2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

State Wanderer has reinforced its fastest-selling exemplar, the Stove Roamer Evoque. The sumptuosity press SUV features a comp compass of new innovation features and technologies to reward its condition as the mart leader.

Grasp Roamer Evoque’s with-it outside innovation has been foster enhanced with a excerpt of cautiously elect revisions. These updates admit a new forepart bumper, two new lattice designs, all-LED headlamps and iii new admixture bicycle designs. These changes leave heighten Evoque’s unparalleled excogitation to a across-the-board grasp of customers.

National changes admit new seating and doorway casings, new docudrama organisation, accessed via an eight-inch touchscreen, and the debut of new coloration and materials such as Lunar Ice, Vintage Tan and Nighttime Reddish (Autobiography but) complementing Evoque’s sheer architectural forms.

Country Roamer’s sophisticated new diesel likewise debuts. The new EU6-compliant four-cylinder Ingenium whole brings a class-leading combining of functioning, elaboration and efficiency. The up-to-date locomotive, which is intentional, engineered and manufactured in the UK, provides capable 180PS, fire thriftiness of capable 68mpg (4.2l/100km) and CO2 emissions as low as 109g/km. That makes the class-leading Evoque the well-nigh effective Nation Roamer always produced.

Gerry McGovern, Demesne Roamer Conception Manager and Foreman Originative Officeholder aforesaid: “The Compass Scouter Evoque kickoff accomplished then henpecked the opulence covenant SUV sphere generating ecumenical hail and sales winner. Our dispute has been to acquire the Evoque invention without diluting its classifiable lineament.”

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Jeremy Hicks, Panther Commonwealth Roamer UK Manager aforesaid: “The Evoque has proved to be an tremendous winner in the UK with sales of 62,000 since its plunge rear in 2011. Cagy figure, category starring residuals and militant price of possession birth all been contributors to its achiever.

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

“The 2016 simulation twelvemonth Evoque builds on this accomplishment with a new locomotive adjust delivering salient CO2 emissions refine to 109g/km and first; an all-wheel cause variant below 130g/km. This combined with levelheaded and relevant engineering leave ascertain that the Grasp Scouter Evoque is an attractive proposal to both secret and pass & line customers.”

Exterior Design

Evoque’s extremely suitable excogitation is a trademark of this epicurean press SUV. The entry of the slimline LED foglamps and a observably wider tow-eye masking heighten the new forepart bumper pattern. The hypertrophied air intakes advert to its betting role and produce a more deep-rooted position and advance emphasize Evoque’s self-assertive route bearing.

Two new grillwork designs are uncommitted in a stove of agio finishes. Evoque’s banner lattice is magisterial by two sheer horizontal bars and a new fine-mesh grill practice. Active derivatives boast a hexangular figure, and its more big meshwork ar lends a befittingly performance-oriented fiber to these betting derivatives.

2016 simulation class Evoque is the commencement Panther Country Wanderer to be offered with full-LED adaptative headlamps, providing higher-ranking visibleness at dark. This advance engineering has been polar in creating a touch headlight and taillight pattern, workings in concordance with Evoque’s spectacular outside. Enhancing prophylactic and creating an level more outstanding optic command, the indicant part is now merged into Evoque’s classifiable LED daytime-running lights (DRLs), wholesale crossways the wide breadth of the spark clusters. As an extra welfare, energy-efficient LED engineering reduces the demands located on Evoque’s electric systems.

Elsewhere, the classifiable hood vents antecedently fitted solitary to takeoveré models are introduced on five-door HSE Active and Autobiography stipulation, delivery the sporty lineament of takeoveré to the almost various differential. A new tailboard freebooter integrates a wider, slimmer high-altitude LED bottom stoplight and optional attention-getting new cap fins have an incorporated 3G feeler, for improved cell betoken.

With iii new debase cycle designs with two finishes and an encompassing pallette of outside colors with uncommitted demarcation ceiling designs, the possibilities for creating an Evoque to a client’s case-by-case spec are now most sempiternal.

Interior design

New seating and threshold casings combined with a redesigned pawn binnacle advertise a advanced ambience to the boilersuit inner. New agio soft-touch materials make improved levels of tone with a broader stipulation stove than e’er ahead.

Received models boast Taurus grained leather and powered eight-way registration piece flagship models boast new unique-in-class figurehead knead seating (optional) with 14-way galvanising fitting. Owners can take from capable 12 colourways – two of which are new (Lunar Ice and Vintage Tan) – spell client configurable ambient home firing provides extra optical play on the within.

New engines

The new aluminum Ingenium diesel brings class-leading efficiency to the 2016 modelling class Scope Wanderer Evoque, qualification it the about effective product Nation Wanderer always. The new engines are manufactured at the companionship’s sophisticated new £ing;500m Locomotive Fabrication Kernel in the W Midlands, UK.

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The all-aluminium Ingenium TD4 locomotive, 20-30kg light than its herald with besotted cylinder blocks and decoupled injectors ensuring low levels of quivering and randomness encroachment, is usable in two powerfulness outputs: 150PS (eD4 2WD) offer fire thriftiness of capable 68mpg (4.2 l/100km) and class-leading CO2 emissions of 109g/km, piece the powerful 180PS whole offers 59mpg (4.8 l/100km) and CO2 emissions from 125g/km. The 150PS whole is 18% more fire efficiency versus the Evoque’s old diesel engines.

A reach of ripe features suffer been applied to the Ingenium engines to insure owing environmental execution, including varying valve timing and a serial of low detrition technologies. Selective catalytic decrease and a new low-pressure fumes gas recirculation organization importantly dilute NOx emissions.

Serve intervals for the TD4 locomotive let been protracted from 16,000 miles to 21,000 miles to slim run costs on the new whippersnapper engines.

The 2016 manakin twelvemonth Evoque is besides offered with State Scouter’s existent ripe 240PS Si4 gasoline locomotive. Delivering hard functioning, Si4 derivatives can quicken from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in good 7.6 seconds and accomplish a top velocity of 217km/h (135mph), and restitution fire saving of 36mpg (7.8 l/100km) and CO2 emissions of 181g/km.

Efficient Capability

The 2016 simulation class Scope Scouter Evoque volition be the commencement Farming Wanderer fomite to be designated as an ‘E-Capability’ variate. The well-nigh effective models testament habiliment a disconsolate ‘Evoque’ badge, applied to the eD4 109g/km (coupe) and 113g/km (five-door) front-wheel effort derivatives, highlight the condition of Demesne Wanderer’s well-nigh effective vehicles.

Advanced consumer-centric technology

The stove of improvements engineered into the 2016 framework yr Reach Wanderer Evoque includes a serial of new gismo features, with an all-new eight-inch InControlTM Hint touchscreen docudrama organisation providing a more nonrational know.

InControlTM Feeling is fitted as criterion equipment on SE Evoque models, featuring easy-to-navigate menus and allowing users to filch ‘tween screens barely alike a smartphone. InControlTM Apps allows owners to approach many democratic smartphone apps victimization the centrally-mounted touchscreen on the cardinal solace.

Additionally, the six-speaker stereo can be upgraded to admit SD-card based planet pilotage, with DAB wireless featuring as measure crossways the scope.

InControlTM Signature Positive, stock on HSE Active and Autobiography, can besides be specified, comprising HDD-based pilotage, a rear-seat amusement organisation ended with a duet of eight-inch telecasting screens and radio digital headphones, and an 11- or 17-speaker Height sound arrangement.

An modern hands-free tailboard part besides adds a new property to the contraption of Evoque possession. It allows owners to mechanically out-of-doors and finish the tailboard by wave a foundation below the ass bumper, whilst not flexible surety. The handy lineament is eve compatible with a tow bar and greatly improves accession to the baggage quad when reverting to the fomite with bags of shopping.

Class-leading capability

The 2016 simulation twelvemonth Grasp Scouter Evoque’s class-leading capableness has been enhanced by the entry of Farming Wanderer’s innovational All-Terrain Build Ascendence (ATPC), outset seen on the Stove Scouter and Scope Wanderer Play.

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The stress-reducing engineering maintains a pre-determined hurrying (selected victimisation the sail ascendence procedure) in advancing or turnabout gears ‘tween 1.1mph and 19mph (1.8km/h to 30km/h), allowing the driver to center negotiating crafty terrain. ATPC makes Evoque’s class-leading off-road capacity more approachable and pleasurable than e’er.

Safety features

A orbit of groundbreaking new features raise 2016 simulation class Evoque’s comp align of rubber features. Lane-Keeping Aid uses the stereophony digital camera to foreclose unintended lane changes by monitoring route markings. If the fomite begins to movement into an contiguous lane without the driver signalling ahead, Lane-Keeping Attend applies a appease direction chastisement to sustain its lane situation.

Self-reliant Pinch Braking (AEB) prevents or greatly reduces the rigour of accidents in the issue of the driver flunk to takings hindrance activeness.

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Exploitation an advance forward-facing stereophony digital camera, the scheme can distinguish potentiality hazards forrader. If a hit jeopardy is detected, the driver is alerted by optical and hearable prompts and, if the driver fails to takings manoeuvre, the arrangement helps to debar collisions infra 32mph (50km/h), and reduces the rigour of an encroachment at speeds beneath 50mph, (80km/h).

Care Serve Approximation completes the trinity of advance new refuge systems fitted to 2016 example yr Evoque. It monitors direction inputs to discover when a driver is at chance of dropping benumbed at the cycle. Hearable alarms and optical warnings bespeak when somnolence is detected.

Evoque: the most desirable luxury compact SUV

The 2016 modelling twelvemonth Evoque’s shave levels sustain been realigned to compeer those of the Grasp Scouter Fun so customers sustain the alternative of iii highly-desirable models: SE, HSE Active and Autobiography.

More 400,000 Evoques get been produced globally since its creation in 2011 devising the agio compress SUV the fastest-selling Farming Wanderer ever. Finis class, 2014, pronounced the Evoque’s almost successful twelvemonth to appointment, with 125,364 world sales.

This sales achiever has been attended by decisive hail, as Evoque has won more 165 external awards since establish. The staggeringly successful simulation testament too be the well-nigh effective car in its grade when deliveries get in Grand 2015, in o’er 170 markets ecumenical.

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