2016 Dodge Ram Rebel Mopar

Ram Rebel Mopar

The Ram Motortruck and Mopar brands proclaimed the launching of the Mopar ’16 Ram Insurgent, the nearly late limited-edition fomite created exploitation a unparalleled excerption of execution parts and accessories from the overhaul, parts and customer-care stigma of FCA US LLC.

2016 Dodge Ram Rebel Mopar

The Mopar ’16 Ram Renegade testament lineament a express yield of good 500 vehicles, upgraded with Mopar Custom-made Betray options. Extra parts and accessories are usable at the franchise for eve encourage customization.

“We are frantic to team with our friends at the Ram Motortruck stain to go the low limited-edition Mopar fomite for lifesize motortruck enthusiasts,” aforementioned Pietro Gorlier, Mind of Parts and Serving (Mopar), FCA – Worldwide. “The already unnerving Ram 1500 Maverick is a everlasting sheet for singular Mopar accessories and operation parts highly-developed to reward the tough personality of the Maverick.”

2016 Dodge Ram Rebel Mopar

The Mopar ’16 Ram Renegade marks the offset limited-edition Mopar-modified fomite intentional for the motortruck section. It follows the Mopar ’10 Stratagem Competitor, Mopar ’11 Courser, Mopar ’12 Chrysler 300, Mopar ’13 Flit, Mopar ’14 Competitor and Mopar ’15 Courser R/T as another exemplar of how customers can sustain Mopar genius and execution tied ahead winning the keys.

The Mopar ’16 Ram Renegade starts with the Ram 1500 4×4 Insurgent Crowd Cab, reinforced at the Warren Motortruck Fabrication Embed in Warren, Michigan. Two coloration options leave be usable: Flare Red/Glorious Inkiness two-tone or Splendid Melanize monotonous.

“The new Ram Maverick has been a upstanding increase to the Ram card, providing customers with a motortruck that can return the added capableness that their dynamic lifestyles necessitate,” aforesaid Microphone Manley, Nous of Ram Sword, FCA – Globose. “The Mopar ’16 message illustrates how customers can easy individualize a Ram motortruck with mill backed accessories.”

2016 Ram Rebel Mopar

A Mopar Customs Store box created for the Mopar ’16 enhances the already unequaled outside figure cues of the Insurgent. The packet includes an al, three-fold bezel athletics execution bonnet embellished with a matte-black cowl vivid. Off-road roll flares pop to add both manner and gist. A particular Mopar blue-and-black lifelike bar accents both sides of the Mopar ’16, likewise as the tailboard.

2016 Dodge Ram Rebel Mopar

The parcel too features a slew plateful to hold the powerfulness guidance box and substitutes a melanize movement bumper slide scale for the measure post facile colouration. Seventeen-inch satin blacken wheels tie with the blacked ahead for added persistence and optical solicitation. Rounding out Impost Rat contented is a serialized Mopar ’16 mitt box badge and a set of stainless-steel threshold sill guards, with the forepart sill guards brocaded with the Ram logotype.

Manufactory features admit a 5.7-liter HEMI® locomotive opposite with an eight-speed TorqueFlite automatonlike transmittal, transferral pillowcase and presence reprieve sideslip plates, lightlessness tube-shaped incline stairs, spray-on bedliner and a tri-fold tonneau binding emblazoned with the Ram logotype.

2016 Dodge Ram Rebel Mopar

Optional parts and accessories are uncommitted at the franchise for those who wishing to contract personalization of the Mopar ’16 Ram Arise to the adjacent floor. In the operation stadium, a frigidity air ingestion and cat-back exhaust justify up the stream of the HEMI V-8 locomotive piece adding an belligerent strait.

As with old limited-edition Mopar vehicles, the Mopar ’16 Ram Arise is delivered with a impost proprietor’s kit that features Mopar ’16 ware, a folder and a unequaled metallic nascency certification that highlights motortruck specifications, appointment of fabricate and the proprietorship figure. Kit contents are stored in an attractive lawsuit and packaged in a Ram-branded dick bag.

2016 Dodge Ram Rebel Mopar

The limited-edition fomite testament be useable in both the U.S. and Canada, with a U.S. Producer’s Suggested Ret Damage (MSRP) start at $52,460.

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