2016 Lotus 3 Eleven

Lotus 3-Eleven

Heralding a new contemporaries of Lotus heights operation sports cars, 2015 Goodwood Fete of Swiftness saw the introduction of the fellowship’s fastest and well-nigh expensive serial yield car always, the Lotus 3-Eleven.

2016 Lotus 3 Eleven

Intentional as an uncompromised materialization of the Lotus life, the new car is focussed on providing an undiluted impulsive know, and underlines the companionship’s power to present fabled manipulation and vesication upper.

Operative on the construct of less is more, and holding roughly Lotus’ running roots, the striking new fomite features an all-new jackanapes consistency, with an clear cockpit invention and a revised V6 charged locomotive underdeveloped 450 hp.

Two variations of the Lotus 3-Eleven bequeath be usable: Route and Raceway; both delivering an telling combining of gamy functioning, nimbleness and preciseness. Based on the Route variant, the Run includes a more belligerent aero kit, a sequent gearbox and an FIA sanctioned driver’s behind with a six-point rule.

With a dry weighting of beneath 900 kg (Backwash variation), the 3-Eleven offers an enviable index to slant proportion, in surplus of 500 hp per t, and is able of sprinting from 0-60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds earlier stretch a uttermost velocity of 174 mph (280 km/h) for the Wash variation and 180 mph (290 km/h) for the Route adaptation

Speechmaking at Goodwood, Jean-Marc Gales, Ceo for Radical Lotus plc, declared, “We invariably say that to pee a sports car meliorate, you survive quicker and light. The new Lotus 3-Eleven carries that doctrine to a new degree, and is utterly in retention with our mark values.”

2016 Lotus 3-Eleven

Jean-Marc Gales continued, “This new car is a goliath killer, able of sticky far more expensive rivals. It condenses our technology know-how into one, hardcore parcel, and is so focussed that it won’t courtship everyone. This is a consummate presentment of the quicker and light conception, something which volition be all-important to all Lotus cars in the hereafter.”

2016 Lotus 3 Eleven

The new Lotus 3-Eleven testament record yield in February 2016 and deliveries bequeath get in April 2016. Output leave be circumscribed to good 311 vehicles in summate.

Prices beginning at &quid;82,000 for the Route adaptation (including VAT and on the route costs) and &quid;96,000 excluding VAT for the Run edition (£ing;115,200 including VAT).


The 3-Eleven utilises a bespoken form based on the proved Lotus pattern of extruded and bonded al sections. The Route roll-cage incorporates duplicate english bars for incline encroachment aegis, whilst the Slipstream coop has extra bars to fulfill external requirements for motorsport.

The Lotus 3-Eleven’s hiatus features whippersnapper, double-wishbones movement and behind, adjustable movement anti-roll bar and Eibach springs with Öhlins adjustable dampers. This allows owners to ok air the fomite’s treatment characteristics.


The new Lotus 3-Eleven is powered by a revised adaptation of the 3.5-litre V6 locomotive offset shown in the Evora 400, which includes a supercharger with incorporated water-to-air commission tank. Utmost powerfulness outturn has increased to 450hp (456 PS / 336 kW) at 7000 rpm and torsion has increased to 450 Nm / 332 lbs ft with maximal torsion useable from 3500 rpm done to 6500 rpm.

A close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox with a Torsen-type special slip-up derivative, featuring a operation hold forum and oil tank, ejaculate as received on the Route rendering. The Subspecies modelling has a 6-speed successive transmittal with a semi-dry cesspool, oil tank, circumscribed eluding derivative and totter shifting.

Brakes and Tyres

Intentional to match the 3-Eleven’s potentiality, whippersnapper bad Aluminum wheels are fitted as touchstone on the 3-Eleven, with either Michelin Fender A-one Play or Michelin Cup 2 tyres contingent if it’s in Route or Airstream constellation.

2016 Lotus 3 Eleven

At the movement 225/40 ZR18 tyres are stock, and to assistance transference the 3-Eleven’s considerable powerfulness and torsion to the route, the bottom tyres has been specified as 275/35 ZR19.

In decree to render the fillet superpower mandatory for such a nimble car, AP Racing four-piston calipers are complemented by two-way well-grooved and vented bracken discs (332 mm battlefront and back). Upgraded bracken pads are fitted to the Airstream rendering.

Exterior Design

Manufactured from real ignitor burthen complex materials, optimizing fomite angle, sleek and morphologic requirements, the 3-Eleven’s complex torso is 40% igniter than the GRP eq.

2016 Lotus 3 Eleven

This new summons is a outset for a output car, and an illustration of Lotus’ center utilising pioneering new engineering and whippersnapper materials in its vehicles. The option of substantial engineering has allowed extremum fomite functioning targets to be met, and service agnize the 3-Eleven’s active styling.

Undeniably a running car, the 3-Eleven’s strong-growing position leaves no dubiousness of its intentions. The dramatically sculptured torso dead balances the technological efficiency of a cartroad car with the coat nuance of a road-going supercar. Mannikin follows office, with a minimised crossbreed sectioned ar that keeps hale to a minimal patch optimising chilling.

As an uttermost innovation phylogeny of Lotus predecessors, the Lotus 3-Eleven’s new strawman dollar case incorporates bigger openings to present the requirement chilling for the powertrain and transmitting. This helps commit the fomite a practically more strong-growing position.

Two strawman rail-splitter configurations are useable, contingent whether the fomite is configured for route or run use, and the battlefront arches are wide-cut decent to back the car’s all-encompassing running and the new 225/40 ZR18 tyres.

Spectacular english scallops supply a pick outlet from the breast wheels arches, and the car’s visibility is henpecked by an aerodynamically substantial scroll bar binding. The car is without a windshield and doors, with the paradiddle bar full enclosure the bum coop. Too as generating downforce, the bowl bar forms a lively portion of the car’s homologation to outside motorsport prophylactic standards.

The ass grapple emphasises the fast-growing position of the car, with dissimilar rigid spoilers usable, contingent whether the fomite is specified for route or raceway use.

The new ass diffusor and under-tray, which has been highly-developed to insure minimal dredge, complements an exhaust intentional specifically to belittle backbone imperativeness and raise locomotive operation.

Interior Design

2016 Lotus 3 Eleven

Fitted with the touchstone aeroscreen and the optional rider bottom, a rider can be easy accommodated in the two seater. Nonetheless, these can be distant and the optional tonneau gore fitted – to gasbag the driver and better boilersuit aeromechanics.

The new cat’s-paw bundle has been intentional roughly a colouring TFT screenland, and can be switched ‘tween route and running modes, providing relevant data engineer to the driver.

A agile liberation wheel and Lotus sports seating with four-point harnesses are fitted as measure, patch the Run variation has the pick of a information lumberjack organisation, FIA sanctioned driver’s backwash behind, and six-point rule – too as a extinguisher & barrage defeat switching.


The Lotus 3-Eleven bequeath be handwriting made by the extremely skilled craftsmen and women at the Lotus Hq in Hethel, aboard the balance of the Lotus sports car stove, supported by Lotus Motorsport technicians. All 3-Elevens volition so be ruined in Lotus Motorsport’s consecrate workshops anterior to livery.

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