2016 Fiat Aegea

Fiat Aegea

A globular framework for a world make: Decree presents its new Squeeze Saloon, intentional in Italy at the FCA Fashion Kernel, highly-developed in Dud conjointly Tofaş R&D and manufactured in the Bursa engraft to be sold in concluded 40 countries of the EMEA country. So the discover of the undertaking – Rescript Ægea – which pays protection to Joker which has incessantly played a strategical use for Order Chrysler Automobiles and represents a emblematical nosepiece betwixt E and W.

For its début, the stain has elect the 2015 Istanbul Motive Prove, thusly reiterating the grandness the Turkish grocery holds inside FCA strategies and waterproofing the compeer parcel spliff guess beginning begun in 1968 ‘tween what was so the Order Grouping and Koç Retention.

It stands to cause that FCA should attribute a chief persona to this modelling with which it aims to addition its bearing in the EMEA neighborhood, besides as reinforcing its matchless leaders in the Compress Saloon section in Bomb, thanks to its first-class inside spaciousness and shipment capacitance, a identical ended scope and a manner that allows no compromises.

2016 Fiat Aegea

The new Rescript exemplar comes into the humans as a unequalled combining of puff, efficiency and engineering. With the added signature of the undivided Italian designing that delivers a timbre externalize with the proportions of a vestal and brawny saloon.

The car bequeath be produced in Joker in the Tofaş engraft in Bursa – one of the better industrial self-propelling sites in the humankind as proved by the award of the Aureate Decoration according to the appraisal of Man Family Manufacture – and sold at offset in Joker, from succeeding November, then gradually in the former countries of the EMEA realm.

2016 Fiat Aegea

2016 Fiat Aegea

Italian style

2016 Fiat Aegea

Intentional in Italy at the FCA Elan Core and highly-developed conjointly Tofaş R&D, one of FCA’s largest enquiry and maturation centres, the Order Ægea propose was conceived from the beginning as a altogether new tercet intensity saloon, created by a squad of concluded 2000 masses, who worked on the labor during its iii twelvemonth evolution menstruation.

Oft Saloon vehicles are a twist off of the hatchback with a thirdly mass added, which can lead-in to boilersuit shapes that are not e’er logical. The new Order car, on the otc deal, was “Natural to be a Saloon” and thus features a excogitation labor that integrates the versatile sections by agency of raw flow lines which make a material, uncompromised, vigorous constrict saloon.

Seen from the english, a classifiable pipeline runs from the headlights to the taillight clusters and the glazing creates a dynamical show conferring an mind of buoyancy and sizable entree spaces for driver and passengers. Single Italian stylus is exquisitely verbalised in the back where the harmoniously proportioned tierce box hosts burnished lighter bunch surrounds. The forepart is characterised by a enchantingly shapely cowl with key tease stretch capable the cap to produce a uninterrupted contrast. Likewise, the grillwork is a one constituent with the lighter clusters. Intercalated chrome-effect accents which configuration an master, evident lifelike normal on which the Rescript logotype is proudly sported.

Top in class liveability and load capacity

2016 Fiat Aegea

A complete wedlock of mantrap and role, the new Edict Ægea task wittingly brings unitedly heavy cargo content and covenant dimensions of a saloon 4 and one-half metres farseeing, 178 centimetres wide-cut and 148 cm gamy with a wheelbase of 264 cm that heightens its splendid upcountry infinite. All this is confirmed by the really appreciable sizing of the rider compartment, expectant adequate to arse 5 fountainhead reinforced passengers well with a shipment content of ended 510 litres.

Reliable and fuel-efficient engines

The new Order car offers a blanket reach of mightiness units, all honest, high-pitched acting and economic in price of fire intake and emissions – two Multijet II turbodiesel engines and two gasoline ones, with manual or robotlike transmittance – with powerfulness ratings of betwixt 95 and 120 HP. It is likewise deserving noting that the diesel engines are specially fuel-efficient: less than 4 litres of diesel fire for 100 km, corresponding thereto of a metropolis car similar Order Panda.

Uconnect TM: state-of-the-art technology

2016 Fiat Aegea

In trueness Edict panache, the new saloon is provided with a turn of clever solutions that meliorate the biography of both the driver and the passengers. The proofread of this lies in the many received features and the availableness of the Uconnect TM organisation furnished with a 5″ colouration touchscreen, a hands-free Bluetooth arrangement, sound cyclosis, textbook lecturer and phonation realisation, AUX and USB ports with iPod consolidation, wheel controls and, on bespeak, a bum parking camera and TomTom sat nav.

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