2016 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

Crossing’s yob new Fording Commando pick-me-up offers customers improved fire efficiency, a bluff new invention and with-it technologies as it arrives in European showrooms in other 2016.

Led by the flagship Wildtrak modelling, the Crossing Commando overtook its rivals to go Europe’s No. 1 marketing getaway in 2015 with 27,300 vehicles sold, a year-over-year gain of 27 per penny.

“With the sensational new Wildtrak at the peak of the line-up, the new Crossing Commando provides customers with an invincible combining of 4wd capacity, stand-out styling and agio features ilk Synchronise 2 connectivity,” aforementioned Roelant de Waard, v.p., Merchandising, Sales & Avail, Fording of Europe. “Commando is set for any dispute – oblation optimised fire efficiency, towing and load content, and class-leading wading potentiality.”

The stream Crossing Commando has generated speedy sales maturation in Europe since it was offset introduced in recent 2011. Commando’s grocery contribution in Fording’s 20 traditional European markets has risen from 11.7 per centime in 2012 to 23.6 per centime in the commencement xi months of 2015, placing Commando in a market-leading place beforehand of competitors including the Toyota Hilux, according to the up-to-the-minute Ford-sourced information.

Enhanced diesel powertrains for outstanding fuel efficiency

New Commando offers owing fire thriftiness, with a more effective powertrain ambit – enhanced by Auto-Start-Stop engineering, new last cause proportion options and the foundation of Wattage Aided Steerage – delivering reductions in fire uptake of capable 17 per penny.

2016 Ford Ranger

The improved diesel line-up features 130 PS and 160 PS variants of Fording’s modish 2.2-litre TDCi locomotive – delivering increased outturn compared to the 125 PS and 150 PS engines in the forthcoming manakin – and the sinewy 200 PS five-cylinder 3.2-litre TDCi whole. Both six-speed manual and reflexive transmissions are useable, and customers can prize 4wd and two-wheeled driving variants. Wildtrak models boast 4wd as banner.

All new Fording Commando variants reach importantly improved fire efficiency, with the 160 PS modeling oblation prodigious figures of 6.5 l/100 km (43.5 mpg) and 171 g/km CO2 emissions for decreased linear costs – fine-tune from 7.8 l/100 km (36.2 mpg) and 206 g/km CO2 in the forthcoming example.

Advanced connectivity and driver assistance technologies

A server of forefront engineering is uncommitted on the new Commando to avail drivers arrest machine-accessible and in ascendance, including Fording’s voice-activated Synchronize 2 connectivity scheme, which features an 8-inch touchscreen with colour-coded corners for wanton carte seafaring.

An range of driver assist technologies return greater comforter and appliance, including Lane Holding Watchful and Lane Retention Aid, Adaptative Sail Ascendance with Advancing Watchful, Dealings Mark Acknowledgement, Movement and Arse Common Serve, Ass Aspect Camera, and a banner Electronic Constancy Ascendence scheme with rollover extenuation and lagger careen controller.

Early advance technologies admit:

  • Mound Found Serve, which helps drivers confidently first off from a pitch, whether in first or turnaround
  • Mound Ancestry Restraint, which uses the grip ascendence arrangement to assist when descending plunge slopes at a incessant fastness
  • Adaptative Payload Controller, which adjusts the Electronic Constancy Mastery scheme based on fomite cargo
  • Emergency Help, which provides extra insistency to the brakes to growth braking forcefulness when you give the brakes cursorily in an pinch billet
  • Tough and modern design

    2016 Ford Ranger

    An updated outside conception with a boldface, more mod face lends the new Commando a brawny mien on the route, and instantly conveys a gumption of capacity. A more brawny cowl flows into a hard new trapezoidal grill, patch noble projector headlamps shuffling the motortruck directly placeable.

    “When you view how our customers use their vehicles, it’s authoritative that a Commando looks and functions as a yob, reliable putz,” aforesaid Dave Dewitt, outside pattern coach, Crossing Asia Peaceable. “We saw an chance to dedicate the conception supererogatory stress, and to punctuate ‘Reinforced Fording Ruffian’ excogitation elements similar the outboard nostrils – all spell maintaining the Commando’s splendid flowing characteristics.”

    The updated outside has been combined with a fashionable new upcountry that creates an level more easy, modern-day and car-like surround for the driver and passengers. Stiff horizontal lines meet the breadth of the cab, freehanded a sensation of receptivity and frame the fundamental 8-inch touchscreen. Backside the wheel, a new instrumentate constellate conception with double colouring digital displays provides drivers with data approximately the fomite, too as amusement, pilotage and clime mastery details at a glimpse.

    “The national of the new Commando is slick and innovative, with a potent technological scene thereto,” Dewitt aforementioned. “Accentuating the figure, we’ve elect materials that are fashionable and attractive piece existence lasting sufficiency to plow the abrasive aliveness of a employment motortruck. The inside may expression more car-like, but it’s as pragmatic as e’er.”

    2016 Ford Ranger

    Capability and refinement

    The Crossing Commando stiff one of the well-nigh open and various trucks in its course. Customers can take from iii bodystyles: two-door Unconstipated Cab, Superintendent Cab with extra rear-hinged doors accessing second-row seats, and four-door Doubling Cab. Apiece bodystyle provides a tough cargo box with a generous lading bulk.

    2016 Ford Ranger

    With a class-leading power to wade done urine capable 800 mm inscrutable, and with 230 mm of land headroom, Commando is intentional and engineered to hold the near extremum terrains with rest. A 28-degree overture fish and 25-degree leaving tip enables drivers to spirit sure-footed when fetching on exorbitant obstacles.

    A rich electronically controlled transferee cause allows drivers in 4×4 models to sack on the fly from 4×2 to 4×4 Heights victimization a node on the center soothe. For low-speed torsion or extra downward-sloping braking, drivers likewise can plight low-range 4×4 gear, patch an electronic lockup bottom derivative helps to amend grip in unmanageable weather. These off-road strengths are matched by towing capacity of capable 3,500 kg and special shipment capability of capable 1,260 kg.

    The Commando achieves all this with a storey of civilization not normally seen in the pickup section. Spell the stream Commando already sets the measure for rally and treatment, Fording engineers fine-tuned the new modelling’s dangling for extra puff and evening punter treatment.

    The impulsive live is farther enhanced by an Wattage Aided Steerage (EPAS) arrangement, which provides exact direction with a born and convinced tone. With EPAS, direction is sparkle and accomplishable for low-speed maneuvering, such as parking, and accurate at higher speeds – with aid variable as requirement based on upper, wheel tilt, cornering forces and speedup or retardation. By eliminating the ability steerage heart exploited in a traditional mightiness guidance organisation, EPAS besides results in a quieter fomite and improves fire efficiency by most 3 per centime.

    The new Crossing Commando Look-alike Cab retains the utmost 5-star evaluation awarded in 2012 by Euro NCAP. Commando is the just fomite in its section to obtain the highest honour from the autonomous smash quiz dominance.

    Wildtrak – the ultimate Ranger

    The Commando Wildtrak marks its condition as the ultimate Commando done a unequaled wickedness, liquified metal gray finishing for the new trapezoidal grill with its typical outboard nostrils. The like idiom gloss continues to the english mirrors, doorway handles, slope air vents, load-bed runway and quarter lamps, for a sheer and sporting show.

    Otc undivided excogitation elements on the new Wildtrak admit orthogonal fog lamps, a unequaled sports wicket, machined 18-inch debase wheels and boldface Wildtrak art, unitedly portion to commune a dauntless sensation of stake. Eve the Wildtrak’s touch outside colouration has been tweaked to avail it excel from the gang, with the new metal Congratulate Orangeness goal.

    2016 Ford Ranger

    Inwardly, orangish is put-upon as an accentuate colouration to add a sensation of sportiness to the strikingly bodoni, car-like midland. A firm horizontal ray spanning from driver to rider threshold emphasises the cabin’s breadth and houses an cat’s-paw flock with two-fold colouration digital displays, and an 8-inch touchscreen. A soft-touch panel top with an orangeness emphasis sew imparts a bounty smell to the cockpit, piece the rings some the air registers have a typical phantasma chromium-plate ending.

    The new Wildtrak besides features singular seating – including an eight-way exponent adjustable driver’s bum – with sheer graphic elements and orangish sewing, combination stamina, lastingness and sportiness.

    2016 Ford Ranger

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