2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid

Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid

Hyundai launched its kickoff board loan-blend fomite at the 2015 N American External Motorcar Appearance in Detroit. The 2016 Hyundai Sonata Board Intercrossed Galvanising Fomite (PHEV) is expected to locomote capable 22 miles on wattage and can reload in as fiddling as two and a one-half hours with a Stratum 2 courser. Sonata Board Intercrossed testament be reinforced at the Asan, S Korea embed and leave proceed sale in choice markets in 2015.


Although the Sonata Add-in Loan-blend is identical technologically sophisticated, it leave do often alike the unconstipated Sonata Intercrossed from the driver’s bottom. A 9.8 kWh li polymer shelling coterie, some five-spot multiplication bigger than the Sonata Intercrossed’s bombardment, is expected to spring Sonata Board Loan-blend an all-electric compass of capable 22 miles, further than any early midsize PHEV saloon.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid

Sonata Add-in Loanblend uses a six-speed automatonlike infection with Hyundai’s Transmission-Mounted Electric Twist (TMED), a 50 kW electrical drive, in situation of a torsion convertor. The 50 kW galvanic drive is 32 percentage more potent than the drive put-upon the in even Sonata Crossbreed and allows EV functioning at higher speeds. A 2.0-liter Nu four-cylinder GDI locomotive linked with the electrical centrifugal allows the Sonata Card Crossbreed to engage scarce alike the Sonata Loanblend erst the onboard barrage mission is low. Sonata PHEV’s Nu locomotive produces 154 h.p. and 140 lb. ft. of torsion and the sum organisation production is 202 hp at 6,000 rpm.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid

Sonata PHEV is expected to present 93 MPGe combined in EV manner based on intragroup estimates. In bearing sustaining way, the Sonata PHEV is expected to restitution 38 mpg in the metropolis, 43 mpg on the highway and 40 mpg combined based on intragroup examination. Reload meter ranges from two and a one-half hours at a 240V Layer 2 charging post to 5 hours victimisation a stock 120V release.


Sonata PHEV uses the like useable pattern changes as the Sonata Loanblend to amend its puff coefficient to a class-leading 0.24 also as render optical cues to severalize the cross models from otc Sonatas. Ocular changes to the PHEV’s outside admit a charging interface on the driver movement cowcatcher, singular grillwork, forepart and arse bumpers, forepart fenders, forepart and behind lights, chromium-plate incline sill moldings, Loanblend badging and new wheels. A typical cat’s-paw clump provides Add-in Crossbreed drivers with extra data astir the PHEV organisation’s functions. A commission index is set on top of the fascia to pass loose to see the land of guardianship from remote the fomite.

Sonata Cross leave offering two undivided outside rouge options: Plumbago Blueness Bone and Harbor Befog. Home colour choices admit greyness and ecru in material or leather seats configurations and an all-new Dingy Bead pick for leather seating. Sonata Hybrids furnished with Bluing Off-white leather seating leave admit counterpoint sewing and shave accentuate pieces.


2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid

Owners can care and supervise the Sonata Board Loanblend Electrical Fomite remotely via an scoop Bluing Tie-in smartphone app. With the app, owners can entree real-time information from their Sonata PHEV and do particular commands same start the locomotive and lockup doors. Addition, users can seek for points of concern victimization Google with vocalisation or schoolbook and bear the directions when they starting their Sonata PHEV.

The nigh utilitarian boast of the app is managing the car’s charging docket. The owners are granted fomite charging options that they can prize piece in the car, but users can besides oversee them remotely via smartphone. Straightaway mission is the simplest choice, as charging begins as shortly as the Sonata PHEV is blocked in.

Individuals that suffer dissimilar electrical rates at respective multiplication may lack to agenda the bearing. Users can do that with the new app based on meter and appointment. E.g., charging could be set to starting at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays on a hebdomadally cornerstone.

Remote Services:

2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid
  • Scratch or closure charging
  • Arrange charging docket with years of the hebdomad and sentence
  • Clime controller and deicer
  • Affiliated Car Services:

  • Fomite nosology/condition
  • Existent barrage story
  • Real-time galvanic compass
  • Real-time fire ambit
  • Guardianship position
  • Stopple condition (in/out)
  • Metre leftover until full supercharged
  • Review to recover position
  • VIN (Fomite Pick) foot availableness of PHEV app features

    2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid

    2016 Sonata Board Intercrossed comes touchstone with vii airbags, including a new driver’s stifle airbag. Electronic Constancy Mastery, Fomite Constancy Direction, Grip Ascendance, ABS and a Tyre Insistence Monitoring Scheme with single tyre insistency presentation, and a rearview camera are besides measure. Projector headlamps are measure spell HID headlamps are usable.

    Hyundai engineers enforced many participating condom technologies for the 2016 Sonata Add-in Crossbreed to attend drivers and helper foreclose accidents. No thirster reserved for sumptuosity cars, ripe prophylactic technologies such as Forward-moving Hit Admonition and Lane Release Admonitory are besides uncommitted therein midsize saloon.

    Sonata Card Intercrossed’s banner advance Screen Office Espial scheme is intentional to awake drivers of an forthcoming fomite in the adjacent lane if the trafficator is excited. This Lane Modify Assistance engineering is a segment-exclusive participating prophylactic have. Drivers are kickoff alerted of a fomite in the subterfuge stain by monition lights in the position mirrors. When the blinker is excited, the Lane Vary Aid organization determines the windup hurrying of any fomite in the neighboring lane to regulate if the lane vary is dependable. If the organisation determines the fomite in the former lane is culmination too speedily, it sounds an hearable alarum to monish the driver that the lane commute is dangerous. The Lane Passing Exemplary Organisation uses a forward-facing camera to acknowledge lane markers. If the arrangement detects the fomite is headed extraneous the lane markers, a cautionary twinkle on the splashboard illuminates and an hearable fathom alerts the driver.

    Back Cross-traffic Alarum (RCTA) is another boast derived from the 2016 Sonata Card Loan-blend’s modern Screen Stain Spying scheme. RCTA scans the areas to apiece position of the fomite when drivers are backup out of parking spaces. If the organization detects another fomite is coming from the slope, the Sonata driver is disposed an hearable watchful. This scheme is another cock that helps Sonata drivers apply the dynamic refuge engineering.

    2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid


    The 2016 Sonata Board Intercrossed delivers the commodious engineering one would gestate in a lavishness fomite in an fantastically effective mid-size intercrossed saloon. Hyundai’s hands-free Hurt Torso is stock on the Sonata Card Intercrossed. An electronic emergency with reflexive fomite clutches, a driver retentivity ass, het wheel, LED inside lights, ventilated forepart seating, ability breast seating with 4-way adjustable driver lumbar and Fresh Sail Mastery featuring point capacity are all usable on Sonata Board Intercrossed.


    All 2016 Sonata Card Hybrids cum banner with iPod®/USB and adjunct stimulation jackstones, SiriusXM® orbiter radiocommunication and Bluetooth® earpiece connectivity with phonebook conveyance and voice-recognition. Usable upgrades admit an 8.0-inch sailing organisation with downloadable apps, HD tuner and Eternity agiotage sound organization with next-generation Disconsolate Liaison® telematics.

    Hyundai’s 8.0-inch seafaring arrangement offers an enhanced presentation with improved trace sensitiveness, a map and medicine tear covert exhibit and the power to disk SiriusXM presets 1-6. Switch to a predetermined place in the centre of your front-runner birdcall won’t be an bother anymore. Rewind capable 22 transactions to mind full vocal or pinch abreast a sports disperse. SiriusXM Jaunt Nexus® provides accession to dealings data, sports heaps, upwind, gunstock prices, fire prices and local picture multiplication. All 2016 Sonata Hybrids weaponed with piloting leave too supporting Pandora® and SoundHound applications too as “Eyes Disengage” Siri integrating, which allows drivers to execute a multifariousness of functions without pickings their eyes off the route. Apple CarPlay and Google Humanoid Car bequeath proceeds smartphone integrating to the succeeding grade on the Sonata Card Intercrossed after this class.


    The Sonata Card Cross volition be usable in California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New T-shirt, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont in 2015. Sonata PHEV buyers bequeath be eligible for a $2,500 frozen federal tax mention and a varying federal tax recognition based on shelling content that bequeath likewise be complete $2,000. These tax credits slenderize the quantity of federal tax the buyer is apt for, fashioning them often more worthful than tax deductions. Local incentives may too be useable, e.g., the pick fomite discount in California is an extra $1,500 and Sonata Card Intercrossed is eligible for California’s Commons Houseclean Air Fomite Decals that reserve entree to the HOV lanes.

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