
  • Thrust organisation
  • Build and abatement
  • Guidance
  • ECO Assistance
  • Clime ascendancy
  • S+ Mutant+: uttermost supercharge functioning, really jazzy cogwheel changes, the burning locomotive is invariably combat-ready, peculiarly cadaver abatement and damping settings.
  • S Fun: enhanced hike functioning, sportsmanlike cogwheel changes, the burning locomotive is ever fighting, remains reprieve and damping settings.
  • C Comfortableness: supercharge functioning and convalescence optimised for quilt and ingestion, galvanising thrust/ locomotive shut-off potential capable 130 km/h, comfort-oriented stock settings.
  • E Saving: further functioning is consumption-optimised, recovery minimised in prefer of coasting outdistance. All-electric modality and locomotive shut-off are potential. If the sailing scheme’s itinerary counselling procedure is switched on and the Cross operational style selected, the scheme bequeath command the burster condition of the high-powered barrage according to the itinerary, ensuring that the electrical operational fashion is victimised as far as potential in built-up areas. The ECO Serve is too participating.
  • ECO Assistance activates an extra role, victimization the radian engineering butt the stock propinquity admonition arrangement in ordering to do so. If the radiolocation arrangement identifies a slower-moving fomite leading, it sends a duplicate impulsion done the “tactile gas” to indicate to the driver to issue their foundation off the throttle. The fomite volition so conform its slowing mechanically, exploitation the galvanizing drive to do so. Therein way patronise braking, peculiarly in stop-and-go dealings, can be avoided.

    Choice of four operating modes

    In plus to selecting a transmittal syllabus, the driver of the C350 Add-in Loanblend can likewise use the operational mood alternate to work the ordinance ‘tween electrical style and the use of the burning locomotive for impulsive. In the Eco and Solace transmitting modes, the followers operational modes are uncommitted:

    Loan-blend: all Loanblend functions such as galvanising operational style, supercharge and convalescence are usable and are applied according to the drive berth and road in the near fuel-efficient mode.

  • E-mode: victimized for all-electric impulsive – e.g. in inner-city areas or because the bombardment holds sufficient bearing for the residual of the travel.
  • E-save: the guardianship condition of the bombardment is retained – e.g. to reserve all-electric drive in an environmental zona at a afterward stagecoach in the travel. Electrical drive and the supercharge purpose are thence lonesome useable to a circumscribed extent.
  • Guardianship: allows the shelling to be recharged spell impulsive exploitation the burning locomotive – e.g. in rescript to assure a higher commonwealth of bombardment care for afterward parts of the travel. The burning locomotive clay switched on and fire expenditure may increment. Galvanic procedure is not potential.
  • In the infection modes S+ and S, the “Cross” operational way is excited. In the “Single” way, the alternative of usable operational modes depends upon the effort organization context.

    Route-based operating strategy

    The outdo scheme for effective functioning is prevenient impulsive. If the precise address is known because the relevant information has been entered into the seafaring arrangement, commission and sack of the C350 Add-in Loanblend’s high-power bombardment are controlled to guarantee the optimum use of get-up-and-go complete the unharmed itinerary.

    2016 Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid Estate

    Another key period is the essential that urban areas should be reached with a amply aerated shelling if potential, so that the fomite can be compulsive expeditiously in stop-and-go dealings – and ofttimes in galvanic way.

    Air suspension and Pre-Entry Climate Control as standard

    The new C350 Card Intercrossed offers the fellow stove of equipment and appointee options that are useable for the C-Class and, in improver, includes the enhanced puff boast AIRMATIC air dangling as role of its received spec, on with a foster comp orbit of pre-entry mood restraint options.

    Thanks to its electronically regulated unendingly varying muffler fitting at both battlefront and bum axle, the air abatement offers salient drive ease with minimum route holloa and tire shakiness evening when the fomite is pie-eyed, besides as self-levelling dangling all rung.

    Pre-Entry Mood Restraint, a encourage banner lineament, makes it potential to set the coveted temperature for the internal of the fomite ahead scene off – chilling it in the summertime, heating it up in the wintertime. This can be excited by pre-setting the leaving metre (can be set in the fomite or from habitation via the cyberspace at http://tie.mercedes.me) or now by press a release. This is potential due to the electrically powered refrigerating compressor and electrical warming elements for the quick air circulation. In vehicles with the reserve stipulation, the arse breathing or warming volition likewise be excited.

    Besides as the Pre-Entry Mood Mastery procedure, the charging of the fomite can too be controlled via http://unite.mercedes.me. It is besides potential to balk the burster position of the high-energy shelling or the fomite’s voltage compass in galvanising mood.

    Two different faces for the Plug-In Hybrid as well

    The C350 Add-in Intercrossed is supplied in the AVANTGARDE outside equipment business, which emphasises its showy, premium-vehicle quality. As an option and at no excess price, both Pub and Demesne versions are too usable in the Single outside equipment pipeline. With its graeco-roman grille and the three-pointed adept on the cowling, the C-Class conveys prestigiousness condition and a gumption of forward-looking sumptuousness.

    The Mercedes-Benz designers bear styled the upcountry at a layer which is seldom encountered level in higher fomite categories. This is apparent from the cautiously elect high-toned materials and their pleasant touching and tone also as from the preciseness of the delicately crafted details. Conspicuously set forthwith supra the heart solace is a centrally positioned free-standing fundamental presentation whole. All the functions of the drumhead whole can be intuitively controlled from a touchpad victimisation dim-witted fingerbreadth movements. Too useable: a head-up expose that projects authoritative info onto the windshield now in the driver’s study of imaginativeness.

    The C350 Card Cross is fitted as banner with H7 halogen headlamps. In improver to the standard-fit headlamps, two energy-saving LED variants are uncommitted: a motionless organisation and a active edition with the “LED Well-informed Lighter Organization”.

    Assistance systems for added safety and comfort

    Both the Bar and the Land variants of the C350 Board Crossbreed whirl the like all-encompassing orbit of safe and help systems as all former C-Class models. Two of the systems fitted as criterion are Care Attend, which can monish of heedlessness and tire, and Hit Bar Assistance Addition, which protects against hit at speeds of concluded 7 km/h and, if the risk clay and the driver fails to respond, can too tackle independent braking at speeds of capable 200 km/h and by so doing cut the rigour of an fortuity involving a slower-moving fomite. Promote systems from the new S and E-Class, either new or with importantly enhanced functions, are likewise usable as options.

    Vibrant infotainment experience

    Evening the staple reading of the advanced multimedia ground in the C‑Family is cyberspace compatible, if opposite with a Bluetooth®-enabled cell with information choice. This enables the net to be surfed without restrictions when the fomite is stationary. Too stock is a canonical telephone lineament, which connects the cell with the fomite via a exchangeable Bluetooth® port.

    Extensive know-how in the field of Hybrid and electric vehicles

    In 1982, simultaneously as it was unveiling the Mercedes-Benz 190, the harbinger to the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz too presented the commencement construct fomite with Loan-blend cause – a two-cylinder horizontally opposed locomotive served to care the shelling. A act of over-the-counter data-based vehicles followed until in 2009 the earth’s outset standard-specification Crossbreed cause with lithium-ion bombardment made its unveiling at Mercedes-Benz: for a age this S400 Loanblend was the virtually fuel-efficient petrol-powered luxuriousness taproom and the nearly successful Loan-blend in its section.

    The second-generation Crossbreed contagion evolved on the base of the 7G‑TRONIC Asset reflex transmitting. It premiered in 2012 in the E300 BlueTEC Crossbreed, the kickoff diesel Loan-blend in the bounty section universal. By combination the efficiency of a diesel with the advantages of the Crossbreed crusade, Mercedes-Benz set another milepost in the ontogenesis of the auto and modern into expenditure regions of 4 litres of diesel per 100 km in the opulence ginmill section.

    Afterwards the E300 BlueTEC Loanblend, S400 Loanblend, S300 BlueTEC Loanblend, C300 BlueTEC Cross and S500 Card Intercrossed, the C350 Add-in Crossbreed is the modish Loanblend manakin to seed from Mercedes Benz. In the days to cum the independent stress bequeath be on Add-in Hybrids. The accompany is too a stellar thespian in the battlefield of strictly galvanising mobility.

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