2016 Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai unveiled a new Rag Variation, conjugate with pregnant pattern, dynamical and connectivity enhancements to its Veloster coupe at the 2015 Chicago Machine Appearance. The Veloster Exchange Variation builds upon Veloster Turbo R-Spec partizan credential, with a more performance-focused hiatus, RAYS® whippersnapper wheels with across-the-board 225/40R18 tires, carbon-fiber-look aero accents, singular badging and base mats. The Rallying Variant is a special product run aforethought for 1,200 units, dead a sensational Flatness Dingy rouge, guaranteeing exclusivity to its fancier owners. 2016 Veloster bequeath be useable at dealers in May 2015.

In accession, the 2016 Veloster Turbo framework now offers a performance-oriented 7-speed dual-clutch infection (DCT), a new machined-finish turbo-exclusive cycle innovation, a sportier behind excogitation, enhanced electroluminescent estimate flock and melanize star. The Veloster non-turbo receives a new 17-inch roll designing and useable melanise seating with yellow-bellied accents.

Likewise for 2016, all Veloster models pass a revised goon show without air accents, a iniquity greyish grill environment, 10mm-wider tires fitted to all 18-inch wheels, and new sound/sailing scheme functions (HD Tuner®, Apple Siri®, and next-generation Dark Tie-in®).

All Veloster and Veloster Turbo models sport with-it powertrain technologies ilk mastermind shot, optimizing their charm to young customers by combination splendid fire thriftiness, gamey execution and low emissions without compromise.

2016 Hyundai Veloster


New for 2016, the Veloster Rallying Variation leverages the cred naturalized by the Turbo R-Spec modelling. It features a higher operation strain for the springs, dampers, and strawman stabiliser bar, for level more reactive and accurate manipulation capabilities. Complementing these reprieve tuning upgrades, RAYS® jackanapes admixture wheels birth been fitted, reduction unsprung burthen by fin pounds per rack for level bettor active reply and a typical sports show. The aero kit features carbon-fiber-look idiom covers for a jazzy show, with Exchange Variation outside badging. The Exchange Variation is lone uncommitted in an scoop Lusterlessness Bluing outside coloring and nigrify leather with blue-accented fun seating and lone with the short-shifting B&M Racing® Mutant Sceneshifter and 6-speed manual transmittance. Eventually, embroidered floormats round the typical face of this peculiar execution exemplar.


In visibility, the Veloster features “Fluidic Grave” part lines, brawny roll arches, bodycolor threshold handles and mirrors, and wraparound headlights and taillights. Veloster’s dynamical bum conception has a classifiable ice hachure and treble center-fascia chromium-plate expel tips that accompaniment the self-assertive battlefront facia.

On the Turbo, the Veloster offers two typical, free-flowing troll beat tips. Promote, all Turbo models characteristic Combat-ready Vocalize Invention, providing richer in-cabin powertrain vocalise role for an eventide more involving drive live, peculiarly during gamy drive.

From the larger, bolder hexangular strawman wicket, priming effects, bum bumper dashboard, and outstanding diffusor vents, Veloster Turbo’s figure adds hostility and flowing constancy compared with the pedestal manakin. A new set of machined-finish 18-inch metal wheels with silvery rundle bevels add sophistry and sportiness to the face visibility. From the presence, Veloster Turbo reveals octad case-by-case headlamp LED accents, a sport distinctive on more expensive models.

Privileged Veloster Turbo, leather seats surfaces with Turbo embroidering unofficially bolsters assistance present a typical show spell providing higher levels of quilt and reenforcement. For 2016, orange-accented bum bolsters are usable with Radical Blackness and Vitamin C outside colours on the turbo framework, and the turbo-exclusive electroluminescent caliber bunch has been enhanced, offer the driver info in a bigger, clearer and more synergistic arrange, with a bigger TFT cover situated betwixt the tach and speedometer. Het presence seating are likewise touchstone on the Turbo variation.


The Gamma 1.6-liter four-cylinder locomotive is the smallest Hyundai locomotive to use orchestrate injectant. This engineering helps bear more powerfulness, higher-ranking efficiency, depress emissions and higher reliableness.

With direct-injection, the Gamma 1.6-liter locomotive with manual contagion delivers a crest turnout of 138 h.p. at 6,300 rpm and uttermost torsion of 123 lb.-ft. at 4,850 rpm. The Gamma locomotive with dual-clutch infection delivers 132 h.p. at 6,300 rpm and 120 lb.-ft. of torsion at 4,850 rpm. The Gamma too features Treble Endlessly Varying Valve Timing, an electronic confine ascendancy, a crimper timing range, varying generalization and innovational anti-friction coatings.


2016 Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai’s committedness to fashioning the Gamma locomotive highly fire effective continues by coupling it with a received six-speed manual transmittance or a six-speed EcoShift dual-clutch infection (DCT) highly-developed by Hyundai.

Hyundai’s EcoShift DCT takes the benefits of a manual transmitting, including low fire use, and blends them with machinelike transmittal benefits, such as mellow consolation levels and smoothen shifting caliber. In add-on, the EcoShift DCT enables orchestrate connexion for heights efficiency and continuous torsion transportation during shifts.

2016 Hyundai Veloster

This powertrain likewise has an Fighting ECO mood which modifies locomotive and contagion command for improved fire saving. The EcoShift DCT too incorporates Hyundai’s Hillstart Help Ascendence (HAC). HAC is intentional to minimise rolled rearward on plunge ascents.

Veloster Turbo is opposite with a banner six-speed manual transmittal or a new for 2016 seven-speed threefold grasp (DCT) robotlike infection. Both transmissions were highly-developed in-house by Hyundai. The new Veloster Turbo seven-speed robotic infection features guidance wheel-mounted paddle-shifters and SHIFTRONIC® transmittance pitch ascendance, and is more performance-tuned in compare with the non-turbo exemplar’s DCT. This transmittal was specifically engineered to handgrip the increased torsion turnout from the turbocharged locomotive. The non-turbo Veloster’s EcoShift DCT was tuned specially for fire efficiency instead than the higher torsion and functioning standardization of the Veloster Turbo seven-speed DCT.


The spirit of the Turbo R-Spec is the reactive, 1.6-liter, direct-injected, turbocharged locomotive, on with singular innovation cues and enhanced form tuning. Sportsman respite and steerage settings get been retuned for optimal reactivity, with higher leaping rates and a more set transmittal backing. The Turbo R-Spec offers a 6-speed manual transmitting with short-throw B&M Racing® Variation Gearshift for a tighter, more mastermind switching flavour.

New for 2016, the bottom belts for the Turbo R-Spec are now red, reflecting the framework’s functioning spirit. Inner, red leatherette bolsters with red/melanise textile enclose mutant seating accompaniment particular embroidered-logo R-Spec base mats for a showy atmosphere. On the outside, R-Spec badging adorns the behind hachure. Veloster Turbo R-Spec is uncommitted in tercet outside colours: Elect Whiteness, Radical Blacken and Peaceable Disconsolate.


The 1.6-liter turbocharged, direct-injected four-cylinder locomotive produces 201 hp at 6,000 rpm and 195 lb.-ft. of torsion from 1,750 rpm. Veloster Turbo models boast Participating Fathom Pattern, which enhances consumption and eject powertrain strait lineament indoors the cabin for an flush more involving drive see. Turbo models mother 201 hp on veritable fire, which represents a best-in-class particular production of 125.6 hp per l.


All Veloster Turbo models whirl Torsion Vectoring Restraint (TVC). This participating cornering characteristic, utilizing capabilities from the Electronic Stableness Restraint (ESC) and powertrain ascendence systems, allows Veloster Turbo to amend active cornering during more enthusiastic impulsive. TVC uses bicycle velocity sensors conjugated with ESC algorithms to enforce accurate braking strength to the interior forepart cycle during gamey cornering. This dynamic braking redirects might to the out-of-door battlefront pedal in the turning, reduction wheelspin for enhanced cornering clutches and corner-exit quickening. Boilersuit, this provides Veloster Turbo drivers with an incremental border of cornering preciseness during enthusiastic impulsive.

Veloster Turbo likewise features a quicker-ratio direction wrack and a revised steerage standardisation to couple, which gives drivers exact cornering, feedback and ascendance. For 2016, the 18-inch metal roll wear breadth has been increased by 10mm, fitted with Kumho Solus 225/40R18 tires, intentional to distill utmost functioning without flexible cod.


Veloster and Veloster Turbo are fitted with a McPherson sashay strawman dangling, gyre springs, gas jolt absorbers and a 23-mm diam figurehead stabiliser bar. The ass reprieve is a light-weight V-torsion send, with an structured 24-mm stabiliser bar to permit brisk of the munition for greater rigidness and to boost ascendance personify scroll. The back hanging too uses monotube jar absorbers for cod comfortableness with ascendancy.

Veloster features wattage direction that adjusts aid to ever-changing impulsive weather piece up fire thriftiness terminated a schematic guidance arrangement. Veloster’s turn diam of 34.1 feet is punter than Miniskirt’s 35.4 feet, Civil Si’s 37.1 feet, VW GTI’s 35.8 feet, VW Mallet Turbo’s 35.4 feet, and Order Abarth’s 37.6 feet.


The Veloster rides on a 104.3-inch wheelbase, with an boilersuit duration of 166.1 inches and breadth of 70.5 inches. The Veloster Turbo has the like a 104.3-inch wheelbase, but is 1.2 inches thirster (167.3 inches) and 0.6 inches wider (71.1 inches).


2016 Hyundai Veloster

First weightiness efficiency is a curriculum quarry for all Hyundai models. This scheme delivers spectacular fire saving and execution simultaneously. At equitable 2,679 pounds, the Veloster bag modelling is 403 pounds light than the Scion tC. Promote, at scarce 2,877 pounds, Veloster Turbo is 125 pounds ignitor than the Honda Civil Si Coupe and 95 pounds hoy than the Volkswagen GTI. This anteriority on angle efficiency allows the Veloster Turbo to render a enceinte compounding of lightsomeness, operation, and fire efficiency.


All Velosters boast a rearview camera fitted to all models for ranking parking profile. Velosters let an particular grade of touchstone prophylactic features for the sporting coupe section highlighted by a Fomite Stableness Direction (VSM) organization, which optimally manages ESC (Electronic Constancy Controller) and the Motor-Driven Index Direction (MDPS).

VSM deeds to ascendance two effects. The kickoff is when a driver accelerates or brakes on a split-mu aerofoil (slippy on one english, dry paving on the otc) and the fomite wants to attract one centering. VSM detects this precondition and sends a betoken to the MDPS to implement steerage attend to rejoinder this personnel. VSM counters the pulling and mechanically provides parry steerage. VSM reacts the like way during sudden lane changes or firm cornering.

All Velosters boast six airbags-including two-fold strawman, presence seat-mounted side-impact, and presence and behind incline drape airbags. Velosters likewise features a state-of-the-art braking box. The software includes four-wheeled disk brakes and an Anti-Lock Braking Organization (ABS) including Bracken Help, which provides maximal braking personnel when a affright layover is detected, and Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD), to mechanically align the braking effect to forepart and bottom axles based on fomite consignment weather.


2016 Hyundai Veloster

Customers bear to be affiliated to their electronics at all multiplication, so Veloster comes stock with a multifunction seven-inch touchscreen showing. At locomotive start-up, the cover comes to liveliness with a Veloster simulacrum and a singular phone. Thither are flush trey port layouts users can take from to lawsuit their personal gustation.

For 2016, Veloster sound/pilotage systems deliver too been enhanced with the followers capabilities and improvements:

  • Multi-touch filmdom with fare cabbage use
  • HD Radiocommunication® capacity
  • “Eyes Dislodge” Apple Siri® consolidation for iPhone
  • Ripe SiriusXM® functions, including Move Linkup (90-day test)
  • On-board medicine and app memory (Nickelodeon 6GB and Apps 4GB)
  • Piloting map and medicine split-screen expose office
  • Pilotage map with enhanced junction-view lane counsel
  • A Bluetooth® hands-free sound arrangement with vocalisation realization, accost playscript download and sound cyclosis is stock and onboard sailing is optional. The scheme likewise integrates a rearview camera.

    Pandora® cyberspace radiocommunication is incorporated into all Velosters. The presentation blind has a Pandora ikon to pullulate net radiocommunication from an iPhone® or Humanoid®. Pandora can likewise be viewed on the show cover and songs can tend the associate Pandora thumbs up or thumbs refine.

    With television games organism an authoritative ingredient of amusement, Hyundai incorporate an RCA wire and an uncommitted 115-volt powerfulness exit in Veloster to keep play consoles for ultimate gambling sessions or to lookout videos on the seven-inch multimedia touchscreen when the fomite is parked.

    Veloster Turbo features a criterion 450-watt Property Agio Sound organization with octad speakers including an eight-inch subwoofer, outside amplifier and iPod®/USB/supplementary stimulant jackstones. A SiriusXM® Orbiter Tuner port is likewise incorporated into the header whole and features transfer logos and Information services, such as NavWeather®, Ticker and Sports Watch. For 2016, SiriusXM Travelling Liaison® has been added, with a 90-day tribulation catamenia.

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