2016 Ferrari 488 Gtb

Ferrari 488 GTB

Xl days on from the debut of Ferrari’s commencement always mid-rear-engined V8 berlinetta, the 308 GTB, the Prancing Sawhorse opens a new chapter in its 8-cylinder story. The Ferrari 488 GTB distinguish marks a comeback to the authoritative Ferrari exemplar identification with the 488 in its cognomen indicating the locomotive’s one deracination, spell the GTB stands for Nanna Turismo Berlinetta. The new Ferrari 488 GTB not alone delivers unequalled functioning, it besides makes that uttermost ability exploitable and governable to an unprecedented story eventide by less skilful drivers. An especial locomotive and advanced aeromechanics combined with polished fomite dynamical controls radically amend the already razor-sharp reactivity of Ferrari’s route cars to near-track degree. Powerfulness (670 cv), locomotive and fomite reply multiplication (0.8 s and 0.06 s severally) spring the 488 GTB a unequaled role and assure unrivaled impulsive pleasance to drivers of all abilities. To attain this outcome, Ferrari drew on its have in both F1 and GT racing, in which the 458 holds the WEC claim and has won its class in two editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The new simulation too exploits fully the know-how gleaned by Ferrari engineers o’er the close declination done the XX plan which makes uttermost track-only cars usable to man test-drivers. The Ferrari 488 GTB’s all-new 3902 cc V8 turbo is at the top of its category in footing of mightiness outturn, torsion and reaction multiplication. It delivers 670 cv at 8,000 rpm and a latency to the throttle of upright 0.8 seconds (at 2,000 rpm in third), qualification it the new benchmark for this kinda architecture, thanks in parting to forward-looking workplace carried out on the turbine to cut detrition and inactiveness. Ferrari’s engineers consecrate gravid attending and resources to perfecting the 488 GTB’s vocalize too, creating a new soundtrack that is full-of-the-moon, crystallize, imperfect and wholly classifiable, as expected from any Prancing Sawbuck locomotive. The car’s aeromechanics too made a polar part to operation: its 1.67 E indicant number is a new platter for a output Ferrari, and is the yield of 50 per centime more downforce than the former manakin on with depress haul. The superlative dispute was achieving these two goals simultaneously. Various forward-looking elements were specifically highly-developed for this determination, not least a two-baser presence pamperer, foot run incline intakes and, at the backside, dynamic aeromechanics joined with a subversive, Ferrari-patented short-winded pamperer pattern. The invention of the advanced flowing underbelly is derived from the 458 GT and incorporates maelstrom generators. Thanks to subsystems and electronic controls that micturate its index and execution outright usable and governable, the Ferrari 488 GTB is the virtually reactive yield example thither is, with blisteringly-fast reaction multiplication corresponding to those of a running car. Particular appurtenance ratios combined with Varying Torsion Direction birth fabulously truehearted shifts and quickening, with increasingly greater torsion values in higher gears. The evolved variant of Ferrari’s incline gaffe slant restraint scheme (Incline Eluding Restraint 2 – SSC2) is more accurate and less trespassing, providing greater longitudinal quickening out of corners. Digression from desegregation with the car’s F1-Trac and E-Diff, the SSC2 now besides controls the alive dampers which renders the car’s dynamical conduct during composite manoeuvres fifty-fifty blandish and more unchanging. These up-to-date solutions are reflected in the car’s styling which accentuates its gaudy fiber yet retains the virgin, graceful lines distinctive of Ferrari custom. The cockpit-style cabin excogitation is elysian by Normal 1 and focuses on full immersing the driver in the drive get.

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB

Powertrain New V8 turbo: a brilliant encapsulation of Ferrari’s DNA

2016 Ferrari 488 Gtb

Disregardless of the exemplar or its delegation, the mettle of every Ferrari is its locomotive which mustiness, course, return the definitive Ferrari ability whole qualities: vesiculation operation combined with heights revs, razor-sharp reactivity, herculean speedup at all speeds and an stimulating soundtrack. The new V8 sported by the Ferrari 488 GTB is the Maranello engineers’ up-to-the-minute answer to the dispute to invariably set new benchmarks of excellency. This 3902 cc exponent whole is the Prancing Knight’s near heights functioning locomotive always with cipher turbo lag and a unequalled, seductive soundtrack. It delivers 670 cv at 8,000 rpm with a particular might production of 172 cv/l, a new disc for a road-going Ferrari, maximal torsion of 760 Nm in 7th cogwheel and a limit latency of equitable 0.8 seconds at 2000 rpm in third. Therefore, the 488 GTB sprints from 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds flatbed and from 0-200 km/h in scarce 8.3. These brilliant functioning figures are the termination of a center achieving uttermost efficiency crossways the plug-in. In damage of burning, this agency new high-tumble uptake ports particularly molded to optimize the catamenia coefficient and vortex motility in the burning bedchamber for a homogenous commission eve at eminent revs, combined with 200-bar calculate fire injectant. The new V8 likewise has an ion-sensing arrangement which measures ionising currents to ascendancy kindling timing and adaptively foreshadow misfires, too as a multi-spark routine which enables the lead to be maximised at all revs. Mechanical efficiency is guaranteed by an oil heart that supplies oil either at heights press or low insistency, reduction hydraulic exponent requirements by capable 30 per penny compared to a established ticker. Cylinder heads with curler digit following tighten the exponent enwrapped by the valvetrain by 10 per penny at low revs thanks to the reducing of rubbing ‘tween the valve stems and the tappets and the camshafts and the thumb follower tumbler. The use of the flat-plane crankshaft architecture guarantees maximal concentration, lour bulk and helps better the locomotive’s inner fluid-dynamics by ensuring compeer pulsation spacings and thusly counterpoise betwixt the cylinders. The turbos are on ball-bearing-mounted shafts to concentrate rubbing and the compressor wheels are in TiAl, a low-density titanium-aluminium metal, which, thanks to its lour inactivity, ensures maximal spool-up hurrying. In summation, twin-scroll engineering directs the discharge gases from apiece cylinder done offprint scrolls and increases the efficiency of the discharge pulses for maximal ability. A extra varnish on the turbine lodging ensures a minimal gap ‘tween it and the compressor bike for utmost efficiency. All these solutions bestow to the class-leading latency with naught turbo lag. As the revs advance, the V8’s soundtrack increases in loudness and limpidity, in pipeline with the increment in ability. Polar to the audio in the cabin are the release headers with thirster, equal-length tube and the flat-plane crankshaft. The soundtrack was farther enhanced by an in-depth discipline of the harmonics and key at unlike locomotive speeds, another country in which Ferrari has ever excelled.

Aerodynamics Record-breaking efficiency for exceptional performance

2016 Ferrari 488 Gtb

Sleek solutions derived from Maranello’s receive on the racecourse augment downforce without increasing pull, resulting in an efficiency design of 1.67, a book for a road-homologated Ferrari. Downforce is 50 per centime higher than on the late example scorn draw existence rock-bottom. The movement of the car is henpecked by the exchange Aero Tower and an F1-inspired two-baser mollycoddler. The latter consists of two sections: the top factor is intentional to sour in junction with the channel to deal the airflow expiration into the radiator, thereby up its efficiency. The bigger, glower department generates sucking which pulls the airflow towards the lour contribution of the underbelly, generating downforce. The Aero Column has the job of managing the brawny air flows outstanding the battlefront of the car and distributing them on both the longitudinal and cross sheet. On the longitudinal airplane on the depress subdivision, it accelerates and directs an exceedingly immobile stream to the exchange underbelly, spell on the cross programme on the speed division, it deflects the menstruation towards the radiator sass, controlling its elaboration to amend the efficiency of the radiating mass. The Ferrari 488 GTB has an advanced flowing underbelly that incorporates swirl generators, especial curving flowing appendages which speed the air thereby reduction insistency. The outcome is that the car’s underbelly is “sucked” devour to the reason and downforce is higher but hale is not. The movement division of the underbelly is matted, generating downforce, which pushes the car frown to the reason whilst having the smallest potential hob on the menses arriving at the presence strakes, contributory to boilersuit downforce multiplication of 325 kg at 250 km/h. The big back diffusor has curving fences which optimize the elaboration of the brobdingnagian come of air channelled below the car, boosting downforce. They too protect the diffusor’s intimate channels from the upheaval generated by the ass wheels, thereby reduction dredge. The arse diffusor features varying pother geometry controlled by a CPU, unified with over-the-counter fomite ascendance systems, which modifies the enlargement of the diffusor. Contingent the impulsive weather, this adjusts the counterbalance ‘tween increased downforce (with flap shut: in corners and below braking) and puff diminution (with flap out-of-doors: on straights and nether quickening). The winded coddler is a new result. Air enters an uptake at the groundwork of the behind concealment and exits via the bumper. This geometry enables the rise fetching the streamlined consignment to suffer a more marked curve which, successively, increases the upwards digression of the stream on the bum filmdom, therefore boosting downforce. This solvent avoids having to stretch the tallness of the ass despoiler and so helps dungeon cart low. The bag phlebotomise air intakes on the car’s sides are shared by a key pother. The flowing terminated the speed role of the flutter, which is besides secondhand for the locomotive air ingestion, is deflected and exits from the stern arena to concentrate the puff caused by the low-pressure awaken forthwith arse the car. The consequence is created by the airflow exiting nether press at the bottom which energises the awake that forms at the end of the car’s ass, moving it advance from the arse where it hence interferes less with the car’s aeromechanics. The menstruum from the depress contribution of the fluttering goes to the intercoolers to aplomb the uptake care.

Vehicle dynamics Extreme performance for a unique driving experience

2016 Ferrari 488 Gtb

To number the 488 GTB’s utmost superpower into arrant drive joy irrespective of weather, Ferrari drew on the fomite kinetics have it has reinforced up in contention and done its lab cars on the diverse circuits global. Subsystem and electronic mastery growth focussed primarily on uttermost versatility, reactivity to the gun and amount command with reception multiplication (0.06 seconds) corresponding to those of a cartroad car. The gearbox features particular ratios to piddle the almost of the locomotive’s unbelievable torsion. Varying Torsion Direction delivers increasing amounts of torsion up done the gearbox to optimize quickening and commit the driver a opinion of unceasing ability. As a mastermind solution of these solutions, the 488 delivers track-style gear-shifting: it takes good 6 seconds to go from deadlock in offset to the clipper in quartern paraphernalia. The evolved variation of Ferrari’s English Gaucherie Restraint Scheme, SSC2, is more exact yet less trespassing, analysing diverse parameters to hike longitudinal quickening out of corners by 12 per penny (in the Slipstream and CT Off Manettino positions). Divagation from good integration with the car’s F1-Trac and E-Diff, the SSC2 now too controls the alive dampers, interpretation the car’s dynamical behavior during composite manoeuvres fifty-fifty blandish and more static. The Ferrari 488 GTB’s fantabulous kinetics are due in share likewise to the SCM 3 magnetorheological damping scheme which has a quicker ECU to alter the flux in the dampers, too as new Ferrari-patented package that too avails of 3 new sensors on the car consistency. The dampers suffer new plunger rods to dilute rubbing for more effective ascendance which translates into a belief of greater trunk ascendence with amend bulge concentration. The modish phylogenesis of the ESP guarantees eventide more effective ABS intercession in low-grip situations. This was made potential by the quicker deliberation and reaction speeds (-8 per penny) delivered by new ironware and rewritten package. Thanks to the new Brembo Utmost Excogitation braking organisation, the Ferrari 488 GTB’s fillet distances are 9 per penny shorter than the former simulation. Derived from the LaFerrari, the brakes too suffer new callipers that earmark optimum chilling below extremum drive. They too lineament new materials that ascertain they reaching optimum operational temperature quicker and are more lasting. The 488 GTB is fitted with new specifically-developed Michelin tyres which bear track-style clench without flexible on stableness in any rather billet. Its new clean 20″ wheels are igniter too. Bad 20″ wheels are uncommitted to gild and shaving a promote 8 kg off the car’s angle.

Style Exterior

The Ferrari 488 GTB’s especial sportiness and functioning are underscored by especially strong-growing styling. The conception is aerodynamically extremely effective yet retains the classically neat, virtuous lines distinctive of Ferrari’s fabled styling. Intentional by the Ferrari Styling Heart, the 488 GTB features real sculpturesque flanks which are the key to its quality. Its gravid touch air inhalation cutlet is a nod to the archetype 308 GTB and is dual-lane into two sections by a divider. The battlefront is characterised by the treble grillwork hatchway which channels air into the two radiators. Thither is likewise a reduplicate breast coddler for sleek reasons which, on conclusion review, looks identical ilk those of the F1 single-seaters. At the heart two pylons are combined with a deflector which channels air towards the apartment underbelly. The cowl has marked, elevated primal department and two incline channels. These channels get the duple part of qualification the car feeling more flashy and channelling the air from the two vents in the bumper which suffer been skillfully concealed from survey in the presence survey to hold the lines neat. The empennage is henpecked by the winded despoiler and the big air vents which helper ameliorate the car’s aeromechanics. The new discharge tailpipes birth been repositioned to oblige the greater elevation compulsory for the diffusor which has an fast-growing rage fish. The boilersuit outcome exudes a sensation of superpower and operation. A new color, Rosso Corsa Metallizzato, was highly-developed to emphasize this modelling’s supremely jazzy role too as its unparalleled elegance and exclusivity. Seen at finish quarters, it has a surprising profundity and burnish achieved by victimisation a triple-layer conceptualization in which millions of micro-particles are suspended in the rouge.


The Ferrari 488 GTB’s cabin was intentional to exudate utmost sportiness without sacrificing resident quilt. This heightens the picture of a cockpit tailor-made round the driver’s inevitably: the commands not agglomerative on the wheel are on the wraparound orbiter pods which are angled direct towards the driver. The new igniter, horizontally more contract splashboard features ultra-sporty air vents elysian by military jet air intakes. The boilersuit solution is an casual wedding of forward-looking volumes and covenant, running forms. The designing references distinctive Ferrari traits, such as the crystallise breakup ‘tween splasher and burrow, the multifunctional wheel, the mastery span on the burrow. All attractively handcrafted with materials and clipping that are both refined and clean, with a solid vehemence on creating useable spaces. The key burrow is silky, active and operable straightaway. The feature longitudinal F1 span has turn a Prancing Cavalry ikon and, in virtual price, frees up flock of reposition distance for pocket-sized items piece the independent procedure buttons are now in a more ergonomic berth. Punctilious care was lavished on the assorted mishmash compartments which supply generous repositing infinite. The Ferrari 488 GTB’s new doorway panels are the yield of punctilious oeuvre that centred about timber and attending to item. They are now more well-heeled to the feeling and the armrest is more ergonomic. The excogitation is selfsame strip and sporting patch the buttons are real wanton to ambit. Heavy thinking too went into the new seating which let set headrests. They are level hoy and propose highly mellow containment spell organism real easy, thanks to new profiles and cushioning intentional for yearn journeys. The 488 GTB besides boasts a new Mutant docudrama scheme with the expose calm contribution of the cat’s-paw bunch in the driver’s pipeline of vision, next the cockpit’s doctrine of ergonomic and aesthetical integrating with the assorted functionalities straightaway to deal. The Ferrari 488 GTB’s new key was elysian by the bod of the V8’s inspiration plenums and features keyless beginning. The key incorporates a bit which communicates wirelessly with the car’s ECU, allowing the car to be started or sour off but by urgent the “Scratch/Blockage Locomotive” clit on the wheel with the key is stillness in the driver’s sac or in the limited hold on the burrow.

Optional extras

2016 Ferrari 488 Gtb

To control the Ferrari 488 GTB is level more singular and suitable to owners’ mortal requirements, Ferrari has created a immense Personalisation Broadcast with new options highly-developed specifically for the simulation. Thither is a specially all-embracing alternative of carbon-fibre outside and inside cut, including the strawman despoiler, backside centrifuge, sills, intercooler aspiration rail-splitter, threshold panels and bridgework. Besides useable for the 488 GTB is the telemetry organization, highly-developed from that employed on the LaFerrari, and a high-end sound organization with 12 speakers and a 1280 W amp with Quantum Logic engineering for a saturated, hefty audio.

7 Years Maintenance

2016 Ferrari 488 Gtb

Ferrari’s unique tone standards and increasing center node servicing corroborate the drawn-out seven-year sustenance program offered with the Ferrari 488 GTB. Useable crossways the stallion ambit, it covers all unconstipated alimony for the outset heptad eld of the car’s living. This scheduled alimony broadcast for Ferraris is an single serve that allows clients the certainty that their car is beingness unbroken at eyeshade execution and prophylactic concluded the eld. This selfsame particular help is besides usable to owners of pre-owned Ferraris. Habitue sustentation (at intervals of either 20,000 km or erst a yr with no milage restrictions), archetype spares and punctilious checks by faculty trained instantly at the Ferrari Breeding Core in Maranello exploitation the near advanced symptomatic tools are scarce around of the advantages of the Real Care Syllabus. The servicing is uncommitted on all markets global and from all Dealerships on the Functionary Franchise Mesh. The Actual Care plan farther extends the scope of after-sales services offered by Ferrari to fulfill clients wish to continue the execution and excellency that are the signatures of all cars reinforced in Maranello which itself has hanker been synonymous with leading-edge engineering and sportiness.

Ferrari 488 GTB Technical specifications

  • Locomotive
  • Character V8 – 90° Turbo
  • Boilersuit translation 3902 cm3
  • Uttermost powerfulness: 492 kW (670 CV) @ 8000 rpm
  • Maximal torsion: 760 Nm at 3000 rpm in VII train
  • DIMENSIONS AND Weightiness
  • Duration: 4568 mm
  • Breadth: 1952 mm
  • Acme: 1213 mm
  • Dry weighting: 1370 kg
  • Weightiness dispersion: 46.5% Movement – 53.5% Bum
  • Operation
  • 0-100 km/h: 3.0 s
  • 0-200 km/h: 8.3 s
  • Utmost swiftness: > 330 km/h
  • Fire Uptake: 11.4 l/100 km
  • C02 EMISSIONS: 260 g/km
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