2016 Lynk Co 1 Concept

Lynk Co 01 Concept

Geely Machine Grouping launches LYNK & CO, a new globular car steel with the ambitiousness to gainsay the conventions of the motorcar industriousness. Intentional and engineered in Sweden and innate digital, LYNK & CO introduces a new line simulation, an out-of-doors API, individualised services, share-out possibilities and the low consecrate app fund for cars. The kickoff car in the reach is the 01, a boldface and tech-laden SUV, reinforced on the Constrict Modular Architecture (CMA).

Our industriousness has been refinement excogitation and technology successfully for decades – but not so often the dispersion and possession manakin. Our customers’ values and preferences let evolved dramatically. It is sentence for us to measure into the futurity and reinvent the manakin to turn a comp solvent for mobility and life-style.

“This is LYNK & CO – introducing a agio, state-of-the-art grasp of cars – at the nigh approachable of cost points, ambitious and redesigning every nexus in the range. Our aim is to enrich and simplify car possession by redefining how they are bought, owned, affiliated, serviced and ill-used.” Alain Visser, Aged V.p. of LYNK & CO

The LYNK & CO 01 bequeath be followed by 02, 03and so onward as a full-of-the-moon compass – reflecting the stigma’s estimation of simplifying and thought-provoking manufacture conventions, compensate consume to manakin names.

The 01 is characterized by a potent personality in its invention, capturing both its European and Chinese genes, and the up-to-the-minute engineering – the spunk of which is an ‘e’er machine-accessible’ nation, and outdoors lotion scheduling port (API).

2016 Lynk Co 1 Concept

2016 Lynk Co 01 Concept

The LYNK & CO blade and the 01 deliver been highly-developed to accost the necessarily and preferences of the new planetary and machine-accessible multiplication of consumers. Its raw habitat is the mega-city and these unrestrained and culturally divers places bear provided often aspiration.

Global Design Language

Geely Invention Sweden, function of Geely Figure World – led by Administrator V.p. of Conception for Geely Automobile Aggroup – Cock Horbury, has highly-developed the excogitation ism and manikin nomenclature for LYNK & CO with accompaniment from studios in Impress, Barcelona and Los Angeles.

“The pattern abbreviated for LYNK & CO was elementary: the cars should excel from the bunch and appealingness to a rightfully worldwide consultation. From a length, we sustain a European figure overture. Get nearer, and you see increasingly point, such as the intricate lights, and the typecast of granulate on the national leather. A solid full grillwork completes the classifiable ‘brass’ of the car. We precious to recognize that our users are passing tech-savvy – a smartphone is an inherent role of their lives and our inner pattern reflects that and feels comrade in the setting of new engineering.” Andreas Nilsson, Psyche of LYNK & CO excogitation

Compact Modular Architecture

Technology and engineering for the new reach has been highly-developed below CEVT (Chinaware Euro Fomite Engineering), the divided Geely and Volvo search and creation core.

The new LYNK & CO 01, and apiece of the upcoming line-up of LYNK & CO cars, leave be based on the CMA (Press Modular Architecture) – an sophisticated modular architecture subject of accommodative many personify styles and sizes – which too underpins Volvo’s new compact orbit and many approaching Geely models.

“We get engineers with decades of see at roughly of the reality’s better car manufacturers development the new grasp of LYNK & CO models. A closing running kinship with Geely and Volvo, and age of acute digital and strong-arm examination suffer delivered very owing results. The architecture and the ambit of powertrains we suffer highly-developed are state-of-the-art, portion us farm vehicles that are warm, jackanapes, effective, fun to driving and jammed total of engineering.” Mats Fägerhag, CEO of CEVT

Likewise as its dimensions, CMA is too entirely modular, capable to lodge a all-encompassing grasp of unlike powertrains, electric systems, inactive and fighting prophylactic systems and technologies. Thanks to CEVT’s center digital pretense, the architecture has been highly-developed with ripe timber and far faster than established self-propelled structures.

Always connected

The essence and mettle of the LYNK & CO stigma is connectivity. Customers testament obtain a stove of machine-accessible technologies on go in the vehicles, all aimed at qualification living easier. All cars leave accompany a gravid key touchscreen and telematics systems that are ever machine-accessible to the net and the car’s own swarm.

2016 Lynk Co 1 Concept

The car has a contribution push, enabling the proprietor to cater others with approach to the fomite via a shareable digital key. Via the LYNK & CO app they ascendance, supervise and parcel their car from a smartphone – or straight from the car.

“Piece over-the-counter car brands are undergoing a digital transmutation, LYNK & CO is innate digital. The miss of bequest systems and the power to chassis solutions in the mottle enable us to digress from the old modeling of car sales and avail to land the client seamlessly done an omnichannel program, with nonrational interaction at every touchpoint – from researching and leverage and clear done to owning, communion, service and re-selling.” David Jet, Head Digital Officeholder of LYNK & CO

Open platform

LYNK & CO sets out from the beginning to be surface to external foundation and aims to be the kickoff organization in the earth to leveraging a nail commercial-grade chopine, to convey advanced applications and services to the client. Running with Microsoft and Alibaba to search a hale new digital client base for the car diligence, LYNK & CO bequeath pass new digital order, append, sales and CRM systems and usage applications for exploiter interaction. Ericsson and LYNK & CO let teamed capable produce the up-to-the-minute car connectivity mottle. The digital chopine bequeath lineament an API out-of-doors to 3rd company developers, which volition cater eternal opportunities to individualize, enrich and thrive the see.

Renowned Swedish safety

The new LYNK & CO 01 and all futurity models volition do at the forefront of the sphere in damage of fomite condom. A selfsame experient condom squad, draftsmanship on expertness and bequest from the Volvo Guard Essence, has highly-developed CMA, the fomite construction and rubber systems.

2016 Lynk Co 1 Concept

Victimisation a extremely advance figurehead construction, featuring press engines and a three-legged backup arranging, the come of smash get-up-and-go captive in a controlled way done the slope beams and clangour structures is maximized.

All LYNK & CO models are highly-developed to fulfill the modish top evaluation for Chinaware, European and US populace demesne refuge ratings.

Besides as all its peaceful condom features, the LYNK & CO 01 volition sport Advancing Hit Admonition (FCW) and Self-directed Emergency (AEB), Earthbound Sensing with robotlike exigency braking, Adaptative Sail Mastery (ACC), Dim Billet Spying (BSD) and Lane Expiration Cautionary (LDW) to distinguish hardly approximately of its dynamic safe systems.

Powertrains – electrification for all

2016 Lynk Co 1 Concept

The LYNK & CO stove, commencement with the LYNK & CO 01 volition be useable with a compass of ultra-efficient powertrains.

The engines testament allow fire saving figures and operation among the outdo in their course. Serving to meliorate fire saving and tighten emissions advance is a state-of-the-art seven-speed double-clutch transmittance (DCT) highly-developed by CEVT, which leave be usable crosswise the line-up, aboard a manual gearbox. All models volition propose electrified powertrains.

Premium driving experience

Highly-developed by extremely experient practiced technology teams both in Europe and Chinaware, the LYNK & CO 01 has been optimized to courtship worldwide tastes with benchmarks set against the bounty and democratic squeeze SUVs of the mankind. CMA is exceedingly blotto and the personify has been intentional from the reason capable derogate randomness and quiver levels in the cabin.

A new business model

Patch the industriousness traditionally relies intemperately on a franchise manakin, LYNK & CO volition interact straight with its customers. LYNK & CO cars bequeath be sold on-line or in owned stores in strategical ret locations, with rigid and pellucid prices. Cars volition be delivered, and picked up for help, straightaway at the threshold of the consumer. New solutions for car employment and admission leave be offered – from traditional possession and leasing to subscription and sharing-membership.

2016 Lynk Co 1 Concept

With traditional dispersion costs typically in the part of 25 pct of the terms of a car, LYNK & CO’s effective line simulation bequeath birth substantial savings, reflected in extremely private-enterprise pricing.

All inclusive but personalized

LYNK & CO has deserted the traditional conception of meagerly foot models and longsighted pick lists that make multitudinous habitus configurations and costs in fabrication. Elysian by the manner and engineering sectors, LYNK & CO has replaced “passementerie levels and choice lists” with a bare excerpt of amply furnished, fixed-price collections themed to satisfy client preferences.

LYNK & CO is intentional and engineered in Sweden for the globose marketplace. It bequeath occur sale in Chinaware in 2017, followed by Europe and the U.S.

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