2016 Holden Vfii Commodore

Holden VFII Commodore

Holden has interpreted the covers off the fastest, nearly herculean, near innovative Commodore e’er reinforced, the Holden Commodore VFII.

2016 Holden Vfii Commodore

VFII introduces a new 6.2-litre LS3 locomotive to all V8 models, on with legion upgrades including bi-modal fumes, mechanical vocalise foil and all-new styling cues.

Fashioning its entry at a peculiar, made-to-order Commodore Drift at the sword’s hq in Interface Melbourne, Holden nowadays far-famed 37 age of Commodore by delivery unitedly more 30 Commodores, from one of the rattling kickoff 1978 VB Commodores, to concepts, exports and motorsport heroes, illustrating the chronicle and development of Australia’s ducky car.

The 2016 Commodore VFII is equipt with the herculean LS3 6.2-litre V8 locomotive and delivers 304kW of powerfulness and an elating 570Nm of torsion, ensuring that this is the fastest Commodore always.

An locomotive of this quality deserves a virgin V8 soundtrack, so Holden engineers highly-developed a trenchant and accommodation locomotive vocalise; the outcome of eternal hours of local examination and courtesy of a new introduced bi-modal expel with unparalleled Holden intentional “Baillie Tip” and mechanical voice foil.

Edifice on the operation of the LS3 V8 locomotive, Holden’s raceway focussed, top of the scope, SSV Redline sees the creation of Brembo brakes on all foursome wheels, providing particular braking operation nether all weather and specifically intentional to do below loop and running day weather.

Holden’s Chair and Manager, Crisscross Bernhard, described the Commodore VFII as the closing of nigh quatern decades of conception, technology and fabrication expertness, combined with one Australian have.

2016 Holden VFII Commodore

“We made a consignment to living this iconic car exciting and relevant for Australian motorists, and that is just what we suffer through. This is the fomite that our Commodore customers let been request for,” aforementioned Mr. Bernhard.

2016 Holden Vfii Commodore

“Commodore VFII is brawny and neat, it testament educe emotion in its driver and exhibits all of the hallmarks Commodore has turn celebrated for o’er the age.

“Commodore represents 37-years of introduction, execution and technical advancements and has earned its office as Holden’s longest-standing and nearly successful nameplate.

“Holden’s designing, technology and fabrication teams let produced the topper Commodore always – a fomite that rightfully lives capable its report and one that the stallion caller is improbably pleased.

“This is the intellect Holden is attached to ensuring we volition cover to deliver technology and innovation stimulant into Commodore, and every former Holden fomite in our compass, for generations to seed.”

In increase to beingness the virtually muscular Commodore e’er, VFII too boasts the surpassing subtlety and manipulation that Holden has suit celebrated for. Tuned at Holden’s Lang Lang proving undercoat and well-tried crossways Australia, VFII’s revised FE3 backside sports abatement increases bait comforter whilst retaining its shrill manipulation.

Holden’s Leading Ontogenesis Direct, Amelinda W, aforementioned the blanket maturation study combined with Holden’s Australian expertness ensured the new locomotive, voice and treatment was unparalleled and electrifying.

“The new 6.2-litre LS3 locomotive and its classifiable phone role is the solution of eld of grueling workplace, examination, underdeveloped and evaluating this fomite and I’m so pleased the end outcome,” aforesaid Ms. W.

“This is perfectly the trump car we deliver e’er engineered and we are convinced we are handsome all our customers a compelling rationality to put the modish Commodore in their drive. We cognise that they testament bask impulsive VFII as often as we enjoyed creating it.”

2016 Holden Vfii Commodore

The foundation of working hoodlum vents and facia ducts were highly-developed by Holden engineers with reinforcement from Melbourne’s Monash University lead burrow, up aeromechanics some the movement corners of the fomite.

Punk vents, a sensational new figurehead facia also as the creation of open lense empennage lamps on saloon models and new LED empennage lamps on all Sportwagon models gives VFII a more fast-growing outside to mate the LS3 V8 below the cowl.

Holden Commodore VFII goes on sale in October 2015 with necessitate for the ungoverned V8 discrepancy expected to be exceedingly hard.

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