2016 Kia Optima

Kia Optima

In 2010 Kia Motors America (KMA) debuted the re-designed Optima at the New York External Automobile Establish and introduced a game-changing midsize saloon that catalyzed the stigma’s design-led translation. Story was perennial when the all-new 2016 Optima, a symbolisation of the Kia mark’s growing done uninterrupted subtlety and obsessional aid to item, made its introduction at the 2015 NYIAS. An trice hit with consumers looking a impertinent choice to an differently sedate section, the Optima has been KMA’s top-selling fomite for tercet straight age, and the all-new modeling is self-collected to cover that succeeder.

Conceived nether the insomniac eye of Kia’s prexy and boss innovation officeholder, Shaft Schreyer, with mod and instantaneously recognisable innovation cues, the Optima maintains its acrobatic identicalness but rides on a form that is yearner, wider and stiffer for improved rag and treatment and a more wide cabin. Useable with trey locomotive choices, including a new 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that’s paired to a seven-speed Threefold Batch Contagion (DCT), the Optima is more sure-footed than always on the route. Offered in fivesome reduce levels – LX, LX 1.6T, EX, SX and SXL, the all-new 2016 Optima is priced sharply with a start MSRP of scarce $21,840 for the LX with a 2.4-liter locomotive. As with its harbinger, the all-new Optima leave be reinforced at Kia’s engraft in W Pointedness, Georgia. Pricing leave be proclaimed nigher to the fomite’s establish engagement.

“The Optima changed the way multitude mat approximately the Kia mark, and KMA owes lots of its emergence and achiever to its head-turning conception and jazzy functioning. It was – and hush is to this day – a overbold choice in the midsize saloon section, and it amplified a five-year design-led transmutation that propelled Kia to record-setting sales year-on-year,” aforesaid Michael Sprague, administrator v.p., sales and merchandising, KMA. “The all-new Optima retains the touch personality of its forerunner, but we’ve literally improved everything, providing more place, bettor drive and manipulation, more engineering and greater shade.”

2016 Kia Optima

Instantly Recognizable European Design

2016 Kia Optima

Because the premature contemporaries Optima was such a winner chronicle for the make, Kia’s designers had to bang a frail equaliser, retaining the individuality of the fomite patch, concurrently, devising a sure-footed relocation forrader to living the car modernistic and smart. Wholesale modern-day surfaces and modernistic architecture elysian the conception of the all-new Optima, disclosure a advanced and active saloon that is now recognisable yet has more route mien than e’er.

The all-new Optima is boldly intentional to be working and flashy with outside dimensions that are marginally yearner, taller and wider. The wheelbase has been drawn-out to 110.4 inches (increased 0.4 inches), and the fomite has been widened to 73.2 inches (increased 1.0 edge). Both changes enable a roomier and more prosperous cabin with more psyche board, berm way and bum backside leg way. The increased dimensions besides leave more lading content in the body.

2016 Kia Optima

The fast-growing figurehead crop pulls the rag alloy tight terminated the rack arches, and the swept-back headlights ambit deep into the fenders. On the SX and SXL trims, Kia’s touch tiger-nose lattice is hot stamped and composed into a advanced nail figure that bears a warm resemblance to Kia’s sumptuousness saloon, the K900. The all-new Optima introduces Kia’s commencement diligence of bi-functional HID headlights – with useable Active Deflexion Lamps and High-pitched Irradiation Attend – that crystalize the macadamize approximately corners.

The glasshouse silhouette maintains the raked A-pillar and wholesale C-pillar that bring the Optima its sport-sedan appearing. The ass blowhole windows provoke vigorously good before of the carven backside fenders. As with its harbinger, the all-new Optima incorporates a embossed adorn lid, and the use of usable LED halo-style poop lights mimics that of the Cadenza agio saloon.

The 2016 Optima rides on debase wheels ranging from 16 to 18 inches, with ternary new unequaled 18-inch rack designs, contingent reduce story. 3 new exteriors colours congratulate the modish Optima’s advanced styling: a vivacious dingy elysian by a twinkle sea underneath a gay sky; a dynamical gray-haired with olive undertones, and a ruby that gains deepness from the use of al pigments.

Exquisite Interior Craftsmanship

Optima’s home is bigger and more well-heeled with an innovational and running cabin that is well-found with class-up touches. Draftsmanship aspiration from Kia’s agiotage and opulence sedans, the Optima utilizes more soft-touch materials end-to-end the rider compartment. Optima’s voluptuary midland is compulsively crafted with an telling care to particular and features material sewing on the bolt and doors, complimented by neat metal accents, variable by reduce layer. The driver-oriented cabin has been simplified with a cleanser, more merged designing than the old coevals, with a stronger horizontal planer and a wider mall soothe that aid make a greater sentiency of blank. By group and reduction the bit of usable keys and buttons, Kia’s already-superior bioengineering are markedly improved.

The inside figure squad too nonrecreational finical care to bum comforter. A stiffer buns framing reduces oscillation and balmy froth in the headrest, speed dorsum and thigh-support areas allows occupants to nest into seating with deeper face bolsters made with denser, more supportive fizz. For additional contraption, het and ventilated strawman seating are usable with ability adjustable driver and presence rider seating. For added gadget, the 2016 Optima offers a height-adjustable battlefront rider bottom, a boast unremarkably ground solitary in agiotage vehicles. Contingent shave layer, the seating are covered in material, leather or sybaritic Nappa leather and two new internal colours – a deep merlot and a iniquity brinjal – are usable.

2016 Kia Optima

Convenience and Technology

Kia’s up-to-date connectivity organization, UVO, comes received with foursome extra eServices not antecedently usable on Optima: Geo-fencing, Swiftness Brisk, Curfew Brisk and Impulsive Account. Additionally, Optima is Kia’s cowcatcher fomite for the creation of AndroidTM Machine and Apple® CarPlay (previous availableness), which countenance drivers to entree a rooms of essence functions from their smartphones. Aft connecting their smartphone to the psyche whole via the fomite’s presence fast-charge USB porthole (another fast-charge USB embrasure is situated in the ass arse), the 8-inch touchscreen sieve displays the smartphone’s nigh authoritative features. Essence functions including euphony, messaging, pilotage and part calls are uncommitted via the concealment, the wheel or via articulation bidding. Kia is one of the commencement to have this engineering, which is uncommitted for blue-ribbon Humanoid phones operational with Lolly or Apple phones operational with iOS8.X or higher. Any next third-party apps that are added by either Humanoid or Apple volition be uncommitted for customers to bask from their several app shop.

2016 Kia Optima

Patch the received six-speaker sound organization leave fulfill all but the near demanding enthusiasts, straight audiophiles testament gravitate to the usable Eternity® Agiotage Sound Organization, which includes 14 speakers, Clari-Fi&swop; engineering and an upgraded 630-watt digital amplifier. Clari-Fi is a patented medicine renovation engineering that rebuilds sound signals that are befuddled in the digital compressing serve. This engineering breathes new aliveness into your darling medicine, restoring a hi-fi hearing receive to any tight digital rootage. Optima’s bounty Eternity sound organization too comes furnished with next-generation QuantumLogic&patronage; Circumvent engineering, which extracts signals from the pilot transcription and redistributes them into an reliable, multidimensional soundstage for playback that is elucidate, tasteful and elaborated. Kia was one of the low automakers to unified Clari-Fi engineering into their sound systems with the launching of the 2016 Sorento, and Optima is the first-ever Kia saloon to lineament QuantumLogic Fence engineering.

The all-new Optima takes gismo to the adjacent floor with a foresighted tilt of uncommitted technologies crosswise the several clipping levels. Usable on every Optima is a rear-camera expose piece SX and SXL trims pass an useable 360-degree Some Sight Proctor. Uncommitted driver-aid engineering, including Ripe Impudent Sail Controller (SCC), Screen Smirch Espial (BSD), Bottom Crossbreed Dealings Watchful (RCTA) and Sovereign Exigency Braking (AEB) – which, below seize weather, testament land the fomite to a nail stoppage to potentially obviate a hit or concentrate harm – makes the chore of drive easier and more commodious. Too uncommitted first on any Kia fomite are Bi-function HID headlights with Active Bend Lamps (DBL) and nonrational Eminent Ray Help (HBA), which recognizes onset dealings and mechanically switches the lights to blue until the opponent fomite has passed.

Smart Performance and Safety

The 2016 Optima features a unambiguously engineered torso that combines versatile high-tensile potency blade alloys and sits on a form that is stiffer and more long-wearing thanks to the increased use of Sophisticated Gamy Force Blade (AHSS). With more 50 percentage of the trunk constructed from AHSS, the all-new Optima represents a 150-percent addition complete the late car. The greater use of morphological adhesive by more 450 pct concluded the late coevals improves NVH and contributes to geomorphologic inflexibility. Engineers too added more hot stamped components to the all-new Optima, a 350-percent increment ended the 2015 simulation. This structure helps allow clank auspices, punter impulsive kinetics, and is the founding for a quieter tantalise.

Extra innovations were enforced to slim NVH, relieve the fomite and heighten aeromechanics. The 2016 Optima is the commencement Kia to have a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof backup construction made with carbon-fiber-reinforced shaping, which helps thin slant and glower the fomite’s centerfield of graveness. A bigger total flooring nether concealment helps slenderize winding stochasticity and aid fire efficiency. Increased cony insularity, added windscreen slope casting and the increased use of geomorphological adhesive assure a repose bait with rock-bottom route and twist dissonance. Locomotive mounts, torso panels and wheels all are stiffer on the all-new Optima, reduction vibrations, locomotive stochasticity and route interference. Bigger cross-member bushings are utilised to assist insulate route and locomotive disturbance, too as reduction locomotive palpitation done the storey and wheel.

Up bait and manipulation was a top antecedency for engineers. Boilersuit, the build is flatboat and stiffer, resulting in improved guidance reaction, high-velocity constancy and treatment. Moving the hiatus localization points of the breast and back sub-frames outbound optimizes reprieve geometry for a sander rag complete spotty sidewalk. Where the late Optima made due with twofold bushing mounts, increased sidelong rigor was achieved with a four-bushing ride arrangement for both sub-frames. The increased rigorousness pays dividends in improved steerage reaction and tractableness done corners. More racy pedal bearings up strawman and the gain of bigger three-fold glower ascendance blazon at the backside likewise assistance rectify the all-new Optima’s cod and manipulation characteristics. Uncommitted Rack-mounted Motive Goaded Superpower Guidance (R-MDPS) improves guidance reaction with a higher pitch proportion.

2016 Kia Optima

The all-new Optima is usable with trey locomotive choices, salient a functioning counterbalance ‘tween sportiness and fire efficiency. Two powerplants extend ended from the late multiplication, the 2.4-liter GDI four-cylinder, uncommitted on the LX and EX models, and the 2.0-liter GDI turbo locomotive, usable on the SXL and SX Turbo models. Spell the engines bear yet to find EPA credentials, the 2.4-liter is estimated to create 185 hp at 6,000 rpm and 178 lb.-ft. of torsion at 4,000 rpm. The 2.0-liter turbo is expected to father about 247 h.p. at 6,000 rpm and 260 lb.-ft. of torsion at 1,350 rpm. Both engines are paired to a six-speed robotic transmittance with Sportmatic® shifty patch the SX and SXL trims add waddle shifters. Both engines sustain been retuned for fire thriftiness and wagerer operation and drivability with maximal torsion now usable at a glower RPM.

All new for the 2016 example is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo locomotive. The 1.6-liter testament be offered on the LX cut. Push out an estimated 178 hp at 5,500 rpm and a portly 195 lb.-ft. of torsion at barely 1,500 rpm, the new locomotive match to a seven-speed DCT, a outset for the Kia mark. The transmittance optimizes the locomotive’s reactivity for a gaudy flavour that doesn’t give fire saving. Too new for the Optima, Michelin® tires are uncommitted on all trims. All deuce-ace engines duct vigour done the movement wheels.

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