2016 Lexus Es

Lexus ES

Maintaining sumptuosity leaders requires a unappeasable pursual. Lexus, later handsome the ES meaning enhancements for 2015, maintains its impulse by endowing the 2016 Lexus ES with a makeover for the breast, bum and wheels; and new guard, connectivity and multimedia engineering.

The Lexus ES 350 serves as contribution of the stain’s scheme in the entry-luxury section, combine flagship-type quilt (including 40 inches of back backside legroom) with front-wheel campaign grip. The Lexus ES delivers substantial and effective execution from a banner 268-hp 3.5-liter V6 locomotive teamed to an ultra-smooth six-speed robotic transmitting.

The current-generation Lexus ES was already erosion the Lexus arbor wicket, the blade’s touch pattern have, and for 2016 it receives a more powerfully styled, eventide bolder, one-piece edition, framed by refined satin chromium-plate reduce. New measure LED headlights commit the ES a steely gaze at nighttime. A full redesigned figurehead dashboard puts the fog lights at the corners to stress the blanket posture.

2016 Lexus Es

The 2016 Lexus ES shows a more advanced aspect from the bum, too, with classifiable L-themed taillights and new chrome-tipped orthogonal release ports peeking done a restyled ass dashboard, as on the flagship LS. The freshened innovation extends to new optional 17-inch debase wheels and iv new outside colours.

Hybrid Powertrain

2016 Lexus Es

The peach of the Lexus Intercrossed Ride organisation comes done in its diaphanous surgery. The arrangement combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson wheel locomotive with an galvanising drive to engender 200 tally organization h.p.. It bequeath run on galvanizing drive or gas locomotive unparalleled, or a compounding of both, based on the impulsive post. The Cross Organization Indicant shows use of push and encourages effective impulsive habits.

2016 Lexus ES

The electronic endlessly varying transmittal is a encourage subscriber to the car’s shine behavior. Thither’s drive liveliness hither, too, and the driver can cut that by choosing from among foursome modes: Convention, Play, Eco and EV.

Formula manner could be called “unremarkable fashion.” Quality it when you lack an nonesuch conflate of functioning and efficiency for, advantageously, daily impulsive situations.

Switch into Athletics manner puts an boundary on functioning reception that you not lone feeling, but besides see: selecting Fun mood changes the caliber clustering inflammation to a flaming red and replaces the Crossbreed Arrangement Index with a tach.

2016 Lexus Es

Eco way favors fire saving, and in EV way, the ES 300h can be compulsive myopic distances at rock-bottom hurrying on barrage index unequalled.

The ES 300h besides has first-class EPA fire saving ratings of 40 mpg metropolis / 39 mpg highway / 40 mpg combined, on with, course, the power to refuel at any gasolene place.

New Lexus Safety System+

Start with 10 criterion airbags, the 2016 Lexus ES offers monitory safe done its racy construction and a all-encompassing raiment of driver-assist technologies. For 2016, the new usable Lexus Rubber Scheme+ Software combines Pre-Collision Scheme (PCS), Lane Expiration Alarm (LDA) with Guidance Assistance, Level-headed Heights Ray (IHB) and High-velocity Active Radiolocation Sail Controller.

High-velocity Active Radiolocation Sail Ascendance plant at speeds ended 25 mph. It tracks the swiftness of the fomite travel onward and can align the speeding scene consequently to assist sustain a predetermined outdistance. Should a fomite participate or expiration the lane or highway, the scheme responds with polish speedup and retardation ascendancy.

PCS can discover vehicles – and in sealed weather, pedestrians – by victimisation a combining of millimeter-wave radiolocation and a front-facing camera. The arrangement can monish the driver of a potential hit and can enlightened machinelike braking with Bracken Serve if requisite.

Victimisation a camera to find seeable lane markings, Lane Exit Alerting volition carry audio-visual alerts and oscillate the wheel if the systems set that the driver accidentally deviated from the lane. Lane Leaving Alarm, with Direction Attend enabled, can assistant the fomite hitch in the centre of its lane by swimmingly increasing direction torsion a modest number to assistance in maintaining path.

Likewise uncommitted on the Lexus ES is Well-informed Mellow Transmit engineering that senses headlights from onset dealings, and likewise the taillights of the fomite travel before, and mechanically adjusts high- and low-beam illuminance.

And yes, thither’s flush more driver-assist engineering uncommitted. The optional Dim Smear Supervise (BSM) with Backside Crossbreeding Dealings Alive (RCTA) helps find vehicles in english unsighted floater and alerting the driver to arse interbreeding dealings when backup out of a parking spa.

Entry Luxury Defined – and Defied

2016 Lexus Es

Invariably in pursual of optimum sumptuousness, Lexus made legion upgrades to the 2016 Lexus ES’s already comfy cabin. New home colours and coloring coordination, soft-touch materials added to the soothe and silver-trimmed pianissimo melanize threshold shift plates are among the details that dedicate the national a richer show. New trims for 2016 admit: Elongate Colored Mocha, Notable Pianissimo Melanize (replaces Forte-piano Melanise) and Bamboo with a lustrelessness conclusion (replaces polish goal).

The new wheel has a sportier flavor and look, and allows the driver to easy purview the gravid multi-information show that links to multimedia functions. A new switching thickening with a leather bang echoes the gearstick designing in the Lexus IS.

The 2016 Lexus ES 350 defies the “entering” office of entering sumptuosity, thanks to received 10-way adjustable superpower forepart seating; automatonlike clime ascendancy; NuLuxe perforate upholstery; a exponent tilt-and-slide moonroof; power-adjustable international mirrors with routine signals and defoggers; remote-linked powerfulness windowpane and moonroof gap and Lexus Personalised Settings to custom-make quality electronic functions.

Agio, Lavishness and Extremist Opulence Packages confront a reasonable tiered feeler to adding optional comforts. For 2016, the latter two packages add woo cut on the essence cabinet and an improved “boss” figure on the seating. The optional Bird’s-eye Cap is now useable with all packages.

The Best Connections

Smartphones and tablets suffer made acquiring info and amusement from the like origin a tending. The stock Expose Sound arrangement in the 2016 Lexus ES follows courting, strengthened by the mark’s expanded Lexus Enform sept of info and connectivity services for 2016.

Showing Sound features a seven-inch filmdom and includes HD Tuner&barter;, Bluetooth® sound, reflex phonebook transference, a fomite data show and costless dealings and endure information provided via HD Wireless. You ne’er pauperization misfire an old deary on the tuner with the hoard have – equitable suspension it for capable 15-minutes, say, when you pauperization to discourse the adjacent address with your back passengers.

With Lexus Enform Outback (annual run subscription included), the client can remotely survey and mastery sealed aspects of the fomite exploitation a nomadic app for iOS and Humanoid devices. Erstwhile registered, the app can maneuver removed doorway operate/unlock; removed layover/startle for the locomotive and clime mastery; fomite spotter, client driver admonisher and more.

2016 Lexus Es

Lexus Enform Refuge Unite is banner on all 2016 Lexus vehicles, with admittance to Lexus Enform reaction centers 24/7/365.

With Lexus Enform Avail Associate, new for 2016, the Lexus ES can severalise you what it inevitably, and when. Use the MyLexusandBeyond roving app (for iOS devices) or LexusDrivers.com site to set push-reminders and alerts for upkeep and help issues including, e.g., needed sustainment cautionary igniter volition alarm you and your bargainer of a particular mill recommended upkeep for a particular upkeep separation.

With the sailing alternative, the ES 350 includes the Lexus Enform App Cortege, a authentic in-car personal concierge. Use voice-enabled apps to look the Cyberspace done Finish Explore, shuffle eatery reservations done OpenTable®, get picture tickets via MovieTickets.com&sell;, mind to Cyberspace tuner, (including Pandora®, iHeartRadio and Shirker), lookup clientele reviews on Yip®, and curb in on Facebook Places&sell;.

Lexus Enform Finish Services comes with the optional sailing organisation.

3’s not a push on the eight-inch Expose Sound blind that comes with the Piloting choice: it can be shared into capable 3 sections to read unlike functions simultaneously. You can purview piloting/map spell too having a windowpane for sound or another arrangement. Speechmaking of the piloting scheme, the Lexus arrangement acts as a material copilot, providing 3D map with hiss’s eye views, prognosticative dealings data, detour prevue, ETA reckoning and fire send locations.

Putt legion fomite organization controls at your fingertips, the uncommitted second-generation Outback Touching Port (RTI) is the easiest way to accession multimedia in the Lexus ES. The reckoner mouse-like comptroller on the centerfield cabinet can maneuver the mood mastery, sound scheme, call, optional pilotage arrangement and more. Menus establish in the Expose Sound screenland. For 2016, the RTI restrainer gets new, easier to use “participate” buttons on both sides.

iPhone® users get yet another command choice – Siri® Eyes Unblock Manner. Micturate calls, choice songs from iTunes®, get turn-by-turn seafaring done Apple maps, and often more, all by request Siri.

Premium Sound, a Lexus Tradition

Whether you’ve departed all digital with an iPod® or smartphone for euphony, or stillness holdall roughly your CD assembling, the measure eight-speaker Lexus Bounty Fathom Organization plays on. It gives you the prime of victimisation an in-dash CD histrion, USB/iPod connectivity, Bluetooth® sound cyclosis, HD Tuner&sell; with iTunes tagging, and an incorporate SiriusXM® Planet Tuner (with all-access 90-day tryout subscription).

Again, height sound operation in the Lexus ES comes from the uncommitted Crisscross Levinson® Agio Vocalise organisation. For 2016, it’s now useable with any alternative software. Powering 15 speakers with 835-watts, the arrangement turns the car into a secret hearing way. Adoption from high-end abode sound, Clari-Fi engineering can heighten the audio of flat digital sound (orbiter radiocommunication, roving cyclosis, mp3, etcetera.).

What’s New for 2016

  • Restyled with bolder, chrome-trimmed arbor grillwork, LED headlights, new battlefront facia, L-themed taillights, semi-integrated eject.
  • Legion outside particular upgrades, including new cycle designs and outside colours (Fall Play, Gloam Isinglass, Caviare and High Tweed Bead).
  • Lexus Condom Organisation+ combination Pre-Collision Organization, Lane Leaving Alarum with Guidance Attend, Levelheaded Heights Shaft and High-velocity Dynamical Rad Sail Ascendancy.
  • New fomite connectivity with Lexus Enform Distant; Lexus Enform Help Join done peregrine app or site for fomite info and alerts.
  • New internal lavishness features and finishes, including Additive Night Mocha romance, Far-famed Softly Nigrify woodwind (replaces Pianoforte Blackness) and Bamboo with a felt cultivation (replaces glossary cultivation); Sandy midland.
  • Grade Levinson Agio Fathom and Bird’s-eye Cap now apiece useable with all selection packages.
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