2016 Honda Hr V Eu Version

Honda HR-V [EU]

Introducing a new propagation of subcompact SUV to the market, the all-new Honda HR-V delivers a unequalled proposal to the crosswalk section: characterful putsché looks with the rowdy position of an SUV, the blank and versatility of an MPV, sophisticated-yet-fun drive kinetics and fuel-efficient operation.

Honda anticipates that 70% of new HR-V customers bequeath be seduction buyers from former brands, preponderantly from MPV and C-segment hatchback owners. The 4.3-metre foresightful HR-V is intentional to appealingness to untried singles and pre-family couples who evaluate their lifestyles and are excogitation witting.

From the really beginning peek, the new HR-V portrays a characterful youth, with the typical, boldly-sculpted lines of a takeoveré incorporate with the hooligan, position of a rich SUV. The HR-V’s taller height (acme is 1,605 mm), combined with its solidness pattern and solid comportment, offer a flavor of guard, certificate, assurance and useability.

Interior, the new HR-V offers occupants class-leading inner place and – thanks to Honda’s modern Charming Bottom organisation – eminent levels of versatility. Superiority soft-touch materials and advanced designing limit the HR-V’s inside where Honda’s designers let marital grand roominess with the feeling of a jazzy, enclosed cockpit.

The new HR-V bequeath be useable at found with a selection of extremely effective 120 PS 1.6 l i-DTEC diesel or 130 PS 1.5 l i-VTEC gasoline engines, both parting of Honda’s Ground Dreams Engineering serial. The diesel is matched to a six-speed manual infection piece the gasoline locomotive is offered with either six-speed manual or CVT transmissions.

2016 Honda HR-V [EU]

The new HR-V is role of the brandish of next-generation and all-new vehicles from Honda demonstrating the stain’s pioneering attack to technical initiation which makes biography improve for its customers. Honda’s all-new HR-V line-up, which testament lineament a prime of tercet equipment grades, testament happen sale crosswise Europe in the midsection of 2015.

Characterful coupé looks with the tough stance of an SUV

For Honda’s pattern squad, the all-new HR-V’s excogitation conception was summarised as ‘Active Crossing Solidness’. The conception was to trust the elegance and liquidness of a takeoveré with the usefulness and durability of an SUV.

“Combination a mellow eye-point and ruggedness – centre values of an SUV – with a new grade of emotion was the key,” says Masaki Kobayashi, HR-V styling undertaking leader. “So we came up with an outside conception encapsulated by ‘Emotionalism and Temper’ and an home conception called ‘Personal Cockpit and Expansivity’. We cherished to priming ostensibly self-contradictory values to make something overbold.”

The all-new HR-V is a intersection borne of the finding to pass something sassy and advanced but with the actual lives of tangible masses and families at its centre. The HR-V has a takeoveré-like cabin visibility, with a potent intrude and warm depress consistency forms, jointly delicately sculptured aerofoil particularisation – creating a characterful flavor that leave create an excited collection among a object consultation which extremely values flair and practicality.

On the route, the new HR-V boasts a typical and self-confident indistinguishability, spell having a unclutter sept descent, stellar with a ‘self-coloured offstage expression’ nuzzle excogitation. The battlefront wicket is melanize, representing ruggedness and bravery.

HR-V’s takeoveré-like soundbox contour creates a dynamical and gaudy aspect, complemented by back threshold handles ‘secret’ in the C-pillar. Typical, acutely outlined lines run the duration of the consistence, big the HR-V a purposeful, forward-leaning position and a kinesthesia and legerity, eve at stalemate.

Honda’s designers gainful aid to ensuring the new HR-V besides exudes a reassuringly rich mien. Profoundly sculptured depress consistence panels and the warm horizontal preference of the presence and arse bumpers take the huskiness, solidness and sure-footedness associated with bigger SUVs.

A new class-leading flowing execution is brought to the crosswalk section by new HR-V. Below the fomite, trey covers (nether the locomotive, breast coldcock and ass level) avail to smoothen and optimize air-flow, boosting fire efficiency. They too raise disturbance insulant for improved inside shade. Streamlined growing study focussed on optimising presence and backside lift to advance amend fomite stableness at amphetamine.

Kobayashi adds: “For the outside we are real pleased with its active contour, the superiority of the surfaces and the intricate but unlined particularisation. I can say that when the hale squad outset saw the image fomite unitedly, we matt-up gallant and peculiar that we were able-bodied to realize our targets with this new car. I conceive that the HR-V possesses the elegance to expression attractive in any panorama and yet exudes temper concurrently.”

The all-new HR-V testament be usable from establish in iv metal (Splendid Sporting Disconsolate, Ala Fluent, Mod Sword, Artifice Lightlessness) and ternary nacreous (Morpho Dingy, Quartz Nigrify, Whiten Orchid) pigment finishes, besides as whole Milano Red. The newly-introduced Artifice Melanize and Morpho Dark are uncommitted solely for the new HR-V.

Class-leading and versatile interior space

The all-new Honda HR-V’s upcountry pattern was tailor-made to the dynamical and demanding preferences of the mod and apprehensive consumer.

The aim of Honda’s designers was to correspondence class-leading national infinite, repose of use and store spa with dynamical and aroused designing. In decree to accomplish this, the distance and layout of the HR-V was driven forward of Honda’s designers delivery the boilersuit conception to living. Consequently, HR-V boasts an midland jammed with functionality but besides with a feel of personal place and fun. Roommate and fabulously various, the HR-V’s cabin brings the virtues of an MPV into the crosswalk section first patch providing a impulsive berth which engenders a sentience of lightsomeness and heartiness.

HR-V owners leave savour a impression of protection and sureness when drive thanks to an eye-line 100 mm higher than the median saloon or waggon, collectively a all-embracing study of sight. The brocaded storey and correspondingly higher seats place conduce to improved cabin accession.

The founding of the HR-V’s roomy and various home is Honda’s centre-mounted fire cooler layout. This space-efficient advanced promotion mounts the low visibility fire tankful below the presence seating, which frees up the underfloor blank below the behind seating. This enables the program to suit Honda’s Illusion Arse arrangement, a pop lineament on many models in the Honda compass.

The Thaumaturgy Arse organisation allows apiece of the 60:40 tear second-row seating to dramatise legion configurations to maximize the citizenry and payload carrying versatility of the erectile midland. The Illusion Arse organisation can assume one of tercet ‘modes’ from the measure seats post.

Substitute way – the bottom ass rachis folds forward-moving as the arse foot itself lowers into the bottom rider footwell, creating a utmost 1,845 mm-long flatbed level.

Marvelous style – the figurehead of the arse bum foot rises up and dorsum and is locked in a erect berth to forget a loading altitude of 1,240 mm from storey to roof, allowing magniloquent objects to be situated bottom the strawman seating.

2016 Honda Hr V Eu Version

Longsighted fashion – the breast rider bottom cover folds backbone to a horizontal situation, patch the bottom buns binding folds onward, forming a ‘burrow’ to conciliate items capable 2,445 mm foresightful.

Occupants testament apprize the class-leading cabin infinite, with clearance, legroom and berm way in the breast and backside so generous that they compeer the dimensions more ordinarily ground in bigger vehicles.

The consignment bay likewise offers telling distance, thought-provoking for best-in-class honours with a capability of 453 litres with the backside seating unsloped. The new HR-V’s across-the-board tailboard orifice (1,180 mm) and low lading elevation (650 mm) check that the capacious loading infinite is easy approachable.

Traveling foresighted distances in the new HR-V volition be a easy and fatigue-free know for the driver and passengers thanks to Honda engineers’ decision to supply this exemplar with class-best levels of civilization.

A new, extremely effective acoustical insularity bundle was highly-developed for the new HR-V, featuring a top caliber, non-woven underlayment and sound-absorbing carpets of a case ordinarily ground solitary in top-quality sedans. The forepart and ass interior rack arches bear been toughened with sound-absorbent stuff, spell the deck rug, underfloor blanket and fascia acoustical pad inserts all add to achieving a processed and restful air end-to-end the cabin. At a unremitting fastness of 100 km/h, occupants can relish a whisper-quiet 65 dB of cabin randomness.

Refined and sophisticated cabin with high quality materials

2016 Honda Hr V Eu Version

Honda’s designers sought-after to wed self-contradictory themes in the new HR-V’s home, strain to reach commodiousness, reassuring solidness and – for the driver – a cockpit with the wraparound look of a takeoveré.

The talkative, laputan cabin is fitted with superiority, soft-touch surfaces, subtly stressed with napped chromium-plate highlights and advanced sewing lines to furnish a bounty ambiance. The fascia conception combines a firm smell with agiotage particularization, including a piano-black have board that emphasises the sentience of timber, course and subtlety.

Fleshly color and grain coordination options volition enable customers to limited their youthfulness, news and matureness done their personal choices spell freehanded the new HR-V’s inside a feel of gamy forge.

Veneer the driver, a three-dial tool binnacle features ‘drifting’ illuminance rings and Honda’s ECO Serve purpose, which changes the backlight colouring of the speedometer from tweed to k during fuel-efficient drive.

Cladding the presence buns rider, the new HR-V’s home features a new ‘all-inclusive menstruation’ air exit with trey adjustable air vents crossways the splasher, resulting in a well-heeled airflow for all passengers. The airflow bulk settings are optimised to have: eminent book for the vent closest the position windowpane; low mass for the kernel release; and spiritualist intensity for the air issue nighest to the essence jury.

The new HR-V leave be useable in deuce-ace grades. Contingent the course and commercialize, buyers volition let a pick of superiority material, half-leather or full-leather upholstery, apiece in a graeco-roman melanize finishing. The signified of capaciousness is amplified on top class models in the new HR-V line-up by the handiness of a unique-in-class scuttle bird’s-eye chalk sunshine-roof. With one-touch orifice rock and glide process, the 846 mm-long bird’s-eye sunshine-roof features a sliding sunblind that opens mechanically with the cap and can be unopen manually to blockage sun. The movement segment – which tilts to a peak of 27.5 mm at its backside – measures 475 mm in duration.

Honda’s new ‘Smartness Trace Home’ leave enable performance of sealed functions with the smallest motility and exertion. These functions admit: Galvanic Commons Bracken, Contact Board Mood Command and One-Touch Indicant.

Advanced new infotainment system

Modern connectivity and docudrama is provided in the all-new HR-V by the Honda Associate in-car docudrama arrangement, low seen in Europe on the 2015 CR-V. It is fitted as received on the mid and amphetamine score HR-V, and as an selection on the groundwork example.

Honda Link has an app-based interface with ‘tweak, filch and tap’ functionality indistinguishable thereto of a modernistic smartphone. Run on Humanoid, the humanity’s virtually pop roving os, Honda Unite gives immobile admission to internet-based services such as web browse, real-time dealings data, newsworthiness and brave, mixer media, and net medicine stations.

The Honda Relate arrangement comes with pre-installed apps, with others useable for download from the Honda App Center for owners to personalize their machine-accessible know. The pre-installed ‘Aha’ app allows casual admittance to thousands of sound stations – spanning medicine, tidings, podcasts and sound books – too as societal media feeds and location-based services.

Promiscuous and nonrational to use, the organisation is accessed done a seven-inch touchscreen in the kernel of the hyrax. The exhibit can be customised to causa case-by-case preferences, with two unlike ‘skins’ to take from, allowing users to shuffling the organization their own. Colour-coded icons check navigating done menus is straightaway and mere.

The Honda Colligate touchscreen besides displays fomite entropy – such as actuate entropy and fire saving – and images from the rear-view parking camera (contingent modelling).

In summation, the Honda Unite arrangement features broad options for syncing with smartphones and over-the-counter personal multimedia devices: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and MirrorLink – which ‘mirrors’ the cover of a attached compatible gimmick, allowing it to be operated done the in-dash touchscreen.

Too useable as received on the speed class and as an selection crosswise the reach, Honda offers HR-V buyers the award-winning Garmin planet sailing organization. The organisation is amply structured with Honda Link and jammed with pre-loaded maps, allowing users to sail eventide in areas without fluid information response.

Spoken turn-by-turn directions are complemented by ripe steering features to pilot drivers done the about thought-provoking situations with rest, spell photo-real adjunction views pass easier to key selected junctions and exits. The organization too features real-time dealings shunning, fastness restrain indications, lane counseling, sign-view, 3D construction and terrain views, and Eco Routing. Dislodge map updates leave be provided for fivesome eld, a gain alone to Honda.

HR-V foundation models are fitted as measure with a five-inch LCD coloration show blind in the gist of the hyrax and a 160-watt AM/FM/CD Sound organization with quartet speakers. Mid and speed degree models are fitted with a 180-watt six-speaker sound arrangement.

An engaging drive coupled with efficient performance

Honda’s all-new HR-V bequeath be uncommitted with pick of extremely effective 130 PS (96 kW) 1.5 liter i-VTEC gasolene and 120 PS (88 kW) 1.6 l i-DTEC diesel engines, impulsive the figurehead wheels. Both quadruplet cylinder engines are share of Honda’s Land Dreams Engineering serial, engineered to render reactivity operation collectively highschool levels of efficiency. Both engines follow with the tight Euro 6 emissions stock.

Combine a highschool outturn with low fire ingestion, the 1.5 liter i-VTEC gasolene locomotive produces 130 PS at 6,600 rpm and uttermost torsion of 155 Nm at 4,600 rpm. Honda’s VTEC (Varying Timing and Heave Electronic Restraint) and VTC (Varying Timing Restraint) technologies combining with mastermind injectant, solid stomach consumption ports and an optimised plunger configuration to allow benefits in production and efficiency. Angle savings are made done a reducing in burthen of the crankshaft and the acceptance of freelancer charge caps.

With this 1,498 cc gasolene locomotive, the new HR-V powers from 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) in 10.7 seconds (manual) and 11.2 seconds (CVT ). Fire saving can be capable an telling 5.2 l/100 km (combined oscillation) with CO2 emissions from as low as 120 g/km – both achieved exploitation the highly-efficient CVT contagion.

The 1.6 l i-DTEC locomotive is unequalled to Honda vehicles on sale in Europe. The vernacular track turbo-diesel whole incorporates blanket technologies that cut detrition, meliorate emissions and step-up fire thriftiness. The 1,597cc locomotive features a pocket-size, high-efficiency turbocharger, low-pressure EGR (discharge gas recirculation) organisation and a high-intake catamenia, high-swirl cylinder header embrasure. A new high-strength, jackanapes lissom crankshaft and all-aluminium, open-deck, hard-hitting, die-cast block slim the locomotive’s burthen.

Powered by the diesel – which generates 120 PS at 4,000 rpm and 300 Nm of torsion at 2,000 rpm – the new HR-V can quicken to 100 km/h (62 mph) in equitable 10.0 seconds, placing it among the virtually active vehicles in its family. With manual transmittal, fire saving is an telling 4.0 l/100 km (combined bike) with CO2 emissions of 104 g/km.

Both the gasoline and diesel engines are furnished with a six-speed manual contagion as criterion, featuring various improvements for their coating in the new HR-V. Optimization of the forcible geartrain breadth and layout organisation allowed engineers to castrate the gearbox, piece a whippersnapper and higher-rigidity scape improves boilersuit efficiency. The flavor and timbre of the appurtenance shimmy is enhanced, up the devious switching functioning and achieving a sander, one-movement slip formula. The exploit compulsory to lock reverse is decreased and the pitch disturbance when drive in setback is minimised.

Fitted to the new HR-V, Honda’s pop optional CVT is useable with the 1.5 liter i-VTEC gasolene locomotive. An all-new CVT restraint logic was highly-developed specifically for European markets to pitch the mastermind and one-dimensional notion expected of a manual contagion. This results in fomite velocity twinned throttle post more nearly for a more calculate spirit, spell locomotive swiftness increases proportionally to gas post for a more one-dimensional look.

The CVT’s driveability is apt a more raw ‘multi-gear’ flavour done the use of new ascendence package undivided to Europe which simulates vii speeds and provides optimised paraphernalia commute map. Two new extra programmes supply situation-specific enhancements.

Former Downshift During Braking (EDDB) utilises the locomotive to help the driver during braking. When the scheme recognises a slowing, downward-sloping, or cornering post initiated by the braking organization, EDDB mechanically increases the locomotive upper to ply locomotive braking. This so allows for agile re-acceleration astern deceleration or immediate speedup abaft cornering.

Truehearted Off measures how rapidly the driver releases the throttle and maintains locomotive revs to offer locomotive braking in situations where the driver has released the bike apace. This organisation has been extensively time-tested for Europe’s gamey fastness, multi-lane roadstead. E.g., Flying Off recognises when the driver has fain to crack a fomite before, but is ineffectual to ended the channelise due to a fomite in the succeeding lane. As the driver rapidly releases the gun to let the fomite arse surpass, Flying Off maintains a gamey locomotive amphetamine in training for complementary the passing tactic.

This newly-developed CVT whole delivers telling fire thriftiness in conjuction with these pregnant improvements to driveability. The CVT gearbox allows the locomotive to control inside its nigh effective scope more of the sentence by incessantly variable the train proportion rather of adjusting the locomotive accelerator gap. Mechanically managed by the locomotive direction scheme, the CVT gearbox selects the optimum proportion inside the faux heptad speeds contingent locomotive hurrying, bound spot and driver stimulation. Saving is boosted farther by the transmittance’s wider proportion scope and decreased angle, the outcome of a rationalised invention with rock-bottom pulley-block insistency. Reductions in detrition get been achieved done an optimised oil heart content, decreased oil resistor, a low rubbing reversion bracken and a rock-bottom detrition from the rotational sliding parts.

The new HR-V is one of the worldwide squeeze serial that Honda has highly-developed to render a advanced, fun, sedan-like drive receive, spell too engendering a impression of certificate.

The chopine and bodyshell of the new HR-V mannequin a extremely stiff construction, with 27% of the soundbox made of high-strength brand and featuring improved chassis spliff inflexibility. The remains bodyshell gives the hiatus (MacPherson struts at the breast and an H-type tortuousness transmit at the arse) a unanimous innovation, which – conjointly a low essence of somberness and minimised personify peal – delivers a reassuring solidness and inspires a impression of protection when impulsive.

The feel of nimbleness is augmented by a new gesticulate adaptative galvanizing power-assisted steerage arrangement with a brushless motive. To downplay understeer, the strawman respite features a lour figurehead paradiddle essence to raise constancy and the backside reprieve has a brocaded bowl inwardness. The solution is exceptionally analogue drive conduct fashioning new HR-V one of the nearly confidence-inspiring cars in the crossing section, peculiarly when goaded sky-high.

2016 Honda Hr V Eu Version

Herculean and static fillet index for the new HR-V is assured with an all-disc braking organization, featuring 293 mm ventilated movement discs and 282 mm solidness discs at the arse. Electronic aids which encourage braking powerfulness and raise fomite stableness admit: Anti-Lock Braking Scheme (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD), Bracken Serve, Fomite Stablity Attend and Mound Jump Attend.

Every new HR-V in Europe is fitted with admixture wheels. foundation and mid grades lineament 16-inch wheels with 215/60 R16 tyres, spell speed spec models are weaponed with 17-inch wheels calced with 215/55 R17 tyres.

Compehensive suite of advanced safety features

As with all new Honda vehicles sold in Europe, the HR-V is fitted with a all-embracing orbit of alive and peaceful refuge technologies intentional to shuffling impulsive both easier and safer, patch maximizing resident and earthbound tribute.

Every new HR-V sold in Europe volition be furnished with Honda’s City-Brake Participating Organization. Specifically intentional to assistant forfend or palliate low amphetamine accidents, the arrangement uses laser radiolocation engineering to skim the route forwards, mechanically applying the brakes if an impending peril of hit is detected. The organisation is intentional to maneuver at speeds under 32 km/h (20 mph). If the organisation identifies a peril of hit so pre-braking besides as hearable and optic cautionary volition come, finally followed by entire self-directed braking to play the car to a occlusion.

Mid and speed course models leave have Honda’s Modern Driver Aid Organization, which uses radiolocation sensors, summation forrader and backside lining cameras, as received. This comp entourage of fighting guard technologies includes: Onwards Hit Cautionary, Dealings Mark Identification, Healthy Fastness Clipper, Lane Passing Admonition and High-beam Backup Organization.

Forward Collision Warning

Ahead Hit Cautionary detects the chance of hit by recognising the fomite (car or motortruck) forthwith ahead, victimisation the multi-purpose camera. The arrangement operates when the car is at a speeding of 15 km/h (9 mph) and supra. On sleuthing the jeopardy of hit, it bequeath propose optic and hearable warnings. The admonitory space can be familiarized to the driver’s preferences and the arrangement can be off off by the driver.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Dealings Mark Acknowledgment uses the multi-purpose camera to discover route signs whenever the fomite is moving forrader. The organisation mechanically recognises and displays the signs in the tool binnacle cover erst the fomite has passed the signaling.

The scheme is intentional to discover throwaway route signs displaying fastness limits and ‘No Pass’ info. Two route signs can be displayed at any once – the rectify slope of the showing but shows amphetamine limitation signs piece the remaining shows ‘No Overtaking’ signs and hurrying limits with extra entropy; such as conditions weather, e.g..

Intelligent Speed Limiter

Level-headed Hurrying Clipper combines two differently autonomous refuge systems – Adjustable Upper Clipper and Dealings Signaling Acknowledgment arrangement – resulting in an innovative guard aid boast. The Adjustable Amphetamine Clipper organization -standard on every Honda car on sale in Europe – regulates the maximal upper of the fomite at a layer set by the driver.

With Levelheaded Upper Clipper excited, the utmost amphetamine of the fomite is mechanically set by the dominant effectual speeding boundary detected by the Dealings Foretoken Realisation organization. When the fomite passes a signal indicating a lour amphetamine restrain, the fomite leave softly and mechanically dense, done a step-down in ability, to a uttermost amphetamine that does not outstrip the upper confine. An alerting sounds and the displayed amphetamine restrict blinks if the fomite amphetamine exceeds the bound by 3 km/h (2 mph) or more. The fomite’s uttermost swiftness – irrespective of the gun remark by the driver – leave not outdo this restrain. When the fomite passes a mark indicating a higher amphetamine boundary, it testament let the driver to speed until the fomite reaches the new maximal permitted hurrying, at which spot it leave preclude the fomite from olympian the new hurrying demarcation. The organisation can be off off by the driver at any clip.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Leaving Admonition uses the multi-purpose camera to rail lane markings on the route. If the car deviates from its flow lane without indicating, Lane Leaving Monitory alerts the driver with hearable and optical warnings. The arrangement can be sour off by the driver at any clip.

High Beam Support System

Gamey Broadcast Accompaniment Organization deeds at speeds of more 40 km/h (25 mph) to shift Gamey Air brain lights on or off mechanically contingent onset or past vehicles (cars, trucks and motorcycles), bicycles and environmental luminosity. The scheme can be off off by the driver at any sentence.

Passive-safety engineered into the structure

Every all-new HR-V incorporates Honda’s proprietorship Innovative Compatibility Technology&swop; (ACE&swop;) structure engineering to configuration the initiation for fantabulous passive-safety functioning, enhancing occupier clangoring security.

A web of affiliated geomorphologic elements distributes clangour vim more equally end-to-end the presence of the fomite, reduction the forces transferred to the rider compartment. ACE likewise helps minimize the potency for under-ride or over-ride situations that can bechance during frontal or outgrowth frontlet impacts with a bigger or littler fomite.

Every new HR-V sold in Europe is weaponed with a aggregate of octonary airbags, maximizing occupier aegis. The presence, position and uncut mantle airbags are all sophisticated ‘levelheaded’ designs and are triggered only perfectly requisite. The movement backside mind restraints are intentional to slenderize the effects of whiplash.

The new HR-V is intentional and engineered to reach a top marking five-star condom paygrade in the modish and toughest Euro NCAP clangor tests.

Accessories and option packs add style, technology and functionality

The all-new HR-V is usable with a across-the-board diversity of accouterment packs and someone accessories allowing owners to heighten or conform their car to case their personal requirements and tastes.

Chrome Pack

The refined appearing of the HR-V can be enhanced by adding chromium-plate accents to the car. This accessary coterie includes a strawman bumper garnishee, back bumper dress, threshold lour garnishee and behind certify dress, beat a chromium-plate conclusion.

Robust Pack

The Rich Camp gives the HR-V a stronger, more furrowed looking and includes items that trust aesthetical ingathering and protective procedure. The clique includes a strawman glower dress, ass depress garnishee and position depress garnishee.

Aero Pack

The Aero Coterie gives the HR-V an level more advanced show. It enhances the outside of the car by victimization colour-match accessories. This clique includes a strawman aero bumper, arse aero bumper and track boards.

Illumination Pack

The Elucidation Clique creates a advanced inside aura done elusive ambient ignition whilst providing redundant profile to the outside. It includes pee lights and well-lighted doorsill garnishes.

Convenience Pack

Intentional to aid dungeon the HR-V sounding enceinte for thirster, the Appliance Ring provides a compounding of accessories intentional to protect the car from scrapes, scratches, mud and grit. The perdurable doorsill garnishes, movement and behind mudguards and english soundbox trims leave protect the car from weathering and aerofoil depreciation.

Cargo Pack

The Freight Ring is for those who regularly motive to transportation baggage or specialized equipment for sour or leisure. It includes a charge tray with dividers, a loading spa dress and a bottom bang tone defender to climb the office and esthetics of the car’s kicking are.

Milano Red Pack

This coterie combines Milano Red accents in the mirror caps and the 18-inch admixture wheels to pay the car a fashionable yet playful feel. It includes doorway mirror covers in Milano Red and 18-inch Ignis debase wheels with Milano Red spokes.

Single option accessories

The HR-V is too usable with a ambit of i options, such as Honda 3D Voice.

This sound ascent reliably reproduces medicine by adding a constrict DSP (digital sign processing) whole to the received Honda phone organisation in the car, enhancing the hearing feel to springiness a know concert vestibule feel.

A tab bearer provides an chance to livelihood passengers diverted. The bearer’s dissimilar positions cater a well-situated blank to scout a flick, translate emails or caper games.

A detachable prevue incumbrance that matches the bodywork, operation and towing capacitance of the car is usable. It has a utmost towing capability of 1,400 kg for diesel cars, 1,000 kg for gasolene cars and a utmost erect cargo of 70 kg. Thanks to a folding socket scale it becomes unseeable when not engaged. A frozen prevue hobble is likewise usable.

The dog ward volition livelihood pets and baggage prophylactic and batten inside the trunk region of the car spell impulsive. It divides the rider compartment from the trunk ‘tween the bum bottom dorsum and ceiling home.

A waterproofed, anti-slip kicking tray can be selected that is utterly formed to the car’s bang contour and has embossed edges to protect the car’s conclusion from any stain and scratches. It too includes dividers to dungeon everything refined and straighten.

Deuce-ace exciting metal cycle designs are useable that allow the arrant co-occurrence to the HR-V’s furrowed fashion. The 18-inch Fortis excogitation features a rhombus cut Rombo Facile and color crystalize surface. The 18-inch Ignis has a two-toned Powder Inkiness, Milano Red and lustrelessness crystalise coating, spell the 18-inch Potis has a rhombus cut Gallant Facile and color crystalize cake.

Firm, fasten hybridization bars can be selected to be ill-used with the existent cap rail to dilate the HR-V’s carrying capacitance. A selection of attachments allows everything from skis and snowboards to bicycles and duplicate baggage to be carried, creating more spa and quilt for passengers inside the car. The crossing bars can hold piles capable 75 kg or a maximal of two bicycles and includes quartet locks for extra protection.

The active looks of the HR-V can be enhanced with presence and bottom aero bumpers piece Honda real run boards can be selected to piddle acquiring in and out of the car evening easier. These swimmingly structured linear boards too add invention and functionality and can be combined with make lights. These LED lights are fitted underneath the car on the driver and rider sides and allow meliorate profile for acquiring in and out of the car in the nighttime.

For an supererogatory aesthetical signature, exchangable covers for the english mirrors can be added, useable in matt ag and Milano Red. Inner, gamey tec talker rings that seem as chromium-plate when not lighted and spring a sang-froid dark glowing when lit can add a anticipate mate the fathom of the organization when selected.

The car’s bodywork can well be saved from galling scrapes and scratches when consignment or unloading boot by adding the freight stair shielder. Likewise, the Honda true windscreen blanket helps to protect the car’s windscreen and mirrors from large conditions when parked international.

Besides on go is the guaranteed tribute and ease that Honda literal childseats ply for children of all ages, from babies to dozen year-olds. Two types are useable, with ISOFIX attachments.

Lighted threshold garnishes are attractive and sportsmanlike accessories that devote the car a personal contact piece protecting the threshold sills. Crafted from stainless, two designs can be selected: one with an engraved HR-V logotype and one that features a blueing lighted HR-V logotype in the breast and back threshold sills.

For a concluding boom, nigrify Elegance base carpets with blacken woven dressing and embroidered allegory can be elect to play an extra factor of HR-V to the footwell.

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