2016 Mazda Cx 3

Mazda CX-3

Mazda sets the measure for the apace ontogenesis conference of B-segment crossovers with the all-new Mazda CX-3 – and for a new era of go-anywhere exemption.

Mazda took a human-centric coming to development its get-go modest SUV. Rather of looking what the challenger was doing, the unlawful automaker alternatively asked what manakin this modeling would takings if its new and originative users were to be in the nonesuch post at every spot of liaison with the car.

Therefore the exceptionally ergonomic wide-awake cabin and human-machine port, prophylactic and easy-to-use smartphone connectivity organization, and huge line-up of sophisticated participating safe engineering. And the antiphonal yet effective SKYACTIV powertrains to accompany exceeding car-like manipulation. And all the pick: scotch FWD or level-headed user-friendly AWD, diesel or gas, reflexive or manual – the lean goes on.

No limits

It all makes the CX-3 a impertinent alternative for a across-the-board grasp of inevitably: A fomite that connects with its owners and fosters their fencesitter, combat-ready lifestyles. Designers spared no travail on the CX-3’s KODO outside, either. Mazda prioritised the values citizenry would feel when they got into the car and started to cause, selecting the shapes and functions consequently. The solution is a boldface parcel that rightfully stands out therein category as one bound to draw general ingathering sooner than polarising. Pilot, the Mazda way, the all-new CX-3 has all the makings of a biz modifier.

2016 Mazda CX-3


The all-new Mazda CX-3: An all-new modeling for a new era. Compulsive by its purport of archetype intellection, Mazda was aiming with its first-ever minor SUV for an uncomparable elan that instantaneously rises supra the push and says “this is it!”

In distinctive Mazda forge, the CX-3’s reform-minded shapes ooze fun and eff with self-worth, mirroring the participating life-style and educated, fencesitter mentality of the distinctive purchaser. So, spell communion many KODO – Psyche of Gesticulate traits with otc Mazdas, from the sculptured, streamlined lines to the compress rear-leaning cabin, the CX-3’s bold, big wheels, face mouldings and heights beltline too remarkably expressage its go-anywhere SUV persona.

Up breast, the high-nosed wicket with sevener fluent fins and chromed touch wings extending into the astute headlight touch understandably shew the way ahead for the Mazda stigma.

The glittering predator-like eyes boast wide LED headlamps with light-guiding engineering that illuminates the helping of the flank inside the headlight whole.

Larger than life

So, all KODO models are characterised by a potent ground, but the CX-3 takes this a “tone” farther with real 18-inch al wheels. The shining machined outer coat cultivation of their phoebe sets of three-dimensionally contoured spokes contrasts acutely with the gunmetal grayness metal configuration surfaces.

2016 Mazda Cx 3

Some backrest, the flawlessly crafted tailboard excogitation featuring a figure home recession emphasises the CX-3’s curt beetle, concurrently hiding the ass parking camera. The compounding taillights stretchability from the sides of the car into the liftgate. Complementing the headlamps, they lineament a unequalled mark touch with a slender amphetamine occupation and three-dimensionally contoured bracken lamp. The details emphasize the behind’s flashy SUV enduringness, rightfield refine to the outstanding treble release pipes.

An exclusive line-up of body colours

2016 Mazda Cx 3

The Mazda CX-3 is usable in one of club consistency colors including the groundbreaking new Ceramic Metal. It features a totally new grain that changes with the kindling: tank below pattern weather with a shiny, futurist core in brighter lightness. The CX-3 is likewise offered in Psyche Red Metal, Golosh Tweed, Green, Cryptic Crystallization Dingy, Meteoroid Gray-headed, Ti Flare, Dynamical Amytal, and Crystallization Gabardine Drop.


Unconstrained mobility applies interior the all-new Mazda CX-3, too. Combination the better of all worlds, from an spectacular field to an experience-enhancing layout, the pocket-sized SUV offers a cheerily surprising degree of tastily advanced solace.

Care all new Mazdas, the CX-3 is driver orientated and impulsive focussed. Backside the rack, it offers class-beating adjustability to shuffle the receive a joy for citizenry of all sizes. The bottom has 260mm of motion stove front-to-back and 40mm vertically, spell the wheel tilts 45mm and adjusts 50mm telescopically. Jointly the proportionate pedals, optimally positioned gauges and controls, and top-class figurehead berm and legroom, this besides helps preclude weariness on foresightful trips.

The SUV’s gamey eye gunpoint provides drivers with an splendid horizon of the route and the power to see the top 20% of a 100cm kid (or likewise sized objects) before of the CX-3. The layout and teemingness of ice likewise delivers dear reverse profile, fifty-fifty diagonally – helpful when ever-changing lanes or reversing out of parking spaces.

Underlining the potential

The cabin conception echoes the outside’s go-anywhere dash in many slipway. The cosmetic jury on the rider english, e.g., emphasises the breadth of the cony and by prolongation the CX-3’s unanimous terms. Early details fetch insidious handcrafted caliber, same the leash turn clime command louvers setoff by a discreetly slight horizontal blowhole. Or the instrumentate flock bonnet ruined in a sewn leather-grain face.

The futurist solid-metal mannikin of the threshold reduce, interim, says liberal, complementing the salient wickedness red mild doorway shave corporeal and coordinated kneepads on the center cabinet. The seating boast showy half-leather upholstery with a quilted primal incision. A leatherette/material combining also as material are too usable. And it’s all instigate tastily with the minimalistic lightlessness tonic colouring.

Interior finishing: the choices

The top of the contrast inner packet features pure-white leather and off-black Lux Process® upholstery combined with darkness red accents and a blazing machined aluminium-look ending for the metal panels. One alternate is an graceful combine of melanise leatherette and wickedness greyish framework upholstery, which contrasts with the like darkness red accents as supra patch complementing the easygoing inkiness cushiony cosmetic empanel with red sewing. Last, two unlike combinations of cloth upholstery are too usable combined with fluent accents, colored red mood command louver rings and a flabby inkiness cushioned cosmetic gore with eloquent sewing.

A market-oriented cargo space

The Mazda CX-3’s 350 liter flush expands to 1,260 litres with the 6:4 rip bottom seatbacks folded. One highlighting is its flexibleness, featuring a bipartite freight plank positionable at two dissimilar levels according to necessarily. The higher position flattens the big cargo rise with the arse seating folded, oblation sufficiency board underneath to depot items such as a foldable bivouacking postpone or card-playing equipment similar tennis gearing or a skateboard. The lour billet, interim, creates adequate board for two 67cm suitcases with the bum seating engaged. Either way, the gamey liftgate hatchway and belittled behind lip simplifies freight and unloading.

Connectivity, Functionality & Equipment

Rubber, functionality, com- garrison and connectivity seamlessly close in the all-new Mazda CX-3, enabling drivers and passengers to remain affiliated with the humans roughly them besides as the route before.

Cabin functionality in the CX-3 is reinforced round Mazda’s new-generation human-machine port. It has all life-sustaining controls similar the pedals, shifter, wheel and orbitual commandant ergonomically positioned to smell wish extensions of the driver’s consistence.

The Alive Impulsive Expose, among the get-go head-up displays in its section, plays a all-important use, providing real-time impulsive information in the driver’s ahead field. Amphetamine, directions and participating prophylactic warnings from the CX-3’s i-ACTIVSENSE participating prophylactic systems are among the deuce-ace items of real-time entropy displayed at any presumption metre, prioritised according to grandness. That and early drive information can too be viewed on the pawn bundle, which features a gravid fundamental analog tach with a digital speedometer and former gauges.

The 7-inch touchscreen presentation situated on the cony supra the core hatful is the hub of the documentary district – and the gateway to CX-3’s MZD Tie smartphone connectivity scheme. Governable with minimum exploit victimization the roundabout commandant on the center cabinet (or phonation mastery for many functions), the frame-up is intentional to support the driver’s eyes on the route patch enjoying on-line substance via the BOSE® bounty vocalize arrangement, e.g..

MZD Connect: Not just a pretty interface

MZD Join seamlessly synchs with smartphones via Bluetooth or USB, allowing occupants to safely unite in passage with the cyberspace, sustain with mixer media, or beam and obtain emails, vocalization or textbook messages – must-haves for many prospective CX-3 owners.

The abundant documentary options approachable via MZD Join admit Aha®, a swarm -based multimedia chopine with tens of thousands of wireless stations, podcasts, sound books and more. Users can besides associate with personalized location-based services too as Chirrup and Facebook sound feeds, replying with “likes” or mailing sound messages exploitation “yell” functionality. As for piloting features, the arrangement leverages NAVTEQ map information from an SD scorecard to appearance locations and routes. Explore for points of concern, woof stations or former destinations and only set them into the piloting arrangement.

Operated victimization the roundabout commandant or part control, MZD Join too features various Mazda apps including Eco-display, which allows drivers to running fire uptake.


Unconstrained impulsive fun was the discover of the back for the engines and transmissions powering the all-new Mazda CX-3.

At the mettle of the CX-3 beatniks either a gas SKYACTIV-G 2.0 in two index outputs or a SKYACTIV-D 1.5 neat diesel, with superpower transferred to the presence or all quadruplet wheels via six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive robotlike or SKYACTIV-MT manual transmissions. Both engines types are unconventionally effective, featuring utmost condensation, whippersnapper designs and measure i-stop idle-stop organisation. It’s all been through in by-line of optimal home burning and the outflank potential counterpoise betwixt execution and fire efficiency. Both powerplants besides cater an quick and one-dimensional reply to driver remark. And both follow with Euro 6.

The direct-injection SKYACTIV-G 2.0 is offered with either 88kW/120PS for FWD models or 110kW/150PS for AWD CX-3s, both at 6,000rpm, and 204Nm of torsion delivered at 2,800rpm. Featuring 14:1 compaction, the highest usable in a mass-produced carriage, both versions of the course aspirated “rightsized” locomotive flavour outstandingly prompt correct from a impasse. Dissimilar the downsized gasoline units so democratic these years, thither’s no turbo lag. What’s more, they’re intentional for optimal real-world fire saving; the higher outturn SKYACTIV-G too gets the i-ELOOP bracken vigor re-formation organization.

The SKYACTIV-D 1.5 besides features extremum densification, therein cause exceptionally low for a diesel at 14.8:1. Introduced on the Mazda2, it uses a turbocharger with varying turbine geometry that was especially highly-developed to ply sufficient advance in the metropolis patch sustaining yield at higher speeds. The SKYACTIV-D 1.5 produces 77kW/105PS and 270Nm, a goodish increment terminated the Mazda2. The supernumerary torsion is detectable as the locomotive stiff lull and economical when e.g. cruising acclivitous in top pitch at throughway speeds. In fact, this powerplant delivers top-class fire saving nether about any weather, whether FWD or AWD.

Power to the road

Both six-speed gearboxes whirl still yet reactive shift, either from the SKYACTIV-MT, a manual elysian by the fabled Mazda MX-5, or the SKYACTIV-Drive reflexive. A “right” torque-converter whole, the latter is refreshfully hearty in a section where CVTs and dual-clutch transmissions bristle. Particularly in “mutant” fashion, which squeezes more out of the CX-3’s gas engines on necessitate at the summerset of the Thrust Pick substitution on the inwardness comfort following to the gearstick.

Chassis & Body

Unexclusive mobility: The all-new Mazda CX-3 combines SUV background headway with the cornering and stableness of a compact. And a prime of fuel-sipping front-wheel cause (FWD) or Mazda’s thinking new genesis all-wheel ride (AWD) scheme.

Mazda aimed to attain the predictable reactivity to driver comment in the CX-3 and innate Jinba Ittai driver-and-car-as-one belief it strives for in every modeling. The automaker thus peculiarly processed the reprieve, direction and brakes for the CX-3’s angle, powertrains and highschool center of solemnity.

The SKYACTIV-Chassis’s movement MacPherson tittup and behind contortion irradiation abeyance was bolstered with stronger, firmer hanging bushings and retuned springs and shocks. The galvanizing power-assisted direction, lag, has a heights direction geartrain proportion in the diagnose of a punter counterbalance betwixt steerage feedback and fomite reception. Although this comes at the disbursement of the turn r, the number (5.3m kerb-to-kerb) calm puts the CX-3 among the family leadership. Lastly, the ass brakes standard unanimous discs preferably than drums to accompany the ventilated strawman discs.

Contribution of the the CX-3’s surefootedness is based on Mazda’s new-generation AWD scheme that provides powerfulness when and where it’s needful, and the driver motive not somersaulting a ace shift. Its nonrational front-wheel parapraxis monitory spying organisation utilises 27 detector signals to reminder route weather too as driver intentions. Instantaneously determinative how practically clasp apiece bicycle inevitably, the participating torsion ascendence coupler sends the rightfulness measure of torsion to apiece cycle, fifty-fifty when route weather are incessantly ever-changing. Because the scheme prevents fag spinning and exuberant rear-drive process, it saves fire spell ensuring brilliant drivability and fomite constancy. Low-viscosity semisynthetic oil adds efficiency by reduction opposition, especially in real insensate brave. And because its exponent take-off and bum derivative units are littler than the ones put-upon on larger-platform Mazdas, the CX-3’s AWD driveline weighs 20% less.

Simply sophisticated

Mazda is obsessed with burden and jackanapes high-strength nerve played a big persona on the CX-3, with most two-thirds of the torso (63%) by slant made up of steels rated at 440MPa or higher. The engineers level exploited 1,180MPa ultra-high malleable sword for 11 components, including the A-pillars and cross-members connecting the B-pillars, and 1,800MPa hot-stamped sword on the forepart bumper beams. Also existence exceptionally shock lively, the latter besides cuts slant where it brings the about welfare in price of treatment and reactivity, viz. at the superlative length from the fomite’s inwardness of somberness. On with optimised anatomy extremity shapes, which helped reduce extra grams, the Mazda CX-3 has one of the lightest bodies-in-white in its year.

Crash-resistant structures, meantime, employ straightforward build members whenever potential and a uninterrupted fabric that makes the person sections role in concord. One illustration is the back respite mounts. They engage a bifurcate construction, connecting the muffler top mountain to the cross-member also as the speed and depress sections of the liftgate possibility. Another is the bum heading on the liftgate orifice, which is smirch welded to make a shut part.

And to dungeon the inside silence and heighten bait comforter, Mazda focussed on block high-frequency randomness paths into the cabin (e.g. from the tires and locomotive) and concentrating vocalize concentration where it has the sterling force, e.g. on the panels, story mats and seating. As a termination, the CX-3 is on par with C-segment models when it comes to high-frequency disturbance.

Exit to the root of oscillation, Mazda’s engineers suppressed undesirable move by optimising the locomotive mounts and fine-tuning reprieve and soundbox inclemency. Duplicate detachment on diesel models suppresses unpleasant dissonance during quickening piece allowing the pleasantly sportsmanlike mid-frequency voice. And since AWD models are more prostrate to haphazardness and palpitation, than those with FWD, Mazda expanded and strengthened the relevant bottom cross-member, besides tuning the arse derivative’s safe mounts to curb ringing.


Mazdas are reinforced to be fun, and guard is a big portion of that. To this end, the all-new Mazda CX-3 features an encompassing retinue of i-ACTIVSENSE dynamic safe systems. Leverage state-of the-art sleuthing devices, from gamey definition cameras and rad to driver warnings systems, i-ACTIVSENSE is so alike a insight that commencement warns of imminent risk then, if requirement, initiates pre-crash maneuver.

A get-go for the automaker in a B-segment exemplar, Mazda Rad Sail Mastery (MRCC) uses 76GHz rad to reminder the upper and tracking space to over-the-counter vehicles. It mechanically adjusts amphetamine to keep a dependable length, relieving the driver of practically of the incumbrance on highway trips. MRCC functions at 30-200km/h and is evening effectual in suboptimal impulsive weather such as at nighttime and/or in the rainfall.

The Outdistance Realization Reinforcement Organisation (DRSS) displays the outdistance to past vehicles in the tool clustering, flash a monitory if the CX-3 is pursuit too close. Onwards Impediment Cautionary (FOW), meantime, sounds an awake if manoeuvre is needed from the driver.

Mazda calls its sovereign braking arrangement Smarting Bracken Supporting (SBS). Operative at 15-145 km/h, SBS detects onset hazards victimization millimeter beckon rad jointly a new monocular camera, which increases the organisation’s preciseness. SBS pressurises the brakes if FOW sounds a admonition, so applying them if requirement to avert an fortuity or leastways minimize the terms. SBS’s low-speed vis-a-vis is Impertinent Metropolis Bracken Supporting (SCBS). SBS besides pre-pressurises the scheme and brakes mechanically at 4-30km/h if its near-infrared detector on the windscreen detects an increased chance of hit with a fomite or obstruction capable 6m before of the CX-3.

Unsighted Office Monitoring (BSM) makes ever-changing lanes safer than always. Its 24GHz radian keeps running of vehicles approach from backside and in next lanes at 15km/h and up, scope off ocular and hearable warnings if the driver signals a lane modify into the itinerary of another car. BSM extends the functionality of Mazda’s Bum Fomite Monitoring (RVM) organisation, besides integration Ass Crossing Dealings Watchful (RCTA), which functions when reversing.

Making drives better

Lane Release Monition Organization (LDWS) features a camera that monitors lane markings to admonish the driver with a rumble-strip strait should the CX-3 accidentally ramble into another lane. LDWS recognises designed lane changes by, e.g., trafficator use.

Another camera-based arrangement, Highschool Ray Ascendence (HBC) monitors the headlights and taillights of forthcoming and retiring vehicles, mechanically switch betwixt highschool and low beams to obviate glaring early drivers. HBC too switches mechanically to low beams on well-lit roadstead and when travel at 30km/h or less. It olibanum eliminates the motive for manual procedure.

Course, not all crashes are avertible. But should one come, the CX-3 offers a comp attack to peaceful condom aegis that makes the all-new CX-3 one of the safest SUVs of any sizing.

It starts with the SKYACTIV-Body, which combines modern technology principles with whippersnapper yet full-bodied materials. The CX-3’s bod utilises exactly set high-strength steels, berth welds and co-ordinated architectures to expeditiously steep and safely circularise hob forces about and out from the cabin on a multi-load track construction. From the impingement absorptive breast respite cross-member that separates from the personify in a hit to the 1,180MPa ultra-high tractile sword at the pes of the forepart seating, the CX-3 packs lots of morphologic stamina into a compress torso.

The home has banner figurehead, position and pall airbags. Thanks to insistence sensors in the presence doors, they oppose more apace than always to incline impacts. 4 seatbelts are weaponed with pretensioners too as payload limiters to dilute insistence on an resident’s pectus, and the steerage calamus likewise moves onwards to protect the driver during a frontlet brownie. Strengthened backside seatbacks, meantime, forbid baggage violation. And with pedestrians in head, the CX-3 features a considerable knit district betwixt the hood and locomotive besides as a peculiar vigour gripping bonnet and presence bumper.

2016 Mazda Cx 3

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