2016 Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage

The all-new Kia Sportage made its globular entry at the 2015 Frankfurt Outside Drive Appearance, with an attractive, all-new upcountry and outside innovation, a server of forward-looking new engineering features and greater calibre.

Now entry its fourth-generation, the new Kia Sportage concordat SUV builds comprehensively on the achiever of the forthcoming modelling, oblation an forward-looking and advanced parcel to buyers in an progressively free-enterprise mart. The new-look home features superiority materials and innovation unity, likewise as big practicality and a scope of technologies to meliorate ease, gadget, connectivity and safe. A reach of new and updated engines and transmissions volition answer in enhanced efficiency and execution, piece rag, treatment and nicety are all improved.

First, a new ‘GT Contrast’ stipulation is useable to Sportage customers. Intentional and engineered to charm to those looking a sportier impulsive feel from their Sportage, the GT Business spec delivers all the versatility of the touchstone Sportage spell adding greater optical and dynamical collection to those customers that want it.

Michael Kale, Ceo, Kia Motors Europe, commented: “The Kia Sportage has helped effort our sustained outgrowth and achiever crosswise Europe in late geezerhood. It’s an fabulously significant car for us, specially as more customers are turn to SUVs and competitor in the chop-chop development covenant section is now fiercer than always.”

2016 Kia Sportage

Kail added: “In Europe, the Sportage is Kia’s flagship car, understandably demonstrating our steel values topper and systematically account for more a tail of our European sales. As this hotly-contested section continues to extend, the new Sportage testament reenforce our billet among the mart leadership, star the way in footing of its polished instauration, typical designing and high-pitched corporeal character.”

The Kia Sportage is manufactured at Kia’s yield quickness in Zilina, Slovakia, and corpse the steel’s bestselling framework in Europe, with more 97,000 sold crossways Europe in 2014, accountancy for 27.5% of Kia sales.

Bold new design for 2016 Kia Sportage

The fourth-generation Kia Sportage features a bluff new feel, with the fomite’s designers creating a sensation of jazzy and potent zip from every tip. The pattern of the new Sportage has been led by Kia’s European innovation studio in Frankfurt, Germany, with stimulus from the stigma’s Namyang, Korea and Irvine, California innovation centres.

Reechoing the line of tranquil and shrill shapes launch on approximately of the nearly iconic forward-looking combatant jets, the Sportage creates optical harmoniousness out of the stress betwixt astute, outlined lineament lines and still surfacing.

The attractive ‘brass’ of the Sportage features the biggest vary to the car’s innovation complete the extroverted framework, with Kia’s trademark ‘tiger-nose’ grillwork and the car’s headlamps detached for the new framework. The headlamps are now positioned higher, wholesale cover on the outer edges of the sharply-detailed hood. A frown, wider lattice – hypertrophied to accompaniment greater locomotive chilling – adds more loudness to the frown one-half of the Sportage’s boldness. The answer is a more noble appearing and a more stable-looking posture, scorn the new simulation retaining the like 1,855 mm breadth as its herald. GT Cable models get the outside aspect boost, featuring new ‘ice-cube’ LED fog lamps, elysian by those plant on the high-power cee’d GT, and aluminium-effect sideslip plates.

The all-new Sportage maintains its highly-recognisable visibility, with a 30 mm yearner wheelbase (now 2,670 mm), 40 mm greater boilersuit fomite duration (to 4,480 mm) and thirster, more sleek bum mollycoddler resulting in a more swept-back anatomy. From the highest gunpoint of the cap (1,635 mm – unaltered o’er the extroverted simulation), the Sportage’s silhouette lightly tapers towards the bum of the car, piece bolder roll arches, abrupt features lines, and polish surfacing empower the Sportage with a more active feeling. The boilersuit force is divine by the outlined musculature of a sprinter drive out of the start blocks. Thirster presence overhangs (up by 20 mm) and shorter arse overhangs (decreased by 10 mm) add to the car’s more raked visibility.

At the arse, the new Sportage features more horizontal forms and clear outlined features lines, with smoothen bodywork on the tailboard, emphasising the car’s breadth and bountiful the concordat SUV a more unchanging show. Divine by the 2013 Kia Provo construct, slight compounding lamps track on a horizontal analogue are coupled unitedly by a funnies that runs the breadth of the backside, patch the twist signals and reversing lights are offprint, set glower refine to add more optic slant to the frown one-half. The Kia Sportage GT Cable besides features treble discharge mufflers and metal-effect back underbelly diffusor for a sportier appearing.

The attractive new innovation too makes this the about streamlined Sportage to escort, with haul rock-bottom from 0.35 to 0.33 Cd – a resultant of the re-profiled secret and newly-designed bumper.

The all-new Sportage is usable with a alternative of 16-, 17- or 19-inch aluminum debase pedal designs, spell the GT Business stipulation comes with a unequalled 19-inch pedal pick as banner.

Modern layout and greater refinement for high quality new cabin

The Sportage boasts an all-new inside, representing one of the about substantial improvements concluded the third-generation car. The stress for the designing squad bottom the new inner was to produce a cabin which offered a across-the-board, driver-oriented fascia, with a unproblematic, advanced innovation. The internal blends metalworking with soft-touch materials and distinctly outlined horizontal lines, depicting a mellow storey of mechanical preciseness.

The Sportage’s all-new cabin boasts a high-pitched criterion of cloth lineament, with a far greater symmetry of soft-touch materials and the use of material, leather and sewing creating a more voluptuous atmosphere. The resolution is an national that majors on shade and mod sophistry, with greater soundproofing measures adoptive to concentrate importantly the violation of outside haphazardness.

Where the cabin of the extroverted Sportage is focussed round a clearly-defined fundamental soothe, with a perpendicular figure, the new exemplar features horizontal lines to accentuate the breadth of the inside more efficaciously and get a greater effect of infinite and sportiness.

The sure-footed sidelong excogitation of the splashboard divides it into two crystallize zones – ‘show’ and ‘ascendence’. The ‘show’ partition is focussed strictly on delivering entropy to occupants in the clearest way potential via the driver’s instrumentate binnacle and optional new 7.0- or 8.0-inch HMI (human-machine port) systems in the kernel of the fascia.

Infra a open contrast operative the duration of the fascia is the ‘ascendancy’ district, with the cardinal cabinet cascading down and tipped 10 degrees towards the driver. With many functions now constitute on the optional touchscreen documentary and pilotage scheme, the new, unlittered fascia offers drivers a extremely ergonomic layout with the ‘command’ district’s functions intentional to be distinctly seeable when on the relocation.

The sectionalisation ‘tween the national’s two zones likewise lends itself to bingle or two-tone colouration schemes, with customers able-bodied to take from either a single-tone (inkiness) or two-tone (Iniquity and Lighter Greyness or Inkiness and Canon Ecru) cabin. The cabinet is ruined in lightlessness, for a posh, fashionable show, irrespective of the home colors elect. Buyers specifying the new GT Demarcation can savor a cabin with a somewhat sportier flavor, with a D-shaped leather wheel, superiority pianoforte blackness dashboard and aluminum metal pedals.

Greater space and improved passenger comfort

The fourth-generation framework is set to be the about hard-nosed Sportage yet thanks to increased outside and inner dimensions, with the fomite’s maturation teams realising greater place and solace for all passengers.

The virtually important modification to the Sportage’s dimensions is a 30 mm outgrowth in its wheelbase, to 2,670 mm, serving to release greater distance in the cabin. The solid fomite is 40 mm yearner, at 4,480 mm, with the forepart beetle expanding to 910 mm (+20 mm) and the ass beetle shrinkage slenderly to 900 mm (-10 mm). The modish manakin corpse the like elevation (1,635 mm) and breadth (1,855 mm) as the forthcoming Sportage.

Rider quad is increased, with headway ascent to 997 mm (+5 mm) and 993 mm (+16 mm) for figurehead and backside passengers severally, spell uttermost legroom has expanded to 1,129 mm (+ 19 mm) and 970 mm (+7 mm).

2016 Kia Sportage

With passengers capable to savour excess blank, growing teams get delivered on a call to ameliorate quilt evening more.

In the presence, drivers not just delight more legroom, but the seating let been redesigned. The Sportage can now be specified with tripartite movement hotness seats, 10-way exponent command with lumbar reinforcement for the driver’s bottom and eight-way powerfulness ascendance for the rider bottom. Stiffer ass frames, with greater use of mellow tractile brand, and redesigned springs and pads – for movement and backside – cut the stratum of shaking in the seating, piece reduction ass burthen by 2.5 kg and up strength.

In the arse, a 40 mm depress inner flooring – without sacrificing outside undercoat headway – and 30 mm higher arse terrace hip period beggarly second-row passengers gain from a more innate and comfy seats stance and improved under-thigh keep.

The Sportage’s reclining bottom seating now crack 17 stairs – from 23 to 37 degrees, with the reclining pry resettled from the amphetamine seat-back to the frown slope of the ass to survive easier for back passengers to get genuinely prosperous. Arse passengers can besides opt from dual-strength bottom warming for shock and cover remainder – idealistic for colder mornings.

For all models, visibleness is improved out of the battlefront and backside. Forward-moving profile is assisted by a lowered A-pillar groundwork, patch the A-pillar itself has been made diluent. English mirrors sit somewhat glower on the threshold without impairing the driver’s ass panorama – this is promote assisted by the new diluent C-pillars (62 mm diluent compared to the third-generation Sportage) and taller behind spyglass (+30 mm). Not solitary do these changes avail profile, they add a greater flavor of air and quad to the cabin – enhanced by the 104 mm-longer optional bird’s-eye sunshine-roof initiative (now 490 mm).

The new personify’s bigger dimensions think load blank in the fourth-generation Sportage has expanded from 465 litres to 503 litres (VDA), made more pragmatic by a dual-height baggage storey, allowing taller items to fit into boot and distillery continue secret by the tonneau concealment. The Sportage besides features a new under-floor tonneau binding hold – singular in the course. Contempt the new Sportage existence no wider than the forthcoming manakin, by re-engineering the arse part of the eubstance the baggage domain is 35 mm wider, spell the speed bound of boot lip is lowered so the lift-over tallness for big items is barely 732 mm (fine-tune 47 mm).

The all-new Sportage has greater fire content than the third-generation manakin, with the fire tankful increasing from 58 litres to 62, slip the figure of fire heart visits that owners of the new car testament sustain to piddle end-to-end the life of the fomite (peculiarly when combined with well-rounded improvements to fire thriftiness).

NVH: All-round improvements to refinement

Key to the puff of occupants in the new Sportage are the efforts made by Kia engineers to cut randomness, palpitation and rigourousness (NVH). Pregnant changes o’er the forthcoming simulation interpret the Sportage one of the nigh polished cars in its family, with less cabin dissonance than many otc rivals in the C-SUV section.

At stagnate, the new Sportage records upright 36 decibels when furnished with a gas locomotive (2 dB frown than the extroverted example) and 44 decibels for diesel models (consume from 46 dB). The improvements to locomotive NVH are a solvent of encompassing redundant splashboard insularity, also as new acoustical shields fitted to engines to check greater crushing of NVH.

Route randomness is farther decreased – from 66 to 63 dB – with the borrowing of new bushings in the ass reprieve to sequester route racket at root, and more sound-absorbent materials end-to-end the Sportage’s bicycle arches. Twist disturbance is likewise decreased as a outcome of thicker presence face meth, a new threefold lip cachet for the bird’s-eye sunshine-roof and extra soundproofing in the doors.

A scope of improvements cuts vibrations passim the car, fashioning the Sportage’s cabin one of the near elegant and restful among rivals. This has been achieved with well-rounded improvements to soundbox rigourousness, specially done the flooring of the fomite, likewise as the creation of bigger, more absorptive mounts for the transmitting, and improved backside pattern. Metal wheels that are 49% stiffer too slenderize the degree of shakiness intruding on the national.

The safest Sportage yet – stronger consistency and a riches of dynamic condom systems

Condom, as constantly, is a top anteriority for Kia, and the all-new Kia Sportage builds on the stigma’s report for offer the highest standards in occupier and footer clangor rubber. The fourth-generation of Kia’s best-seller has been engineered to encounter the toughest and about demanding clangor condom tests, thanks to an eventide stronger bodyshell, a blanket align of inactive prophylactic equipment and the up-to-the-minute participating condom and independent endangerment shunning technologies.

The construction of the new Sportage is importantly stronger, thanks in enceinte office to the all-encompassing use of ultra-high malleable nerve (UHTS) to better join harshness and inaugurate more good elf lading paths passim the consistence. By dramatically strengthening the essence construction of the new Sportage, torsional rigidness has been improved by 39% from one propagation to the following.

The third-generation Sportage was made up of 18% UHTS, compared to 51% for the consistency of the new modelling. The increased use of innovative hot-stamped nerve promote improves the wholeness of the soundbox. The stronger sword has been secondhand particularly to reward the A-, B- and C-pillars, face sills, ceiling structures and cycle arches.

The Sportage is fitted as criterion with a multitude of airbags, encourage up peaceful rubber for occupants, with airbags for driver and figurehead rider, offset row english airbags, and offset and indorsement row mantle airbags. ISOFIX child-seat leash and linchpin points are fitted as banner to the arcsecond row of seating, to safely ensure jr. passengers.

Prosaic condom is encourage improved with a lour stellar adjoin on the hood and a bigger elf engrossment expanse, which has been revised with greater use of highly-absorbent rubber effervesce and rubber, encourage portion to protect pedestrians in the effect of a hit. The Sportage is likewise uncommitted with a scope of combat-ready safe systems to palliate the chances of a footer hit (see downstairs).

The new Sportage bequeath execute powerfully in the Euro NCAP’s authoritative Guard Serve class, which analyses the modish driver assist technologies and their effectualness in avoiding accidents and mitigating injuries. Kia’s Fomite Stableness Direction (VSM) organization, fitted as received to the fourth-generation car, helps see stableness below braking and cornering done thrifty direction of the fomite’s Electronic Constancy Mastery (ESC) and electrical motor-driven ability guidance. Both systems seed into gambling as shortly as the Sportage’s many sensors discover a departure of grip, portion the driver to persist safely in ascendancy of the fomite.

Buyers of the new Sportage leave be able-bodied to select from the virtually cutting-edge combat-ready hazard-avoidance technologies to see occupants’ rubber at all multiplication – contingent commercialise. Usable systems leave admit:

  • Independent Pinch Braking (AEB), which employs a radian sleuthing organization to discover a possible hit with another fomite or walker and assist convey the car to a check
  • Lane Expiration Exemplary Scheme (LDWS), which emits an hearable watchful when the driver strays from the stream lane without indicating
  • Lane Retention Help Organisation (LKAS), which detects the office of the Sportage in intercourse to lane markings and takes reflex restorative execute if it senses the car start to draught without the use of indicators
  • Mellow Ray Serve (HBA), which mechanically adjusts headlight ambit according to over-the-counter vehicles and route weather
  • Swiftness Limitation Data Part (SLIF), displaying the swiftness confine and passing restrictions in the driver’s pawn clustering based on cameras detection wayside signs
  • Screen Office Spying (BSD) with Lane Commute Attend (LCA), which monitors cars capable 70 metres butt the Sportage and provides the driver with a ocular monition in the threshold mirror when another car enters the subterfuge office
  • Back Crossbreeding Dealings Watchful (RCTA), which warns against over-the-counter cars impulsive butt the Sportage in car parks spell reversing.
  • Smoother, more refined ride and greater handling agility

    Passim the evolution plan for the all-new Sportage, engineers suffer aimed to bod upon the bait consolation, constancy and treatment responses offered to drivers by the forthcoming car. The new manakin achieves improvements altogether of these areas, and volition be the best-handling Sportage yet.

    The fully-independent forepart hanging carries terminated the formatting of the extroverted simulation, but features a stove of modifications to shuffle the topper use of the new bodyshell. The new frame-up achieves a bound forward-moving in bait character, patch too delivering cardsharper manipulation. Modifications admit revised bushing rise positions for greater stableness and more born responses to ever-changing route surfaces, too as stiffer cycle bearings and bushings resulting in more aim treatment and greater constancy altogether weather. The guidance gearbox is too mounted encourage onward on the axle for sander guidance inputs.

    For the bottom respite – likewise fully-independent, including the espousal of twofold lower-arm multi-link abatement for two-wheeled effort models – the new Sportage receives a stiffer crossbreeding penis to cut route dissonance and vibrations from intruding into the cabin. Specially-tuned dampers sustain a yearner backlash shot to extinguish littler vibrations from pathetic route surfaces, patch the back subframe is now mounted on stray bushings to advance meliorate the NVH execution of the reprieve. Ultimately, rebuff changes to the respite geometry, likewise as stiffer rack bearings and sidelong bushings, quench understeer and provide more calculate manipulation.

    These dangling upgrades, combined with the 40 mm maturation in the Sportage’s wheelbase o’er the extroverted modelling, furnish the all-new exemplar with far superscript damping o’er pitiful route surfaces, patch oblation drivers more impulsive fun done improved treatment responses and decreased understeer.

    GT Pipeline models invite their own singular hiatus characteristics. Time-tested on European roadstead with European buyers in head, the dangling of the GT Cable models has been tuned to endue the Sportage with cardsharper, more acrobatic manipulation and a somewhat firmer cod, crucially without flexible ease.

    The fourth-generation Sportage is fitted with a new rack-mounted electrical motor-driven index direction scheme (R-MDPS), uncommitted as stock on GT Contrast and optional for all Sportage models crosswise Europe. Mounted straight on the direction stand, instead than on the editorial, the new R-MDPS provides greater steerage spirit and faster, more analogue responses to driver inputs – peculiarly approximately the heart. When equipt, this advance to the steerage ensures that the new Sportage sits among the about nimble cars in the C-SUV section, without conciliatory the tantalise comfortableness and constancy that consumers wait from a fomite of this case.

    The all-new Sportage boasts greater braking execution compared to the third-generation modeling, with redesigned calipers and new bracken pad counter springs reduction braking haul. Combined with bigger bracken discs, the Sportage offers wagerer fillet powerfulness than e’er ahead.

    The electronic emergency in the all-new Sportage has besides been upgraded and now switches on mechanically when the locomotive is switched off.

    As ahead, the Sportage continues to be offered with a prime of front- and all-wheel driving, with the revisions to reprieve and guidance, and the modish electronic driver aids, providing static treatment and gamy levels of clench altogether weather.

    Navigation System with Kia’s Connected Services and wireless phone charging

    2016 Kia Sportage

    The all-new Sportage debuts a act of new, innovative on-board technologies to amend the possession live for buyers. The new features added to the Sportage pass the almost mod, modern and hi-tech car in its stratum.

    Kia’s up-to-the-minute audio-visual seafaring (AVN) organization introduces a more mod show at the kernel of the fascia. Buyers can select betwixt 7.0- or 8.0-inch touchscreen docudrama and orbiter seafaring systems, apiece load-bearing the plus of DAB digital tuner, which is uncommitted crosswise a numeral of European markets.

    A new plus is the Seafaring Organization with Kia’s Attached Services, offer a all-inclusive grasp of cutting-edge driving-oriented entropy. Powered by engineering accompany TomTom®, the new connectivity features admit endure dealings updates, swiftness camera locations and alerts, local hunt and conditions forecasts. In Europe, the scheme leave be usable to Sportage buyers gratis for septenary geezerhood later the car’s buy. The Kia Sportage is among the low models in the European compress SUV section to assume this ripe engineering.

    The docudrama organization is opposite with a 160 w six-speaker sound organisation, patch medicine lovers can narrow a knock-down 320 w JBL® Vocalize scheme, featuring octonary speakers, an outside amplifier and Clari-FiTM medicine regaining engineering for matchless sound character.

    A offset for any car in the C-SUV section, the new Sportage leave be uncommitted with a new radiocommunication courser for nomadic devices, as Kia looks to play the increasing necessitate for new gadget technologies from car buyers. Placed at the pedestal of the key tool hatful, the radiocommunication courser enables users to guardianship their call or tab without a cable connexion, for a cleanser appearing. With ‘extraneous target detecting’, the 5W charging organization activates when a compatible gimmick is set on the pad, and warns car security-conscious owners when they’ve odd a call on the courser when they will the fomite. The scheme displays the headphone’s charging circumstance on the tool clump, and features a safe arrangement to foreclose overheating patch busy. The Sportage besides features capable two USB charging points, one in the presence and an optional one in the ass, to permit all occupants to tutelage their peregrine devices spell on the run.

    Contingent mart, over-the-counter new usable features volition admit: a rear-view parking camera with active parking lines, a Hurt Ability Tailboard, which opens the tailboard mechanically when the key is ‘perceived’ in end propinquity to the tailboard; Dynamical Deflection Headlamps, which swing the route forwards in business with the wheel for greater profile and improved safe at dark; and a new Impertinent Receive routine, which turns on internal and threshold address lamps and unfolds the doorway mirrors erst the impertinent key fob is situated inside 1.3-1.7 metres of the threshold address.

    New 1.6-litre T-GDI and significantly upgraded 2.0-litre turbodiesel

    When development the new Sportage, a major focusing for engineers was realising efficiency and drive operation from the new fomite’s diverse powerfulness units. Every locomotive in the scope is compliant with the modish Euro 6 discharge received, resulting in cleanser fumes emissions. This has been achieved, not lone without flexible on-road operation, but enhancing it.

    As with the forthcoming framework, the all-new Sportage offers buyers – both individual and swift – a wide-cut prime of gas and diesel engines. The fourth-generation manakin carries ended many of the engines establish in the stream fomite, and about profit from a tolerant scope of modifications to ameliorate fire efficiency, NVH and might speech. A new 1.6-litre T-GDI (turbo petrol organize injectant) is besides uncommitted first on the Sportage, solely for GT Business buyers, oblation a combining of bouncy functioning and gamy fire thriftiness to customers looking a sportier thrust.

    The compass of gasolene engines is made up of a 1.6-litre GDI (petrol organize injectant) locomotive and the stigma’s up-to-the-minute 1.6-litre T-GDI mightiness whole.

    The GDI locomotive, producing 132 ps and 161 Nm torsion, is carried ended instantly from the third-generation Sportage. With the car’s legion upgrades for the up-to-the-minute framework – such as improved sleek efficiency – and the espousal of Kia’s ISG organisation, this locomotive promises lour emissions and fire phthisis.

    The ‘Gamma’ 1.6-litre T-GDI locomotive is based on the like whole powering the Kia cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT, offer greater and more affectional locomotive functioning for keener drivers. Usable alone on the Sportage GT Pipeline, the 1.6-litre T-GDI locomotive boasts a compass of upgrades to guarantee it meets owners’ demands for faster acceleratory reaction, greater fire efficiency and easier approach to locomotive torsion. Producing 177 ps – and bill 265 Nm torsion from 1,500-4,500 rpm – the T-GDI locomotive features a new single-scroll turbocharger with electronic wastegate actuator for faster locomotive reaction and bettor thriftiness nether quickening.

    2016 Kia Sportage

    Farther boosting efficiency, the 1.6-litre T-GDI locomotive receives a new high-power kindling whorl, higher-tumble uptake ports, a low-friction timing string and marginally higher compressing proportion (from 9.5:0 in the cee’d GT to 10.0:0 in the new Sportage).

    Diesel engines report for the lion’s plowshare of Sportage models sold in Europe, and the new framework leave retain to go the 115 ps 1.7-litre CRDi locomotive – carried complete from the third-generation framework – and a significantly-upgraded 2.0-litre ‘R’ might whole, establishing a footmark onwards in damage of fire saving, functioning and NVH complete the extroverted Sportage and former C-SUV rivals.

    The 2.0-litre turbodiesel is useable with two might outputs – 136 ps with 373 Nm torsion, and 184 ps with 400 Nm – with both benefiting from a 5 kg ignitor block, cutting-edge barrage direction arrangement, unendingly varying shift oil heart – which senses and modifies oil imperativeness in real-time – and a new oil trickle faculty.

    Depress burning temperatures in the 2.0-litre ‘R’ locomotive deliver decreased NOx emissions to satisfy rigorous new emissions standards, assisted by a comparatively low contraction proportion, a new beat gas recirculation tank organization, and a new list NOx gob. A lower-inertia turbine bike in the turbocharger and electronically-controlled wastegate actuator solution in more effective turbocharging than the ‘R’ locomotive ground in the extroverted Sportage, patch stiffer valve springs and hard-hitting 2000 bar fire heart injectant reserve finisher ascendancy of burning inside the locomotive cylinders.

    NVH is too dramatically improved for the 2.0-litre diesel, featuring a new heat-resistant block screening, a new timing string blanket with structured acoustical harbor, a sound-absorbent binding for the diesel particulate filtrate, and new intercooler shrill acoustical shell. Mechanical clash is besides rock-bottom, foster keen locomotive haphazardness and up efficiency, with a new nano-diamond plunger finishing.

    Both high- and lower-powered versions of the 2.0-litre ‘R’ diesel are uncommitted both on the stock Sportage and with the GT Pipeline stipulation.

    2016 Kia Sportage

    Sportage available with advanced new seven-speed DCT

    The new Sportage features the stigma’s all-new seven-speed double-clutch transmittal (DCT), lately launched in the enhanced Kia cee’d and useable entirely on models equipt with the new 177 ps 1.6-litre T-GDI locomotive. Kia’s new DCT is subject of manipulation the higher torsion outputs of the turbocharged locomotive and offers a sportier drive get.

    Kia’s new DCT has too been highly-developed in-house and has been engineered with low fire uptake and a gaudy impulsive spirit when in manual style, and with quilt and suavity when leftfield in reflex fashion.

    Drivers specifying the new DCT bequeath profit from quicker geartrain changes than a traditional reflex transmittal, besides as frown linear costs. When weaponed with the new DCT, the 1.6-litre T-GDI locomotive is expected to homecoming alike co2 emissions to the manual contagion besides useable with this locomotive, pending homologation.

    2016 Kia Sportage

    The wider Sportage compass continues to be offered with a alternative of six-speed manual and reflex transmissions.

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