2016 Kia Ceed

Kia Ceed

Kia elaborated a comp rise to its progressively democratic Kia cee’d, a framework that has provided the instauration for Kia’s chronic achiever in Europe terminated late days.

Kia’s European designers get evolved the national and outside styling of the flow cee’d into an exciting new flavor, with the powertrain squad development a wider ambit of engines and transmissions. The improvements admit Kia’s all-new three-cylinder 1.0-litre ecoTurbo locomotive, too as a reach of new safe, comforter and gizmo upgrades. The changes enforce to every framework in the cee’d reach, which now incorporates the five-door cee’d hatchback, Sportswagon and three-door pro_cee’d.

The modifications applied to the cee’d scope besides admit a grasp of ocular and active improvements to the high-energy cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT models. Already among the best-looking cars in the C-segment ‘hot brood’ section, these changes leave promote fortify the GT models’ prayer to buyers therein more affective recess of the marketplace.

2016 Kia Ceed

The upgraded framework volition accompany a new ‘GT Pipeline’ stipulation, oblation buyers the clean looks and kinetics of the GT models and the versatility of the formal cee’d example sept. The GT Contrast stipulation is uncommitted on all 3 cee’d soundbox types – fin threshold cee’d, cee’d Sportswagon and three-door pro_cee’d.

Exterior styling: a more modern appearance

The upgraded Kia cee’d inherits the sheer, flowing styling of the flow modeling, with a serial of optic modifications to overhaul the car’s show.

2016 Kia Ceed

At the presence, the cee’d continues the aspect that has proved so democratic with European buyers, retaining Kia’s assay-mark ‘tiger-nose’ grillwork, satiny wraparound headlamps and incorporate fog lamps. Changes to the ‘brass’ of the cee’d admit a more angulate and wider bumper, with chromium-plate reduce roughly the fog lamps, and a new ovate lattice engagement reechoing many of the shapes and invention forms on the breast of the car.

2016 Kia Ceed

A standardised alter has been made to the behind of the cee’d, with reshaped bumpers and sporty-looking reflectors adding greater loudness and enduringness to the car’s appearing. LED bottom lamps over the bottom of the car, adding a higher story of civilisation piece updating the cee’d’s night-time twinkle touch. Fashionable new 16- and 17-inch metal bicycle designs are likewise now uncommitted crossways the orbit.

Subtle styling upgrades to the interior and improved NVH

The superiority cabin in the Kia cee’d has standard a ambit of tiddler styling upgrades to body-build on the uncomplicated elegance of the internal excogitation. The staple cast of the cabin cadaver unaltered, but a figure of pernicious enhancements play a more forward-looking feeling and smell to the inside. A new optional gloss ring promote adds to the cee’d’s ingathering.

The asymmetrical, driver-focused fascia receives a fanfare of chromium-plate approximately the pawn binnacle, driver-side and fundamental air vents and some the amphetamine border of the board. The key facia jury is now ruined in a superiority, anti-scratch colour melanize for a more agiotage aspect. Former chromium-plate highlights get besides been added to the cabin, particularly roughly the foundation of the gear-stick, on threshold handles, and to the temperature restraint dials on the splasher, contingent cut stratum.

For diesel variants, the upgraded inner of the cee’d offers improved interference, oscillation and severeness characteristics. Extra sound-absorbing materials let been adoptive for the carpeting and ventilation, spell double as lots anti-vibration cloth has been added to the splasher empanel to cut locomotive vibrations intruding on the composure of the cabin. All diesel engines get likewise been fitted with sound-absorbing cloth to the block, oil pan and diesel particulate percolate.

Upgraded range of Euro 6-compliant engines includes an all-new 1.0-litre ecoTurbo

The upgraded cee’d offers a wider option of powertrains than ahead, with all engines now compliant with the Euro 6 emissions received.

For the establish of the 2016 cee’d, Kia is introducing its all-new 1.0-litre ecoTurbo locomotive. This new downsized, three-cylinder index whole has been engineered to amend fire intake and emissions, spell oblation substantial, unforced operation and prompt responses to driver remark.

2016 Kia Ceed

Kia’s new turbocharged locomotive, highly-developed in-house at the fellowship’s Namyang R&D center in Korea, features a hard-hitting orchestrate injectant arrangement, sophisticated locomotive chilling and an structured expel multiply for cleanser emissions and effective publicity. Contiguous locomotive reply and highly-efficient burning were cornerstones of the locomotive’s growing, fulfilling Kia’s sustainable locomotive retrenchment scheme.

This is the get-go of Kia’s forthcoming stove of downsized engines to pee its launching in Europe, and volition be uncommitted with a alternative of two powerfulness outputs. In its staple commonwealth, the new locomotive produces 100 ps (98bhp) and 172 Nm torsion, patch the higher powered adaptation produces 120 ps (118bhp) and the like 172 Nm torsion. The maximal locomotive torsion is useable from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm, qualification it an fabulously elastic locomotive below all impulsive weather. Pending homologation after this class, both 100 ps and 120 ps are expected to have the last CO2 emissions of any gasoline-engined cee’d to engagement.

2016 Kia Ceed

The diesel cee’d continues to be a democratic quality for European buyers, and the 1.6-litre CRDi diesel has besides been upgraded for its covering in the new example. A new hard-hitting shot organization and continuously-controlled varying oil heart tighten detrition losings in the locomotive, with the lour powered 110 ps reading useable crosswise both the banner cee’d and new GT Job ambit. CO2 emissions surrender to 102 g/km, or good 94 g/km when fitted with Kia ISG (Unused Closure/Go).

Useable with both the enhanced cee’d grasp and the new GT Demarcation discrepancy, the higher powered 1.6 CRDi locomotive now produces 136 ps (up from 128 ps), and 285 Nm torsion (improved from 265 Nm). With the belittled growth in functioning, the locomotive’s entire torsion is now uncommitted from upright 1,500 (fine-tune from 1,900, when weaponed with a manual transmittal), resulting in more casual speedup below all weather.

2016 Kia Ceed

The Kia cee’d leave preserve to be offered with the 128 ps 1.6-litre GDI (gasoline) and 100 ps 1.4-litre MPI (multi-point injectant) petrol engines, too as the democratic 1.4-litre CRDi diesel, all of which now too fulfill the Euro 6 emissions measure.

All-new seven-speed double-clutch transmission

The upgraded cee’d features a secondment new engineering unveiling for Kia, with the comer of the stain’s all-new seven-speed double-clutch transmittal (DCT), usable solely on models equipt with the higher powered 136 ps 1.6-litre CRDi diesel. Kia’s new DCT is able of manipulation the higher torsion outputs of the limited locomotive fitted to the upgraded cee’d, with a higher content than the six-speed torque-converter robotic transmittance it replaces.

Care the new 1.0-litre ecoTurbo index whole, Kia’s new DCT has besides been highly-developed in-house and has been engineered with low fire phthisis and a sporting impulsive spirit when in manual style, and with solace and suaveness when remaining in reflexive manner.

Drivers specifying the new DCT volition welfare from quicker pitch changes than a traditional robotic transmittance, also as glower operative costs. When equipt with the new DCT, the 1.6-litre CRDi locomotive emits barely 109 g/km co2, compared to the 145 g/km recorded by the sooner locomotive and six-speed automatonlike transmitting.

The wider cee’d orbit continues to be offered with a six-speed manual transmittal, with the 1.6-litre GDI locomotive likewise useable with a six-speed double-clutch contagion.

Improved ride comfort, handling, NVH

Engineers bear made a act of modifications to the abeyance and bod of the upgraded cee’d in club to amend tantalise ease and manipulation.

The chief sweetening to the upgraded cee’d is the plus of a new torsion vectoring organization, which reduces understeer by part applying the bracken to the inside bike below cornering. The motor-driven might steerage organization now results in more elongate and predictable guidance inputs, patch changes to presence bike geometry birth improved on-centre guidance tone. Lastly, new stoppers on the backside sashay setting insulators and new outer testis articulation on the arse stabilizer bar aid to better rag comfortableness on pitiful surfaces by minimising vibrations done the abeyance.

The NVH characteristics of the dangling in the upgraded cee’d get likewise been improved somewhat, with the espousal of a vacuous stabilizer bar, replacement the former whole stabilizer, to concentrate route randomness.

New safety and convenience features include Kia Connected Services

Kia developing teams birth added a compass of new quilt, contrivance and condom features to advance amend the mod, hi-tech solicitation of the Kia cee’d.

Refuge is a antecedency for Kia, and the democratic cee’d is now usable with an optional Swiftness Demarcation Info Routine (SLIF), which uses a camera to name velocity limitation signs and expose them beside the speedometer and on the pilotage filmdom. Dim Blot Spying (BSD) and Backside Hybridization Dealings Brisk (RCTA) are besides uncommitted as options, victimization sensors to reminder the slope and back of the cee’d for early vehicles in the driver’s subterfuge floater and pay the driver a ocular or hearable alarum.

Drivers can savor easier parking with the 2016 cee’d, with an upgraded Ache Parking Serve Organisation (SPAS), contingent grocery. SPAS uses side-mounted supersonic sensors and movement and behind parking sensors, too as the wattage direction organisation, to distinguish a suited parking place and mechanically lead the car into the distance. In the up-to-the-minute cee’d, the organization can now wind the car into english-gothic spaces, in add-on to analog parking. The analog outlet purpose allows the cee’d to tip itself out of cockeyed road-side spaces.

The upgraded cee’d too features Kia’s modish audio-visual seafaring (AVN) arrangement for a more forward-looking appearing on the cee’d’s 7.0-inch fundamental dashboard exhibit. The AVN organisation too supports the gain of DAB digital wireless, which is usable crosswise a issue of European markets.

A new add-on to the cee’d is a all-embracing orbit of multimedia info services, Kia Attached Services. Provided by TomTom, the new connectivity features admit survive dealings updates, amphetamine camera locations and alerts, local seek and brave forecasts. Kia Affiliated Services testament be introduced to the cee’d stove in demarcation with the plunge of the new GT Demarcation spec, due crosswise Europe in Q4 2015.

Wide range of updates to high-powered GT models

The high-energy cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT bear been upgraded with modifications to its powertrain and kinetics. These changes ascertain the GT stiff among the well-nigh compelling – and best-looking – cars in the C-segment ‘hot hachure’ grade.

For the outside, GT models continue often of the optical aggressiveness that differentiates them from the measure cee’d orbit, including the fashionable ‘ice-cube’ day run lights and jazzy bodywork. The 2016 cee’d GT is now besides useable with a new 18-inch bicycle invention.

On the interior, cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT models are now fitted with a newly-designed flat-bottom wheel with a elusive GT logotype and concave primal pattern, patch the blackness locomotive start-stop clit from the stock cee’d is replaced with an al clitoris. Chromium-plate accents deliver besides been added to in-door exponent windowpane switches. Combined with the car’s touchstone RECARO litigate pail seating, these enhancements piddle the car excel eve promote from early models in the orbit.

A new electronic phone source, fitted entirely to GT models and excited when drivers pressure the ‘GT Way’ clitoris on the wheel. Efficaciously synthesising the 1.6-litre T-GDI’s fast-revving locomotive tone into the cabin, the audio source adds a new component to the drive see and brings the driver nigher to the car’s higher layer of functioning. With GT Manner switched off, the voice source produces a serenity and centrist locomotive tone.

The high-power 1.6-litre T-GDI locomotive plant in the cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT receives a new turbocharger scheme. With increased pressure service to encouragement low-end torsion and locomotive reception, speedup from 0-100 kph is improved by 0.1 to 7.6 seconds. Drivers leave too savour greater in-gear speedup as a resultant of the new turbocharger. The 1.6-litre T-GDI produces 204 ps and 265 Nm, with CO2 emissions rock-bottom slenderly to 170 g/km.

Also as the summation of torsion vectoring and NVH improvements to the touchstone car, Kia engineers birth farther upgraded the kinetics of the cee’d GT. New optional magnified strawman saucer brakes, increased in sizing from 300 mm to 320 mm, outcome in higher rut content and improved immunity to bracken slice. The 100-0 kph fillet aloofness in the upgraded cee’d GT has been decreased from 36.4 metres to 35.0 metres.

2016 Kia cee’d range on-sale from July 2015

The upgraded Kia cee’d is uncommitted from dealers crossways Europe from July 2015, offer the party’s unequaled 7-Year, 100,000 knot warrant as criterion.

Intentional and engineered in Europe earlier debut earlier in December 2006, the Kia cee’d modeling folk is manufactured at Kia’s output deftness in Zilina, Slovakia, and clay one of the make’s bestselling models, with more 75,000 sold crosswise Europe in 2014.

In May 2015, Kia produced its 1,000,000th cee’d, a major milepost since its founding to the European grocery niner days ago.

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