2016 Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai unveiled its all-new Tucson crosswalk usefulness fomite at the 2015 New York Outside Automobile Display. The new Tucson offers a sassy, gaudy outside and likeable home excogitation piece fashioning boilersuit fire efficiency a top antecedence, with importantly enhanced fire thriftiness ratings o’er the late modelling. Promote, the new Tucson, when equipt with Reflex Pinch Braking, is expected to welcome a Top Guard Selection+ from the Indemnity Constitute for Highway Refuge (IIHS). For 2016, advance refuge technologies such as Robotic Pinch Braking with prosy sleuthing, Lane Going Admonitory Arrangement, Screen Blot Catching, Back Cross-traffic Watchful, Lane Vary Attend, Support Exemplary Sensors and touchstone rearview camera likewise bequeath be offered.


The 2016 Tucson pattern employs sculptured consistency forms and clean contours for an acrobatic, bluff and prominent appearing. The strawman survey proudly presents a hexagonal-shaped wicket, a key constituent of Hyundai’s conception touch, enhanced by uncommitted high-efficiency LED twin-projector headlights, LED headlamp accents and structured LED Day Track Lights (DRLs).

The wheelbase has been increased by more an in, for enhanced invention proportions, national flexibleness and a sander drive. First, 19-inch debase wheels volition be offered, with a dynamical crooked rung designing, encircled by forward-raking rack impish innovation. Tied the threshold handles boast commodious advance LED lamps. The new Tucson’s ceiling runway are slick and low-profile, for an structured, usable show. From the arse, a Z-shaped quality pipeline supra the bottom wheels accentuates an belligerent, showy slope visibility. The behind horizon conveys stableness and a across-the-board, flashy position, for lightness both on and off-road. The taillights likewise use LED engineering, creating a bounty conception constituent piece providing enhanced visibleness from the bottom. Lastly, pair, bevel-cut chromium-plate eject tips and a touchstone arse looter add eve more sportsmanlike cues from the ass sight.

2016 Hyundai Tucson


On the inner, a bounty, leather-wrapped board testament be offered, with extra-wide board contours to heighten occupants’ boilersuit smell of home commodiousness. A leather-stitched pad is set close the driver’s correct stifle, for improve puff during foresighted commutes or mettlesome cornering. Inside feeling points suffer been upgraded with agio, soft-touch materials. All midland switchgear has a more tasteful look during functioning. The boilersuit ambiance of capaciousness is farther enhanced by an usable uncut bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, allowing both strawman and bum passengers day or dark skywards profile.

The 2016 Tucson is thirster, wider and has a yearner wheelbase than the old simulation for greater internal mass and versatility. Boilersuit, consignment board has been increased to 31.0 three-dimensional feet, a total fivesome three-dimensional feet ended the former modeling, with a dual-level bum loading level foster enhancing cargo-carrying versatility. The bottom liftgate scuttle has been hypertrophied in every attribute, for greater freight flexibleness. The 60/40 ass seatbacks sustain a greater scope of adjustable recumb for variable combinations of passengers and load, with an increased usable recumb of 37 degrees compared with 28 degrees for the late modeling.


2016 Tucson powertrain offerings too suffer been improved with top efficiency levels as a principal object. Stand models go a Nu locomotive sept, 2.0-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder with an estimated 164 h.p. and 151 lb.-ft. of torsion, linked with a 6-speed automatonlike transmittal. The six-speed automatonlike offers SHIFTRONIC&craft; manual unfirm mood and includes an overuse lock-up torsion convertor for higher fire saving at highway speeds. Based on home tests, fire thriftiness for the 2.0L FWD manakin is estimated at 23 (metropolis), 31 (highway), 26 (combined). The 26-mpg combined fire thriftiness paygrade is a one-mpg melioration ended the premature example. Promote, powertrain NVH has been rock-bottom done hydraulic transmittal climb and recalibrated locomotive mounts.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

Eco, Mutant and Express models go a new, Gamma locomotive folk, 1.6-liter turbocharged, direct-injected four-cylinder with an estimated 175 h.p. and 195 lb.-ft. of torsion. Visor torsion pitch starts at lonesome 1,500 rpm and holds done 4,500 rpm, for low-RPM reactivity and functioning in quotidian drive weather. The turbocharger features low-inertia turbo-spooling reception characteristics, and an electronic wastegate ascendancy for more accurate command of multiplex imperativeness. Internally, piston-cooling oil jets check tank plunger temperatures for enhanced locomotive biography. Farther, the Gamma locomotive features a new irrigate cap enter that mechanically prioritizes chilling in the amphetamine stratum of the block, where more burning estrus is generated, resulting in frown cylinder caput temperatures and allowing for leaner air/fire mixtures for bettor fire efficiency.

The turbo locomotive is linked to a new, first-in-segment seven-speed EcoShift® dual-clutch contagion (DCT). This dual-clutch transmittance offers spectacular efficiency with warm, unseamed shift and lively quickening. When compared with about competitors’ continuously-variable transmissions, this DCT is capable to grip more torsion with minimum powerfulness gap end-to-end the powertrain operational grasp and with greater strength characteristics. Based on home tests, estimated fire thriftiness for this powertrain on Eco FWD models is 26 (metropolis), 33 (highway), 29 (combined), a 5-mpg advance o’er the onetime Tucson 2.4L locomotive. Variation and Special FWD turbo locomotive models are estimated at 25 (metropolis), 30 (highway), 27 (combined), representing a 3-mpg advance in combined fire saving ended the old Tucson 2.4L locomotive. In plus, the new Tucson’s fire tankful has been increased by 1.1 gallons for evening greater drive orbit.


2016 Tucson bequeath go an innovative AWD organization highly-developed by Hyundai in concurrence with Magna Powertrain. The scheme includes a driver-selectable AWD whorl that allows a differentiated torsion cleave ‘tween battlefront and backside wheels, for off-road and passing tricky route weather. The arrangement besides includes Fighting Cornering Restraint, which mechanically transfers torsion to the wheels with the about grip. The organization reduces understeer and enhances cornering operation by braking the inwardly behind bicycle and delivering more torsion to the extraneous backside roll, providing a torque-vectoring consequence. Last, the organization incorporates both Hillstart Attend and Downward-sloping Bracken Command to aid drivers lining acute dispose or declination weather.

2016 Hyundai Tucson


The 2016 Tucson program offers enhanced drive kinetics with more one edge step-up in breadth and a 1.2 edge addition in wheelbase for greater cod solace and running stableness. The breast and behind overhangs were increased in littler ratio to this increased wheelbase, snap more of the Tucson’s multitude inside the wheelbase for meliorate manipulation reaction and ascendancy. Eve more, the full Tucson flesh is more stiff, now exploitation more 50 percentage Sophisticated Eminent Enduringness blade compared with 18 percentage for the erstwhile modelling. The new Tucson likewise benefits from strategical use of morphologic adhesives at higher tenseness points on the figure and more all-encompassing use of hot-stamping methods for greater inflexibility. The construction likewise uses four-point bushing mounts for improved consolation and rock-bottom route dissonance.

A humanity’s low shock-absorber climbing construction, the 2016 Tucson employs a dual-reinforcing board bum pilothouse excogitation, which optimizes panels that are prostrate to shakiness, resulting in a 109 pct addition in inflexibility, rock-bottom route stochasticity levels and cod and manipulation improvements.

The Tucson hiatus has been enhanced for more accurate manipulation without sacrificing razz consolation. The presence reprieve is a MacPherson tittup innovation, with helix springs, gas-filled blow absorbers and a 24.7 mm stabiliser bar. The behind respite is an free-lance, multi-link conception, now with duple frown blazonry for both FWD and AWD, for optimum drive solace and torso restraint.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

Both battlefront and bottom suspensions use SACHS® dampers and jackanapes, excavate stabiliser bars for superscript personify ascendence altogether impulsive weather. Bum reprieve command blazonry deliver been prolonged to belittle cant and toe changes end-to-end the respite move reach, which has been increased to improve immerse bigger impacts. In summation, the bounce bumpers now use a more advanced, hydraulic-type invention, for more graceful responses complete bigger route impacts. Abeyance bushings are now composed of a higher-dampening rubber for sander drive characteristics when compared with schematic condom.

2016 Tucson too offers Cause Mood Blue-ribbon, which allows the driver to tailor-make their Tucson’s dynamical responses, such as steerage look, transmittance and boilersuit powertrain reactivity to their preferences, and to ever-changing route or dealings weather.

2016 Hyundai Tucson


To amend NVH characteristics, the 2016 Tucson has applied a routine of vocalize moistening and detachment measures, such as:

  • Locomotive mounts sustain been hypertrophied to punter engross locomotive vibrations
  • Arse cross-members sustain changed from a direct-mount figure to a bushing-mount pattern
  • Vocalize insularism corporeal has been added to the intimate fenders, underbelly, panel, transmittance burrow and all cabin pillars
  • The latch mechanisms were extensively graceful, with lour haphazardness, pulling opposition, national detrition, and greater blockage damping
  • To glower farting randomness in the cabin, aeromechanics sustain too been improved to 0.33 Cd, a 0.02 frown coefficient of draw (Cd) than the other framework
  • Tucson’s frown coefficient of draw was achieved done a peculiar flowing invention center the A-pillar figure, bum coddler incline dress pattern and underbelly panels, all of which slim air convolution and resulting sleek pull.


    In summation, steerage feeling has been enhanced with an improved motor-driven mightiness guidance organization and all-inclusive use of jackanapes, strict aluminium for the wheel forum, for greater preciseness and feedback. Boilersuit detrition for the steerage organisation has been rock-bottom by more 20 pct compared to the late example. The Tucson’s motor-driven powerfulness guidance is more effective and quieter than traditional hydraulic systems by reduction bloodsucking losings from accessory belts and their continual drag the powertrain. Foster, the guidance organisation has been upgraded for more accurate and speedy adjustments in guidance flavor with ever-changing drive weather. The wheel itself now offers a wider stove of lean and telescopic alteration for greater driver solace.


    The 2016 Tucson offers various compress CUV section firsts, including ventilated breast seating and YES Essentials® stain-resistant seating. New usable features on Tucson admit LED headlights and accents, LED Day Functional Lights, HID headlights with Active Bend Spark (DBL) that turn-in with the focusing of the wheel, LED map lights, semblance LCD bundle exhibit, case-by-case wear monitoring, might rider bum and het behind seating.

    The new Tucson likewise offers a ache exponent liftgate with auto-open. The fresh ability liftgate enables the Tucson proprietor to mechanically afford the bum liftgate, hands-free, by only standing inside a few feet of the liftgate for a few seconds with the key fob in a pouch or wrinkle. This is particularly commodious whenever the proprietor may be retention shopping bags or former items and inevitably hands-free admittance to the hold.


    The new Tucson bequeath pass a criterion five-inch coloration LCD expose with rearview camera and touchscreen office for visceral process. Apple Siri® “Eyes Absolve” desegregation likewise is now usable. On the navigation-equipped Tucson, pop apps such as Pandora® Net Radiocommunication and Yap® are already incorporated with the multimedia. The Yip® app has been optimized for Tucson’s eight-inch touchscreen and bequeath helper discovery restaurants, shopping and more. Selected restaurants volition likewise propose reviews, ratings, hours and pricing. Erst a eatery is elect, the pilotage scheme can render directions to the eatery without tied requiring passengers to remark the speak.

    For audiophiles, Tucson likewise offers an useable 405-watt, AM/FM/SiriusXM agiotage sound scheme with octet speakers. The up-to-the-minute multiplication of SiriusXM Travelling Nexus® with Dealings, Sports, Upwind, Stocks, Fire Prices and Movies is too usable. SiriusXM’s Melody Commencement® allows the rematch of a vocal from its source whenever a predetermined is selected. Extra multi-cultural channels are too usable. Tucson volition likewise crack Hyundai’s next-generation pilotage organization, with an forward-looking, eight-inch presentation for sluttish readability. Expose luminosity increased by 33 pct concluded the early organisation for enhanced daylight visibleness. This arrangement’s improved touchscreen predisposition makes it level easier to signature and pull for scheme inputs. The cover likewise now offers a split-screen expose with both map and medicine information useable simultaneously.


    The 2016 Tucson is expected to welcome a Top Rubber Plectrum+ paygrade from the Policy Found for Highway Prophylactic (IIHS) when equipt with Reflex Pinch Braking. For 2016, new, sophisticated refuge technologies such as Robotic Pinch Braking with prosaic sleuthing, Lane Exit Exemplary Arrangement, Unreasoning Berth Espial, Backside Cross-traffic Watchful, Lane Variety Attend, Accompaniment Cautionary Sensors and touchstone rearview camera are offered. In gain, advance high-strength blade represents terminated 50 percentage of the new Tucson’s construction, for enhanced clangour refuge.

    The Tucson is engineered to ply its passengers with multiple justificative rubber layers. The A-pillar and mirror screen floater were decreased for enhanced driver profile. The brand unibody has merged knit zones and a high-tensile figurehead sub-frame intentional to workplace unitedly to slim the forces that typically ambit the rider compartment. The plaza pillars dish as the anchors of a hoop construction which improves boilersuit english construction hardness patch likewise creating more board for the doorway armrest and bum. All four-spot doors likewise let inner ward beams to protect passengers in a side-impact hit.

    The integral consistence scale has been made stiffer and light thanks to blanket use of sophisticated high-strength nerve, and the use of Cut Welded Blanks (TWB) reinforces key morphologic members. TWB assemblies coalesce steels of dissimilar heaviness and grades victimization a advanced laser welding and stamping serve to attain an optimum stiffness-to-weight proportion. TWBs thin personify weightiness piece enhancing clangor get-up-and-go direction.

    Tucson besides features a banner Tyre Force Monitoring Organisation (TPMS) that alerts drivers if one or more tires are under-inflated, including the wear’s emplacement.


    The new Tucson offers octad sympathetic outside colours and deuce-ace inner gloss environments. Six of these outside colours are all-new, including Cr Silver-tongued, Amphitheatre Gy, Cerise Vino, Mojave Gumption, Sedona Sundown and Caribbean Blueness. Overwinter Flannel and Ash Melanize fat the divers eight-color offer. Home coloring environments admit nigrify, ecru and grayness in fabric, and melanize or ecru in leather, uncommitted on Express models.


    The 2016 Tucson offers the next-generation of Hyundai Blueness Linkup®, with enhanced rubber, avail and documentary telematics. Blueing Nexus brings unlined connectivity instantly into the car with engineering ilk distant scratch/blockage, address hunting powered by Google®, outside doorway curl/unlock, car discoverer, birdcall wayside aid, outback mood mastery and stolen fomite retrieval. Many of these features can eventide be controlled via the up-to-the-minute Humanoid Bear &deal; smartwatch offerings.

    In summation to these features and services, Tucson models weaponed with Dark Contact semen measure with one class of costless Bluing Connection® Affiliated Aid. Affiliated Aid is a retinue of safe and car attention features providing Hyundai owners with disengage proactive services including reflexive hit notice, SOS pinch assist, enhanced wayside assist, monthly fomite wellness reportage and alimony alerts.

    2016 Hyundai Tucson

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