2016 Jaguar Xf 20D

Jaguar XF 20d

The all-new Jaguar XF brings an one flux of conception, sumptuosity, engineering and efficiency to leading the concern car section, underpinned by class-leading impulsive kinetics and subtlety.

The dynamical, takeoveré-like conception is formed round Panther’s aluminium-intensive architecture and combines the owing proportions, refined surfaces and hone lines which delimitate all Panther cars, with a thirster wheelbase, more national place and exceptionally low streamlined pull.

The cabin is a unlined flux of modern-day luxuriousness materials and finishes, traditional Panther workmanship and state-of-the art engineering, with features such as a reconfigurable 12.3-inch TFT instrumentate clustering, laser head-up showing and the InControl Contact Pro bounty documentary organization – the all-new XF is the nearly affiliated Panther e’er.

“I trust the all-new XF is the outflank look car in its category. Graceful, bighearted and with proportions that penetrate a big smell of unity – the all-new XF is unfeigned to the big custom of card-playing Panther saloons piece beingness entirely of its metre.” Ian Callum, Conductor of Invention, Panther

The 2007 XF was a stem footfall forward-moving for Panther – and for the concern car section. Compounding a silky, takeoveré-like outside and a luxuriant inner, it set the family benchmark for esthetics and impulsive kinetics.

Features such as the circular shimmy comptroller, rotating air vents and phosphor amytal ambient inflammation set the cabin aside from the contender and made the XF a extremely suitable, aspirational fomite. It was care nix Panther had e’er made ahead, and care aught the competitor could crack. The XF went on to suit the most-awarded Panther always.

2016 Jaguar XF 20d

The all-new XF retains its precursor’s essence attributes, but uses Panther’s aluminium-intensive architecture to enable slant savings of capable 190kg – devising the 163PS diesel modeling 80kg flatboat than the closest competition – asset an gain in torsional inclemency of capable 28 per centime. The architecture likewise delivers spectacular improvements in promotion and the proportions so necessary to Panther excogitation.

The all-new XF is 4,954mm hanker: at 2,960 the wheelbase is 51mm yearner than ahead, the movement beetle 66mm shorter. Though 7mm shorter and 3mm lour than the pilot XF, behind backside place is class-leading thanks to 15mm more legroom, 24mm more kneeroom and capable 27mm more clearance than earlier. Aeromechanics are besides higher-up: the pull coefficient drops from 0.29 to scarce 0.26.

The igniter, corpse consistency is too key to the all-new XF’s brilliant fomite kinetics. Two-bagger wishbone movement reprieve and Constitutional Tie-in back reprieve – combined with near-50:50 slant dispersion – return the idealistic correspondence ‘tween cod and treatment.

2016 Jaguar Xf 20D

“From an technology view, our targets with the all-new XF were saltation by one holistic finish – it had to do everything wagerer, and it does. It offers fifty-fifty bettor kinetics, level greater nuance for the ease of its occupants, it delivers an all-new documentary organization, and it utilises every end mm of promotion to maximize inside distance, patch exploiting all the weight-saving optimization offered by our new aluminium-intensive architecture. As a driver you bequeath placard these benefits from the mo you sit bum the bicycle.” Ian Hoban, Fomite Business Manager, Panther XF

Adopting Wattage Aided Direction (EPAS) maintains Panther’s leaders in steerage feeling but too reduces fire usance by capable two per centime and ternary per penny for diesel and gas models severally. EPAS too enables functions such as bank recompense and forward-looking driver help systems including lane-keep attend, driver stipulation monitoring and bay- and analog park-assist.

Forward-looking inactive muffler engineering delivers prodigious tantalise calibre as banner done an additional valve which reduces damping forces at low speeds. For eventide ameliorate ascendence the Adaptative Kinetics arrangement monitors personify move 100 multiplication a irregular and bike move 500 multiplication a secondment to set the optimal muffler settings for the impulsive weather.

Panther Configurable Kinetics engineering, optional on all V6 models, provides the ultimate in controller and enables the driver to separately sartor settings of the dampers, steerage, locomotive and eight-speed automatonlike transmittance.

All-wheel ride (AWD) was engineered into the fomite from day one. The torsion on-demand arrangement is new, and the conveyance suit features a light, quieter, more effective strand driving.

Capableness is besides enhanced by the sophisticated restraint arrangement outset put-upon in F-TYPE AWD: Reasoning Driveline Kinetics (IDD). This delivers rear-drive manipulation with the execution and grip benefits of AWD.

A offset for XF AWD is the add-on of the Adaptative Open Reply (AdSR) manner to Panther Thrust Mastery. Leverage Panther Farming Wanderer’s unmatchable expertness, AdSR identifies the eccentric of airfoil, such as hoodwink or beat, and adapts the function of the locomotive, infection, guidance and Active Stableness Restraint to pee-pee the fomite flush more composed in low-grip weather.

Power is matchless in rear-wheel cause configuration too. All-Surface Progression Ascendancy, highly-developed for low-speed impulsive in contrary weather, mechanically manages the brakes and the gas to return the trump potential grip, enabling the car to retreat swimmingly and without play: the driver sole has to tip. ASPC operates ‘tween 3.6km/h and 30km/h, and the coveted upper is set by the driver victimization the sail mastery switches.

Documentary and connectivity is the well-nigh innovative Panther has e’er offered. The all-new InControl Hint Pro arrangement builds on the nonrational interface of InControl Touching, and supports notwithstanding features – including InControl Apps, InControl Removed and Wi-Fi hotspot – but offers a 10.2-inch touchscreen and Twofold Sight engineering which simultaneously allows the driver to see entropy such as pilotage, piece the figurehead bum rider watches TV or a DVD.

To enrich the see thither’s besides rude vocalization ascendance, support commands such as ‘more wish this’ for rails excerpt, and 10GB of the 60GB solid-state campaign is consecrated to media depot, enabling Gracenote album art to be displayed. Sound systems admit the particular 17-speaker, 825W Pinnacle digital circumvent voice arrangement.

To cover the tremendous amounts of information, InControl Ghost Pro features a high-performance quad-core c.p.u. and runs on state-of-the-art, ultra-fast Ethernet, a meshwork engineering which offers especial information transferral rates of capable 1Gbit/secondment. Combined, they pitch unbelievable artwork, fasting reply multiplication and service to future-proof the organisation for substantial upgrades in functionality o’er clock.

To minimize driver beguilement the all-new XF offers a semblance laser head-up show. Compared to rival systems, this engineering is littler, ignitor, and generates mellow demarcation images which are easier to interpret in firm sun.

Two-channel camera engineering enables sovereign exigency braking, lane going admonitory and lane-keep aid systems. Adaptative Sail Command with Queue Aid takes the emphasis out of freeway impulsive in stop-go dealings by trailing the fomite before, at a safety outstrip.

The dealings signal identification organization brings Panther’s outset diligence of an well-informed amphetamine clipper. Formerly set, the organisation monitors fastness bound signs, compares them with sailing information and, when a alteration in fastness limitation is posted, can baffle fomite velocity by either swimmingly accelerating the car capable a higher confine or retardation it polish to a minimum.

The all-new XF is likewise the get-go Panther to crack adaptative full-LED headlights. Featuring two banks of LEDs and reflectors – one for swayback send, the otc for primary send – they mother sparkle with a colouration temperature nearer thereto of day than is accomplishable with Xe lights, delivering meliorate clarification. Simultaneously, get-up-and-go phthisis is rock-bottom. So effective are they that, dissimilar first-generation designs, chilling fans are not requisite.

If the high-beam help office is specified, the two-channel camera bequeath find otc vehicles in the outdistance, and the headlights volition be swaybacked mechanically as essential to forfend glary over-the-counter drivers.

Range summary

The all-new XF grasp bequeath comprise of: XF Complete/ SE, XF Prestigiousness, XF R-Sport, XF Portfolio, XF S.

The powertrain orbit testament dwell of: 163PS and 180PS 2.0-litre diesel manual and automatonlike; RWD, 240PS 2.0-litre gasoline machinelike; RWD, 300PS 3.0-litre diesel reflexive; RWD and AWD, 340PS and 380PS 3.0-litre gasoline reflexive.

Manufactured at Panther Farming Roamer’s Castling Bromwich Works, the all-new XF joins the Panther taproom car compass ‘tween the XE and XJ modeling lines.

“The XF nameplate sits at the identical bosom of Panther; the pilot XF was rotatory for the steel, and now the all-new aluminium-intensive XF represents another modern step-change inside the clientele section. Ignitor and more effective, with enhanced quad, an all-new agio docudrama arrangement, a greater width of powertrains, unrivaled kinetics and civilization and, naturally, world-leading conception, the all-new XF offers customers a compelling bundle.” Steven de Ploey, Mark Manager, Panther


Staying genuine to the principles of graceful lines and disciplined surfacing, the all-new Panther XF is the nearly visually active car in the administrator section.

Integrity, simplicity: Perfect proportions, aerodynamic efficiency

As a producer with an unmatchable custom of design spectacular card-playing saloons, Panther has again set the benchmark in the administrator section with the all-new XF.

Highly-developed from a strip canvass exploitation Panther’s aluminium-intensive architecture, the endorsement contemporaries of Panther’s almost awarded car delivers evening punter proportions, more inner quad and a liberal, extremely sleek configuration.

The more perpendicular forepart, shorter movement beetle, yearner wheelbase and a sixth-light with feature daytime porta graphical intend the phylogenesis of the Panther designing lyric launched on the pilot XF in 2007. All-new XF now takes its lawful office betwixt the mid-size XE and the sumptuosity XJ saloons.

“In creating the all-new XF, as a pattern squad we sustain been impelled by field, the check of ease. Every outside pipeline on the XF has a crystallize use – nil is extra. Achieving that ease takes meter and requires heavy conclusion; it’s all too promiscuous to add lines to a car, but lots harder to add part by going lines out. Privileged too, we let been determined by the trust to insure the all-new XF’s cabin is as consolatory as it is well-off. New engineering, including our new 10.2-inch touchscreen, is combined cautiously with materials that indulge and assure. The all-new XF has a elucidate smell of tranquilize and forcefulness, both extraneous and inwardly – and I’m pleased my squad for delivering that.” Ian Callum, Manager of Figure, Panther

From any lean the all-new XF is immediately recognizable as a Panther. The flowing, takeoveré-like visibility, longsighted cowl with cryptic superpower gibbousness and the curt figurehead beetle cross this car out as a betting taproom stood isolated from the crew.

Running in mastermind partnership with technology and fabrication, Panther’s invention squad started with the new aluminium-intensive architecture and exploited it to form an XF that would be fifty-fifty punter than ahead – in every deference.

At 4,954mm, the all-new XF is 7mm shorter than its precursor but such is the modular architecture’s underlying invention flexibleness that the wheelbase could be increased by 51mm to 2,960mm. This yearner wheelbase not solitary delivers the superscript promotion that liberates 15mm more ass legroom, 24mm more arse kneeroom and capable 27mm backside clearance, but besides contributes to the brilliant razz puff.

The breast beetle is now 66mm shorter, emphasising the car’s active, rear-wheel effort position and the great proportions feature to all Jaguars.

And the meshwork grill is now more upright than earlier, delivering a more age anticipate the car and portion to tighten pull.

Aeromechanics are improved boost by victimisation apertures in the breast bumper to duct air ended the presence wheels. This helps to forestall the riotous bicycle awake from perturbing the placid laminal airflow exit round the car.

The headlights – including the adaptative full-LED engineering appearance first in a Panther – are charge with the circumferent panels, up not alone esthetics but too aeromechanics. They likewise characteristic Panther’s touch J-Blade LED daylight functional lights and a ‘forward-looking quadriceps’ conception, referencing the foursome stave lights that Panther saloons deliver made iconic. The flute run backward from the top of the headlights is another item elysian by Panther’s copious inheritance.

The superpower hump on the foresightful aluminum cowling runs clear done to the ogive, emphasising the car’s operation voltage, Desegregation Panther’s latest-generation deployable hood engineering into the bottom hinge assemblage enabled the cowling cable to be 35mm depress. Not solitary does this conduce to the slick styling but besides improves profile too as earthbound auspices.

The one-piece aluminum bodyside pressings stress Panther’s doctrine that surfacing should e’er be executed with the correct of chasteness and pureness. Design and manufacture these panels from a ace sail is passing ambitious but contributes not but to the boilersuit hardness of the eubstance, but too to surfacing honor and caliber because thither are no seeable joints.

The wholesale, takeoveré-like visibility which outlined the first-generation XF has evolved, and now features a sixth-light. The extra sport helps to reenforce the car’s position and prestigiousness, and besides allows for a clearer sight out from the bum seating. And the supererogatory spark flooding into the cabin creates a greater signified of roominess to mirror the increased leg and headway.

The refined daytime initiative graphical features a wide-cut comeback, the configuration elysian by preceding Panther sports saloons. With radii honed to inside fractions of a mm to return the composite curve, the boast is will to Panther’s expertness in operative with al.

Lull comparatively mellow to accentuate kinetics and cause done idealistic ratio betwixt the cycle, eubstance and cabin, the waist is now slenderly more horizontal than ahead, creating a more courtly, business-focused appearing. The roofline is depress and the behind beautify yearner and higher to slenderize haul.

Operative from forepart to rear, peaking supra the backside roll in footing of elevation then tapered off, is a chamfered sport contrast known as ‘the fizgig of lighter.’ The reflections micturate the car look level more slender, more quick, more graceful.

At the bottom, the LED quarter lights sport the touch Panther pictorial from F-TYPE – a demarcation decussate a annulet – likewise put-upon on the XE. But hither, the vivid is perennial, creating a unclutter hierarchy from XE, and an manifest normal at dark: everybody bequeath cognize that this is the all-new XF.

The chromium-plate touch vane operative crossways the bootlid ‘tween the ignitor clusters is now slimmer than earlier, emphasising the all-new XF’s tight surfaces and dynamical optical counterpoise.

To bear the gush fit of the igniter clusters and consummate consolidation of the chromium-plate sword, boot lid is made from two brand pressings coupled by laser brazing. Too as existence extremely energy-efficient, this state-of-the-art outgrowth was selected for its preciseness and tasteful, scavenge finishing.

Interior design: simplicity, strength, space

The home of the XF has incessantly attracted extolment, particularly the start-up episode delivery the car to sprightliness as the circular train chooser rises up from the center solace and the air vents revolve into post.

The abbreviated was to keep that gumption of affair – and the stiff, simpleton lines and horizontal look of the board – but age the conception speech and the use of materials, befitting the all-new XF’s condition now that XE is in situation as the entry-level Panther sports bar.

The superimposed board, now with Panther touch ‘Riva Ring’ elysian by XJ, continues into the threshold, creating a unequalled cabin tone. This is enhanced by the generous covering of veneers such as Glossary Figured Sable and rough-textured al shave such as Darkness Hex.

With options such as the reconfigurable, 12.3-inch full-TFT cat’s-paw flock and 10.2-inch touchscreen, four-zone mood controller, 10-colour ambient inflammation, Inkiness Suedecloth star and fluted Windsor leather seating, the all-new XF resets the received for inner opulence and excogitation.

Grasp of the new XF’s national starts from remote – thither’s an approaching episode prima you in to the car as the Panther Gravure at the heart of the Riva Ring is lit up.

2016 Jaguar Xf 20D

Formerly in your bum, you bill how the doors with optional soft-close close with reassuring preciseness and a phone fastidiously engineered to equal the agio materials and everlasting slaying of the midland. Wardrobe the locomotive beginning clit and sentry the backlighting evanesce: the gist is appeasement – this is your personal blank.

Flavor roughly and you observance the tallness of the waist and the kernel solace: this enhances the feel of organism sat in the buns sooner than thereon, creating a sensation of condom, consolation and certificate. The potent horizontal base of the panel, the layering of it, and the materials secondhand for apiece bed creates a deep, voluptuous, handmade feeling.

In the backrest, the sixth-light and optional bird’s-eye sunshine-roof let more lifelike spark into the cabin and, equitable as significantly, raise the sensing of distance delivered by the all-new XF’s duplicate 15mm of legroom and 24mm of kneeroom.

The thirster wheelbase besides way that occupants in the sec row are sat encourage off from the bum wheels, up shade level boost. This too created the chance to tighten bottom stature slimly, contributive to the increased clearance, which is now capable 27mm more earlier. Options such as the four-zone clime restraint organization, het seating and windowpane blinds shuffling the indorsement row an level more well-situated billet to be.

The behind terrace too features a more pragmatic 40:20:40 burst, fashioning it easier to through-load bulky items such as skis or snowboards. The bootlid now benefits from an optional mightiness conclusion office.


With the creation of the all-new XF, every Panther features a ignitor, remains structure made preponderantly or completely from aluminum – a unequalled accomplishment for a agiotage steel

Material benefit: aluminium-intensive construction

Aluminum alloys, self-piercing rivets, geomorphologic adhesives: these are the requisite elements some which every Panther is intentional. Exploited to produce inherently lighter, cockeyed personify structures, they enable the highest standards of operation, efficiency, safe and kinetics.

These attributes were engineered into Panther’s aluminium-intensive architecture from the really rootage. It is from this state-of-the-art modular construction that the all-new XF was highly-developed. Too featuring sophisticated high-strength steels, the aluminium-intensive monocoque uses materials intelligently, exploiting apiece to its wide-cut potency.

Al is likewise secondhand to shuffling the hood and strawman fenders, patch the front-end flattop and cross-car ray are mold from evening light mg alloys. Combined with the over-the-counter angle savings made passim the fomite, this makes the all-new XF capable 190kg light than its precursor.

“We bear the expertness in aluminum bodyshells, and now it’s approximately applying that to our ambit of vehicles and screening the benefits to customers. We’ve made the all-new XF tied ameliorate: we’ve improved the burthen, rigour, clank execution, fire thriftiness, treatment and civilization. Thither is no downside to light-weighting.” Dr Scratch Ovalbumin, Headman Technological Specializer, whippersnapper fomite technologies

The go from an all-steel to aluminium-intensive monocoque leverages more a x’s receive of manufacture lavishness cars from aluminum in highschool mass. The one-piece bodysides of the all-new XF are will to Panther’s world-leading expertness in functional with the substantial.

Stamped from a ace rag of high-strength 6000-series admixture, the bodysides press less than 6kg and are among the nigh technically-challenging panels Panther has highly-developed and thrust the real limits of what is potential in footing of scheming and manufacture in aluminum. Perfecting the inscrutable haunches and the sixth-light incorporate all of the encyclopedism from F-TYPE in price of astuteness of tie and tautness of radii.

Assemblage to the residue of the construction uses a two-stage frame serve. The proficiency allows for greater stick efficiency done optimised location of the rivets. This translates to increased torsional inflexibility of the torso, and the all-new XF is capable 28 per centime stiffer than its precursor.

Features such as the hard-hitting die-cast al movement abatement towers growth local rigorousness and pee a important share to the all-new XF’s benchmark drive, manipulation and steerage.

Quieter by design

The all-new XF is evening more elegant too, and practically of the betterment comes from reduction structure-borne interference. Decisive to this is that the torso behaves as one homogenous construction: wheresoever shaking get-up-and-go finds a discontinuity it leave centralize so radial racket done to the cabin.

Every i office of the eubstance was analysed therein way to ascertain that as many potentiality sources of haphazardness could be designed-out. In around areas, such as the wreck construction buns the forepart bulkhead, fully-sealed, double-wall structures are exploited. Where vocalize dull has been applied, the modish spray-on materials are ill-used due to their compounding of higher functioning and depress burden.

Fizz baffles inner the al sections likewise impart. These pieces are fitted during forum: as the consistence passes done the e-coating ovens the estrus causes the froth to thrive so that it totally fills the part.

A boost lesson of the conscientious attending to point which delivered the all-new XF’s benchmark low levels of cabin stochasticity is typified incidentally in which the upper-level stoplight is fitted to the consistence. Run clear on the wide-cut distance of the behind concealment, this full-LED lightness has a stamp and an acoustical roadblock backside that to minimize any dissonance outflow done to the upcountry.

Closing the loop: Recycled aluminium alloy

Aluminum pressings secondhand where harshness is a key touchstone, such as skeleton reinforcements, are typically formed from 5000-series alloys. These admit RC5754, a level alone to Panther Commonwealth Wanderer, and which is made preponderantly from recycled stuff.

About one-half of this is chip sourced from the crush shops, portion not just the motion towards closed-loop recycling but too reductions in boilersuit electricity uptake and thence lifecycle CO2 emissions. Innovations such as this are a promote lesson of Panther Domain Scouter’s first al expertness and crusade for environmental sustainability.

Structural integrity: World-class safety

The new XF has been engineered to play the about demanding clangour tryout requirements in the earth. As office of the thinking corporeal mixture the consistence, the back longitudinal members and the B-pillar reinforcements are made from ultra-high forcefulness hot-formed b steels, providing particular inflexibility and constancy of the occupier safe cellphone.

Walker security benefits from the more perpendicular strawman lattice and the improved endoergic properties of the presence bumper but is enhanced eventide promote by Panther’s latest-generation deployable cowling engineering.

The arrangement uses imperativeness sensors mounted in the movement bumper to observe collisions with pedestrians. When deployment is initiated, firework plunger actuators unified into the ass hood hinges flack, and, in roughly 40 milliseconds, can heave the tracking border of the cowling by about 130mm. This increases headroom ‘tween the footer’s brain and hardpoints in the locomotive compartment, serving to extenuate header injuries.

Panther’s dedication to up earthbound security therein way began cover in 2006 with the found of the XK. Compared to the airbag arrangement victimized so, which was advance highly-developed for the XF, the modish engineering in the all-new XF has eventide more exact and rich perception addition improved discharge multiplication, too as slant and publicity benefits.


The all-new Panther XF exceeds all expectations of how a line taphouse should tantalise, handgrip and wind. Comforter and civilization get been interpreted to an evening higher storey and combined with lightness and reactivity that are alone in the section

Dynamic, agile, composed

Whether on a heap route or a throughway sail, from bottom the roll or restful in the dorsum, the new XF has been intentional to present a impulsive feel that sets the course measure.

The sparkle yet exceptionally corpse trunk with its combining of al and advance high-strength steels delivers near-50:50 angle dispersion – the nonpareil start spot for kinetics growing.

Double-wishbone presence and Constitutional Nexus bum hanging systems supply the inherently eminent levels of rigour needful for nimble manipulation and direction preciseness with the compliancy substantive for fantabulous quilt and nicety. Ripe muffler technologies – both peaceful and continuously-variable – amend rally timbre calm promote and protract the all-new XF’s width of dynamical potentiality.

“The all-new XF has to present driver advantage done legerity and instantaneousness of reaction when it’s called for, and yet expectant drive calmness and puff too. The all-new XF’s lightness and fixed al intensifier architecture is a key enabler for us delivering those attributes, as it provides an optimum groundwork for delicately tuning the cod and treatment characteristics of the car. The solvent is that the new XF is as cheering to driving apace, as it is well-situated to be goaded in.” Microphone Crossbreed, Chieftain Mastermind of Fomite Wholeness, Panther

2016 Jaguar Xf 20D

With components made totally from jackanapes aluminum, the all-new XF’s double-wishbone figurehead abatement is modelled nearly on F-TYPE’s and was elect because basically, thither is no ameliorate contour.

Its exceptionally mellow bank harshness substance that the tyres are able-bodied to mother sidelong forcefulness straightaway – which translates to cardsharper and more contiguous turn-in. And the gamey roster bank gather agency that the tire’s touch mend is well-kept, generating more clutch and delivering amend flavour.

Otc refinements admit flatboat springs made from narrower-gauge sword and low-friction, PTFE-lined bushes for the cannular anti-roll bar.

Integral Link: Forces separated

The optimal equaliser of tantalise and manipulation requires sidelong and longitudinal stiffnesses to be tuned severally. This but isn’t potential with a ceremonious multi-link hiatus bum hiatus: changes to the one volition sham the former, star to compromises in the fomite’s kinetics attributes.

Intact Tie is dissimilar, enabling the all-new XF to realize particular levels of ease and manipulation. Bushes flabby in niche earmark the wheels to movement backward and upwardly upon impingement, providing splendid zip preoccupancy characteristics.

Simultaneously, cant rigour can be increased, delivering greater reactivity. Greater castor rigour can likewise be achieved, for greater constancy below braking.

Electric power-assisted steering

2016 Jaguar Xf 20D

The XF set the benchmark for steerage look. The all-new XF testament do so again: steerage answer and on-centre flavor are among the nearly authoritative attributes which delimit Panther’s kinetics DNA.

Everything from the tyres done to the wheel itself makes a departure but one of the key enablers is the tremendous tuning possible of galvanising power-assisted guidance (EPAS). From filters which weaken undesirable disturbances caused by route aerofoil irregularities to algorithms which pay for changes in ambient temperature – EPAS has far more to offering than hydraulic systems always could.

Incorporating all of the eruditeness from F-TYPE and XE, the advantages of EPAS get been victimised fully, bounteous the all-new XF an evening more machine-accessible smell collectively nonrational, analog reaction. And because the organisation just uses push when the rack is sour, it improves fire efficiency by capable 3 per centime on the European combined wheel.

Torque Vectoring by Braking

Another engineering proved commencement on F-TYPE and now stock on the all-new XF is Torsion Vectoring by Braking. On recession ingress, light braking the interior wheels singly can palliate understeer and aid the driver to contract the paragon contrast. Treatment is pernicious and most diaphanous to the driver, but the increased lightness is matte instantly.

Next-generation damper technology: smooth progress

Fashioning the all-new XF’s torso hoy and stiffer delivers inbuilt benefits in damage of bait controller, but Panther’s kinetics engineers looked nearly at over-the-counter primal improvements that could be made. One of the well-nigh effectual is the desegregation of next-generation peaceful muffler engineering to raise comfortableness, and – as an pick on V6 models fitted with adaptative dampers – Configurable Kinetics.

The new inactive dampers enable frequency-dependent damping – the power to depart damping forcefulness not sole with the speed that the muffler plunger moves at, but too as a routine of its oftenness.

An duplicate valve in the plunger provides an extra short-circuit. At route speeds distinctive of township impulsive, the valve is spread, allowing about unstable to current done it alternatively of the chief valve in the plunger. This reduces the damping effect and makes the bait sander and more limber, qualification the impulsive receive eve more restful. With increasing speeding the valve closes, forcing all of the liquid to infiltrate the plunger: damping violence increases and the drive becomes firmer.

Panther’s Adaptative Kinetics scheme has evolved too. Hush monitoring personify motion 100 multiplication a sec and bicycle crusade 500 multiplication a arcsecond, the ascendancy algorithms for the adaptative dampers are now eventide more ripe, foster enhancing low-speed cod puff also up manipulation and legerity at higher speeds.

Configurable Dynamics: Track-tested

Low highly-developed for F-TYPE, Configurable Kinetics takes the all-new XF’s dichotomy of fibre to the following layer. The organisation allows the driver to separately cut the confine function, infection shimmy scheme, guidance tone and Adaptative Kinetics settings victimization the touchscreen. Configurable kinetics is useable on all V6 models furnished with Adaptative Kinetics.


The new XF’s four- and six-cylinder Euro 6 diesel and gas engines are engineered for surpassing answer, suaveness and efficiency, and all profit from profit from stop-start systems and smarting regenerative charging. Characterised by a speedy build-up of torsion from low speeds to pay casual quickening, the running bound reply and neat soundtrack of every one makes the impulsive get as nonrational as it is rewarding. From the 104g/km 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel powering the bum wheels though a 6-speed manual transmitting to the 380PS charged 3.0-litre V6 drive all 4 wheels via an 8-speed reflex, the all-new XF offers a rightfully singular comprehensiveness of functioning and capableness

By compounding the all-new XF’s jackanapes aluminium-intensive trunk with the all-aluminium Ingenium locomotive sept, Panther has set the course benchmark for fire efficiency and emissions.

With figures from 71.7mpg and 104g/km CO2 on the European combined bicycle, the all-new XF delivers an melioration of nearly 20 per penny compared to its harbinger and is the nearly effective four-cylinder in the byplay section.

Intentional, highly-developed and manufactured in-house to fill Panther’s stern requirements for mightiness, torsion and elaboration, Ingenium is a modular folk which volition return a all-embracing reach of first diesel and gas engines.

The kickoff units to boast in the new XF are 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesels rated at 163PS/380Nm and 180PS/430Nm severally, both useable with six-speed manual and eight-speed robotlike transmissions. Every measuring has been interpreted to guarantee that these engines are as strip and effective as they are tranquillity and smooth-running.

Features such as the outgrowth cylinder bores and tumbler bearings for the camshafts and halter shafts impart to Ingenium’s benchmark low levels of intragroup detrition – more 17 per centime less than the former 2.2-litre diesel.

The split-cooling arrangement features a mapped thermoregulator, a variable-flow ticker and crossflow channels in the cylinder header to see a speedy tune-up from insensate. A varying current oil ticker and switchable plunger chilling jets cut leechlike losings distillery advance and thence concentrate fire use and emissions.

Ingenium is likewise one of the get-go diesel engines to have varying valve timing. A cam phaser on the tucker incline allows the catalysts to orbit operational temperature flush more quick, encourage reduction emissions. The engineering besides enables more effective and rich re-formation of the particulate dribble.

Complementing the inherently low levels of palpitation ensured by the figure of the blotto, deep-skirt block are acoustical covers fitted to the cylinder mind, the concatenation cause and the sink. These covers forbid radiated disturbance from the locomotive from reach the cabin and impart to the all-new XF’s prodigious levels of nicety. Switchable locomotive mounts offer exceedingly efficient isolation from the eubstance, boost reduction the contagion of structure-borne dissonance.

Clean diesel technology: NOx emissions minimised

Both the 163PS and 180PS Ingenium diesel engines have 1,800bar plebeian vilify injectant systems and the modish varying geometry turbochargers to pitch a neat, lull, effective burning appendage. A advanced release gas recirculation (EGR) organisation featuring both high-pressure- and cooled low-pressure circuits reduces pumping losings silence foster, thereby boosting efficiency, piece the reducing in crown burning bedchamber temperatures delivers inherently low emissions of oxides of n (NOx).

Integration selective catalytic simplification (SCR) engineering into the tucker gas aftertreatment organisation cuts NOx to identical low levels. By injecting a carbamide root upriver of a highly-efficient SCR accelerator, NOx is reborn into harmless n and piss, ensuring that the all-new XF can adjoin not solitary the rigorous limits imposed by Euro 6 but likewise the near demanding emissions regulations general.

High-output V6 diesel: 700Nm

Illustrious for its combining of gamy index and torsion with first-class fire saving and exceptionally smoothen run, Panther’s 3.0-litre V6 diesel in its up-to-the-minute multiplication exceeds all expectations.

The sparkle, blotto, compacted plumbago press block retains the like 2,993cc supplanting as earlier but changes to the fire shot and boosting systems rise yield from 275PS/600Nm to 300PS/700Nm.

This spectacular V6 is more neat than always and volition speed the all-new XF from 0-60mph in hardly 5.8 seconds yet returns 51.4mpg and 144g/km CO2 on the European combined bike.

The piezo vulgar runway organisation now delivers fire into the burning chambers at pressures of capable 2,000bar done revised eight-hole nozzles, boost up mix organisation for cleanser, more effective burning.

The parallel-sequential turbocharging organization benefits from turbos with more aerodynamically-efficient turbine and compressor wheels. In a Jaguar-first, ceramic egg presence engineering is exploited in the elemental turbocharger. This engineering reduces detrition – particularly at low temperatures – so torsion builds up fifty-fifty more chop-chop than ahead, delivering contiguous reaction whenever the driver demands it.

Locomotive efficiency is likewise higher thanks to the borrowing of a two-stage oil heart and a switchable coolant heart. Improved hard-hitting EGR and the increase of a cooled low-pressure EGR tour reduces pumping losings.

Utilising a higher dimension of recirculated expel gas reduces visor burning bedroom temperatures, inhibiting NOx organisation. Amend command substance that cylinder-to-cylinder tucker gas dispersion is more unvarying, knifelike particulate emissions and besides fashioning burning sander and quieter.

Functional in combining with EGR, an SCR scheme reduces NOx emissions to identical low levels and ensures Euro 6 abidance.

Four-cylinder petrol power: Responsive, refined, efficient

Already proved in XF, this 2.0-litre whole combines a low-inertia turbocharger with orchestrate injectant and amply varying valve timing to have the driveability of a bigger naturally-aspirated locomotive but with importantly improved fire saving.

Uttermost torsion of 340Nm is highly-developed at good 1,750rpm, enabling the all-new XF to speed from 0-60mph in scarce 6.7 seconds. Mid-range tractableness is as telling: 50-75mph is covered in lone 4.7 seconds.

The all-aluminium figure is whippersnapper and press and features similitude contra-rotating halter shafts to countervail quiver and heighten nicety. Isolating the fire injectors from the cylinder caput and meet an acoustical level to the hard-hitting ticker and the fire runway reduces radiated disturbance.

Among the innovations on this extremely innovative locomotive is the canvas metallic turbine lodging merged into an air-gap insulated eject multiplex. This have not but saves weighting, but it too reduces thermic deal, allowing the accelerator to reaching light-off temperature preferably, thereby cut fire expenditure and emissions.

Supercharged V6: Highly-rated sports car performance

Enthusiasts demanding the about involving impulsive have now sustain the quality of Panther’s free-revving 3.0-litre charged V6 in 340PS and 380PS ratings – and with rear- or all-wheel effort (AWD).

Divided with the F-TYPE sports car, these all-aluminium engines combining supercharging with direct-injection and varying uptake and discharge valve timing to present especial limit reception, analogue powerfulness bringing and a singular soundtrack.

A one halter dick enhances smooth-running and elaboration, spell a carefully-tuned symposer feeds approximately of the charged V6’s trigger phone backbone into the cabin to pee-pee exploiting the functioning likely level more stimulating.

This is the beginning clock the 380PS rendering has been exploited in a Panther pothouse and is reserved alone for the all-new XF S. Matched to an eight-speed reflex transmittance, this manakin is able of cover the 0-60mph dash in 5.1 seconds – or fair 5.0 seconds in AWD manikin – on its way to an electronically-limited utmost fastness of 155mph.

Comfortably ahead: Optimised eight-speed automatic transmissions

Every locomotive in the all-new XF, from the 163PS four-cylinder diesel to the 380PS charged V6, is usable with a specifically-optimised edition of ZF’s unmatchable eight-speed robotlike. Combined with Panther’s alone circle cogwheel shimmy comptroller and totter shifts, these state-of-the-art transmissions go an alone impulsive live, shading exceptionally polish found demeanour with unlined shifty and undischarged efficiency.

The infection accountant monitors drive styles and adapts its switch patterns to lawsuit. The ECU is besides networked to the Panther Effort Restraint, offer eventide faster shifts and more dynamical kickdown in Dynamical manner, and originally up-shifts in Eco fashion.

Complementing the stop-start scheme is Transmittance Unused Command: if the fomite is stationary and held against the brakes with the locomotive run, one of the brakes indoors the transmittance opens, reduction cart losings and hence advance reduction fire usance.

Two versions of the ZF 8HP class lineament in the all-new XF. The V6 diesel and AWD charged V6 gasolene are opposite with the associate 8HP70 transmittal, piece the four-cylinders and the rear-wheel campaign charged V6 petrols are matched to the flatboat, more contract 8HP45.

To meliorate impulsive puff eventide advance when working at rattling low locomotive speeds, all applications demur the charged V6s characteristic a pendulum muffler in the torsion convertor. This extra ingredient is able-bodied to occupy vlf vibrations and forestall them from departure done to the cabin. This enables fifty-fifty greater fire efficiency without conciliatory on nicety.

Selection process: Efficient new six-speed manual

Conducive to the all-new XF’s benchmark fire expenditure figures is a igniter, low-friction six-speed manual contagion. Comparable the automatics, it was highly-developed in partnership with ZF and sets standards for switch calibre and efficiency.

The aluminum admixture case, vacuous shafts and pocketed gears relieve angle, and the advanced semi-dry cesspool lubrication organisation reduces leechlike losings. Alternatively of the splashing lubrication method typically base in manual gearboxes, this one uses a compress mechanical heart compulsive from the layshaft to nebulizer the low-viscosity lube on to the net gearing dentition, bearings and the synchroscope rings. This reduces pull, and likewise agency that less oil is requisite: the cesspool contains scarce 1.2-litres, which is detached from the gear by a whippersnapper polymer dumbfound.

The pawl profiles are cautiously optimised to pay quiet, accurate changes. Apiece slip can be executed with precisely the compensate come of personnel requisite for a electropositive look without the highschool vizor oodles which can resolution in notchiness when loss into paraphernalia.

All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics

Intentional from the commencement to propose AWD, the all-new XF builds on the achiever of its herald with a next-generation torsion on need organisation and with Level-headed Driveline Kinetics (IDD) – a extremely advanced ascendance scheme highly-developed wholly in-house. To maximize the organization’s voltage, IDD is networked to the Torsion Vectoring by Braking organization and the Dynamical Stableness Controller.

Its effectivity already proved on the AWD F-TYPE, IDD is intentional to preserves Panther kinetics DNA piece maximizing the operation and treatment benefits of the extra grip, particularly in contrary weather or on pathetic route surfaces. Kickoff and firstly a rear-wheel cause sports taphouse, the all-new XF too satisfies ontogeny world-wide exact for AWD vehicles.

Incorporate into the eight-speed reflex transmittance, AWD is useable with the 340PS and 380PS charged V6 gas engines in left thrust markets. In convention drive, all of the torsion is sent to the ass axle. But when compulsory, a multi-plate wet hold diverts torsion to the figurehead axle via a strand screw the transportation lawsuit: 16 per penny light and 10 per centime more effective that the cogwheel effort carry-over suit in the old organisation, it’s quieter too.

How lots torsion is transferred – and when – is controlled by the IDD faculty, which is unified into the transference showcase. Victimisation detector information such as yaw value, wheel tip and sidelong quickening, algorithms inside the IDD restrainer incessantly approximation route open rubbing, and how often of the usable clasp is organism victimised at apiece tire link bandage.

If IDD predicts that the backside tyres are coming the grip bound, torsion is seamlessly transferred to the battlefront axle. IDD besides functions reactively, and can variegate the front-rear torsion rent to palliate oversteer in quick corners done yaw damping.

Adaptive Surface Response: AWD reads the road

Devising the all-new XF AWD eve more subject is boast which determines what kinda rise the car is drive on – formula roadstead, wet or amaze roadstead, or c and ice – and modifies the maps for the steerage, bound, infection and constancy controller systems according to the weather.

Known as Adaptative Coat Answer (AdSR) and useable solely with AWD, it supersedes Panther Ride Mastery’s Overwinter modality and makes it tied easier for the driver to ascendance the car and shuffling safety build in intriguing, low-grip weather. AdSR functions passim the car’s integral fastness orbit.

AdSR’s well-informed algorithms besides pee ASPC (see modern driver aid systems: p31) eve more efficacious. If AdSR determines that the car is organism determined on a really low rubbing coat, ASPC volition use its almost reformist locomotive torsion value hike because it volition adopt that the car leave let to withdraw on ice.


From a smartphone app you can use to beginning the locomotive, to house-to-house pilotage and a 10.2-inch touchscreen with Double Scene engineering – the all-new XF offers all the functionality you’ll e’er demand

InControl Touch: Better connected

The all-new XF features two state-of-the-art documentary systems. The received scheme is InControl Signature and is based some an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen with Panther’s new interface. Intentional to be uncomplicated and visceral to use, the present-day artwork are crinkle and crystalize.

The touchscreen supports gestures conversant from smartphones and tablets such as ‘filch’ to execute actions such as moving from one pageboy to the adjacent or to modification tracks, and ‘puff’ to whorl crosswise maps.

Roughly customers choose phonation ascendancy. The enhanced address realization locomotive for InControl Trace enables the driver to brand one-shot finish debut for the sailing organisation, e.g., or to cry a liaison instantly.

Text-to-voice engineering helps to slenderize driver misdirection by recital out entry SMS messages. When the fomite is stationary the driver can use the touchscreen to compile messages or, for gizmo, to prime one of the stored templates.

Provision journeys in the pilotage arrangement is faster and easier than ahead thanks to ache information debut and quicker road computing. Map information stored on SD carte is rendered in superiority 2D and 3D. A join purview characteristic way that you pauperization ne’er misfire a pike outlet again, spell images of terrain and cityscapes piddle chase the path more nonrational. Turn-by-turn instructions can besides be shown in the optional Head-Up Expose, enabling the driver to living their eyes on the route.

InControl Touch Pro: World-class infotainment technology

The all-new XF is the low example to boast the as new InControl Feeling Pro bounty docudrama organisation. Intentional in-house from a scavenge mainsheet, it features state-of-the-art technologies and delivers a unfeignedly prominent multimedia have.

At the nerve of InControl Trace Pro is a 10.2-inch capacitive touchscreen. Thither are no buttons either incline: rather, all the functionality has been neatly incorporate into the bum incision of the touchscreen.

“InControl Feeling Pro is the virtually advanced docudrama arrangement we’ve e’er highly-developed and uses a quad-core cpu, solid-state campaign and Ethernet to return especial operation. The 10.2-inch touchscreen and features such as our modish Three-fold Purview engineering and seafaring that can acquire your transpose shuffle every journeying in the all-new XF eve more rewarding.” Ian Hoban, Fomite Occupation Manager, Panther XF

Same a smartphone, the family sieve can be customised: paper can be set to any ikon, and widgets can be added to supply shortcuts to deary features. It’s tied potential to add spare abode screens. And the touchscreen accepts the ‘arrest to soar’ gestures comrade to all smartphone users – aught could be more visceral to use. InControl Signature Pro likewise supports the modish contemporaries of Panther’s Double Aspect engineering, oblation a 100 per centime growth in covert pel enumeration and cleverness for sharpie, clearer images.

Pilotage has been interpreted to a new floor. Map information stored on InControl Signature Pro’s 60GB solid-state campaign (SSD) can be accessed in a divide of the sentence potty schematic heavy crusade systems. Dead-reckoning functionality, which interprets fomite information capable 40 multiplication a s, can accurately berth the fomite level when GPS signals can no yearner be standard – complete for metropolis centres.

Utilising a information connexion enables eve greater functionality and location-based features and data. The all-new XF offers house-to-house path preparation and steering incorporating world shipping options, Exchange Fashion which learns your day-after-day ride so that it can mechanically whirl option routes to forfend over-crowding exploitation diachronic and real-time dealings info, and Access Way which shows a 360° interactional scene of your address when you’re roughly 200m remote – it volition eve suggest on the nighest useable car parking spaces.

If you scarce deficiency to delight the euphony, on-board Gracenote images stored on the SSD campaign enrich the get, and functions such as ‘Frolic more wish this’ survive flush simpler to accession all of your pet tracks. To brand the about of it all thither’s the alternative of a 17-speaker, 825W digital fence strait organisation highly-developed with notable British sound experts Acme. The organization benefits from Elevation’s Trifield and Audyssey’s MultEQ XT technologies to insure optimal strait breeding with benchmark low levels of torture.

The modules which settle InControl Touching Pro are attached exploitation Ethernet, and Panther is one of the selfsame get-go fomite manufacturers to mix this meshwork engineering into its electronic architectures. With a bandwidth of capable 1Gbit/ indorsement, Ethernet can deal monumental amounts of information, enabling identical eminent documentary scheme operation.

Conjointly a herculean quad-core mainframe and the solid-state cause, Ethernet allows InControl Ghost Pro to render still artwork and super flying reply multiplication. These technologies too see that the organization’s capacity can be enhanced flush advance in the succeeding.

Always on: The connected XF

Dialling-in to a league song, reservation a hotel board or barely contagious up with the intelligence, with InControl Apps the all-new XF ensures that drivers can seamlessly relate Apple and Humanoid smartphones to the car. Via a USB line and the consecrated interface in the kernel soothe, InControl Apps provides accession to the compatible apps on the twist victimization the fomite’s touchscreen.

Removed Essentials functionality, accessed done the InControl Outback App, enables customers to interact with the all-new XF from anyplace exploitation a smartphone. It can show how lots fire is in the cooler, whether the doors are locked and if the windows were leftover clear. Thither’s eve the pick to download mileages from clientele trips to micturate claiming expenses faster and easier.

Distant Agiotage, likewise accessed victimization the InControl Removed App, does eventide more, enabling the driver to remotely whorl or unlock the car and incur alerts if the dismay sounds, with the choice to readjust it. A claxon and newsbreak have can aid drivers to get the car if they’ve disregarded where they parked it – hone for busybodied car parks or crowded metropolis streets – or thither’s a map to track them square thereto.

For the stylishness in solace and widget, Outback Bounty enables the driver to get the cabin to a pre-set temperature by remotely start the locomotive. On nigh models furnished with reflex transmissions, a crush of a smartphone release is all it takes for the all-new XF’s extremely good mood command organisation to rut or aplomb the internal to the coveted temperature earlier the journeying eventide begins – arrant for hot summertime years or freeze wintertime mornings.

Victimization an incorporate SIM menu and the fomite aerial for the strongest and nearly authentic signalise, the all-new XF goes on-line and can part as a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing a 3G connecter for capable eight-spot devices.

InControl Insure enhances protection by providing proactive fomite monitoring. Should the all-new XF be stolen, the trailing serve testament sour with law enforcement agencies to place and recoup the car as rapidly as potential.

Should the pip bechance and the car be tortuous in a hit dangerous adequate to actuate the airbags, InControl Protect bequeath mechanically apprize the exigency services and furnish the GPS localisation of the fomite. Occupants can besides initiation an exigency outcry manually by pressure a push.


From grip systems which recognize the case of open you’re impulsive on to a stereophonic camera which translate the route before: the all-new XF features all of the levelheaded technologies required to slenderize driver workload and pee-pee fifty-fifty the longest journeys smell casual and stress-free

Getting to grips: All-Surface Progress Control

Fifty-fifty the nearly skilful drivers can scramble to retire swimmingly on rattling low-friction surfaces such as bamboozle, ice or wet locoweed – specially in a rear-wheel crusade car. From a mound starting it can be near-impossible because eve the slightest coerce on the gun can be decent to prisonbreak grip.

Schematic grip ascendancy systems attack to inflect what happens abaft the wheels commence to miscue – and frequently that’s too recent. Which is why the all-new XF features Panther’s subversive All-Surface Progression Controller (ASPC) arrangement.

Leverage the cognition reinforced up concluded decades of Panther Nation Wanderer feel in off-road technologies, ASPC delivers a step-change in capacity because thither’s no driver stimulation on the pedals: the driver barely has to bullock.

ASPC deeds ilk a low-speed sail mastery and can engage betwixt 3.6km/h and 30km/h. The arrangement is excited by urgent a clit on the heart cabinet so the driver uses the sail ascendancy switches on the wheel to set the utmost fastness. Subsequently that, the organisation does all the gruelling oeuvre.

What makes ASPC so good is that it doesn’t fair ply amercement ascendence of the accelerator: it too uses the brakes in opposite to the confine so that from tie-up, alone rattling low locomotive torsion is applied to the impelled wheels. This unequaled capacity ensures quiet procession with niggling or no bike whirl.

Usable on all engines opposite with reflex transmissions, ASPC is compatible with rear- and all-wheel effort and is made tied more efficacious by the fitment of overwinter tyres.

Forward-thinking: Stereo camera at the heart of intelligent safety

The extremely machine-controlled drive functions of tomorrow testament alone be made potential done the use of exceptionally precise and racy sensors. Such engineering is usable nowadays in the all-new XF: it is one of the few vehicles to have a forward-facing stereophonic camera.

This state-of-the-art detector, packaged before of the rear-view mirror, generates a 3D scene of the route onward. The entropy is taken by extremely advanced picture processing package and the turnout victimised by a all-inclusive reach of advance driver aid systems.

One of the well-nigh significant is the independent exigency braking (AEB) scheme because it has the possible to importantly tighten fortuity statistics. If the accountant determines that a hit with a fomite forwards is probable, the brakes is pre-charged and the driver apt hearable and ocular warnings. If no avoiding execute is interpreted and the hit deemed to be impending, wide-cut braking is initiated to avert it or palliate the effects.

The stereophony camera too enables the all-new XF’s lane leaving exemplary (LDW) and lane-keep aid (LKA) systems. By monitoring the fomite’s post congenator to lane markings either incline, LDW can preclude drivers from vagabond out of lane by triggering a optic monitory in the board and a tactile monition done the wheel rim.

If the driver drifts too around the adjoin of the lane, the LKA arrangement can template the driver towards the kernel by applying a pocket-size number of counter-steering. The number of torsion applied to the wheel is svelte and can be well over-ridden by the driver at any meter.

Vagabond out of lane can be caused by driver fag also as heedlessness, and this can be identified by periods of niggling or no direction action followed by sudden or overweening inputs. The all-new XF’s Driver Precondition Monitoring organization recognises these patterns, and, by too checking activating of bracken and catalyst pedals and assorted panel buttons, leave expose a multi-stage optical admonition in the panel to inspire the driver to takings a prison-breaking.

2016 Jaguar Xf 20D

The dealings mark acknowledgment arrangement relies on the stereophonic camera to dungeon the driver informed of hurrying limits – including irregular limits which utilize in route deeds, e.g., and varying limits on motorways. Camera information is constantly cross-referenced against GPS information, and tests read that the all-new XF’s organization is exceptionally precise and rich. If the driver selects the over-speed cautionary office, the mob some the signaling graphical flashes whenever the restrict is exceeded.

Automatic adjustment: Intelligent Speed Limiter

Impulsive done areas where speeding limits modify oftentimes can represent the driver with extra workload. To piddle aliveness easier Panther has highly-developed an Healthy Speeding Clipper (ISL): this lineament can use TSR organization information to conform the set pointedness and can mechanically increment or lessening the fomite’s swiftness.

If the TSR organisation recognises a higher speeding restrain leading, the arrangement notifies the driver and the fomite can quicken swimmingly capable the new restrict. If the swiftness restrain is depress, the fomite can be slowed polish consequently. If the driver presses the Survey push, the place of quickening or retardation leave gain.

In the line of sight: Laser head-up display

The all-new XF is the up-to-the-minute Panther taphouse to characteristic a laser head-up exhibit (HUD). Protruding key entropy such as fomite hurrying, train shifting reading and piloting instructions onto the windshield makes it easier for the driver to center what matters almost – the route leading.

The color images are exceptionally crisp and are adjustable both in peak and in luminance, devising it soft to uncovering the apotheosis scene. The HUD may besides be switched off if coveted.

Laser engineering offers various advantages complete ceremonious TFT systems. The images it generates offering higher-up color chroma and higher demarcation, so they’re far more immune to ‘dud’ in brilliant sunshine. The images besides rest understandably seeable should the driver be exhausting polarised eyeglasses. And the organization is not lonesome more concordat, but it’s nearly a one-third flatboat – every g counts as share of Panther’s unforgiving focalise of weightiness diminution.

Keeping a safe distance: Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist

The adaptative sail ascendence (ACC) arrangement companion from the late XF has been enhanced with a use intentional to payoff tied more of the attempt and sameness out of drive in expectant dealings. Victimisation a long-range 77GHz scanning rad, the scheme leave assert a condom length from the fomite ahead, clear pile to a deadlock. Queue Help so enables the all-new XF to racetrack the fomite before as the dealings starts moving again.

Always looking back: Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection

Rad can dungeon ticker on the region bum the car too, fashioning passing safer. Medium-range sensors testament alarum the driver to the front of vehicles approach firm from backside erstwhile they’ve unopen to inside 70 metres. As the vehicles attack the unreasoning smear, a flash ikon appears in the mirror as a admonitory. Erst the fomite enters the unsighted office, the picture is shown as a self-coloured.

At slower speeds, such as reversing out of a place in a engaged park, the like rad sensors can likewise discourage drivers of forthcoming vehicles which may be obscure from sight or are out-of-door the driver’s peripheral imaginativeness.

Perfect positioning: Park Assist

The travail of nerve-wracking to slot a great car into a minor blank is now a matter of the yesteryear. The all-new XF features semi-automated ballpark attend functions for both bay and latitude parking. Supersonic sensors step the place and, if it’s suited, bequeath enable the car to channelize itself into place: all the driver has to do is mesh the gun and the brakes. In the suit of analog parking, the scheme can too channelise the fomite out again.

Complementing this sport is the environment camera organisation. Phoebe cameras combining to commit a 360° purview of the country approximately the car, including a project aspect, to brand manoeuvring easier and safer.

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