2016 Hyundai Tucson Eu Version

Hyundai Tucson [EU]

The All-New Tucson concordat SUV is ever-changing perceptions of the Hyundai blade in Europe. With its sheer and acrobatic excogitation, eminent levels of comfortableness and gizmo and across-the-board use of new engineering, the All-New Tucson indicates the hereafter focusing of Hyundai in Europe. Hyundai Centrifugal was one of the pioneers in the European SUV section. Now the All-New Tucson takes another leaping forrader, and has been reinforced to insert the mark to a all-embracing reach of new customers who may not sustain considered Hyundai earlier.

Hyundai Centrifugal UK Chair and CEO, Tony Whitehorn, added: “All-New Tucson is set to be a game-changer for Hyundai in the UK. The ix35 has already assisted our sustainable growing by boosting Hyundai’s blade consciousness, and thanks to All-New Tucson’s boldface and unapologetic invention, we are positive that this new car bequeath farther the blade’s charm to new, and existent, Hyundai customers.”

New model follows SUV sales success

Since the outset Santa Fe went on sale in Europe in 2000, Hyundai Centrifugal has delivered more 1.2 1000000 SUVs to European customers, with complete 131,100 UK deliveries, affirming the accompany’s credential in the development SUV marketplace. The All-New Tucson bequeath be of heights grandness to Hyundai’s job in the UK, as the C-SUV section accounted for 20.5% of the fellowship’s sales in 2014.

Thomas A. Schmid, Ceo at Hyundai Centrifugal Europe aforesaid: “Hyundai Drive is a initiate of the European SUV section, having sold overrun a gazillion units during the by 15 geezerhood.With the All-New Tucson, we deliver again put-upon our expertness to payoff a big footfall ahead, creating a car that volition corroborate our line impulse in Europe.”

2016 Hyundai Tucson [EU]

Bold and athletic exterior creates unique SUV appearance

The All-New Tucson innovation conception incorporates a silky, urban flair combined with the stiff toughness distinctive of an SUV. Cock Schreyer, Chairperson and Chieftain Figure Policeman at Hyundai Drive Grouping, explains how Hyundai designers achieved the active proportions:

“Figure expresses our reform-minded feel and mania, and it is transforming our stigma. The All-New Tucson has a typical and gymnastic comportment achieved done graceful, streamlined surfaces, bluff proportions, abrupt lines and almost significantly, our newest coevals hexangular grill – our sword touch,” summarised Schreyer.


The movement of the All-New Tucson is henpecked by the hexangular wicket, which connects with the LED headlamps to make a typical identicalness. A aliform horizontal bar at the battlefront bumper, which incorporates the LED daylight track lights, gives the car a alone panache and provides a optical consultation for the car’s all-encompassing raceway.

By moving the A-pillar rear it becomes visually confused from the longsighted cowl, accentuating the satiny visibility. The directing conformation of the bike arches contributes to the car’s quick and dynamical show, tied at deadlock. The expressive ‘Z’ character-lines supra the bottom bike arches accent the hefty position, spell the kick-up bang mold converges with the dropping ceiling cable to ended the modeled face visibility.

At the ass, the All-New Tucson’s personality is strengthened by stiff horizontal lines flow from the bicycle arches. The combining lamps and reflectors are stretched to the trunk edges to foster underscore the bluff proportions, with the behind slue denture and counterpart beat adding a flashy feeling.

Refined interior combines elegance with ergonomics for a sensuous experience

The Hyundai inside pattern squad’s documentary was to insure that, when potency buyers offset infix the car, they leave be instinctively impressed by the cabin’s spa and the tending paying to the smallest details.

Privileged, new soft-touch, high-quality materials are introduced crosswise the cabin surfaces, creating a graceful cabin atmosphere. The new horizontal layout of the gist cabinet conveys the car’s elegance piece increasing the notion of capaciousness. The upcountry has undergone broad ergonomic examination to check repose of use and a pleasant and sensuous know.

Sophisticated exterior and interior colour palette

The All-New Tucson is offered with a magisterial grasp of 10 outside colors, comprising one solidness (Arctic Flannel), tercet metal (Pt Smooth-spoken, Ara Dark, Tweed Backbone) and six bone colors (Ash Blueing, Lunation Stone, Ultimate Red, Boom Grayness, Blood-red Wine-colored, Shadow Inkiness).

Buyers deliver a selection of deuce-ace advanced inner colors: Oceanids Lightlessness, Chai Ecru and Red Vino. The Oceanids Nigrify national is uncommitted with fabric or superiority blackness leather upholstery. The refined Chai Ecru national comes in a two-tone layout with the glower splasher in ecru twinned the material or leather upholstery. Adding encourage elegance to the midland is the sole Red Wine-coloured leather.

Comfort & Convenience

A bit of canny contraption and connectivity features add nicety to the cabin and raise the on-board live.

For increased inner consolation, customers can opt for het seating and wheel. Unequalled to the section, chilling behind respiration is too uncommitted first. Strawman seating characteristic hanker backside cushions and can be logical with eight-way mightiness allowance and two-part powered lumbar supporting for the driver arse. For rear-seat passengers, het seating with reclining backrests are uncommitted, with hardheaded air vents to growth ease.

Generous space from efficient packaging

The All-New Tucson is reinforced on a altogether new chopine that endows the C-SUV with generous internal dimensions. Thither is an splendid exterior-to-interior proportion proportion, chronic the Hyundai custom for extremely effective publicity. With all seating good, the roommate baggage region is 1,030 mm all-encompassing, 889 mm cryptic and 806 mm grandiloquent, delivering capable a substantive 513 litres of capability. This increases to a utmost of 1,503 litres with the ass seating folded.Practicality is boosted by a lour trunk-sill meridian, two-level torso deck and a stowable freight blind.

Convenience and connectivity features are tailored to customer needs

The All-New Tucson includes a Fresh Ability Tailboard with the widest orifice in the stratum. To simpleness lading, this opens as the key-holder approaches. Keyless-entry and locomotive first and an electronic emergency pass added gizmo. The visceral Smarting Parking Help Arrangement (SPAS), uncommitted with but reflex transmissions, can aid with both duplicate and bay parking. Exploitation rad engineering, the scheme identifies a disengage parking infinite ahead reversing the car into it, with solitary the brakes operated by the driver. In increase, the departure manner role provides hands-free driver reenforcement when departure a parking infinite.

The midland has been ergonomically intentional to enable visceral procedure. The tool bundle has been positioned towards the windshield for splendid visibleness and minimal misdirection. The A-pillar has been engineered to concentrate blind-spot breadth by 6 mm compared to the late exemplar, with visibleness from the lour english windowpane increased by 37 mm. A bird’s-eye sunshine-roof adds to the laputan smell, providing 30% wider gap than earlier.

The heart comfort is fitted with a enceinte, non-reflective 8-inch exhibit blind for the new-generation pilotage arrangement, which is more threefold quicker than the late edition. It likewise has more road options with cursorily updated map stuff stored on an SD scorecard. The new seafaring scheme comes with a seven-year dislodge subscription to TomTom Know services including TomTom dealings, Places, Velocity Cameras and Conditions.

The Pilotage organization can intimate the routes not lone on the misstep length but too on the metre requisite to annoy the last terminus. TomTom Dealings provides the nearly precise entropy most dealings jams, roadworks and delivers a trusty estimated metre of reaching.

To helper trade with unlooked-for situations that involve increased tending, the seafaring organisation warns the driver when approach a camera (rigid amphetamine camera, wandering amphetamine camera or stoplight) in countries where this is allowed. TomTom Survive offers updated entropy in veridical sentence: upwind, dealings, upper cameras, and on-line searches for points of stake with TomTom Places portion the driver to piddle wagerer decisions that relieve meter, concentrate focus and ameliorate route safe.

A new unseamed DAB+ digital tuner with six sound speakers is stock crossways the orbit. Boost connectivity is provided done USB and AUX connections in the gist cabinet.

Comprehensive active safety package

The unveiling of new technologies substance the All-New Tucson is one of the virtually comprehensively weaponed vehicles in its section when it comes to refuge features.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

All-New Tucson is fitted with an Self-governing Exigency Braking scheme; this modern participating safe characteristic alerts drivers to unexpected pinch situations, braking autonomously if requisite. Victimization rad and camera sensors, the AEB arrangement operates in leash stages, initially monitory the driver visually and acoustically, patch gradually increasing the braking forcefulness. If a voltage clangoring is predicted, the organization leave enforce the brakes mechanically, with good braking personnel, to debar or palliate the hit. The activating grasp for prosaic spying is capable 44 mph, piece former vehicles are detected capable 112 mph.

“Hyundai Centrifugal aspires to pitch uttermost assess to customers by providing the highest levels of comfort- and safety-boosting technologies, without burdening vehicles with expensive, over-engineered equipment. Delivery advanced rubber engineering to the mass-market, the All-New Hyundai Tucson’s AEB scheme is open of detection past vehicles likewise as pedestrians hybridizing the route,” explained Werner Putz, Nous of Electronics Organization Ontogenesis at Hyundai Drive Europe Proficient Core.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

In add-on, a Lane Holding Aid Organization (LKAS) contributes to dynamic rubber by avoiding unwilled lane departures caused by driver distractions. The LKAS scheme warns the driver acoustically and visually ahead inducement a restorative channelize personnel to guidebook the driver. The driver can opt 3 dissimilar modes in the instrumentate bunch: Lane Release Admonitory, Banner LKA and Participating LKA.

Blind Spot Detector (BSD)

Likewise victimisation radiolocation engineering, the Subterfuge Billet Demodulator (BSD) with Lane Modification Help monitors the ass corners and, if another fomite is detected, a optical alarum appears on the outside mirrors. If the driver so activates the indicators an hearable sign is emitted. This too applies for a lane modification office when another fomite is detected.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

For added prophylactic the Fomite Stableness Direction (VSM) combines Electronic Constancy Restraint (ESC) and Centrifugal Compulsive Might Direction (MDPS) to service the driver dungeon the fomite below ascendance in cause of an exigency operate. Nether quickening or braking on surfaces with unlike levels of clutch, VSM applies selective guidance forces to intuitively usher the driver to rest on row.

Speed Limit Information Function (SLIF)

The Upper Restrict Entropy Use (SLIF) uses the movement camera and info from the seafaring organisation to name route fastness signs and show the speeding restrain in substantial meter. The info is displayed both in the piloting organisation exhibit also as in the TFT constellate.

Rear-Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Victimization the BSD sensors, the Rear-Cross Dealings Alive (RCTA) organisation reduces the chance of hit with upcoming dealings when reversing out of contract areas with low profile. Victimization a radiolocation to rake a 180-degree arena bum the fomite for approach cross-traffic, RCTA alerts the driver visually and acoustically.

New passive safety features for driver and pedestrian protection

A numeral of peaceful rubber features are included in the All-New Tucson. For occupants thither are six airbags, including driver, rider, incline and drapery airbags.

Active Hood System (AHS)

For footer and wheeler guard, the Dynamic Cowl Arrangement raises the fomite’s punk to soften the encroachment cushion in a frontage hit. Pyrotechnical actuators set in the hood hinges elevator the bonnet roughly 60 mm in less than 20 milliseconds from the mo of encroachment.

Bodyshell structure and use of ultra-high strength steel

The all-new bodyshell construction features 51% sophisticated heights forcefulness nerve, increasing torsional rigidness (up by 48%) to whirl greater encroachment opposition. Straightened consistency connections, applied on hyrax anatomy phallus and A-pillar, supply extra hit push dissolution paths. A new high-tensile brand side-impact shelter gimmick installed in the doors allows a more tied dispersion of impingement forces.

Wide ranging choice of efficient powerplants

The All-New Tucson is uncommitted with one of the widest powertrain ranges in its grade. These admit two gas engines: 132 PS (1.6-litre GDI) or 177 PS (1.6-litre T-GDI) – positive deuce-ace diesel options: 116 PS (1.7-litre), 136 PS (2.0-litre measure index) or 185 PS (2.0-litre eminent powerfulness).

The new turbocharged 1.6-litre T-GDI gasoline locomotive with 177 PS delivers utmost torsion of 265 NM from 1,500 to 4,500 rpm and is offered with a six-speed manual or the seven-speed dual- clasp infection (7DCT) which gives a pick of amply robotlike process or manual gearing changes.

The 116 PS turbo-diesel locomotive delivers utmost torsion of 280 Nm from 1,250 to 2,500 rpm and is usable alone with a six-speed manual, 2WD and fuel-saving stop-start engineering. The 2.0-litre turbo-diesel with a low inactiveness single-scroll turbocharger is offered in two versions. The ‘banner index’ 136 PS delivers 373 Nm of utmost torsion at 1,500 – 2,500 rpm. The ‘high-pitched powerfulness’185 PS variation delivers an telling maximal torsion of 400 Nm from 1,750 to 2,750 rpm. Both lineament maintenance-free slant NOx cakehole accelerator engineering to cut emissions.

Seven-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (7DCT)

The seven-speed dual-clutch transmittal (7DCT) is usable first in the Hyundai SUV line-up. Highly-developed in-house, the7DCT scheme offers drivers amply reflexive performance (saint for townsfolk drive) or consecutive manual train changes, selected with the gear-lever for greater driver involution. The new 7DCT organisation performs unseamed unfirm done an alternate performance of the two clutch, providing many benefits ended an robotlike transmittal. E.g., fire expenditure and CO2emissions are decreased, and execution is enhanced piece shifty calibre is retained.

This transmittance features a highschool top paraphernalia proportion which lowers locomotive revs during high-velocity cruising, enhancing civilisation, piece likewise up fire thriftiness and thinning tucker emissions. Compared to a six-speed robotlike infection, the fire efficiency could be improved by capable 20%.

Four-wheel drive system

The 1.6-litre T-GDI gas locomotive is paired to a 4wd (4WD) organisation, which keeps the highest grip on gravelly, liberate or slippy surfaces piece enhancing cornering functioning. The 2.0-litre diesel is likewise useable with the 4WD arrangement, but customers can opt for the 2WD simulation. The breast wheels incur 100% of torsion during pattern route impulsive with capable 50% sent to the ass wheels, mechanically, contingent weather. A manually-selected ‘Curl Fashion’ splits torsion 50/50 for enhanced constancy at speeds capable 40 km/h.

Intelligent Stop & Go

All engines get been enhanced to offering improved driveability and fire efficiency, too as encounter Euro6 expelling standards. Hyundai Motive’s effective Sound Stoppage & Go (ISG) organization is stock for the 1.7-litre and the 2.0-litre diesel engines (Touchstone Mightiness, MT/2WD) likewise as the 1.6-litre gasolene locomotive.

New chassis for Europe focused on ride comfort and driving dynamics

The new figure of the All-New Tucson has been highly-developed for European customers with a center razz ease without conciliatory impulsive kinetics. The new rack-mounted motor-driven index guidance is accurate and organise patch the new EU-specific reprieve and dampers fling eminent levels of comfortableness and conformity for a shine rally.

The breast respite features a McPherson swagger organisation, receiving a new backlash bounce and quartet bush-league mountings on the subframe to raise puff and cut NVH. The elegant multilink back suspension is improved to raise boilersuit kinetics. As in the movement, the backside subframe receives quadruplet shrub mountings, piece the speed and glower hanging munition are increased in duration to heighten boilersuit respite operation.

Hyundai Drive has highly-developed every constituent of the build to raise high-velocity and cornering constancy, patch likewise maximizing the benefits of the longsighted wheelbase (2670 mm) and all-encompassing raceway to optimize rag and treatment characteristics for European roadstead and consumer inevitably.

A brakes raise incorporates bigger discs (305 mm figurehead/ 302 mm bottom) and pedal cylinders to raise braking outstrip and lowering custom underground.

A new galvanising motor-driven exponent guidance (MDPS) arrangement features freshly highly-developed package and a rack-mounted galvanizing motive. Tuned for the European commercialise, it affords a quicker, more aim reply to inputs, enabling the driver to spirit more affiliated with the car and the route.

Cornering execution is enhanced with Ripe Grip Cornering Controller (ATCC), combination the 4WD varying torsion dispersion and ESC. In the result of understeer, higher torsion is applied to the back axle, spell braking the privileged rack, up cornering functioning.

The new Effort Modality Prize (DMS) use on automatonlike transmittance models offers customers a selection of two campaign modes – Pattern and Athletics – with dissimilar characteristics for the guidance and transmittal (for AT or 7DCT versions).

Comfortable and quiet cabin

The new, stiffer construction for the All-New Tucson has enabled Hyundai engineers to accomplish important gains in the stifling of racket, palpitation and hardness (NVH), devising it one of the quietest and about elegant cabins in the year. Increased sound-absorption at the stand of the A-, B- and C-pillars protects occupants from route vibrations, piece new high-density anti-noise pads are fitted inside the cardinal and ass coldcock pans to demarcation dissonance incoming.

2016 Hyundai Tucson Eu Version

At the figurehead an underfloor concealment is fitted below the locomotive bay, patch at the bum a alteration to bush-mounting quite than solid-mounting for the bum subframe isolates the cabin from route open irregularities transferred done the arse hanging.

Tested on European roads

To see European customers invite the trump potential compounding of drive and solace, manipulation and steerage, functioning and nuance, the All-New Tucson was highly-developed victimization Hyundai’s all-embracing technology and examination facilities in Europe. Every ingredient of the All-New Tucson’s run paraphernalia was tried to raise high-velocity and cornering stableness, spell too maximizing the benefits of the thirster wheelbase and wider racecourse to optimize razz and manipulation characteristics for European roadstead.

Axel Honisch, Drumhead of Fomite Quiz and Maturation at Hyundai Motive Europe Expert Inwardness GmbH, aforesaid: “We return a comp coming to check that every Hyundai fomite is well-tried in the almost extremum weather so that our customers forever savour high-pitched standards of puff, drive, manipulation and dependability. To full develop the All-New Hyundai Tucson for the European commercialize, our teams time-tested it in dangerous estrus – from 40 degrees Celsius in southerly Europe’s summer fine-tune to 30 degrees beneath freeze in the Swedish overwinter.”

Hyundai engineers realised accelerated enduringness examination on the noted Nürburgring Nordschleife, supported by the accompany’s on-site quiz essence. Tantamount to 180,000 kilometres of workaday impulsive, the invention hard on six key areas: direction, abeyance, brakes, tyres, seating and air-conditioning, patch evolving EU-specific adaptations of essence ironware.

Every All-New Tucson for Europe will be made in Europe

Hyundai Centrifugal manufactures 100% of All-New Tucson models sold in European markets at its installation in the Czech Democracy – a key office of its committal to the area. Hyundai’s self-confidence in its European habitus timbre agency that every All-New Tucson volition accompany the troupe’s industry-leading Phoebe Twelvemonth Limitless Milage Warrantee as stock.

Producing vehicles topically delivers a act of benefits to customers. Not lone does it countenance Hyundai to center underdeveloped specifications and trimming levels that pass lawful evaluate to the area’s consumers, it likewise reduces manufactory complexness and restrictions, creating toll savings and improvements in efficiency.

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