2016 Ford Falcon Xr8 Sprint

Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint

Crossing is draught on its functioning inheritance to plunge the limited-edition, high-performance Falcon Dash serial, which goes on sale in May 2016.

2016 Ford Falcon Xr8 Sprint

A totality of barely 1400 circumscribed variation Falcon Sprints leave be reinforced with 550 organism XR6 Sprints and 850 XR8 Sprints. New Zealand leave be allocated 150 cars – 50 XR6 Sprints and 100 XR8 Sprints. Apiece testament welcome numbered body-build plates for apiece framework – situated on the locomotive.

“We’re unrestrained to be able-bodied to go our Falcon enthusiasts a car that really represents the operation DNA of Fording,” according to Graeme Whickman, Crossing Chairwoman and CEO. “The Falcon form is accepted for its svelte tantalise and marvellous equalizer but our consecrated intersection exploitation engineers deliver interpreted the chance to boost perfect the Falcon’s active parcel – razz, consistency ascendancy and execution of the six cylinder turbo and V8. We recollect customers volition real revalue the number of inscription and employment that’s kaput into this limited-edition serial.”

The Falcon XR6 Dash has a Producer’s Listing Toll (MLP) of $54,9901 (motorcar but) and the XR8 Dash has an MLP of $59,990 (manual) and $62,1901 (machine).

Visually, the Dash serial volition welcome pernicious outside designing cues to grade their exclusivity, including 19-inch blacken wheels, upgraded Brembo bracken box in amber, melanise headlight bezels, a typical lightlessness bottom coldcock mollycoddler and new presence foglamp surrounds.

2016 Ford Falcon Xr8 Sprint

To render boost eminence, the XR8 Dash adds a Silhouette nigrify calico ceiling and lightlessness annexe mirrors.

2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint

Interior, the Falcon Dash serial receives a unequaled internal featuring Dash seating in leather/lux process, chromatic mirror, duple district mood command with high-series sound, unparalleled gearshift assemblage and besiege and singular guess clump with “Dash” logotype. The manual gearstick on the XR8 Dash gains a “Dash” labeled sceneshifter.

Central to the Dash exploitation programme was design and construction a execution Falcon with the dynamical attributes expected by Falcon enthusiasts.

Packing Power

At the centre of the Dash are two proved engines, Crossing’s turbocharged 4.0 in-line six cylinder and acclaimed Charged 5.0-litre V8.

The Crossing Falcon XR8 Dash testament be powered by a made-to-order Dash graduated variant of Crossing’s 5.0-litre Charged V8 that develops 345 kW @ 5,750 rpm and 575 Nm @ 2,220-6,250 rpm3. The XR6 Dash is too a execution fireball, development 325 kW @ 6,000 rpm and 576 Nm @ 2,750 rpm3.

Both engines welfare from a transeunt overboost routine that provides spare operation for capable 10 seconds if weather permit, specifically inspiration air temperature below convention functioning.

In the causa of the Fording Falcon XR6 Dash, execution can rhytidoplasty from 325 kW / 576 Nm to an overboost of capable 370 kW / 650 Nm. In the XR8 Dash, the ephemeral overboost routine concisely lifts exponent and torsion of capable 400 kW and 650 Nm3.

In the XR6 Dash Crossing engineers deliver added a bigger intercooler, sourced the turbo and injectors from the F6, unequaled Dash transmittal standardization, new depress airbox, tailored locomotive standardisation and new bigger air inspiration organization.

The in-line six-cylinder Turbo locomotive is considered by many enthusiasts to be one of Crossing’s iconic functioning engines. It represents phenomenal functioning in a high-pitched efficiency designing.

The Falcon XR Dash serial leave be usable as an reflex Turbocharged six-cylinder, patch the Charged V8 testament be usable with either a manual and robotic contagion.

In the Fording Falcon XR6 Dash, the machinelike transmittance standardisation was revised to capitalize of the increased exponent and extensive torsion levels that are usable with the revised turbocharged locomotive. The robotlike transmitting in the XR8 Dash uses the Falcon GT-F transmittal standardisation to check undestroyable chemise execution.

2016 Ford Falcon Xr8 Sprint

The growth of the Falcon XR Dash serial has benefited from Fording’s $300 jillion investiture in R&D. Complete the preceding six age Crossing has worn-out some $2 1000000000 on R&D.

The Dash plan was led by a squad of Falcon Ware Developing specialists, office of the Asia Peaceable Intersection Maturation establishment based in Victoria.

2016 Ford Falcon Xr8 Sprint

Exterior Design

  • XR6 Dash
  • New breast fog-lamp besiege, with cut out release in bumper
  • New stripes decalcomania in touch hockey peg manner
  • New Dash badge (Back)
  • New Dash splash-guard badge (Face)
  • Indicant stirred to flank mirror – soundbox dark for XR6
  • ‘Dash’ scuff-plates
  • Melanize headlight bezels
  • Consistency dyed deck-lid Applique
  • Staggered 19-inch metal wheels in lightlessness
  • Bounty 6-Piston (Figurehead), 4-Piston (Arse) Brembo Brakes in unequaled Amber gloss
  • Numbered figure plates for apiece modelling – both situated on the locomotive
  • Bottom Coldcock pillager in melanise
  • XR8 Dash (additionally)
  • Silhouette blacken multi-color cap
  • Nigrify flank mirrors
  • Interior Design

    2016 Ford Falcon Xr8 Sprint
  • Unequaled Dash Inside – featuring Dash Arse Packet of Leather/Lux Action passementerie
  • Inside Electro-Chromatic Mirror
  • Midland Control Gist, including duple zona mood command and high-series sound
  • Unequalled Gearshift assemblage and beleaguer
  • Manual gearshift for V8 gets “Dash” labeled gearshift
  • Unequalled Approximate Bunch with “Dash” logotype
  • Synchronise 2 with planet pilotage and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Performance

  • Crossing Falcon XR6 Dash
  • Superpower: 325 kW @ 6,000 rpm
  • Torsion: 576 Nm @ 2,750 rpm
  • Crossing Falcon XR8 Dash
  • Exponent: 345 kW @ 5,750 rpm
  • Torsion: 575 Nm @ 2,220-6,250 rpm
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