2016 Lancia Ypsilon

Lancia Ypsilon

Consummate compounding of elegance and maneuverability on 4 wheels, a car in which manikin and functionality go hand-in-hand, and an anti-conformist manakin which boldly expresses its own personality: these are the features which suffer made Ypsilon a proved achiever for iv generations with 2.7 billion sold crosswise Europe.

Nowadays the nightstick passes to the New Lancia Ypsilon that, to uphold to be one of the cars preferable by women, undergoes a replenishment comely eve more refined and operational likewise as offer exact details, graceful materials, and an tending to excogitation distinctive of Lancia, and ostensible altogether ternary of the versions useable at the clock of launching: Silver-tongued, Amber and Pt.

On sale from September 2015 crossways the master European markets, the New Ypsilon can be furnished with two gasoline engines, a 69 hp 1.2 with manual gearbox or 85 hp 0.9 TwinAir Turbo combined with semi-automatic transmittance. Instead, the 95 hp 1.3 Multijet diesel, eco-friendly and fuel-efficient (barely 95 g/km of CO2), utter the topper of nowadays’s technology in the battlefield of pocket-size turbo diesels. Complemental the scope are the bi-fuel Ecochic versions for cost-efficient run and gamey grasp: the 69 hp 1.2 LPG/Gasolene (110 g/km of CO2) and the 80 hp two-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Methane/Gasoline which guarantees low emissions (86 g/km of CO2) and signally vivid functioning. The locomotive types, all Euro 6, are mellow acting but offering contained expenditure and are environmentally favorable thanks to the Ecochic Turbo Methane and LPG stove.

2016 Lancia Ypsilon

External design: a daily fashion show through the city streets

The New Ypsilon retains its qualities of concentration and versatility. It has 5 doors and constrict dimensions, 384 cm in duration, 168 wide-cut, 152 high-pitched, with 239 cm wheelbase. These features pass apotheosis for urban use. The car boasts a new invention that gives it a saucy, bodoni show that still cadaver fold to its persona and singularity. The stylus of the exteriors, e’er a key intellect for buying the simulation, has been reinterpreted by designers at the Lancia Elan Kernel to devote the car a freshman, proportionate aspect by emphasising the horizontal lines. Therein fashion, it is eve more entrancing, balanced and wide-cut of part patch unexpended concordat and hardheaded to be nonesuch in metropolis dealings.

Specifically, the new movement grillwork has a honeycomb construction and its speed visibility adopts the gloss of the bod, spell the lour one is chrome-coated. The Lancia harbour is now subtly supported by the grillwork itself, that underlines its frown visibility, gift it a outstanding place. Flush the bumper presents the like normal, underlined with a chromium-plate cut-in. The boilersuit optic impression is one of greater breadth that accentuates its personality on the route.

2016 Lancia Ypsilon

The enclose in the lour portion of the behind bumper now takes on the gloss of the flesh: a dim-witted adjustment for a big resultant in price of flair. With this magic, the behind appears eventide more streamline and refined.

The colouring pallette is too renewed, with two new tones in summation to the iii pastel sunglasses, six metal/metal-flake colors and three-coat tweed. Thither is soft “Smartness Pearl” that, neat and wise at the like multiplication, amply expresses the Ypsilon heart, and the refined “Blu di Blu”: a semblance that reinterprets the historical liverish of the mark with part and elegance.

2016 Lancia Ypsilon

Elegance and functionality in the new vehicle

The interiors of the New Ypsilon sustain been cautiously updated, to fulfil usance necessarily patch too respecting the up-to-the-minute trends in footing of colors and materials, and are the solvent of deliberate enquiry into the colors, corporeal survival and aid to item. New fabrics get been victimized for the upholstery, piece the seating and cony are created with new technologies.

2016 Lancia Ypsilon

In the Fluent edition, upholstery is in printed cloth with “déalumnusé” motive, usable in the melanize and gray compounding matched with the new grayness bolt or in blackness and dark matched with the new bluing sprint. The new grain of the coney, matched to the national, transmits a sentiency of grandness and gives the boilersuit inner a more pronounced contact of hex. A modernistic place that exploits the virtually advanced mold technologies, consecrate to unseasoned customers looking an graceful, stylish car that is maneuverable and economically approachable but, concurrently, boasts a firm personality.

The Amber reading has framework and velvety interiors which are exceedingly balmy and pleasant to the ghost. The unorthodox geometrical stripes theme which adorns the behind backs and cushions is created victimization a innovative typewrite of velvety, spell the uniformness of the cony is ensured by its sleek rise that embellishes the full rider compartment. Created for new, mod women who lack to appealingness, two colouration combinations are usable for the interiors, both with emollient inserts: the kickoff result features sienna and nigrify combined with a sienna fascia, patch the secondment has blacken interiors and nigrify fascia.

The Dinamica® material combined with leather is the key component of the Pt variant. The geometrical rule embellished with contrastive sewing conveys the printing of existence in a cozily well-situated and graceful loaf; matched with the inkiness leather, on the sides of the seating and on the hyrax, it gives a more neat boilersuit feeling. Two variants of these interiors are useable: blackness leather and blackness Dinamica® or lightlessness leather and peacenik gray Dinamica®. Whatsoever the alternative, the color combinations are everlasting for demanding women who see the grandness of details.

The tool panels are likewise new, for more straightaway interpretation, as is the gearing joystick pommel, now more wanted and ergonomic. The interior solace has been improved, specially thanks to the altogether redesigned fundamental burrow that, collectively the new mitt boxes, has inner content increased to 3 litres, injecting the “Forge Metropolis Car” with greater versatility.

Another key introduction is UconnectTM, the new docudrama arrangement, measure with all versions start from Golden, which allows the multimedia devices to be managed via a compounding of the 5″ touchscreen, wheel controls and user-friendly art. From the tuner to the master multimedia backup systems which can be machine-accessible via USB porthole, Aux-in connecter or Bluetooth sound cyclosis.

The new docudrama arrangement provides a across-the-board grasp of functions, including Bluetooth hands-free scheme, part realisation, role for interpretation schoolbook messages standard on compatible telephones exploitation “schoolbook to words” engineering. Eventually, DAB digital tuner is usable on need.

2016 Lancia Ypsilon

Latest generation infotainment with the UconnectTM system

UconnectTM Survive services are now debuting in the New Ypsilon. The UconnectTM Survive app can be downloaded to smartphones from Apple Storage or Google Gaming Shop. As presently as the smartphone is machine-accessible to the car, legion apps can be viewed and chequered via the touchscreen of the UconnectTM organisation. The apps sustain be redesigned and altered for use patch drive to livelihood hard on the route. Accessibility of UconnectTM Exist leave be gradually prolonged crossways Europe.

2016 Lancia Ypsilon

UconnectTM Endure provides organize admission, via the touchscreen, to Tuneln net wireless, with more 100,000 outside stations; Deezer Net medicine, which offers more 35 gazillion tracks for Deezer Bounty users; Reuters, to living updated on man tidings; Facebook and Chirrup, to dungeon in ghost with your friends. Eventually, it can too be put-upon to admittance eco:Thrust, the prize fetching drive panache app which allows to virgule fire usance by capable 16% and contributes to reduction CO2 emissions by providing impulsive tips in genuine sentence.

UconnectTM Experience connects straightaway to my:Car with genuine metre warnings, overhaul deadline memos and an interactional possessor enchiridion to superintend car sustenance as outflank as potential. Moreover, when a smartphone is attached via Bluetooth, the almost significant warnings are transferred to the UconnectTM Exist personal bill to shuffle service promiscuous as ne’er earlier. Eventually, the “Uncovering MyCar” purpose allows to immortalise where the car is parked on a smartphone to site it again well exploitation planet information.

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