2016 Jaguar F Type

Jaguar F-Type

The 2016 MY Panther F-Type Putsché and Exchangeable ambit made its planetary at the 2014 Los Angeles Machine Read. New powertrain and driveline options – including the accession of all-wheel thrust and manual transmitting models, addition the foundation of an F-Type R Exchangeable – diversify the F-Type reach from six to 14 derivatives.

Phil Popham, Aggroup Selling Manager, Panther Farming Scouter aforesaid: “The F-Type Putsché and Translatable already present everything you’d gestate from a Panther sports car – seductive pattern, arresting operation and astonishing legerity. The accession of all-wheel driving and manual contagion options to the orbit testament boost raise the F-Type’s active potentiality and pass eve greater driver advantage – widening its solicitation to sports car enthusiasts universal.”

The summation of all-wheel ride (AWD), with Reasoning Driveline Kinetics, promote extends the F-Type’s functioning capableness; with 550PS/680Nm from Panther’s 5.0-litre charged V8 locomotive, both the AWD F-Type R Takeoveré and Transformable are able of accelerating from 0-60mph in 3.9-seconds, with a top upper of 186mph (special). The AWD alternative is too usable on F-Type S Takeoveré and Transformable models.

To encounter the demands of those fancier sports car drivers who deficiency the gratification of ever-changing gears manually, Panther has engineered a six-speed manual infection selection for the F-Type. Solely paired to Panther’s 3.0-litre charged V6 locomotive in rear-wheel effort shape, the manual transmitting volition be optional on both 340PS and 380PS F-Type and F-Type S Putsché and Exchangeable models.

2016 Jaguar F-Type

The F-Type, Panther’s all-aluminium sports car, volition in 2015 set new standards for kinetics and driver amour with the improver of healthy all-wheel ride (AWD) and six-speed manual infection options, and Wattage Aided Guidance (EPAS) stock crossways the grasp.

The basics rest truthful to Panther’s gist DNA of jackanapes structure, processed mightiness, double-dyed proportions and owing invention – but now the F-Type Putsché and Translatable models have an eve more rewarding, visceral thrust crossways a broader scope now spanning 14 derivatives.

The up-to-the-minute driveline and flesh technologies sharpen the smell of association betwixt car and driver and enable the F-Type to render an tied greater width of dynamical capableness.

2016 Jaguar F Type

“Our object with technology the all-wheel crusade F-Type was to asseverate that piquant rear-drive fibre that’s so authoritative to Panther sports car DNA, yet offering fifty-fifty greater active capacity. The termination is a governable, exploitable and blisteringly fasting execution car altogether conditions and route weather. With the manual transmitting pick for the V6 F-Types, we’ve departed to intricate lengths to direct a identical accurate, proficient and antiphonal stratum of interaction ‘tween the driver, the clutches and the infection sack mechanics. It’s one for the drive purists – and I counting myself as one of them” – Ian Hoban, Fomite Pipeline Conductor, Panther

The enhancements extend the F-Type ambit to 14 models, from the new 340PS Takeoveré and Transmutable with the charged V6 drive the back wheels done a manual gearbox, to the 550PS F-Type R Putsché and Transformable with the charged V8, AWD and eight-speed Quickshift infection. Transmission the V8’s 680Nm to the route though all quatern wheels helps the R models to speed from nada to 60mph in good 3.9 seconds on the way to a maximal upper of 186mph.

Integration AWD needed lonesome elusive changes to the F-Type’s acclaimed styling – a requirement which Panther’s innovation and technology teams worked next to accomplish – and the enhancements devote AWD F-Types eve more comportment.

The aluminum grapple cowl gains a deeper primal index gibbosity. Either english are typical new vents, positioned encourage asunder and foster ahead than those of rear-wheel driving F-Types. AWD V6 models too characteristic unequaled 19-inch Volution metal wheels in either ag or diamond-turned Expert Grayness.

From bum the roll drivers bequeath quick observance the additional property that AWD adds to execution, manipulation and route belongings altogether weather – and specially on tricky route surfaces.

The AWD organization features Sound Driveline Kinetics (IDD), a mastery scheme intentional and highly-developed in-house to work the uttermost benefits of AWD without any compromise to Panther kinetics DNA. IDD is networked to the powertrain, backside derivative and essence union and Dynamical Constancy Mastery (DSC) organisation to cater optimal torsion dispersion.

Operational on the torque-on-demand precept, the AWD scheme sends 100 per penny of the locomotive’s torsion to the back wheels nether convention drive weather. This maintains the F-Type’s rear-wheel crusade manipulation characteristics and likewise reduces epenthetic losings in the drivetrain.

If the organisation determines that the backside wheels are upcoming the demarcation of usable hold the electronically-controlled gist conjugation transfers torsion to the movement axle, up grip.

Another welfare of AWD is the power to variegate the battlefront: ass torsion schism to extenuate oversteer during flying cornering by providing yaw damping. Combined with eve higher levels of feedback from the new EPAS organization – a engineering Panther’s bod engineers suffer fagged more 5 eld perfecting – the F-Type’s operation is now eventide more approachable and exploitable.

Spell Panther’s eight-speed Quickshift transmittance offers an unique conflate of switch upper, consolation and civilisation, thither bequeath invariably be a quality aggroup of enthusiasts who deprivation the gratification which comes from ever-changing paraphernalia manually.

2016 Jaguar F Type

To play that necessitate, the F-Type’s technology squad highly-developed a six-speed transmittance entirely for the high-revving V6 and rear-wheel ride (RWD) contour. The short-travel gearstick with a confuse of but 45mm, closely-spaced ratios, and pedals dead located for heel-and-toe changes delimitate what for approximately leave be the determinate Panther sports car feel.

The F-Type becomes the beginning Panther sports car to use EPAS. Geezerhood of growing guarantee that the engineering is now grow adequate to bear the benchmark reply and flavor expected. And because the organisation’s electrical drive provides mightiness assist only requisite, fire usance and CO2 emissions are decreased – by capable 4g/km on the European combined hertz.

2016 Jaguar F Type

The Torsion Vectoring by Braking (TVbB) part beginning highly-developed for the F-Type R Takeoveré is now useable on all models. Structured into the DSC organization, selectively braking the indoors wheels mitigates understeer, serving the driver to return the saint job done the turn. TVbB too helps to steady the car and minimize direction comment during manoeuvres such as pinch lane changes.

Those quest the ultimate modish and functioning volition now receive it in the new F-Type R Transmutable, uncommitted in RWD and AWD manikin and replacement the RWD-only 495PS F-Type V8 S. Panther’s notable 5.0-litre V8 combines orchestrate shot and a twin-vortex supercharger to supply quick reaction to the driver’s petition for exponent. With the ceiling polish and an surface route, this locomotive’s patent soundtrack becomes eventide more stimulating.

2016 Jaguar F Type

Underdeveloped 550PS and 680Nm, the all-alloy quad-cam whole is matched solely to the Quickshift transmittal and the prize or rear- or all-wheel ride. The supererogatory grip of AWD enables the R Exchangeable to quicken from 0-60mph in lone 3.9 seconds – twin the AWD R Takeoveré – ahead stretch an electronically-limited top hurrying of 186mph.

Enhancements are not circumscribed to the flesh and driveline engineering. The pawn bundle features new dials and gauges. The docudrama organisation is upgraded too: seafaring routing is practically quicker than earlier and SD card-based map is usable first.

2016 Jaguar F Type

And the F-Type can now be specified with InControl Batten and InControl Outback telematics functions. Should the fomite be stolen, InControl Insure alerts the driver via a smartphone app and deeds with law enforcement agencies to place and convalesce the fomite. When forth from the fomite, InControl Removed makes it potential to deterrent data such as the fire grade or the threshold ringlet condition victimisation a smartphone.

For the ultimate in quilt and widget, the driver can use a smartphone to scratch the locomotive, enabling the clime command scheme to institute the cabin to the craved temperature earlier the journeying eventide begins.

Customers who want to brand their F-Type flavor fifty-fifty more sole suffer the pick of a Fun Innovation Camp: the made-to-order rail-splitter, sills, venturi and, for the Takeoveré, rigid backside despoiler, subtly heighten the styling without touching the sinlessness of job which sets the F-Type isolated in the sports car section.

Applying complex technologies kickoff highly-developed in motorsport and aerospace, Panther has engineered a carbon-fibre ceiling pick for the F-Type Putsché. At fair 4.25kg, the carbon-fibre gore is eventide flatboat than the aluminum urgent. The high-gloss lacquer ending leaves the typical ’twill of the fibres intelligibly seeable.

The new 2016 example class F-Type Putsché compass testament lie of: F-Type Takeoveré (340PS, RWD Quickshift / RWD manual), F-Type S Putsché (380PS, Quickshift RWD or AWD, RWD manual), F-Type R Putsché (550PS, Quickshift RWD or AWD).

The new 2016 modeling class F-Type Exchangeable compass volition comprise of: F-Type (340PS, RWD Quickshift / RWD manual), F-Type S (380PS, Quickshift RWD or AWD, RWD manual), F-Type R (550PS, Quickshift RWD or AWD).

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