2016 Hyundai Rn30 Concept

Hyundai RN30 Concept

Hyundai Centrifugal unleashed its up-to-the-minute high-performance N conception with the earth premier of Hyundai RN30 at the 2016 Paris Centrifugal Prove. The motorsport-inspired racing construct is highly-developed to have love and joy on the rail.

Based on the New Genesis Hyundai i30, the RN30 was natural as a racing automobile, highly-developed in finale quislingism with Hyundai Motorsport (HMSG), Hyundai Centrifugal Europe Expert Plaza (HMETC) and Hyundai Centrifugal’s Functioning Developing & Heights Functioning Fomite Partition. The contact construct is imposing by its purposeful streamlined conception and specialized high-performance technologies that render electrifying high-velocity impulsive.

Albert Biermann, Nous of Fomite Examination & High-pitched Execution Exploitation for Hyundai Motive aforesaid; “RN30 embodies the construct of a solid, high-performance car that brings active, clean drive. Shortly to develop into our get-go N manakin, the RN30 is divine by our passionateness to ply a high-performance car that our customers can love effortlessly. We birth raddled on our technical expertness – honed done our motorsport successes – to present excited revel done an piquant conflate of operation and command, the end Hyundai’s N strives to reach in futurity operation models.”

Hyundai N was launched at the Frankfurt Motive Demonstrate in September 2015, delivery to biography the companionship’s ism for providing piquant and electrifying impulsive joy for its customers.

2016 Hyundai RN30 Concept

High-performance powertrain boosts driving pleasure

RN30’s index is supplied by a high-performance 2.0-liter turbocharged locomotive, nether evolution by Hyundai for N output models, upgraded with an magnified turbo to step-up jab at wax choke. To care the extra superpower, the locomotive blocks suffer been applied by forging parts, alternatively of cast parts, to gain their lastingness and resistivity. As a solvent, the Hyundai RN30 is fit for functioning, boast 380 PS (279.5 kW) and a maximal torsion of 46 kgf.m (451 Nm).

Managing the telling levels of torsion is a wet-type dual-clutch contagion (DCT), delivering faster responses during cogwheel shift and engineer yoke to render active quickening. To wield the car’s index patch enabling preciseness impulsive at high-pitched amphetamine, the RN30 is weaponed with an all-wheel ride (AWD) organization.

Specialised technologies maximize thrill of performance

The RN30 features specialized high-performance technologies intentional to gain hullabaloo for drivers and enable them to chasten the virtually ambitious of airstream tracks. Rev-matching encourages gamey impulsive by apace and accurately rewriting the locomotive’s speeding whenever the driver shifts cogwheel piece in mutation manner. Adding to the gumption of chill for the driver, the Electronic Varying Exhaust provides a soar of aural pleasance by emitting a firm release strait coherent with the splanchnic sensations produced by the speedy speedup.

2016 Hyundai Rn30 Concept

Early technologies are specifically aimed at enhancing safe and ascendancy. The advanced electronic limited-slip derivative organisation (eLSD) makes certain apiece bike receives sufficient torsion, measurement the thrust of the tyres. This helps foreclose skidding and ensures fasting, exact cornering when navigating high-velocity curves – allowing drivers to command this knock-down racing motorcar well, accurately and confidently.

Engineering focus on lightweight and low center of gravity

When development the RN30, Hyundai’s designers and engineers conventional a new access to reduction burden and sullen the gist of sombreness. Alternatively of exploitation c character strengthened polymer (CFRP) park to nearly high-performance cars, Hyundai stony-broke the mildew with all-new high-performance shaping materials, highly-developed in quislingism with stellar world chemic caller BASF.

This weight-saving instauration is lightness, extremely lasting and environmentally-friendly and is ill-used end-to-end the new conception to assistant advance manipulation and speedup. Interior, pleonastic parts were remote, patch heavier parts sit in the last-place potential place. The kernel of soberness is lowered boost by push rachis and threatening the seating, with all these elements combine to reach a igniter angle, nonpareil for operation impulsive.

2016 Hyundai Rn30 Concept

Exterior design formed by high-performance DNA

The silhouette of the RN30 is signally transmitted from the scavenge and cohesive lines of the New Coevals Hyundai i30, but with a depress, wider position to enable greater constancy during gamey swiftness impulsive and cornering. To reach the more purposeful proportions the breadth of the RN30 has been increased by 30mm compared to the i30, to 1,950mm. Stature has been importantly lowered by 84mm to 1,355mm

2016 Hyundai Rn30 Concept

Encourage outside innovation details wind at the RN30’s capabilities and suit high-performance technologies and streamlined enhancements. A ‘vagrant’ buffer concluded apiece cycle enhances the optic gremlin of RN30 and ferment with the english splitters to amend sleek functioning, producing the adept that the car is existence sucked-down onto the running.

The presence designing features Hyundai’s new touch cascading grillroom and hi-tech headlamps, which creates a hard, fast-growing effigy when combined with the classifiable day linear lights. The airflow from the forepart to the arse passes done the engagement cascading radiator grillwork and the air aspiration, not sole up downforce but likewise optimising chilling for functioning drive. On the amphetamine office of the locomotive hoodlum, a prominent air issue hints at the spectacular locomotive exponent of the RN30.

2016 Hyundai Rn30 Concept

The prominent behind freebooter, which generates downforce during high-velocity impulsive, distinguishes the car, handsome it esthetically balanced proportions. Likewise, a fin situated on the cardinal occupation of the ceiling and incisive the bottom pillager, creates a singular arse feeling. For optimum and balanced downforce, the car features a gravid backside diffusor set supra centrally-mounted whiteness ceramic counterpart tucker pipes, piece the 19-inch light-weight metal wheels discharge the car’s active appearing.

Interior design – optimised for performance driving

2016 Hyundai Rn30 Concept

During the national figure procedure, RN30 designers and racing experts from Hyundai Motorsport (HMSG) worked unitedly tight to insure drivers can nidus aid entirely on the car and the route. A pail bum, which utterly fits the driver’s torso and an merged roster coop, which increases the fomite torso force, reinforcement and protect the driver altogether situations.

To beguile the driver’s reactions and active moments patch on the route or raceway, image-stabilizing gimbal cameras are connected inner apiece A tower, with an remote camera affiliated to the inwardness fin on the ceiling. Drivers can make professional-looking racing footage or deliver their experiences as if on telecasting..

RN30 is the up-to-the-minute in a successiveness of high-performance sports concepts that spot towards the next of N product models, furthering the ‘N’ exemplar characteristics commencement seen in the Hyundai N 2025 Sight Grandmother Turismo, RM15 and RM16 concepts. All N operation models tie on Hyundai’s successful motorsport experiences and evidence Hyundai’s hope to put electrifying driver experiences at the pump of new car developments. The i30N simulation bequeath shortly be uncommitted succeeding yr, qualification our rage for high-performance drive approachable to everyone.

All N models are highly-developed by passionate experts in Namyang, the pump of Hyundai Centrifugal’s planetary R&D meshwork – so pushed to their limits at Nürburgring, the reality’s about ambitious run running. The N logotype represents the carp of a backwash running – where the counterbalance of cars is proved strictly.

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