2016 Jaguar Xe S

Jaguar XE S

A lawful driver’s car, the rear-drive Panther XE redefines the construct of the sports taphouse thanks to its innovative jackanapes twist, sleek styling, deluxe inside, and prominent bait and treatment. The XE goes on sale in 2015, with the high-performance S manakin at the top of the grasp.

The XE S rewards drivers with the reactivity and nicety of its charged 3.0-litre V6. Generating 340PS and 450Nm of torsion, this high-revving locomotive is joined to an eight-speed reflex transmitting with waddle sack controls, handsome the driver straightaway accession to the fomite’s unbelievable militia of superpower. Accelerating to 0-60mph in hardly 4.9 seconds, the XE S has an electronically-limited utmost fastness of 155mph.

“Panther’s billet as the stellar agio maker of al vehicles allowed us to break a lighter, cadaver structure that is ground-breaking in its family. It enables the XE’s ripe bod technologies to have an unprecedented counterbalance of lightness and levels of civilisation antecedently establish lone in vehicles from the segments supra.” Kevin Footstep, Fomite Job Conductor, Panther XE

The aluminium-intensive Panther XE is the commencement modeling highly-developed from Panther Domain Scouter’s new modular fomite architecture and volition set the measure for drive kinetics in the midsize section. The hanker wheelbase and low seats billet enable complete proportions and a flowing, coupe-like visibility.

The S modelling’s prominent battlefront air intakes, chromium-plate position vents, circumspect arse mollycoddler and optional 20-inch bad admixture wheels steer at the functioning voltage of Panther’s charged 3.0-litre V6 gasolene locomotive.

2016 Jaguar Xe S

2016 Jaguar XE S

The cabin offers spectacular levels of comfortableness and roominess. Recherche materials and finishes, combined with traditional Panther workmanship pee this an inside comparable nada else in the family.

The XE S volition be united by former models powered by extremely effective 2.0-litre, four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines matched to smooth-shifting six-speed manual and eight-speed machinelike transmissions. The diesels – contribution of Panther’s all-new Ingenium locomotive folk – furnish monitory fire phthisis and CO2 emissions from 75mpg and 99g/km.

The XE is besides the lightest, stiffest and virtually flowing Panther taphouse always reinforced. It is besides the outset Panther to be equipt with wattage steerage, tuned to render special reactivity and flavor but with depress get-up-and-go usance than hydraulic systems. The XE boasts the last-place toll of possession of any Panther and is too the almost environmentally sustainable.

The aluminium-intensive Panther XE is manufactured at Panther Commonwealth Scouter’s Solihull embed in an all-new purpose-made deftness. Role of a &hammer;1.5bn investiture, this extremely compromising, state-of-the-art manufacture locate volition make 1,700 UK jobs.

The XE now completes the Panther ginmill car stove seance infra the XF and XJ models.

2016 Jaguar Xe S

Compelling design: Form and function without compromise

The Panther XE was highly-developed in twin with the new modular architecture. The architecture unlocks figure possibilities that did not subsist earlier because the heart dimensions were set deliberately and technology workings unitedly from the really start, below a ism of ‘anything we can guess, we can produce.’

This makes it potential to agnise arrant proportions: myopic figurehead beetle, yearner back beetle and active, cab-rearward position. The architecture likewise enables the XE to have both a low, sporting drive billet and a slick, coupe-like visibility

The strongly-sculpted cowl creates a tight, brawny appearing. The insurrection waist adds to the kinaesthesia, spell the configuration of the back quarters takes aspiration from the F-Type Takeoveré. The touch J-Blade linear lights are another instantaneously recognizable Panther figure constituent. In the behind lights, a horizontal contrast intersectant a annulet is a sinewy styling characteristic genetic from the iconic E-Type.

Panther has a deep account of producing arresting, aerodynamically-efficient cars. The new XE continues the custom of uncompromised manakin and office: its flowing contour has the last-place haul coefficient of any Panther yet – equitable 0.26. This accomplishment is the resultant of 1,200 computational runny kinetics simulations and more eight-spot trillion hours of mainframe clip.

“Our commission was to make an exciting and active invention intelligibly reflecting the XE’s placement as a grievous driver’s car. The cab-rearward proportions and rigorous publicity accomplish that and consecrate the XE the show of motility evening when it’s standing quieten. It bears a warm kinsfolk resemblance to the F-Type and testament viewpoint isolated in the herd.” Ian Callum, Panther Manager of Innovation

2016 Jaguar Xe S

Expectations created by the XE’s outside styling are more met erstwhile within. The roomy cabin cocoons presence arse passengers with a rich core solace which creates a cockpit-like feeling. The F-Type-style dials and the constellate goad chimneysweeper on start-up farther accentuate the XE’s sports ginmill attributes.

Forepart and ass arse occupants savor generous amounts of nous and legroom – the XE proves that flowing, flowing styling and inside distance indigence not be contradictory. Proficient fabrics, fine-grain leathers and details such as contrastive twin-needle sewing springiness the cabin a bespoken timbre. The pick of glossiness nigrify, coarse-textured aluminum, and coeval romance veneers raise the deluxe, handmade flavour. Ambient ignition in a orbit of capable 10 colors adds to the signified of juncture.

2016 Jaguar Xe S

Aluminium-intensive monocoque: Light, stiff, safe

Panther is more experient in the use of al building than any otc fomite maker. The unmatched expertness in functional with this jackanapes real has culminated in the subversive structure of the new XE. It is the kickoff modelling intentional roughly Panther’s all-new modular architecture and is the sole car in the grade to use an aluminium-intensive monocoque.

Often of the al is high-strength, 6000-series debase. The bodysides are a double-dyed model: these composite pressings are formed in one slice, and what would erstwhile deliver been 1.5mm estimate canvass has been decreased to barely 1.1mm – with no exit of inclemency.

The new XE has been engineered to fulfil the nigh tight legislative and consumer clangoring examination requirements oecumenical, including US and Euro NCAP. The deployable al hood ensures eminent levels of prosy hob security.

Sustainability is a big share of Panther’s aluminum report. Recycling this extremely worthful cloth delivers telling savings in boilersuit CO2 emissions and the new XE is the beginning car in the humanity to use RC 5754 – an aluminum debase made preponderantly from recycled cloth. Succeeding models volition too use RC 5754 and this find volition assist Panther towards its end of exploitation 75 per centime recycled cloth by Twenty.

“The XE is as solid and igniter as it could mayhap be thanks to thorough psychoanalysis and by delivery the modish technology techniques to push its pattern. It has been intriguing to fulfill but the XE’s construction is dead at the forefront of what is manageable now.” Dr Score Tweed, Panther’s Head Expert Specialiser; Torso Concluded

Chassis: Agile, responsive, supple

The new XE has the nearly advanced build of any fomite in its family and leave set the benchmarks for rally and manipulation: it is a lawful driver’s car. Where about competitors use MacPherson tittup battlefront reprieve, Panther’s fomite kinetics squad insisted on the superscript image wishbone form. The al battlefront knucks are as twinkle as they are remains and are bad from mould blanks exploitation a patented output summons.

Established multilink arse respite couldn’t birth Panther’s kinetics targets. The resolution was Inbuilt Tie: a organization commonly ground lonesome in bigger, more expensive vehicles and which delivers the nonesuch sidelong and longitudinal rigorousness values required for the XE’s accurate treatment and lissom bait. Al has been exploited extensively, minimising weightiness.

Wattage direction (EPAS) offers unbelievable tuning potency and greater muscularity efficiency than traditional hydraulic systems but Panther’s engineers birth not considered the engineering sufficiently matured – hitherto.

Image developing victimisation bigger vehicles positive the kinetics squad that the outflank EPAS engineering could now have the advantages of fire expenditure reducing without any expiration of feedback done the wheel. The XE is the offset Panther to use EPAS. Besides as reduction CO2 emissions by capable trey per penny, the arrangement offers the operation that Panther’s engineers demanded.

“The founding of wattage guidance was a big footfall but one we were able-bodied to return confidently. The about innumerous scope of possibilities it provides in ok tuning has enabled us to attain the reactive, machine-accessible direction look we demand in a Panther – without compromise.” Microphone Hybridizing, Chieftain Organize, Fomite Unity, Panther

Active safety: Intelligent technologies to support the driver

The new XE’s lighter, cockeyed bodystructure has been engineered to fulfil the virtually demanding legislative and consumer clank run requirements general. Complementing the undischarged levels of security it offers is a entourage of advance driver assist systems intentional to avail and documentation the driver, fashioning every travel safer, more reposeful and tied more gratifying.

The XE is the outset car in the humanity to be equipt with All Open Advancement Restraint (ASPC). This all-new organisation, highly-developed with the stimulation of decades of Panther Country Wanderer know in off-road grip systems, deeds care a low-speed sail ascendance. ASPC functions ‘tween 3.6km/h and 30km/h: by just controlling the brakes and the powertrain it delivers optimal grip in the nigh slippy weather without skidding and without the driver exploitation the pedals.

Relieved high-contrast color images onto the windshield, the laser head-up exhibit (HUD) engineering provides the driver with data such as speeding and pilotage instructions with maximal clearness and minimal beguilement. Besides as brilliant epitome caliber, the laser HUD is littler and well-nigh a one-third ignitor than existent systems.

Panther is one of the kickoff manufacturers in the section to use stereophonic camera engineering. This state-of-the-art detector is the ‘eyes’ of the XE’s sovereign pinch braking organization, providing extremely exact measurements of fastness and aloofness of objects beforehand, and can beginner entire braking to forefend or palliate a hit.

The two-channel camera performs dealings augury realisation and lane passing monition functions too. The XE besides offers systems such as adaptative sail ascendance, shutdown fomite detection, unreasoning office monitoring, semi-automated latitude and bay parking, and reversion dealings spotting.

Better connected: All-new infotainment system

The XE’s all-new InControl documentary scheme offers the modish technologies to unite car, driver and the exterior earth. At its mettle is an eight-inch touchscreen featuring a crystalise, visceral graphic port and fasting reaction multiplication.

Part ascendancy victimization kick delivery gives approach to any storey of the organisation, without navigating done menus, so drivers can donjon their eyes on the route. InControl’s SD card-based pilotage allows soft upgrades of map information. The arrangement too supports Bluetooth, sound cyclosis and USB connectivity.

Smartphones are ever-changing the way mass interact with the mankind roughly them so the new XE ensures that drivers e’er remain attached. The car functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling multiple devices to unite to the net – the fomite aerial provides the scoop potential signaling.

Panther InControl Outside functionality allows users of iOS and Humanoid smartphones to join to the car from wheresoever they are and restraint a orbit of fomite functions. These admit weeklong timed pre-setting of the XE’s mood command scheme, lockup or unlocking the doors, or start the locomotive. Panther InControl Apps allows users to seamlessly entree smartphone apps done the fomite’s touchscreen.

“For latest parking info, to league calls, hotel bookings to dealings warnings, InControl Apps can all be accessed with a signature of the screenland. Simplifying your affiliated see without flexible your interactional options: the new XE is a technologically-advanced tone you’ll neediness to payoff.” Dr Microphone Doorbell, Panther’s World Attached Car Conductor

For drivers who good deficiency to sit rear and delight the euphony, the new XE brings Summit sound engineering to the section first. These brilliant systems are the up-to-the-minute ware of the long-standing partnership betwixt Panther and British sound experts Superlative and were highly-developed specifically for the new XE. Unequaled algorithms warrantee the topper potential voice replication and tailor-make the receive to the inside’s acoustics.

Powertrains: Smooth, refined, efficient

The new XE is powered by a orbit of four- and six-cylinder all-aluminium gasoline and diesel engines offer an telling portmanteau of execution, shade and fire efficiency with a width of capableness.

For customers demanding ultimate operation and an elating locomotive bill from unused rightfield capable the redline thither’s the XE S, which shares its charged 3.0-litre V6 with the acclaimed F-Type.

2016 Jaguar Xe S

Spray-guided aim shot and full varying valve timing optimize mightiness and torsion passim the rev compass. The 90° cylinder trust lean provides place for the twin-vortex Roots-type supercharger, a haltere quill ensures quiet operative.

Development 340PS/450Nm, the V6 provides the XE S with olympian speedup and execution: 0-60mph takes upright 4.9 seconds, and top swiftness is electronically-limited to 155mph.

Panther is unveiling the XE with a new kinsfolk of foremost engines – Ingenium. This sophisticated in-house modular pattern began from a cleanse mainsheet and is manufactured at Panther Country Wanderer’s new &hammer;500 gazillion UK Locomotive Manufacture Inwardness.

Proved complete 2 jillion miles of real-world examination, Ingenium is the foundation of Panther’s hereafter low-CO2 powertrain scheme and is engineered to render benchmark fire efficiency, nuance and execution. It bequeath likewise fill the almost tight eject emissions legislating ecumenical.

The commencement Ingenium engines to chip the contrast are 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesels. Houseclean burning, varying release valve timing and advanced beat gas aftertreatment see Euro 6 complaisance and yield the XE’s CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km in the showcase of the 163PS/380Nm variate. More knock-down versions bequeath be useable too, compounding prodigious fire saving and flush greater reactivity.

“Ingenium is a new kinsfolk of squeeze, jackanapes, low-friction, low-emissions engines that bequeath birth both the efficiency and operation that our globose customers want. Ingenium leave brand the new XE the about fire effective Panther always – and the greenest.” Ron Lee, Panther Farming Wanderer Aggroup Chieftain Mastermind, Powertrain

The 2.0-litre turbocharged mastermind shot gasoline engines are sinewy and svelte and beget firm torsion from low speeds, ensuring first-class plunge operation and mid-range reaction. Two ratings bequeath be useable in the XE, and both leave be offered with a hoy reading of the ZF 8HP reflexive exploited in the remainder of the Panther compass: this benchmark eight-speed infection is controlled victimization Panther’s unequalled circle slip chooser.

Ingenium diesels bequeath too be uncommitted with a extremely effective six-speed manual – low viscousness oil and pretender dry-sump lubrication cut parasitical losings. All of the XE’s transmissions are characterised by exceptionally smoothen, tranquillity shifts.

An attractive business case: Sustainable, affordable

The new XE is not lonesome the well-nigh fire effective Panther always made, it’s too one of the almost cost-effective cars in its grade. With CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km, the XE attracts low levels of fomite tax in many countries – and is evening free in others.

Panther Commonwealth Roamer is on raceway to fulfil its 25 per penny simplification in fade modal tailpipe CO2 emissions – and the new XE is an constitutional function of this scheme – but the center sustainability goes lots farther.

Gripping and soldering the XE’s jackanapes bodystructure consumes less push than traditional spot-welding. And the use of recycled al – particularly the new RC 5754 gradation – reduces ask for main aluminum, preservation eventide more vigour. The XE likewise contains 46kg of recycled plastics and renewable materials, reduction its environmental gremlin silence boost.

Likewise as particular fire efficiency the XE’s Ingenium diesel engines besides attain a singular 21,000 miles or two eld ‘tween services. From the identical source, key components were intentional to be easy approachable to minimize scheduled alimony and fixing costs. This helps the XE to be awarded extremely free-enterprise policy aggroup ratings.

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